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In a small town and business opportunities are small - this is a misconception of many entrepreneurs. Underestimating small settlements is dangerous: there are much more opportunities here than in megacities. But first, about which city is considered small. The population in such a settlement should be from 50 to 100 thousand. And a successful business in such cities is distinguished by its special features.

The provinces have low incomes. There is a small labor market, and the size of wages is strikingly different from those in the capital. This must be taken into account when opening a business. What kind of business can you do in a small town? A boutique selling expensive collectibles is a losing idea, and instead of an impressive profit, there is a risk of getting no less impressive losses.

Usually basic goods in small towns are not enough. And the results of the analysis give a great idea for starting a business: is there a pharmacy, clothing store, supermarket in a certain area, or do you have to travel to the other end of the town? Perhaps there is not a single cinema? Studying the existing market before opening your own business is a must.

Small town business expansion is limited. Initially, the number of consumers increases. But those who want to receive services or buy goods will end sooner or later. For further development, it is worth considering the plan in advance. It is quite possible that residents of nearby towns and villages will become clients.

The pluses include the small size of the start-up capital. The cost of rent, advertising campaign, labor costs are much lower than in a large or medium-sized city. But it is also necessary to open a business such that it is in demand among the population. For small towns, popular goods and services are good, but not exclusive.

Getting government support is easier. Small business is more readily encouraged here, support programs are working. If it is possible to take advantage of certain privileges, then why give up? And some business niches are not occupied by anyone at all. So the situation with competition is favorable.

Word of mouth is a great ad, and it's free. This is very beneficial. Everyone will know about the opening of a new business. But there is also a drawback: everyone will immediately know about the slightest mistake of an entrepreneur, and it is very difficult to fix a shaken reputation in a small town.

Foundations in a small town have already taken shape. Therefore, residents may begin to resist the new. So, before starting a business, it is worth brainstorming. What services will make your life easier? If you already have one, there is no need to despair. You just need to do your job better than your competitors. All options are written out, their "pros" and "cons" are worked out, and the ideal option is chosen.

Realistic Small Town Business Ideas

Business Service Ideas

If you manage to open a store that meets all the expected standards, without sky-high prices, then such an investment will pay off quickly. He will be able to exist at the expense of the constantly arriving clientele happily ever after.

A good option is a private kindergarten. If you place it in an area where there are many young mothers, then there will certainly be demand.

Every novice entrepreneur strives to open the most profitable business, which would immediately begin to bring significant income. This, indeed, sometimes happens, although there are much more opposite cases in life ...

When in 2021 in search engine queries you come across the coveted "what business to open now so that it is profitable", I would like to advise the author of the question not to follow other people's advice! In 2021, the situation is far from the same as in 1996, when a weakly saturated market happily accepted any innovation. Now, not a single business can do without careful observation and a comprehensive analysis of the situation.

We also decided to conduct our own research by interviewing entrepreneurs and experts on the topic “the most profitable business in Russia today”. We bring to your attention the most popular types of activities, named by the respondents.

The Most Profitable Business | TOP business ideas

How are the places from 1 to 10 distributed:

  • Retail store (54 points)
  • Online store (47 points)
  • Renovation of apartments and offices (32 points)
  • (25 points)
  • Wholesale (21 points)
  • (18 points)
  • (11 points)
  • (8 points)
  • Legal services (7 points)
  • (7 points)

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What was taken into account when evaluating which business is the most profitable?

Now let's try to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages noted by the respondents in each area.

legal advice is free

Many people are thinking about starting their own business. This idea can be implemented not only in large cities, but also in small regions, if you correctly approach the choice of the direction of work and assess consumer demand.

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The profit from such a business can be quite high, and there is always an opportunity for effective business development. But the idea is sometimes very difficult to come up with, so further we will consider what kind of business you can open in a small town.

