Most profitable new business ideas

Ideas for small businesses with minimal investment - 15 ideas for beginners + 10 helpful tips for starting a business.

When choosing ideas for small businesses with minimal investment, you should focus on what you enjoy doing the most.

You can make money by making bouquets, soft and plastic toys, growing houseplants, sewing clothes and much more, without investing a lot of money in starting a business.

Doing business with China as an idea for a small business with minimal investment

Few people know that it won't take a lot of money to open your own online store to sell things from China if you use the dropshipping method.

This approach to trade and business should proceed as follows:

  • Create a website for an online store.
  • Find clothing suppliers from China - Aliexpress. om, Taobao. om, Alibaba. om.
  • Agree with suppliers to work together using the method: the intermediary does not receive the goods, he only transfers the buyer's data to send the ordered item directly from the warehouse, but at the same time receives a markup for the goods.
  • You can find buyers by distributing ads on social networks: VKontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Twitter.

Goods in China are very cheap, so the markup on them can be about 30 - 70% of the cost.

In this case, the intermediary wins - he does not pay for storage of things and their shipment, but only receives a percentage for finding buyers.

However, you should pay attention to the fact that in the case of a low-quality product, all the "bumps" will fall on the head of the intermediary.

To prevent this from happening, you should conclude an agreement with the manufacturer, check the certificates, and also ask to provide several options for things to assess their quality and compliance with the photos posted on the network.

New projects in business

Only new and relevant small business ideas in 2021, which everyone can use. By borrowing ideas and coming up with their own, Russian entrepreneurs earn from 100 thousand rubles. per month!

Peeping business ideas from competitors, creating the best solutions based on them is an effective strategy that can lead to success. This idea was expressed in his interview to Forbes magazine by Evgeny Tsaplin, a lecturer at the Higher School of Economics and CEO of Telecom-Project JSC. You can't argue with a successful entrepreneur, and therefore we bring to the attention of novice entrepreneurs the best business ideas of 2021, which have been successfully implemented in Russia and really work.

Through the mountains, through the forests ...

Starting a franchise business will require 350 thousand rubles. and own freight transport (at first you can rent it). The advantage of working in the SDEK team is active cooperation with China, a potential leader in world trade via the Internet: 10 offices of the company operate in the border provinces of the DPRK.

Bird's-eye view

Initial investments - from 250 to 450 thousand rubles. (quadcopter price). Business requires aircraft certification and pilots with airworthiness certificates. The average cost of a 3-minute video is 120 thousand rubles, of which 25% is the pilot's income. Among the clients of the High Level agency are Moskomsport, Porsche, the Holi paint festival.

Coffee on wheels

Initial investments amounted to 2 million rubles. With this money in 2021, entrepreneurs bought a 25-year-old GMC van, refurbished it and decorated it in a unique style. At first, they wanted to use the car as a catering point, but shopping centers were reluctant to make contact, and entrepreneurs moved into the catering industry. In 2021, the profit from the sale of coffee is 300 thousand rubles / month, and businessmen have half repaid the loan taken to open their own business. Selling coffee from cars is a free niche to try yourself in!

New format car wash

The advantages of such a car wash are obvious: minimum costs (it is enough to purchase employee uniforms, cleaning products, order advertising) and the ability to install service points in the busiest places (in parking lots, next to shopping and office centers). Initial investments do not exceed 200 - 300 thousand rubles, the payback period, according to the owners, is 6 - 8 months.

Electronic Pleasure

You can locate a point of sale of electronic cigarettes anywhere: in a shopping center, street pavilion. It is important to choose a busy public place with high traffic. The best option is a pavilion in the lobby of a shopping center or cinema.

