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Section about production: business ideas, instructions on how to start from scratch and types of goods, profitability, equipment and manufacturing technologies, risks in small business, analytics and advice in this area of ​​industry. Details about which and how to open, what you need to start your own business.

It should be noted that modern production includes not only the material, but also the non-material sphere - the production of intangible goods and (new scientific discoveries, inventions, education, art and culture, health care, consumer services, management, financing and lending, sports, etc.). But the development of non-material production and the service sector largely depends on the material.

Business ideas for production

Articles are published here not only on how to start and open your own business, but also various relevant ideas that can be introduced into your existing business.

About business in this industry

Often the word "production", as a rule, evokes associations with factories, large workshops, sophisticated machine tools and conveyors, a wide sales market and a large workforce. Therefore, when thinking about our business, we rarely turn the vector of our thoughts in this direction. And in vain, because very often you can stumble upon simply excellent production ideas in a small business, which do not require large initial investments and the involvement of a significant workforce. Every day, if you wish, you can find your own business ideas, production for which is the main one. Yes, if you are good at something or you just have a thorough knowledge of how you can do something better or cheaper than others, and are looking for new business ideas, small production is just what you need.

Working for yourself is a very responsible decision. But, despite this, many people with an entrepreneurial streak have always tended to such a choice. After all, you can not only earn money by working for yourself, but also be useful to others by choosing your business in this production area among the many ideas.

In this section you will find many business ideas that are relevant today and you will definitely be able to choose something that suits you in spirit and material capabilities.

The business of producing goods is a rather complicated phenomenon. It is difficult to organize, it requires a large number of permits and capital investments, it does not bring profit immediately and can pay off for years.

If after such words you decide to close this section and go in search of business ideas easier, stop and think about this: no one would "get involved" with production if it was not profitable.

Art director of the LeDiLe jewelry charm company

Manufacturing in Russia is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, production in our country is much more profitable than abroad, especially in times of crisis. Costs for customs duties and risks of non-delivery of products on time are excluded. On the other hand, own production is associated with many difficulties.

First of all, organizing production is a costly business. Even if we are talking about a small family business, and not a giant factory. Therefore, if you have little savings, the idea of ​​production should be discarded immediately. You will have to spend money not only on the equipment for production itself, but also on the rental of premises for storing products, rental of premises for work and its arrangement in accordance with all safety regulations and standards. By the way, certain difficulties may arise with the approval of the latter. For example, there is still a lack of a number of norms required to build technologies according to international standards.

What is Small Business? What are the origins of entrepreneurship in Russia? How to start a small business on your own for a beginner?

Hello dear readers! Eduard Stembolsky is in touch!

This article will help you start your own business from scratch: I will provide you with step-by-step instructions on starting your own business and explain how to avoid common beginner mistakes.

Read the article to the end, and you will not have a single question or doubt on this topic.

What is small business and entrepreneurship in general

Small business is synonymous with private enterprise. In the special economic literature, the definition of this concept is as follows:

is a set of legal structures and individuals engaged in business and not part of monopolies and large corporations.

Small businesses are characterized by limited production volumes and a small number of full-time employees. Sometimes you can find this definition:

- business activity carried out by a limited group of persons or a company managed by one owner.

Experts in economics classify small business as a high-risk financial and commercial activity.

The ultimate goal of entrepreneurship is getting constant profit from the production or sale of goods (services).

* Average data for Russia are used in calculations

A business without investment can be opened in many areas of activity: the question is rather what resources you already have. We've collected 20 business ideas to start from scratch.

Starting your own business with zero capital is the most common dream of many aspiring entrepreneurs. However, you need to understand that business ideas are without investment. does not exist in principle. One way or another, you will need either the already existing material resources or knowledge, or time, which is perhaps your most important resource. Therefore, having caught fire with this or that idea without investment, do not forget that in the process of its implementation, you may be spending much more than you get. Maybe the time used could be spent on training in a more promising field?

The real trouble in big cities is the catastrophic lack of time to transport children to school, kindergartens and clubs. Busy moms and dads have to go out of their way to keep up with looking after the child and earn money. In such conditions, offers of auto-nian services began to appear in large cities of the country. They can be any girls with their own cars, who can not only bring the child to pick up, but also work as a nanny. You can start such a business from scratch if you have your own car. Advanced services use mobile applications that can be used to track the movement of a child around the city.

A popular idea of ​​earning money today is selling all kinds of edible bouquets, including the so-called beer bouquets and baskets for men. Usually this is a nicely designed set of beer and beer snacks: sausages, fish, crayfish, squid, chips, and so on. The whole thing is decorated with chili peppers, garlic, cherry tomatoes. There are a million opportunities here - you just have to look at the ready-made ideas.

Many modern couples prefer to hold their wedding ceremony outside the walls of the registry office and according to an individual scenario. The main thing that is required by the leader of such a registration is good public speaking and the ability to offer any additional services. These can be decoration services (usually such ceremonies require a special flower arch, a table or a chair for the host), services of a DJ and toastmaster, animators, and competitions. The cost of such services can start from 2 thousand rubles for a simple ceremony and increase to indecent amounts depending on the whim of the customer.

An excellent additional income without investment can be organized by having a purebred cat or dog at home. You can earn money both by mating, the cost of which, depending on the breed, can reach several tens of thousands of rubles, or by selling kittens or puppies. For example, one Bengal kitten can be sold for 7-25 thousand rubles.

