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Winter is not a time for colds, but for a decent income. Cold weather provides many opportunities for seasonal work, which are successfully used by enterprising business people. What to do in winter? We offer relevant business ideas in the winter. Most of them do not require investment, special skills and long training.

Idea Working as Santa Claus: standard, but profitable

The suit will cost about 5,000 rubles, and in just one call to your home you can work out a fifth of its cost. Speaking at a corporate party costs at least 5000!

Advertising plays a key role in this idea of ​​a profitable winter business. It is important to use all available methods, such as:

You need to start advertising about a month before the New Year. Another winning move is to have some free shows. If an event takes place in the city during this period, then you can congratulate children and adults on the upcoming holidays. This is a great attention grabber.

Another idea for a winter business from scratch related to this topic is video congratulations. Their cost depends on the quality of the filmed video. The option is relevant throughout the winter, and not only for the New Year holidays.

Hand-made idea: exclusive and sophisticated

Hand-made products are always in demand and bring good dividends. Of course, the greatest profit is obtained during the New Year and Christmas holidays. What can you do for sale?

  • New Year's attributes (Christmas tree decorations, crafts in the form of a symbol of the coming year, calendars, postcards).
  • Sewing (rental) of New Year's costumes.
  • Baked goods (gingerbread with white frosting, herringbone cookies, cakes).
  • Making candles.

All this can be sold even over the Internet. The main thing is to take care of advertising in advance.

Every year winter is able to present not only New Year and Christmas holidays, snowy weather, but also allow you to try yourself in entrepreneurial activity. What is the best business to do? Answering this question, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of winter entertainment. So, you can start thinking about which winter business is perfect for you by reading reviews of several ideas.

New Year's business

The greatest profit can be obtained before the New Year, which Russians are used to celebrating in a fun, chic way. Among the business ideas based on this event, the following options can be noted:

  • sale of real and artificial Christmas trees;
  • sale of various pyrotechnics, including fireworks;
  • sewing New Year's costumes;
  • congratulations and sketches as Santa Claus, Snow Maiden;
  • sale of Christmas tree decorations, as well as various souvenirs (figurines, candles, calendars, postcards, toys).

Each idea can bring good profit, but it is important to prepare in advance for very high competition, to decide how you will attract the target audience.

If you are creative, you can start developing hand-made products that are always truly appreciated. Try to make unique postcards, Christmas tree toys, candles and figurines, because they will surely find people who can be of interest. Thinking about selling made goods, you can understand that a large area is not required, so renting will not lead to significant expenses.

Snow removal, destruction of hanging icicles

There is a lot of snow almost every winter, making it difficult for people to get around on foot and by car. It is difficult to overestimate the need to clear snow. Not everyone is ready to remove snow on their own. In addition, there may not be enough time for such an important task. In this regard, you can take care of setting up a company that provides snow and icicle cleaning services.

To provide the service, you will need snow removal equipment, which is decent. If you can competently distribute the service to the entire city, the costs will necessarily pay off.

The snow and icicle cleaning service can be offered through the housing office, as well as house management. When planning to clear the entire city, you should cooperate with the city administration.

The destruction of icicles from the roofs of houses will be a good basis for making a decent profit, because they almost always pose a serious danger to human life. Timely removal can successfully prevent serious risks.

An enterprising person will always find a way to make money. Some find it especially difficult to make a profit during the winter. All these excuses are for weak, lazy people. You can start your own business at any time of the year. As an example, we will look at winter business ideas for 2021 in this article.

Ice town for kids

This is a great winter business idea from scratch. It cannot be called low-cost, since you will need serious start-up investments. But, at the same time, such a business brings excellent profits. Your main clients will be parents who don’t spare money on entertainment for their children. They gladly pay for their smiles and joy.

A certain amount will have to be invested in the construction of a small snow fortress. The money will be needed to bring the ice bricks, hire animators for the festive events and ensure an effective advertising campaign.

Many entrepreneurs open their retail outlets near the ice town. You can also charge rent for their placement. The most important thing is to get a building permit from the administration.

Trade in winter equipment

Implementation can be done in a tent or in a separate room. Buy only the highest quality goods for trade, Chinese consumer goods can be bought in any store. Such a point of sale works successfully from late autumn until spring.

Decoration of premises for the New Year

New Years is a great time to make money. All people are trying to decorate their homes in an original way for the New Year. Why not help them with this for a fee? This is one of the fairly lucrative business ideas from America. Think of the Christmas movies, in which houses, trees in the garden and fences are decorated with colorful garlands before Christmas. Our compatriots began to adopt this experience and decorate their households. If you do this, there are likely to be clients who want their home to be different from others.

