How to make money on the New Year's "fever": 30 business ideas for the New Year 2021

People do not always prefer to just walk and relax during the New Year holidays. Truly enterprising individuals, on the contrary, prefer to make money, especially since there are many simple ideas for this. People in a pre-holiday state are ready to make generous, not always carefully considered purchases "on emotions" or in a hurry, so with a small investment you can get a good business with a minimum payback period.


We will not consider old as the world ideas for organizing the departure of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden to apartments, sewing New Year's costumes or selling pyrotechnics. Consider 10 topical profitable cases related to creative and hand-made fashion.

Idea Sweet Gift Wrapping

  • Initial investment - approximately 150 thousand rubles.
  • The staff for the project is 3-4 people.
  • Project preparation period - 1-3 months.
  • Active phase of the project - 1 month;
  • Margin - up to 200% to the initial investment for each package.

On the eve of the New Year, a huge number of legal entities and ordinary citizens are buying beautiful multi-colored boxes with sweets inside. Many enterprises set aside an impressive budget for New Year's events, including gifts for employees' children.

This project is best started in September. Firstly, there are no overpriced prices for packaging materials and sweets themselves (fortunately, their shelf life is usually impressive). Secondly, there is time for creativity. The winner and earner the most is the one who comes up with non-standard design solutions (for example, instead of standard cardboard packaging, uses small wicker baskets, boxes made of light metal, plastic), works out a pre-formed base of potentially interested consumers, chooses an interesting concept (for example, places as a gift a discount coupon, a ticket for a holiday greetings, a Christmas tree toy, a do-it-yourself article, New Year's predictions).

The organization process looks like this:

  • Purchase of finished packaging or materials for making it by hand;
  • Purchase of sweets;
  • Packing;
  • Storage in a cool place until the moment of implementation;
  • Formation of the client base:
  • Assigning the cost of sweet gifts (you can make several categories);
  • Calling the client base and leaving for the purpose product presentations;
  • Creation of “selling” pages in social networks;
  • Sales itself.

Remember that many organizations will want to receive sales receipts to formally report costs. Think about which of the acquaintances of current entrepreneurs you can contact in this case.

Idea for Renting Decorated Artificial Christmas Trees

Good evening friends! There are long holidays ahead, but they should be used to make money. There are profitable business ideas for the New Year that you can take advantage of by spending your free time. If you manage to organize the business correctly and, most importantly, quickly, you will receive a significant amount in a short time. You should consider this as you familiarize yourself with the best solutions.

Modern business for the New Year will be an excellent choice. During this holiday, people are ready to spend a lot, and you should take advantage of the moment. Yes, you will have to give up rest, but such a step pays off 200%, giving you the opportunity to relax for the next months. It's time to figure out what to choose and not be disappointed.

Costume performance

We have already suggested implementation, but you can go further. It's worth using your own creative skills and doing a whole costume show. It will be needed to perform in kindergartens, at corporate events and even in the apartments of customers.

Today for the New Year, people are happy to invite actors, and they are not required to be professional. If you put the actions correctly, you can show children and adults amazing Christmas tales, getting 3-8 thousand rubles for 1 hour of performance. As a result, long vacations will allow you to earn a tangible amount of up to 150 thousand rubles.

Sale of New Year's attributes

Holidays are directly related to various decorations. New Year is a bright day that everyone wants to spend in better conditions. You will surely enjoy the sale of New Year's paraphernalia, which will attract the attention of numerous buyers.

Ornaments are usually considered traditional balls and garlands, but wreaths and twigs with ribbons have also become fashionable. It may sound boring, but this is how European families decorate their own homes. If you adopt their principles, you will be able to offer people pleasant products. To do this, it is easier to make an online store, and then get big profit for a long time. The total income can reach 100 thousand rubles, although it often exceeds such indicators. We have already spoken about, but this is a different matter.

Plot Christmas decoration

Owning their own home, families tend to fill every space with brightness. This suggests a different business for the New Year, which is the connection of garlands and the preparation of a personal plot. In this case, it will take some effort and skill, but you should have it.

New Year's decoration of the site is an original project consisting of garlands, duralight, balls, wreaths and even ice figures. Elements depend solely on your skill, therefore the size of the profit varies greatly. Having received a large-scale order, it will be possible to immediately earn up to 30 thousand rubles, and if you attract the attention of private developers, you can cope with a project worth up to 100 thousand rubles. So the future income depends only on you.

Decorating a personal plot for the New Year is a demanded service performed in a short time.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas for the new year". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Business ideas for the New Year

However, this holiday has another side. True entrepreneurs will think about how to make money for the New Year. There are a lot of business options for the New Year, but each of them requires preliminary thinking about how to organize everything correctly so that the business idea really brings income. We will acquaint you with several effective business ideas that can be implemented just for the New Year.

New Year is not only a reason to have fun, but also an opportunity to make good money!

