How to open a business now so that it is profitable in 2021

In total in the category: 24 types, investment sizes: from 129 320 to 1 123 100 rubles. Catalog of ideas for creating a mini-production in Russia, choose an actual idea for opening your own small manufacturing business.

The section presents various options for creating a small manufacturing business with minimal investment (no more than 1 million rubles).

Format of information provided:

  • Business ideas with economic calculations;
  • Examples of business plans for small businesses;
  • Interviews with real entrepreneurs.



Relevance of a small manufacturing business

It is generally accepted that small business based on the production of products is a complex costly and unprofitable investment. Let's try to refute these statements and figure out the question - what is mini-production for small business.

World practice shows that the ideas, the implementation of which began in small private enterprises, turned out to be the most viable, promising and progressive. Think of the birth of the legendary Harley-Davidson motorcycle or the assembly of the first batch of computers by Steve Jobs in the garage. Many leading corporations are classic examples of the transformation of small-scale production into diversified giants that bring huge profits, which means that small production is a sure platform for the implementation of bold ideas or a source of stable income on time-tested schemes. Let us consider which industries are the most profitable and quick to pay off today, and also define the set of mandatory conditions in the organization of any production, on which the potential and subsequently real success of the enterprise depends.

Where to start?

The three pillars that determine the sustainability of a manufacturing enterprise are:

  • an interesting business idea;
  • knowledge of production technology;
  • start-up capital in the required amount.

As for any kind of activity, for small production the idea is the most important criterion. Entrepreneurs start a new business for various reasons: someone is realizing an old dream, and someone is trying to make money, but everyone is trying to fulfill the plan that is close and understandable to him. In addition, the ownership of future production areas, a personal backyard or land plots will help the entrepreneur significantly reduce costs. This will sweep away the additional rental costs and serve as an additional reason for choosing an idea in which to use this property. Analysis of the regional market, the location of the future enterprise, as well as the degree of demand for the product is also important.

The best way to get rich is to become a businessman. The circumstances and your skills will tell you which business to choose. Manufacturing has been very profitable so far, and today it is easy to organize even on a small scale. To do this, it is not at all necessary to have a huge start-up capital. In this way, you can set up, for example, or, as well as implement many. And having established your own business, you can easily quit boring jobs and.

Tip: Experts usually do not advise for the sake of a business idea to quit your previous job before its implementation or at the initial stages. At least when starting to develop your business, keep working until you are sure that you will no longer need it.

Open your own production - ideas

Of course, you can't build your own business out of nothing, even without an idea. Think about what you do best with your own hands. And if no thoughts arise, the Internet will always tell you what you could do.

Production of paving slabs

Making paving slabs is not a new idea. Some novice businessmen adapt their own garages and summer cottages for such production. And rightly so, because the equipment does not take up much space, so you can significantly save money on renting or buying production facilities. Equipment required:

  • Concrete mixer ;
  • Press ;
  • Melting and heating unit (for polymer tiles);
  • Forms ...

Depending on what type of tiles you will produce, a standard set of equipment costing about 1.5 rubles can be supplemented. Tiles can be made from both classic concrete and outlandish from plastic bottles, rubber crumb, polymer sand. Based on the choice of the type of tile, you need to purchase raw materials.

Plastic window manufacturing workshop

Who said that mini-production cannot be organized for plastic windows? A workshop of small capacity can produce about 10-15 items per day, and the payback of such production will not be long in coming due to its relevance.

For the manufacture of plastic windows you will need:

  • PVC-profiles ;
  • Double-glazed windows ;
  • Special fittings;
  • Rubber seals.

  • Milling machine;
  • Welding machine;
  • PVC cutting saw;
  • Welding stripping machine ;
  • Gasket groove engraver.

Future entrepreneurs who decide to start their own business need to know that not only should they like the planned business, it should be on the list of promising areas for development. After all, the market does not stand still, it changes hourly, some directions die off, some suddenly appear and attract customers. Thinking about which business is profitable to open in 2021, it is worth analyzing the current situation and highlighting the most relevant niches for development. It is possible to start planning and drawing up a business plan only after information on the areas of activity that are profitable this year has been collected and analyzed.

Business idea to open a show room

Previously, the concept of a showroom was used in the world of haute couture. This was the name of a special room where designers of fashionable clothes interacted with sales managers. Nothing was on sale there, but there were screenings and negotiations on the purchase of collections of famous brands. However, a showroom in Russia is a kind of boutique that sells clothes of famous brands at low prices, and this is exactly the kind of business that is profitable to do. In such places, things are presented in a single copy. Opening a showroom is one of the most profitable business ideas for small businesses, since such establishments are in demand among certain categories of buyers. Entrance to such an institution is possible only by appointment. Entrepreneurs of our country are opening show rooms of three types:

  • Places where wholesalers can get acquainted with different models of clothing;
  • Boutiques offering exclusive items at low prices;
  • Atelier shops ...

Thinking about how to open a business now so that it would be profitable, and having a sense of style and taste, take a closer look at the idea of ​​organizing a show room. The risk of being left without profit will arise in the event of an unsuccessfully selected assortment of goods, or unsatisfactory quality of things. Therefore, an important stage in the opening of a showroom is the search for suppliers. You can buy things at ready-to-wear factories, outlets, in online stores selling goods from China. Today's entrepreneurs are unlimited in choosing a supplier for their showrooms, which are considered a relatively new business idea for 2021 in Russia.