Such a New Year business will not require large financial investments. It is enough to buy the necessary tools and materials, as well as invest a little in advertising.

Carnival costumes for rent

Usually the holidays are accompanied by all kinds of concerts and other costume events. Therefore, before the New Year, carnival outfits are in great demand. They are rented by various organizations and private entrepreneurs.

This article will discuss what you can do in winter, what services may be in demand at this time of year. Winter provides many opportunities for adventurous people. More precisely, this is the second season of the year after summer that is successful for business. Much less opportunities in the off-season. It will be about winter activities. First of all, let's consider the features of the season. This will provide an opportunity to navigate the demand for services and independently develop winter business ideas.

Characteristics of the winter season

We will not describe the natural features of the season themselves here, but only in relation to winter types of business. The following features can be distinguished:

  • Climatic. Temperature fluctuation. In recent years, winters have become unstable almost throughout the entire territory of our country. Frequent thaws with rains and freezing rains give way to sudden severe frosts. This contributes to icing. And during thaws, winter is more like the off-season;
  • Social. There are fewer vacations during the winter period. This means that a large number of people do not leave anywhere, but are located at their place of residence. The longest holiday falls on winter - winter holidays. In our country, this holiday is considered one of the most significant, if not the most significant;
  • Psychological and physiological. In winter, as in the off-season, you can observe a decrease in strength, depression, illness in many people. This is due to a lack of sunlight, a lack of vitamins. And sharp climatic changes only contribute to this.

Some areas of winter business

Vacation Business Ideas

A huge layer of ideas related to winter entertainment, travel, excursions, tourism, sports and more. Most of our fellow citizens are in their place of permanent residence and work. Winter holidays, weekends and time after work remain for rest. And rest and distraction in winter are in demand no less than in summer. The existing demand for recreation can be filled.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the New Year holidays, preparation for them and the fading inertia of the services demanded after their end. Although this period of time is very short, the revenue during the New Year holidays can be comparable to the revenue from the entire winter season. This is due to long mass celebrations and less cost savings during the holiday. Examples of business ideas:

  • Sale of Christmas trees, sale of Christmas toys, holiday fireworks, fireworks and more. There are plenty of opportunities for a flight of imagination. Toys and trees can be made independently or sold ready-made. Or even organize equipment rental;
  • Costume show. To your home, to a corporate party, street performances and more;
  • Festive table setting, cooking to order;
  • Organization of outdoor events in nature. Individual, family, corporate and others;
  • Taxi during the New Year holidays. Drunk driver service;
  • Renting out on holidays. The service may be in demand, as many people prefer small trips to another city, to a village during their holidays.

  • Downhill skiing, ice town. If you are creative, you can add "zest" to these traditional types of entertainment: a competition with prizes, who will roll further, "sculpting" ice sculptures with a master class, etc.;
  • Rental of skis, skates, sledges, inflatable bagels. Traditional type of business, preferably organizing tracks and maintaining them in proper condition;
  • Organization of temporary ice rinks. In courtyards or on the river with simultaneous equipment rental;
  • Winter equipment rental. Snowmobiles, snow cannons, etc.;
  • Organization of winter ice fishing;
  • Organization of swimming in ice holes;
  • Bath business;
  • Training courses ... Skating, skiing, snowboarding and more.

How to make money in winter?

Carnival costume rental business

Quite a promising business during the winter holidays. How to organize? There are several options. You can rent a small stall in a shopping center or market and provide a rental service. Also a good option is an online store for the rental of New Year's suits. You can combine both and get a double benefit.


In this business you cannot do without advertising, the more people know about you, the faster the first customers will appear, and, accordingly, the profit. Therefore, do not skimp on advertising. It is important to start an advertising campaign not on the eve of the holidays, but in advance, about a month in advance. What is it for? The fact is that the earlier you start promoting your service, the more clients you will receive.

I also recommend that you pay attention to the competition. For example, in a small town, this business can be low-profit in the event of a lot of competition. Therefore, be sure to calculate the profitability of a business idea at the initial stage.

Where can I get costumes?

If you know how to sew, the problem disappears automatically. You can buy fabric, accessories and sew dozens of original carnival looks. Or hire a professional seamstress to create custom-made Christmas outfits.

It is also worth deciding what age the costumes will be for: children or adults. You can grab both niches at once and get more clients.

Winter Cafe

Cafe as a seasonal business in winter, quite an interesting idea. It's not about a full-fledged cafe, but rather a small tent in a crowded place. Think about it, there are many stalls open during the summer that sell drinks and fast food. What prevents this idea from being realized in winter, especially since the competition is minimal at this time of year?

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