The gingerbread house business has several undeniable benefits. First, their recipes can be easily found and mastered through online guides. Secondly, you can do them at home. And thirdly, gingerbreads are stored for a long time, which allows you to make supplies for future use before the holidays. Depending on the size, gingerbread houses can be sold for either 150-200 rubles or 3-5 thousand rubles.

How to make money selling your own drawings? It is not at all necessary to create full-fledged paintings and participate in exhibitions, it is quite enough to read about the psychological technique of metaphorical maps. No matter how psychologists objected, in fact, metaphorical cards are ... ordinary drawings that you just need to correctly print in the form of a deck and sell.

An excellent way to make money in the winter season is to dig up machines that are trapped in the snow. The service has spread in large cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg. The tariff for excavating one car is 1000-2021 rubles, an operational call can be estimated at 5000 thousand rubles. The services may include not only cleaning the car from snow, but also cleaning the snow around it, pushing it out of the snow, charging the battery and “lighting the car”. No investment is needed - just having a shovel at home.

The idea of ​​the business of preparing and delivering lunches to offices is to prepare delicious meals at home and deliver them directly to the client's workplace. This service becomes an alternative for customers to fast food and containers from home. To open a business for the delivery of ready-made meals, you need a minimum start-up capital - you can keep within 20 thousand rubles, which will not be difficult to recoup. The advantage of a business lunch delivery business is that it is practically unlimited in volume, because you can work with as many organizations as you like.

Today we will consider the TOP-5 promising ideas with which you can organize a profitable business in the countryside, even with minimal investment.

Looking ahead, we note that we will NOT talk about traditional ways of earning money for residents of rural areas - growing grain crops, keeping cattle, production of raw milk, pig breeding, poultry farming (chickens, ducks, geese, turkey), etc. - to focus on some of the most promising areas in small and medium-sized businesses at the time of publication of this material.

Recently, walnut production has acquired the status of one of the most scandalous branches of modern agricultural business in the post-Soviet space due to the ubiquitous “nut mafia”. However, every year the area under walnut plantations is increasing by tens of thousands of hectares. And all because the nut business in the countryside, with limited investments and minimal risks, can bring about $ 4- $ 5 thousand per season in profit per hectare.

In an interview with the Internet resource propozitsiya. om Vice-President of the Ukrainian Walnut Association Gennady Yudin said that in 2021 Ukrainian farmers exported about 40 thousand tons of walnuts worth $ 80 million. This is $ 2 thousand per 1 ton.

Such export volumes allow Ukraine to maintain a leading position in both European and world markets. But at the same time, the cost of domestic walnut is one of the lowest. The fact is that almost all of the Ukrainian walnut is not varietal, but grown on the household plots of rural residents, who subsequently sold the raw materials to dealers in a “common pot”.

Varietal walnuts - the key to high profits

The average cost of a two-year grafted high-yielding varietal walnut seedling with a thin shell, frost, disease and drought resistance ranges from $ 10 to $ 20 apiece. After 3 years, it will begin to bear fruit.

A mature tree will yield about 35 kg of raw material per season, where the share of the kernel will take 45-60%, depending on the variety.

If you peel a high-quality nut yourself, and then hand it over to dealers, you can earn about $ 95 per tree, at prices that are current for 2021. Self-realization will bring at least 1.5 times more profit.

Therefore, a personal plot in a village with 20 trees can enrich you and your loved ones annually from $ 1,900 and more. Moreover, a walnut garden will actively bear fruit for at least 30 years, remaining a passive source of income for a significant part of your life.

Pay attention!

Quail breeding

Recently, farmers have preferred the intensive method of breeding quail, both egg and meat breeds, which takes place in cage batteries.

When you hear the phrase "Business from scratch without financial investments" the question immediately arises in your head: "How so?" Is it really possible nowadays to start your own business without start-up capital?

How to solve all these issues of rent, wages, hiring employees, taxes, equipment? What kind of business is it where you can make good money without investing a penny? And, it is true, it is quite difficult to start your entrepreneurial activity from such a position. But, in fact, not everything is so scary. There are many ideas that can generate income without much financial cost. Sometimes a lot depends on your experience, education acquired, skills and flight of imagination.

The need for additional income makes people start searching. But, as a rule, the lack of "extra money" becomes the reason for finding a business without investments from scratch. The main benefit of such a business is minimal risks and an opportunity to earn money.

First, think that you can do something for which people would give you their money. And if you have any skills or talents, then the business should be opened in this direction.

Ways to start starting your own business

What you need to know before starting a business

First you need to focus and comprehend everything very well. Let's consider the important parameters that you need to know before starting a business:

First, adjust yourself psychologically. Realize the upcoming changes, the possibility of permanent employment, the level of their own resistance to stress. There are inner delusions in our heads that constantly influence the decisions we make.

For example, it is believed that there is no business without connections and money, that taxes take away all income, that not everyone has a “commercial streak”. In fact, overcoming these fears increases our chances of building a project significantly.

Secondly, it's important to decide what to do and why this area is so attractive. Is this all because you spied on your employer's scheme of actions and decided that you would do better? Immediately - no. Or because the experience came over the years and something comes out much better than others, there are ideas for further development. Then it's worth trying and starting your own business.

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