What types of business are relevant for small towns

There are several areas for entrepreneurship that are considered optimal for small regions. These include:

  • opening a business in the field of sports, and this includes the creation of a fitness club or a sports goods store, since sports will always be of interest to people, but this activity is associated with a high initial investment;
  • the creation of a private kindergarten, since the last few years there have been certain difficulties with the definition of a child in public kindergartens, so parents are ready to pay good money so that their children are well looked after in private conditions;
  • opening driving schools, and the services offered in such organizations will always be relevant, however, such activities are available exclusively for entrepreneurs with large initial capital, since you need to have a fleet of at least 5 cars in optimal condition;
  • an enterprise, specializing in the creation of ready-made meals or various semi-finished products, and the demand for these products is increasing regularly, due to the high employment of people, so they do not have opportunities for self-cooking at home, and the costs of opening such a business are considered low;
  • opening a flower shop, and the demand for flowers is always stable and high, but it is advisable to offer various additional services in addition to the usual sale, for example, drawing up bouquets , and with competent business management with minimal costs, you can get high profits from work;
  • a photo studio with reasonable prices and numerous services, for example, creating a print on T-shirts, mugs or other items, but such work will be beneficial in the absence significant competition;
  • car repair or tire fitting, since any activity related to vehicles is considered profitable and promising, and you can open it even in the presence of significant competition, but the entrepreneur himself must understand the specifics of the work in order to competently control the activities of their employees.

Business ideas for a small town with minimal investment, you can find in this video:

Advantages and disadvantages of owning a small town business

Working in a city with a small number of residents has certain pluses and minuses, which are certainly appreciated by people before starting work. The positive aspects include:

The unstable financial situation in the country leads to job cuts. Some people go into new companies after being laid off, while others are looking for ways to start their own profitable business. After reading the article, you will find out which business is profitable to open in Russia with little investment.

What business is in demand now

Supply is generated by demand. This is one of the main economic laws, therefore, in order to open the most demanded business, you need to determine what products and services are needed by the population of your city. It is believed that organizations dealing with repair, replacement of plumbing, sale of household chemicals and products are in demand in any region. To find out more precisely what business is relevant now, an analysis of the market for services and goods will help.

Demand for services

Employment agencies are very popular: the crisis and constant layoffs increase the need for such organizations. The demand for the services of plumbers, hairdressers, electricians and funeral directors remains unchanged. In large cities, in the first place in terms of the number of calls are the companies providing commercial transportation. Organizations from the field of beauty and health are only 1% behind in the top. Finding out what services are in greatest demand among the population, you can organize a profitable business.

What is profitable to sell now

Aspiring entrepreneurs love to wonder what people are in demand today. Actual products remain the same. High-margin products include flowers, drinks, jewelry, hand-made products. Such goods are distinguished by stable demand, low production and storage costs. Popular alcoholic beverages are considered popular products.

What kind of business is currently in demand in a small town

Small settlements are bypassed by novice entrepreneurs. In their opinion, the business there brings very little income. This is partly true, because salaries are lower there than in megacities. The costs of renting and purchasing premises will also be less than in big cities, so you can organize your own business with minimal financial costs.

The most popular business in a small town is a general hairdressing salon. In addition to hairdressers, there should be masters of manicure-pedicure, cosmetologists and masseurs. Shoe and furniture repair shops are popular regardless of the country's financial situation, i.e. people tend to restore old things out of fear of big waste.

Business in demand

Effective business in a small town The best ideas for business in a small town

Building a profitable business in a small city is as easy today as starting a business in a large city. If, of course, you understand and take into account all the features of the area. In this article, we described in detail the features of business in small cities, how much you can earn in such a city and have compiled a list of 21 business ideas for small towns.

How much can you earn by implementing one of the business ideas in a small town

The amount of earnings will directly depend on 2 things - 1) what kind of business you decide to implement, 2) how competent you are to implement it. To get started, we suggest watching a video, on which you can see the size of the average check in each of the niches listed below.

As for the first point, here preference should be given to areas in which you already have some experience. If there is no experience, but there is a desire to master a new area, it's okay, below we offer a selection of 21 actual business ideas, selected specifically for small towns, if you don't like them, you can choose an idea from the list - "" or "", and if you decide to start a family business, you should read the article "".

After you have found an interesting niche for yourself, it is worth moving on to point number two. This stage implies drawing up a business plan and creating your own unique style, this is an equally important stage and you also need to approach it as responsibly as possible, since your further expenses for promotion, advertising, etc. will depend on the correctness of such a plan. How to correctly draw up such a plan, you can read here - "". A well-written business plan is the key to a successful business. But do not forget about the uniqueness of the business, it is often also called a trick or a highlight, read more about this in the article - "".

Advantages and disadvantages of doing business in a small town

Of course, all the pros and cons, this is a rather subjective thing, so everyone decides for himself which column to include. We can only say that the minuses are not so significant and most of them can be turned into pluses, as you can read below.

no need to have a lot of starting capital;

not high profit (due to low paying capacity of clients);

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