Business ideas that are not yet in Russia

Many citizens who want to get rid of the status of an employee are thinking about starting their own business. And here the question immediately arises of what you can do to make it not only interesting, but also profitable. Business ideas that do not exist in Russia have been repeatedly tested in practice by foreign entrepreneurs. In this article you can familiarize yourself with the highest priority projects borrowed from America and Europe.

Self Service Laundromats

This business idea has not been implemented in Russia, despite the fact that it is very popular in the European world. In our country, there are more often laundries where you can hand in dirty linen and after a certain time pick it up clean. But a self-service laundry is a great idea for a successful business in Russia, with a competent project implementation.

All that is required from a beginner entrepreneur is to rent a small room and install several washing machines equipped with bill acceptors in it. The customer puts his laundry in the washing machine, pays the fee and waits for the wash to finish. This is an inexpensive service as businessmen make money from a large number of clients.

At the stage of formation, you can purchase 5 washing machines, which can be loaded with up to 8 kg of laundry. In addition, you will need 3 dryers, 2-3 irons and ironing boards. The monthly rent of the premises will cost 30-40 thousand rubles. If you open a laundry in a busy area, about 60 people will visit it daily. With an average check of 100 rubles, this business idea with minimal investment which is not available in Russia will bring in more than 100 thousand rubles a month.

Who will use?

This service will be very popular among students. Everyone knows about the living conditions in Russian hostels. Therefore, there will be a lot of people who want to wash dirty linen, subject to an affordable price and a favorable location of the laundry.

Flower Machine

Another business idea that is not in Russia in 2021 is vending machines for the sale of fresh flowers. A favorable microclimate is created inside the machine using a special program, which allows the flowers to stay fresh for 2 weeks. To implement this profitable business idea in Russia, you will need about 500 thousand rubles.

One machine holds 32 bouquets worth 30 thousand rubles. Such a high price is due to the costs of maintaining optimal humidity and temperature indicators. But thanks to this, such perishable goods remain fresh for a long time. In ordinary stores, flowers are placed in the refrigerator overnight. As a result of such sudden changes in temperature, they are stressed and quickly deteriorate, and the owners of the outlet suffer losses. Flower Machines are a great business idea in the 2021 crisis for newbies who don't want to risk their money.

Business ideas that are not available in Russia can bring good income. Having decided to start a business, you always want to be sure that the chosen niche will be able to bring good income. For the sake of achieving this goal, many people decide to take as a basis projects that have received widespread success in our country. However, doing this is not always right. It always makes sense to take note of foreign business ideas that are not in Russia.

Why foreign projects can be promising

Today, entrepreneurial activity has gained incredible popularity. People are increasingly making the decision to stop working for someone else's uncle and become their own boss. Moreover, the state offers various programs to start a business. Good subsidies and support are a great start.

However, any businessman at the first stage of his success always faces a serious problem - the choice of a suitable activity. You always want to have minimal risks. Therefore, the first thoughts are the opening of well-known projects, directions, something that has already received special recognition among the population.

Of course, doing this is beneficial, but it's better to show your individuality. Business ideas that are not available in Russia will be an excellent way out of this situation. You can always turn to foreign comrades. The main reasons why you should pay attention to business ideas that are not in Russia are:

  • demand - starting your own business is always relevant;
  • originality - it is always easier to follow a template, but such projects cannot be called new and interesting. And here there is every chance to occupy a new niche, to become the very first in it. We must not forget about the absence of competitors;
  • high payback - the lack of analogues will lead the main crowd of people to your business. Increased demand will be guaranteed, followed by stability and high incomes.

Most often, a new business in Russia brings profit in 2021. Ideas can be very diverse. The main thing is to choose the one that will be really interesting. The helpful book 45 Tattoos of a Manager is a guide for the aspiring entrepreneur.

Business ideas that do not exist in Russia: the necessary knowledge

Any business requires relevant information and knowledge. Therefore, you do not need to rush into the first project that comes across. Before choosing a Western business idea you like, special attention should be paid to the following factors:

  • demand. Many even the most successful ideas abroad in our country may not be profitable. For example, a taxi for animals is definitely not the best solution. It is necessary to act, assessing the interests of the population;
  • the possibility of purchasing equipment. This is especially true for the business of manufacturing goods. Before opening, you need to take care that there are opportunities for acquiring equipment or its high-quality analogs at home;
  • material and physical capabilities. Many business ideas from scratch in Russia can be expensive. In addition, it is worthwhile to understand that you will have to work a lot, at least in the first years. Only in this way, one can hope that the project will be able to take root and bring good money.