Sale and rental of Christmas trees

This business idea is very profitable, although it comes with a lot of competition. Starting in mid-December, Christmas trees are sold at almost every corner. Both real and artificial Christmas trees are in demand. If you are focused on selling artificial Christmas trees, then remember that variety is the main thing in this matter. Artificial Christmas trees come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and even colors. Offer the consumer as wide a choice as possible and then you can satisfy everyone's needs.

With real trees, things are a little more complicated - you need to find a good supplier of goods. Traditionally considered the best Christmas trees from Denmark, they are somewhat more expensive than the rest. However, you cannot put a seal on a Christmas tree, and not everyone will be able to determine its origin by eye, so everything depends on the conscientiousness of the supplier and seller.

The rental Christmas tree business can also generate good profits, however, it requires a little more financial calculations. Most often, artificial Christmas trees are rented - for example, to install them in city squares, in the offices of large organizations, etc. After the tree has been in use, it is impractical to store it until the next New Year, in order to hand it over to someone again. Therefore, such trees are allowed for processing. The materials from which the tree is made are used to make other goods. Here it is important to calculate that the cost of buying or making a Christmas tree is covered by the cost of rent and further processing. And then you will be in the black.

Hand-made Christmas trees

Any items made by hand and in a single copy have always been appreciated and will be appreciated. And Christmas trees are no exception. If you have a good artistic imagination and have hands from the "right" place, then you can start making custom-designed Christmas trees. Most often, they are ordered by various creative companies, and just private customers who want to have something unique at home for the New Year.

The design of the Christmas tree can be developed by the customer himself, and you will only bring his idea to life. This is the easiest option for the manufacturer. However, clients may not always be able to draw or in any other way show what they want. In this case, you, as a specialist, must tell the customer what kind of Christmas tree you can make especially for him.

Making a Christmas tree by hand is about the size of a person - it is long and expensive. You are unlikely to have many such orders. But more often they will order small desktop Christmas trees (about 1-1.5 meters high) or even Christmas tree souvenirs.

Sale of live and artificial trees, delivery

This is a very old and no less profitable business idea with a lot of competition. The main thing here is two things: a conscientious supplier with quality goods (fluffy and fresh Christmas trees) and the organization of a sales point in a busy, walkable place. The preparatory stage must begin long before December, it includes:

  • obtaining trade documentation and searching for a point of sale;
  • arranging a point of sale in accordance with the law;
  • choosing a supplier and concluding an agreement with him.

The markup on New Year's Eve can reach or even exceed 100% of the cost of goods, and the cheaper it is, the more profit will be obtained in the end.

Currently, artificial trees are gaining popularity. Since they do not require special storage conditions, it is more profitable to buy them out of season, then you can significantly save on cost. The main advantage of artificial Christmas trees is their variety, respectively, their assortment should be as wide as possible: colors, sizes, shapes - for every taste. The sale can be carried out both through stationary outlets and through an online store. At the same time, you can rent artificial trees to individuals and organizations.

If you don’t want to bother with the preparation of all the necessary documentation for organizing the sale of Christmas trees, you can arrange their delivery to apartments and offices. To do this, you need to select points of sale, negotiate with sellers and organize advertising offering delivery services. Delivery can be provided as a separate service and in the online store.

Selling mini Christmas trees in the car and on the office table

In today's world, a lot of time is spent at work and in the car. And the implementation of small Christmas trees for decorating an office table or a car interior will fully justify itself. A sales network can be built both through retail outlets and via the Internet.

Garland sales

In addition to the usual use of garlands on a Christmas tree, it is now fashionable for the winter holidays to decorate rooms, facades of buildings, houses, territory in a Western fashion. Selling them through a retail network or Internet resources, along the way, you can offer decoration services with garlands. With the talent of a designer, you can work yourself, or resort to the services of a professional designer.

To decorate large and tall objects, you will need a technique with a lifting device, which must be taken into account in the cost of the service provided.

Content of the article:

You can also familiarize yourself with more standard business ideas for the New Year: ordering Santa Claus and Snow Maiden or selling Christmas trees. In any case, there are enough ideas.

We sell fireworks and sparklers

You will need:

  • a trade permit issued by the local State Fire Service;
  • a point of sale located in the building;
  • an advertisement (this could be just a bright sign);
  • a business plan for the sale of goods for the winter holidays;
  • the goods themselves with all quality certificates, as well as instructions in Russian.

Business profitability - 30%.

Revenue - about 10,000 rubles. in a day.

New Year calendars with customer photos

Digital photography has pushed aside print photography quite a bit. But nevertheless, all kinds of collages and calendars with photographs are becoming more and more popular. They make a real New Year's business on them. The calendar as a gift will remind of the donors for the whole next year, and the used photos of good memories. You can add funny or cute captions to used photos.

You will need:

  • a designer look, the ability to work in Photoshop;
  • ready-made templates for calendars, collages;
  • a printing company that prints small editions; <
  • advertising to find customers.

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