Garage business: ideas, calculations, profitability

Many beginners, planning to open their own small business, start from the prevailing stereotype in the presentation of a successful businessman. The image of an entrepreneur with his own office and a fairly large staff of hired employees comes to mind. It is understandable that in assessing the scale of the initial financial investment in a business to achieve this image, many people lose heart. Unfortunately, they forget that before reaching such heights, businessmen started small and only after a certain time it was possible to achieve such results. Practitioners recommend looking around and assessing the potential of what is at hand today.

The presence of real estate in the form of a garage box opens up tremendous opportunities to open your own business in the garage. In this article, we will try to describe in detail in detail the best current ways to make money with videos and implementation schemes. Statistics in Russia show that at least 10% of garage owners do not sit still and actively use the garage not only for storing a car or a warehouse, but also as a means of generating additional or basic income.

What kind of business can you start? TOP best working garage business ideas

Self-service car service

Car owners will agree that sooner or later any car needs repair. Any car owner knows that good proven specialists (car mechanics) are valued, like dentists, worth their weight in gold. And those who are unlucky enough to find such a master understand that it is not always possible to entrust your iron horse to professional services. Cases of "divorce" in such companies are not rare, on the Internet you can find not even dozens, but hundreds and thousands of examples. And who wants to spend hard earned money on work that really didn't need to be done? If we add here the cost of materials and tools, then we get cosmic prices.

Here comes the understanding of the proverb - "If you want to do well, do it yourself." Step-by-step video reviews on YouTube will help you understand the principles and assess the scale of the problem. It remains only to decide where to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, if you don't have your own box.

Garage owners who rent out their own space on an hourly basis can help. Small cosmetic repairs, arrangement of the workplace, you can place a couple of inscriptions on the gate and a few photos with an offer of your services in social networks. These simple steps will get you up and running in your garage in just a week. You can increase your income if you provide a set of tools for rent.

The video below details how much this business can earn, how to assess profitability. The guys were not too lazy and successfully make a profit in the garage from 2,000 rubles a day.

Repair of laptops, household and computer equipment

If you are familiar with the technique, have the knowledge and skills to repair, you can provide the appropriate services. The advantage over the previous business plan is that there is no need to constantly hang around. You can receive calls, agree on an appointment time and use your personal time more rationally.

Set the cost of diagnostics from 300 rubles per device to cut off those who like to find out the source of the problem for free. With the right approach, earnings can be from 50,000 rubles. per month. The key to success is in the level of service.

Fishing tackle manufacturing

An enterprising youtube blogger shared a garage idea that is in demand among fishermen. Having installed simple equipment of his own manufacture in the garage, he talks about how you can use a small area to assemble tackle for bottom fishing, including weights for nets.

Nothing is impossible for those who have a desire to earn money. Have you heard of people starting their own business from a small stall or, for example, from a garage converted into a car workshop? In order to start earning, it is not necessary to have a huge start-up capital. You can start your own small business in the garage without purchasing expensive franchises and hiring employees. Initially, there will be a fairly small fraction of investments, scrap materials and an ordinary technical room, such as a basement or garage.

What business to open in a garage? Consider simple but effective options available to absolutely everyone.

Is the so-called "garage business" possible today?

If you are a professional auto mechanic and are simply tired of working for a penny, enriching someone else's uncle, then you probably often come up with ideas about starting your own business. You have your own garage, hands and head are also in place - try to start from scratch. Is it real? Quite!

By competently distributing your workspace, organizing a narrow-profile car repair, which will require almost no costs other than your skills and abilities, you can eventually create your own clientele and even pretend to be a successful entrepreneur. But that's all later. And first you need to solve the dilemma: "Business in the garage - is it a myth or a reality?"

Worried about the legality of your plans? If you want to initially just practice, without documenting your activities, so to speak, to take a closer look at the clientele, weigh the demand for this type of service, etc., then you can postpone the package of documents required for opening. In the future, this issue is resolved without any particular difficulties.

Garage business equipment is another matter and we'll come back to it later. The same applies to the payback period.

A garage business is a real way to make money in an hour when all other methods are simply not as effective.

How to start your own business in the field of selling auto parts? Read here.

How to use a garage for business?

There are tons of small business ideas in the garage, and none of them are new! Thinking carefully, you will understand that you can equip a mini-car service in the garage, convert it into a retail outlet, create a furniture production workshop in it, declare the season for storing tires, tires, bicycles, etc. It is also possible to rent out the garage for a decent monthly fee.

Many car owners have the idea of ​​starting their own business in a garage. But the desire to make a lot of money and an original idea is not enough for the business to bring regular profit. How to use a garage space for business?