Virtual Reality Earnings

New projects in business. Small Business Ideas are the most lucrative business projects for beginners with minimal investment. Business Idea: New Restaurant Ideas for Small Business with Minimum

If the owner of a diving school is only a manager and does not have the necessary knowledge and skills, he should find an experienced professional who will engage in this activity with enthusiasm and content. At the moment, the business associated with expensive extreme recreation is in dire straits. Over the past few months, the economic crisis has led to the fact that people

In order to implement a successful business idea for opening a parking lot, you will need 500,000-600,000 rubles and a plot of 2-3 thousand square meters. in an attractive, crowded place. You will have an abundance of clients with this type of service, because there is a catastrophically shortage of parking spaces in Russia. From year to year in Russia there are more and more cars for

Opening your own restaurant can be an incredibly difficult, yet rewarding, experience. As an entrepreneur thinking about starting a restaurant, it is important to consider the time, money, legal framework and obligations required to start a restaurant business. However, some of these aspects are often overlooked. Many businesses that start out as an exciting idea and over time

All by 50 stores are quite popular and in demand due to low prices for popular goods. The low cost of sales is the result of the low purchase value of the product, which is usually purchased in China, as well as the low markup added by the seller. Therefore, for a business to be profitable, the product must be sold in large quantities. More selection of the offered product What assortment to sell

We live in an age of stress, poor quality food and a sedentary lifestyle. More and more people are overweight. They try to get rid of extra pounds on their own, but, often, these attempts do not bring the desired results. In the battle for shape and health, daily home delivery of dietary food can help them. This is a specially formulated diet food and companies that specialize

Before starting any business, it is necessary to monitor the market and draw up a business plan. Regardless of the industry in which the company will operate, there are general rules that must be followed in the process of writing a business plan. In a business plan, you provide a business case for your interesting business idea and a complete description of how it will work. The business plan defines the goals that your company wants to achieve

A beauty salon is a successful business idea that will always have clients. And although its development requires some investment, you do not need to invest hundreds of thousands to reach a professional level. Consider immediately renting a spacious room, which will allow you to expand the range of services in the future. Rooms with a cubic capacity of 40-50 square meters will be enough to provide basic cosmetic

There are many different businesses in the world that, regardless of climate, political situation, demographic and economic conditions, will be profitable. Floristry is one such successful business idea. Opening a flower shop is a very popular way to make money and despite high competition, it is still profitable. Where to open a flower shop? For opening a flower shop, space is very important

What are the most profitable types of small business in Russia, and how do they differ from popular implemented ideas in other countries? The specifics of laws and consumer demand, the still short history of the development of entrepreneurship in the state, have led to significant differences in areas and areas that are successful in the Russian Federation and abroad. If in the West and in newly industrialized countries the basis of tax revenues from businessmen are IT-technologies, development, production know-how, then in our country the most profitable types of small businesses are concentrated in trade and services. Among the main reasons, experts point out:

  • focus of businessmen on the formation of assets at the expense of working capital, which are faster and easier to implement, if the business does not receive recognition and success. These are also the expectations of a sudden change in laws, when it is not always possible to be sure what part of the profit an entrepreneur will be able to dispose of after receiving it. And difficult conditions for entry into manufacturing industries, and the lack of affordable cheap loans. Therefore, small business is in no hurry to acquire less liquid fixed assets (machinery, equipment, etc.);
  • difficulties with sales. If the service is organized specifically "for the buyer", for example, in a new microdistrict in a "sleeping" area of ​​the city an atelier opens or near a new business center - a cafe, the owners can always count on effective demand and a client audience. Engaged in production and development, you need to know the consumer in advance. You can participate in the procurement program, based on FZ-44 or FZ-223, but this requires serious knowledge and financial support, which is not always available at the initial stage of the case;
  • difficulties with resources. Even if a sale is found, in order to organize a laboratory or a research center, qualified personnel, complex, often imported equipment, and consumables are needed. Often it is difficult not only to buy them, but also to find them.

The most profitable small businesses in Russia

Assessing the most profitable small business in Russia, the rating can be presented as follows (the share in the total number of recognized profitable activities, the profitability of which, regardless of the season, is 100 percent or more):

Rank Industry Percentage 1. wholesale wholesale bases0. 52. shops (food and manufactured goods) 0. 13. Market trading 0. 4.Repairing and construction0. 95. advertising, including online, website promotion8. % 6. consulting, professional services (accounting, jurisprudence) 7. % 7. education servants (tutoring, governess, nannies) 0. 78. medicine (massage, nursing, nursing) 0. 69. Organization of holidays, animation, floral decoration, photography0. 510. Household services to the population - atelier, watch repair, etc. %eleven. bschpit 4. %12. Lending business0. 413. hotel business0. 314. Business 0. 2

Every novice entrepreneur strives to open the most profitable business, which would immediately begin to bring significant income. This, indeed, sometimes happens, although there are much more opposite cases in life ...

