Profitability is the main indicator by which the state of the business can be characterized. Usually it is calculated as a percentage. The higher the number, the more profitable the enterprise. In addition, it means that all your initial investment will pay off in the shortest possible time. Let's take a look at some examples of profitable business for 2021.

Fast food

Looking for profitable business ideas? Let's take a closer look at the fast food industry. In chain establishments, one cup of coffee costs about 160 rubles. The ingredients used to make this drink cost 10 rubles. In a small cafe, about 100 cups are bought per day, respectively, the owners of such a business earn up to 10 million rubles a year from selling coffee. If you are wondering which business is profitable in 2021, pay special attention to street food and drink trading.


This is the most profitable business in 2021. The issuance of loans secured by property brings huge profits. In some pawnshops, the monthly interest rate reaches 20%, which means that 240% over the year. No bank or any other financial institution can achieve such profitability.

This type of business pays off in the shortest possible time. During the crisis, the demand for such services begins to grow, so pawnshops bring excellent income in any economic conditions. attract many start-up entrepreneurs, so if you decide to open a pawnshop, hurry up, otherwise the newbies will take your place in the market.

Tennis Courts

In order to quickly return the initial investment, you need to build an indoor court that will be profitable, regardless of weather conditions. It is not worth investing a lot of money in the construction of a capital building. At first, you can build a temporary structure. To increase the profitability of the business, open a small cafe near the court, rent sports equipment or organize training courses for beginners.

Examination of antiques

Lately, many fakes of antiques have appeared on the market. Copies are made of such high quality that even experienced museum experts cannot distinguish them from the original. ? This question worries many of our compatriots. Buying antiques is a good long-term investment, but many people are afraid to invest in antiques because they doubt their authenticity. Therefore, many private companies began to offer clients professional services for the evaluation of antiques. The income of these organizations is about 100% per annum. To start such a business, you need to be well versed in antiques or hire experienced appraisers.

Private kindergarten

If you want to start a profitable small business in Russia, open a private kindergarten. In our country, there are already many more such institutions than state ones. The monthly fee for a child's attendance at kindergarten is 10–20 thousand rubles. Accordingly, a group of 30 children will bring in 300-600 thousand rubles. If you subtract the cost of food, staff salaries and rental of premises, there will be about 150-300 thousand rubles of net profit. In addition, parents pay a down payment of 25-30 thousand rubles. Some private preschools charge this fee annually.

Ideas for profitable business start-up

Currently, the leading place is occupied by the idea of ​​starting a business, that is, a business. However, opening a large business is quite problematic, since the implementation of the idea will require quite large investments, many permits from local governments and a large number of people who can carry out labor functions in this matter. In view of these problems, we can conclude that for a start, you can open a small business that will allow you to make a profit in the near future.

Seasonal business ideas that can be implemented today

In order to make a profit quickly and win-win at first, it is recommended to give preference to opening a small business. Let's take a look at ideas that can be implemented now:

    Opening of the indoor skating rink (summer time is approaching, but people still prefer the winter form of recreation - ice skating. function normally. In view of this, opening an indoor ice rink is a lucrative idea. The demand for the services of the skating rink will be both in the warm season and in the cold, that is, in winter and autumn. The average cost per hour of skiing is from 150 rubles. Separate funds are charged for skate rental);

    The above business ideas are seasonal in nature and can bring profit at certain times of the year. However, their main advantage is quick profit and minimal one-time costs. Of course, it is possible that over time it may be necessary to repair electric vehicles, bicycles, scooters, boats, kayaks, but its cost in comparison with the amount of income will be scanty.

    Business ideas for service delivery

    As a business, it is possible to organize the provision of various services. One of the most demanded services among female representatives is the services of masters of nail service (manicure, pedicure). The implementation of a business consists in finding a room for work, buying equipment and paying for the work of a master.

    As an economical option, it is possible to rent not an entire room, but a workplace, consisting of a table and tools.

    It is important to note that not only women, but also men have recently been using manicure services. Of course, they do not paint their nails, but use the services of nail service masters to tidy up their hands (combined manicure, hardware manicure, manual manicure: cuticle removal, nail cleaning, nail trimming). By the way, the services of neil masters are paid quite expensively.

    What business ideas are still missing in Russia?

    Business in Russia and business in foreign countries are mostly too different. Every day abroad they create and implement ideas that are not even discussed in Russia. This is due to certain factors, among which mentality takes the first place. Legal and social aspects are also important.

    Large-scale business ideas that are not available in Russia

    Many countries, as you know, in their scientific and technological development are significantly ahead of Russia, so I want to first of all consider technical ideas for business.

    One of the main problems in our country is roads and parking. There are more and more cars, but there is no more space on the roads and parking lots. Go to any yard in an old or new area: the cars are literally on top of each other. It's good when there are underground parking lots in new buildings, but sometimes there are not enough of them, because not every family has one car.

