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TOP-7 profitable business ideas

Business ideas that are profitable or ideas that no one believed in? Brave Russian entrepreneurs have mastered unoccupied niches (joint purchases, ice cream parlors, quests) and they paid off!

According to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the share of small business in the country's GDP by 2021 should increase to 30%. SMEs in total will account for at least half of the gross domestic product. Such forecasts are not unfounded: every year new successful business ideas for small businesses appear, which are implemented by entrepreneurs not only in various Russian regions. The most original and profitable ideas of entrepreneurs will be discussed in this article!

Not by bread alone ...

Previously, Kozemsky was engaged in fish farming in Donetsk, after which he decided to launch a project unique for Russia - a fully automated sturgeon farm. Kozemsky and colleagues have been developing equipment for keeping and feeding sturgeons for over 10 years, using their own developments.

At the moment, the plant has more than 7 tons of broodfish at its disposal. The company also has a fry rearing workshop, that is, at the moment, the implementation of the second stage of a large-scale project has begun. At the end of 2021, the company sold:

  • 0.2 tons of black caviar;
  • 1.5 tons of fish.

Let's remind that the average cost of 1 kg of black caviar on the Russian wholesale market reaches 28-30 thousand rubles. Now the farm plans to start producing 2 tons of sturgeon and sterlet caviar by 2021.

Interesting: According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the export of Russian black caviar in the past year increased threefold and reached 4.71 tonnes in the 1st - 3rd quarter of 2021. The reason for this is the active development of sturgeon fish production and favorable market the situation amid a fall in the ruble exchange rate.

Small wholesale: earnings on savings

At this stage, the store's assortment includes more than 20 thousand goods. According to the Alexa Rank, the store is ranked 260,378, it is viewed daily by more than 9 thousand people, and the average resource cost is estimated at just over 9.6 thousand US dollars. The success of the store is due to the increasing popularity of joint purchases (they account for almost 40% of the turnover). Most profitable startups are somehow connected with crowdshopping (Rentoid, Uber, etc.), but in Russia the niche is not yet occupied, and therefore everyone has a chance of success!

Today, the development and expansion of small businesses in Russia is a popular field of activity. At the moment, there are about three million entrepreneurs in it, but this number is increasing every day.

Why is the business sphere so in demand and relevant? The state provides all the necessary conditions for this, in addition, it is not necessary to have a large start-up capital to open your own business.

In what area is it profitable to develop business now?

So, if you purposefully decided to start your own business and thought about this decision, then the constant question arises, in what area to work? The following areas are popular in the modern world:

  • Beauty and health. Such services are used by almost the entire population of the country, including both women and men of different ages. Everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive, and you will help them in this. There are also several development paths in this business: opening a hairdresser, beauty salon, body care and weight loss center. This area includes fitness and work on the image. There are many options here, and each of them will undoubtedly bring great success.
  • Children are the flowers of life, and you can't argue with that. That is why business development in this direction will not only recoup all costs, but will also bring good profits. You can open a private school or kindergarten, but this requires a lot of investment. Budgetary options are the creation of a center for early and preschool education of children, the opening of sectional sports facilities. Not a single family saves on raising and educating children, so trying to develop your business in this direction is a profitable decision.
  • In the 21st century, everything is connected with finances, because almost no procedure is carried out without money. Therefore, the provision of consulting and intermediary services is popular. Lending and loans are other options for developing your own business that you can use. But it is worth remembering the only principle of working in this direction - honesty. Otherwise, not only will it not be possible to hold out in such a business for a long time, but there is also an opportunity to get into a difficult financial situation yourself.

These are three main areas that are popular, because no one can do without them. In addition to them, there are other successful ideas for the development of their own business, including the opening of restaurants, cafes, bistros and other similar food establishments. However, it is recommended to start with a small but cozy cafe. If things go well, then you can develop further, opening restaurants and entire chains of catering establishments.

Promising directions for the near future

However, before starting your own business, it is worth considering whether it will be needed in five or ten years? Will it remain in demand as well? In order to avoid mistakes and choose the right direction in the development of your business, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with business trends that will gain popularity in the future:

  • Collective ownership. In order to reduce mortgage or loan payments, as well as their maturity, in the future it is planned to create programs that allow issuing loans to several co-borrowers, even if they are related by family ties. So far, all this is only planned, but today you can already start opening your own bank, ready to provide such services.
  • Mobile phone transactions. Agree that it is convenient to pay for inexpensive purchases or services, for example, for lunch in a cafe or a basket of groceries in a supermarket, via your phone. Today, such a billing system operates only in Finland for parking and for a paid toilet. Investing in the development of this business is one of the most profitable decisions that will definitely bring great profits.
  • Mobile home. How can you kill time in traffic? Great if car owners could convert their cars into mobile offices. Such proposals have been received for about fifteen years and contain requests for the internal filling of cars. Some want a relaxation area, others want workspaces with laptops. Why not do this? This is a great idea that will be popular in the future.
  • Instant insurance. Such a business involves opening your own insurance company, which will offer short-term insurance. The bottom line is that each person, before performing a certain action, for example, jumping with a parachute, can get insurance online. The possibility of risk is 1 in 1000, so this business can rightfully be considered profitable.
  • Eco-food. Opening of a chain of stores, which will sell exclusively natural products. Such establishments already exist in the modern world, but there are few of them, and the assortment there is so small that opening a large supermarket with organic products would be a great idea. According to experts, soon about 74% of people will give up eating GMOs and switch to a completely healthy diet.
  • Medicine products. An unusual idea - multifunctional food. For example, water will heal a headache, and oatmeal will be able to deal with irritation. There are many examples, but the idea is to create completely new products that would not bring any harm to the human body, but, on the contrary, make it healthier. The only difficulty you will have to face is the correct promotion strategy.
  • Sleep capsules. In the modern world, a person is constantly faced with lack of sleep, which leads to chronic fatigue. Even at night, the body cannot relax, daily problems tire, drain strength. Special capsules will help to cope with this, allowing you to survive the stage of rapid dreaming. They are of great benefit to a person, providing him with the opportunity to sleep. There are already 70 such centers in Australia, but in our country there are none.