When in 2021 in search engine queries you come across the coveted "what business to open now so that it is profitable", I would like to advise the author of the question not to follow other people's advice! In 2021, the situation is far from the same as in 1996, when a weakly saturated market happily accepted any innovation. Now, not a single business can do without careful observation and a comprehensive analysis of the situation.

We also decided to conduct our own research by interviewing entrepreneurs and experts on the topic “the most profitable business in Russia today”. We bring to your attention the most popular types of activities, named by the respondents.

The Most Profitable Business | TOP business ideas

How are the places from 1 to 10 distributed:

  • Retail store (54 points)
  • Online store (47 points)
  • Renovation of apartments and offices (32 points)
  • (25 points)
  • Wholesale (21 points)
  • (18 points)
  • (11 points)
  • (8 points)
  • Legal services (7 points)
  • (7 points)

▼ Calculate the most favorable tariff for an individual entrepreneur's current account in the calculator of bank tariffs: ▼

Move the "sliders", open and select "Additional conditions" so that the Calculator will select the best offer for you to open a current account. Leave a request and the bank manager will call you back: he will advise on the tariff and reserve a current account.

What was taken into account when evaluating which business is the most profitable?

Now let's try to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages noted by the respondents in each area.

The survey leader scored points based on geographic independence and constant demand. A good argument was made: a person needs to eat everywhere and every day, dress and put on shoes too. Moreover, these needs are from the category of urgent ones, so there will always be some income, but there will always be, whether the year is 2021 or 2021. We did not ask to indicate the type of retail store, but in the comments the respondents noted that now it is more correct to open an ordinary bread stall than a tea / coffee boutique.

Of course, not knowing all the factors of doing business by friends, it is difficult to make a definite conclusion in favor of a grocery store. There are enough problems. Our accounting expert pointed to a lot of paperwork accompanying retail. The tax expert drew attention to the limits for special tax regimes, as well as to problems with alcohol trade for individual entrepreneurs.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs grab onto a compelling idea and begin their journey to the top of business with great enthusiasm. However, there are many among them who, over time, suffer serious losses and leave the race.

Having experienced disappointment, some begin to blame themselves, others - the government, and still others try to find errors in calculations and again study in detail the business plan, if one was once drawn up.

There can be a great variety of reasons leading to the collapse - natural disasters, financial crises, thefts, diseases, and even minor family troubles. But why, then, do some businessmen get good income even in "bad weather", while others cannot earn in the most ideal economic conditions?

The answer to this question will be two mistakes of unsuccessful entrepreneurs - a poor understanding of the essence of a successful business and the wrong choice of project.

An experienced merchant undertakes only the most promising ideas that can bring a guaranteed profit in a short time. The degree of his interest in any direction will be influenced by several factors at once: the required start-up capital, the existing demand for products, the level of competition and the complexity of the project. In other words, a successful merchant will never be attracted to a process just for the sake of the process.

What business is profitable

The profitability criteria are the same in any business segment. Firstly, the most profitable direction will be the one in which more money rotates, so you should not look for your exclusive and small niche, hoping for the absence of competition.

If you compare a hairdresser and a violet store, you will notice that such a flower business has much fewer competitors than a beauty salon, but is in low demand among the population.

Secondly, often an entrepreneur makes a lot of profit, being engaged only in the sale of goods, and not in its production. To establish the release of your goods, you need to make significant investments in the rental of production facilities, the purchase of equipment, as well as the necessary raw materials.

A large staff will be required to be involved in the manufacturing process. You can start a trade yourself or with one person in the state, investing only in advertising.

Small Business

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