    So, an excellent and profitable large-scale business idea would be the construction of an overhead parking lot. In Europe, this type is very popular, the courtyards are not crowded with cars. Yes, you have to pay for the use of such parking, but people are happy to pay for good, dry parking. Investments will be required, of course, not small, but the result and return on investment will surpass them.

    In Europe, investments are made in the construction of elevated highways. Of course, this type of business is even more expensive than parking, but it is a great way to "unload" the roads and get paid by motorists.

    Foreign business ideas

    Devices are common in foreign countries. In Russia, of course, they are also available, as a rule, you can buy drinks in them (coffee, tea, jelly, creamy drink), food (chips, chocolate, cookies and other packaged foods) and toys. Foreign countries are implementing a vending machine business not only with food and drinks:

    • Vending machines with contraceptives (anyone can buy such contraceptives for money. This business is in great demand, since many people experience discomfort when buying contraceptives in pharmacies or ordinary stores);
    • Vending machines with personal hygiene products;
    • Devices selling vaping (it is scientifically proven that electronic cigarettes do not cause serious harm to health, unlike ordinary cigarettes. Therefore, people try to switch to vaping. devices, you can buy not only the furs themselves, boxing fashions, squonks, but also consumables for them: liquids for refueling the device, vaporizers, cotton, coils, drips, drip tips);

    Automated business is generally not very expensive. The largest amount of money will have to be allocated for the purchase of the device itself. The product that you decide to fill the machine with will not require large investments if you manage to find a profitable supplier.

    One cannot but pay attention to another profitable foreign business idea - street cinemas. During the warmer months, open-air cinemas are open regularly. This is a fairly lucrative business idea. During the warmer months, visitors prefer to watch a movie on the street than in a regular cinema. For implementation, it is necessary to purchase equipment, seats and a shed (in case of bad weather conditions). The main profit is income from ticket sales for sessions. You can also organize a mini-bar, where visitors can buy popcorn, sweets, chips, drinks.

    Profit has been the engine of business at all times. Therefore, it is quite natural that at all times entrepreneurs were looking for a profitable business, organizing which it was possible to receive the greatest profit with the least material costs.

    The most profitable business, in my opinion, is the business of providing various kinds of services. In this business, unlike, for example, trade, you do not need to purchase goods or raw materials, as in production. I performed the service, received money for it and everyone is happy.

    But it would be wrong to think that there are no niches in trade and production that are very profitable to develop. There are a lot of options for a profitable business in all industries, trade and services, you just need to look carefully.

    Here are some ideas for a profitable business.



    Arranging corrugated fences is a very profitable, albeit seasonal type of business.

    The start-up costs for organizing this business are not great. From the tool you need: a grinder, a welding machine, a drill, a screwdriver, a drill for drilling holes for poles (you can adapt an ordinary fishing drill for winter fishing), a shovel, a pair of buckets and a concrete mixer or a container where you can knead concrete (if you don't bother too much, then can be made from galvanized sheet and a pair of boards).

    The cost of a fence made of corrugated board is on average from 800 to 2,000 rubles per running meter, depending on the height of the fence and the cost of materials for its manufacture, at least half of this amount is your honestly earned money.

    It is more convenient to work with the construction of a fence made of corrugated board together (although I have come across characters who can cope with this work on their own).

    As mentioned above, the business of installing a fence made of corrugated board, although profitable, is seasonal. The season starts at the end of March and ends in November (in northern latitudes, of course, the season starts later and ends earlier, in the south, respectively, vice versa), the peak season is May - June.


    A well-organized business will eventually generate significant income that will delight you with consistency. But how to create it if you have a small start-up capital at your disposal?

    Idea selection

    The most important thing is to choose a suitable idea that can be fully implemented within the framework of the future business. At the same time, it is important that the chosen area coincides not only with your interests, but also with professional skills: only in this case you will completely surrender to your favorite business and the result will be fruitful.

    There are many ideas for creating a business with a small start-up capital. Sewing clothes and home textiles, preparing and delivering food to the office, selling dumplings and pastries, making home accessories - there are opportunities for everyone.

    When choosing an idea, it is advisable to study the market; the presence of competitors; demand in this sector.

    Plan & Finance

    Everything should be carefully planned: what, where, how much. A rational approach is a prerequisite for the further development of a business with a small start-up capital and turning it into a profitable enterprise.

    All expenses and income should be counted, even if they are negligible. This will teach you order and accuracy in business, which is one of the main qualities of a successful leader.

    Don't mix business-owned money with others. In this sense, be exacting of yourself. The income received must be invested in the business, as in a big business. Let every coin work for future success.

    Fight in a good mood

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