The cost of purchasing one batch of goods can be 30,000-60,000 rubles, rent of premises - 25,000 rubles, advertising campaign - 15,000 rubles. Thus, the start-up capital required to open a show room is about 100,000 rubles. The profit from doing such a business can reach 80,000 rubles. per month, and the sale of even 10 units of goods in the "off season" will provide an income of 25,000 rubles The payback is about six months.

The disadvantage of starting such a business is the risk of “not guessing” with the assortment and not finding “your” buyer. For show rooms of wedding dresses, an atelier is a must, since every bride wants to wear a special dress, fitted to her figure on the most important day in her life.

The advantages of implementing this idea of ​​what kind of business is profitable to open from scratch are a low financial threshold for entering the business and the opportunity to work in the fashion sector for the fair sex.

Business idea of ​​opening a watch repair shop

The most common clockwork breakdowns are:

  • Contamination of the mechanism;
  • Failure of parts of the mechanism, straps, broken glasses of dials;
  • Stopping the clock.

To eliminate such breakdowns, it is enough for the master to have a standard set of tools, the cost of which is about 15,000 rubles. Expensive equipment that allows checking the stroke accuracy, magnetization, and tightness is usually not used. In the event of such serious breakdowns, the owners of expensive watches contact the manufacturer's service centers, and the cheaper watches are simply thrown away.

Culinary portal about baking

Are you ready to live your dream, work for yourself and rely only on yourself? Are you waiting for the right moment to start your own business? Not sure about the material side of the question? Introducing 32 business ideas with minimal investment. You can start any of the listed areas today. For implementation, you will need perseverance, a desire to learn and no more than 10,000 rubles in your pocket.

A word for small businesses

Small business owners deserve respect. They are independent, dreamlike and set realistic goals. We are talking about a caste of self-employed professionals, merchants and service providers. People who are collected, confident in their abilities. Those who know that no one will help them on the path of entrepreneurship. They are used to solving all questions on their own.

Nobody deserves as much respect as these self-sufficient and courageous people. The service industry is supportive of aspiring entrepreneurs. Providing a service, along with trading, requires less investment. Allows you to turn an action into a kind of product. Uses the time, knowledge and experience of a specialist as resources.

An entrepreneur delivers his services independently or involves hired workers for help. Creates jobs. According to the US Department of Commerce, from 2021 to 2021, more than 73% of the working-age population is employed in small and medium-sized businesses. Russia can boast about the same indicator.

Business on services with minimal investment

The issue of business financing is the main stumbling block on the path to becoming an entrepreneur. The rest of the obstacles are less material. This is a lack of motivation, energy, time and the like. The service sector involves lower costs of starting your own business. You will hardly need to rent premises, purchase display cases and goods, refrigeration units and other things.

Some services cannot be provided without special equipment and tools. The costs of purchasing the latter are incommensurable with what an entrepreneur needs to start a successful trade. In the examples discussed below, providing your own business with everything you need will take less than 10,000 rubles from you.

Business on services does not exclude the possibility of taking out a loan or taking advantage of a leasing offer. In this article, we will focus on ideas with minimal investment. Time will be another strong argument in favor of the services considered. Most of the ideas can be implemented by you today.

As you plunge into the list, try to maintain objectivity. Assess your knowledge and capabilities. Don't let the thought of an opportunity to learn new things pass by. It would be a mistake to brush aside promising business ideas due to lack of preparation on your part.

Today, in order to open and successfully see your business, it is necessary to consider those proposals that will remain relevant in the current conditions of the crisis and the fiercest competition. One of the options for starting a business can be a children's business.

Some of the most popular destinations in this industry include:

preparation of children's parties, business in the playroom, children's photo sessions, opening of a children's hairdresser and here's why:

  • There is no need to have a huge start-up capital and entrepreneurial experience, the main thing is to provide quality services.
  • Such a business has the right to count on the state. support, as it is included in the list of socially significant.
  • If you are a creative person, then such a business will not only become profitable and enjoyable, but will certainly go uphill.
  • There are a huge number of areas for doing business, you just need to choose what you like and, if the choice is right, you will definitely succeed in this business.

Preparing children's parties

Preparation and organization of children's parties, the idea is rather new, but, as before, remains relevant, thanks to the huge number of reasons for organizing various celebrations. The main qualities that an organizer must possess are good imagination, organizational skills, developed creative thinking, etc. to create a festive atmosphere, it is necessary to provide for a lot of little things.

The organization of the festive program includes:

The financial costs that may be needed to open such a business will amount to about 20,000 rubles. moreover, the main amount is required for advertising distribution.

Game room business

Of course, the financial costs of organizing such a business can be many times higher, but the profit from the game room is much higher.

The main advantages of the business will be high demand and a fairly quick payback. To implement this idea, you will need a specially equipped room that can be rented. The best place to create a playroom would be a large supermarket, where there is always a huge flow of people. This is explained by the fact that parents will be able to leave their children to have fun, and they themselves will calmly start choosing the necessary goods. By the way, it will be beneficial for the owners of the shopping center, so if there is an empty space, you can get a pretty good discount for rent.

Organization of children's photo sessions

The profession of a child photographer is always in demand, but it requires certain skills, since children are the most capricious clients. A child photographer must be fluent in the profession, since capturing an active child in a frame often becomes a real problem. The main financial expense that must be made when starting such a business is buying a good camera. It will not be superfluous to establish contact with the administration of various preschool institutions, since various photo sessions are often held in kindergartens. To advertise and attract customers, you can use social networks, in which it will not be superfluous to post your portfolio.

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