Your own garage or box in GSK is a good start for opening a production or a workshop for the provision of services, since it does not require large expenses for renting premises and provides beneficial advantages in certain business areas.

If you approach the implementation of the idea correctly, then success is guaranteed.

Strategy, planning and prioritization

Let's say you are the owner of a detached garage and you want this property to generate a regular income. Where to start your business:

  • decide in which direction you are competent - car repair, rendering services for painting and tuning, airbrushing. Maybe you have extensive professional experience in a certain production area, and you know how to organize the production of demanded goods and services in a garage. It is very important to understand the type of activity that you plan to do.

If you have the talent of an organizer, in this case, you can choose any of your startup, but taking into account the important nuances of planning and organizing your own business.

  • be sure to study the demand for the goods and services that you will offer. For example, in GSK, tire fitting work will be in demand by many members of the cooperative, especially with the use of good equipment. But, in a small town it will be difficult to sell exclusive handicrafts or crafts and souvenirs.

An original new startup is a risky undertaking. It is advisable to study the demand and interest of potential buyers before investing in a new, unparalleled business in the garage. Social media surveys, a little marketing research, and collecting pre-orders for a product or service will help you with this.

  • Conduct an analysis of the market for goods and services in your city and region, find out the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.

When choosing the type of production and services, it is necessary to prepare in advance the minimum circle of customers and consumers, to obtain preliminary agreements on the purchase of small quantities of goods.

For many people, the main goal in life is complete financial independence - to work for yourself, to have your own business and not to obey the picky bosses. A garage business is the perfect way to make that dream come true.

Converting a garage into a service space is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Even with a small start-up capital and minimal effort, you can start a business that can provide good income in the future. The main thing is to bring one of the business ideas in the garage to implementation.

For a start, entrepreneurs should decide on the specifics of their business project and its focus. It is advisable to choose based on your own capabilities, skills and abilities - if you have creative potential and love collecting antiques, then you should not open a turning workshop, even if such a project in the future can bring excellent profit.

There are several main areas of the garage business:

  • manufacture of various goods;
  • provision of services;
  • processing of materials or raw materials.

Each of these areas requires certain equipment and capital investments. Moreover, newcomers to the business will have to build up their client base, which means they will have to conduct an advertising campaign.

Top Working Ideas

1. Opening a sales outlet.

It is quite possible to open a grocery store in the garage

In accordance with current legislation, the garage is classified as a stationary trade, which means that you can organize a shop in it. Before creating a business plan, it is advisable to analyze the demand for certain groups of goods. For example, in a large garage complex, you can sell auto parts or supplies.

To organize a store, the premises should be insulated and supplied with high-quality equipment, which will require a lot of money, time and effort.

One of the simplest and most affordable sites for small business development is a garage. Perhaps this unclaimed building will turn out to be a source of good income. At first, the garage business can be a part-time job, and then the main activity. Here are ten of the most promising ways to get richer.

Making decorative sculptures

The garage business can be based on the production of plaster or concrete garden figurines. You will need to learn how to prepare a high-quality solution and acquire a variety of molds for casting - wooden, cardboard, metal, polyurethane or foam.

This will require a minimum of equipment costs. Even if the initial capital is only a few thousand dollars, feel free to start building a business in the garage. Ideas for the production of decorative products can be brought to life even in a room with a small area.

Metal casting

Possible product range may include doorknobs, soldiers, fishing tackle weights, etc. A small electric smelter is required to operate. You can either make it yourself or purchase it. It is important to have high-quality forms so that the finished products do not cause complaints about quality. In addition, the production area must be connected to a three-phase electrical circuit.

Foam Handling

Considering the payback business ideas in the garage, one cannot fail to mention the artistic styrofoam cutting. It is best to work with customers directly, providing them with bespoke products. The only drawback of this type of activity is that you will have to purchase expensive equipment for the production of decorative items in the garage.

On the positive side: the vast majority of foam plastic workshops do not cut material. Large firms prefer to make money on volume. This is where opportunities open up to organize a successful small business. Any ideas in the garage can be implemented - from Roman columns to curly foam patterns.

Glass matting

Business ideas in the garage include painting on glass using sandblasting or special matting paste. Creativity is not needed in this matter: a stencil is applied to the glass, and it forms the necessary pattern.

As you can see, the equipment for production in the garage in this case cannot be called complicated. You don't need thousands of dollars to get started. If you have free funds, you can purchase a sandblaster. It will cost 120-150 thousand rubles. As for the paste, the costs here will be significantly lower: a batch of material will cost a maximum of five thousand rubles.

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