How to make a business successful and make a profit in 2021

Every novice businessman at the start asks himself what is the most profitable business in the world?

We will try to answer it by identifying the areas of business that are considered the most promising.

What are the most profitable business criteria?

Before determining the main directions, it is necessary to identify the factors that indicate that the business idea will be profitable:

    • The promptness of the return on investment.
    • This fact plays an essential role.
    • A profitable business is a project that pays off investments in the shortest possible time.
    • Increased demand.
    • The success of a business depends on many factors.
    • You cannot name ideas that will give a 100% guarantee of success.
    • But you can single out such goods or services, the demand for which is initially at a high level.
    • As a rule, we are talking about basic necessities.
    • Minimum investment in raw materials, production.
    • It is logical that the less money an entrepreneur needs to invest in a business, the more benefits he will receive.
    • This is especially important when there is a link to the exchange rate.
  • If you already have your own business, and it has at least two of these signs, you can rejoice - your business is potentially profitable.
  • And if you are just taking your first steps and still don’t know which direction to go?
  • An overview of the most profitable ideas in different areas of business will help you make a choice.

Small Business: An Overview of Profitable Ideas

a) Essential goods and services are a profitable business even in times of crisis

  • What's in the Essentials category? Consider the diagram of the top-priority spending in the average Russian family:
    • As you can see, food, clothing and footwear are the first things people spend their income on.
    • Download a ready-made business plan for clothing repair with a quality guarantee.
    • It should be added that the item of expenditure on medicines is small only because in an ordinary family they are purchased relatively infrequently (if there are no members with chronic diseases).
    • However, pharmaceuticals are also essential goods.
    • If the need arises, people are ready to "give the last", but buy the necessary pills and the like.
    • Download a ready-made business plan for a pharmacy with a quality guarantee.
    • Conclusion: a potentially profitable business - grocery store, pharmacy kiosk, clothing and footwear trade.
    • Download a ready-made business plan for a Second hand store with a quality guarantee.
    • Every car needs repair or scheduled inspection after some time.
    • Therefore, repair shops can also be attributed to services, the demand for which is initially high.
    • This way, you don't have to convince the customer that going to the workshop is what they want, listing the benefits to the person.
    • It is enough to stand out from the competition.
    • A workshop can offer a number of basic services:
    • Download a ready-made workshop business plan with a quality guarantee.
    • And this is just a part of the possible services.
    • And if you open a car wash next to the service station, the business will be doubly profitable.
    • Among the advantages of the business, it is also worth noting that in addition to a large service station with a large capital investment, you can open a simple mobile tire fitting.
    • And such a business will still be profitable and in demand.
    • Download a ready-made car service business plan with a quality guarantee.
    • Still in doubt? Pay attention to the "age" statistics for cars in Russia:

    c) How profitable is the vending business?

    On the one hand, it exactly answers one of the factors of a profitable business given at the beginning of the text: an entrepreneur is not required to make a large investment - it is enough to spend money on the purchase and installation of a miracle machine, and only from time to time replenish consumables ...

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    Many people who decide to start their own business cannot immediately count on a large amount to create an investment. Do not despair - a business will come to the rescue with minimal costs. Using inexpensive but profitable business ideas at minimal cost, you can build a truly profitable business of your own.

    Profitable business ideas at the lowest cost - up to p

    Open a tea business

    Tea products are in great demand and guaranteed sales. The profitability will be up to 600% (due to the lack of competition for real tea). It will require opening an individual entrepreneur, renting premises in a well-known supermarket and purchasing popular varieties of Chinese tea at cost.

    Let's calculate the expected profit:

    • 20 pu-erh tablets at the cost of 1 tablet - 40 rubles. = 4200 per day.
    • Tea te guan yin at a cost price of 200 rubles. for 100 gr. - approximately 3150 per day.
    • Da hun pao at a cost price of 300 rubles. for 100 gr. When selling 700 grams per day at a price of 550 rubles. = 1750.
    • Oolong and others can bring about 1500 a day.

    Thus, the total daily income will be 7600 rubles, and the monthly income - 228,000 (excluding taxes and rent - about 200,000 rubles).

    Daily sublease of apartments

    Choose a 1-room apartment with a convenient location for short-term rentals (business travelers, tourists), i.e. near the railway station, exhibition center or airport. Next, resolve the issue with its owner and separately - with each of the potential tenants by drawing up an appropriate contract.

    Even in the worst case, the profit will be 10,000 (i.e. 100% yield per month). 10% will be spent on advertising (posting ads, printing in popular publications).

    Cleaning the premises after a change of clients also requires costs (we discard 20% for detergents, various updates and utility bills).

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