Actual ideas in a small town

There are a lot of profitability indicators (more than twenty), so it is important to decide what profitability should be discussed when assessing the effectiveness of a small business. Most often, in the case of small businesses, they talk about the profitability of production. This is the ratio of profit to the sum of the value of fixed assets and working capital. It is about such profitability (if it is not separately indicated about the use of another concept) that we will talk about in this article.

We know from classical literature and crime chronicles that the most profitable form of modern business is a simple robbery on the street. Even an income of ten rubles fully pays for the zero costs. Profitability is infinite! But seriously, it is impossible to answer exactly the question of which type of business is the most profitable now. This follows from the very nature of entrepreneurship - an aspiring businessman strives to engage in the most profitable type of small business, and this increases competition and, as a result, reduces profitability.

The main advice on how to choose a promising business can be formulated as follows - come up with a new human need and satisfy it.

Only a completely new type of business provides the greatest profitability. However, few can make such a discovery. If you are not a genius, then there is still no need to despair. You can analyze the current market situation, local conditions, your capabilities and conduct a successful business. This article is devoted to the question of which types of business with minimal investment give the best return today. Now everything is in order.

Forms and types of business

It is known from the school curriculum what types of business and its forms exist. A lot of them. However, with regard to small business, it is necessary to highlight production activities, services and trade. It is these types of activities that 90% of individual entrepreneurs are engaged in. As for the forms of small business, it is an individual entrepreneurship or a limited liability company. The advantages and disadvantages of these forms of entrepreneurship in relation to small businesses are described in special articles, so we will not dwell on this. Let's just note - if you want to work with industry, it is better to be a VAT payer.

Since aspiring businessmen are most interested in the question of how to get the best return with limited start-up capital, we will classify types of small business by the size of start-up capital. The data are based on some sociological research, information from the Federal Tax Service and from the Internet. Naturally, doing business in Moscow or Morshansk is, as they say in Odessa, two big differences. Therefore, we present data for cities with a population of 100,000 to 500,000 people. The key issue, as always, is the sales market.

Rating of the most profitable types of business with start-up capital up to rubles

Please do not treat the rating as a dogma. It is based, first of all, on an increase in initial costs, and secondly on profitability.

If your city has only one hairdresser and 50 service stations, then barber services will always be in demand and the profitability will exceed 100%.

In most developed countries of the world, small and medium-sized businesses make up the backbone of the economy. And it is not surprising, because with minimal costs, a private entrepreneur can receive by no means small profits. But, of course, success largely depends on the area in which you want (and can) work - services, manufacturing, transport, trade, etc.

So who earns the most? Forbes magazine tried to answer this question by compiling a list of the most profitable and promising small business segments. The rating is based on data on 300 thousand firms and individual entrepreneurs, each area was represented by at least 100 companies. The data was collected by a specialized consulting agency from 2021 to 2021.

As the authors of the rating note, most of the most profitable types of entrepreneurship require excellent professional training. At the same time, these specialties allow you to work for yourself, not to maintain a staff, and sometimes even not to use an office. But there is another side of the coin: the clients of such specialists, as a rule, have resorted to the services of the same professional for many years, that is, it is very difficult for a beginner to quickly take a worthy position in the market.

So, who made it to the top of the business?

1. Private auditors. Net profit - 16.5%. Audit services are in demand at all times, so the financial crisis did not affect the income of these specialists in any way. In addition, clients tend to work with the same auditor (or firm) on a regular basis, so promotion costs are practically unnecessary. And, of course, if you work for yourself, there is no need to rent an office and pay staff.

2. Chiropractors, 15.3%. Official medicine does not always recognize the craft of these specialists, but this does not prevent them from receiving a decent income. And those who do not maintain their own office and work on leaving the client's home, moreover, have almost no costs.

3. Specialized clinics, 15%. The most popular are minor operations, cosmetic procedures and various examinations. Despite the high cost of maintaining such an institution, the prices for services more than cover all costs.

4. Accounting services, 14.9%. Just like auditors, everyone always needs accountants. Any services of these specialists are quite expensive, however, the competition in this area is steadily high.

5. Private dentists, 14.7%. These doctors almost never suffer from a shortage of clients. Many patients become regular and go to the same dentist for decades; plus, they advise the specialist they like to friends, relatives, colleagues, and so on. Even without a single advertising line and with rather expensive equipment, the dental office is a profitable enterprise.

6. Tax calculations, 14.7%. No one likes to fill out declarations and stand in line at the tax office. It is on human laziness that private tax officials earn.

7. Orthodontist, 14.4%. In Russia, these specialists usually do not work outside the walls of any clinics, but in America a private orthodontist is quite common. And the services of such doctors are traditionally expensive: if a client wants a Hollywood smile, he must be ready to pay the appropriate price for it.

8. Law firms, 13.4%. At the same level are the approximate incomes of all law firms and firms.

9. Small loans, 13.3%. Companies issuing small loans secured by the company's products became popular during the crisis. Large banks in unison refused to loans to entrepreneurs and demanded to return previously issued loans ahead of schedule, and these firms were ready to issue funds without special requirements and for the required period. For small businesses, this has become a real lifesaver, as profits in manufacturing and trade also began to plummet.

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