Material on the topic: "Business ideas that do not exist in Russia" with full explanation and justification.

New business ideas

First in their business: business ideas that do not yet exist in Russia

Despite the huge number of differences in the types of ideas - traditional and unusual - they are united by a lot, the main of which is the result. Ideas are ideas, but it is not for nothing that “business” is the first in the phrase “business ideas”.

The search for a business idea begins with a single goal - the embodiment of your own business. Whichever idea is great. 90% of success lies in its implementation. And here options are possible. Even in traditional business, there are many pitfalls that make it difficult to get a business going. And you don't need to look far for examples. One of the most popular types of business for a novice entrepreneur is undoubtedly the opening of a shawarma outlet. The point is true, capital investments are minimal, demand is constant. Even special advertising is not needed, just a sign and placement in a passageway. But some businessmen have a "rushing" business, even without original recipes and tricks, they just sell shawarma. For others, the case is "bent" so much that no marketing moves and promotions help. Although, everything is done strictly in accordance with traditions and smart business books. Why? A question that worries more than one generation of businessmen. Let's try to find the answer to it.

Business is a purely individual business that does not tolerate templates. Understanding the business processes that occur depending on external and internal factors is that notorious success in the business you have started. Sometimes this happens at the level of intuition. With such people, any business idea will become successful. They sense its points of application or monetization. For others, even the most studied idea, overgrown with a lot of advice, opinions and recommendations, will not bring anything but a headache. Because they do not feel the business and do not understand the underlying processes. For the second type of entrepreneurs, no business idea will help. Or will it help?

This is where business ideas that are not yet very well known in Russia come to the rescue. They are little studied, but on the other hand, there is no competition for them at all. In the case of commercial implementation on emerging demand, you can attract the first customers, even without involving marketing. This, incidentally, explains an interesting fact. In any business, more often than not, followers are more successful than those who discovered this business niche. Think of McDonald's, one of the most popular fast food chains. The business idea was started by the McDonald's brothers, but completely different people were engaged in turning it into a popular network franchise, having bought the business from the brothers. True, the brothers, thanks to this, managed to become millionaires. That is, they have achieved their success. Does this mean that any little-known business idea can work the same way?

Maybe. The chances are increased compared to traditional business. And even those who know little about business can achieve success, but gain an advantage in the form of a complete lack of competition. If we do not forget that business is a purely individual matter and requires a competent implementation of the idea. As for ideas, where can you get business ideas that are still unknown in Russia?

You will be surprised, but we know a site where more than 1928 business ideas are collected. And new ones are added every day. Among others, there are business ideas implemented individually in different parts of the world. Those that fully meet the title of this article are businesses that do not yet exist in Russia. These ideas are individual and require comprehensive study. Assessments for the possibility of implementing this business in Russia. And in case of success ... In case of success, followers will surely appear. And this will be the first and main sign that the idea has "fired". And before that, with the implementation of his business idea, the entrepreneur remains face to face.

We try to mark all such business ideas with two tags - chips and a startup. If you look at the entire list, it will not turn out interesting - you should try to study it yourself, in search of your business idea. We have selected just a little - 30 business ideas, in our opinion, which are the most unusual. Anyone who is properly implemented can become a super-profitable business. It all depends on you!

In this article we will list business ideas that are not in Russia, but they will be relevant in 2021. This will help someone open a company with unique services, goods and quickly become a monopolist in the market. All proposed options are already working in the US and Europe.

Transplanting trees to another territory

In Russian cities, trees are often cut down. This is mainly due to their location next to power lines, near residential buildings and in places with high traffic of people. That is, this is done for the sake of safety.

Likewise with suburban areas. If a tree grows at the construction site, it is not necessary to cut it down. It is enough to transplant to a new place.

For such work abroad, special equipment is used, which digs up a tree by the root, prepares a hole in a new territory and plants a plant in it.

Target audience of the business: construction companies and private developers.

Difficulties in the implementation of such a business idea lie in the purchase of the necessary equipment. It is difficult to buy it in Russia, so you have to look for it in Europe. It will also require serious investment. But the transfer of trees is an expensive service, which means that the costs will quickly return.

It will be easy to advance in the market with such a service, because there is zero competition, and there is demand.

Taxi by subscription

Such a unique business is suitable for existing taxi owners or those who are just planning to engage in passenger transportation.

Many people who work for hire have the impression that their bosses are trying to save on salaries, although they have the means. Many scold their management and the entire company as a whole, while at the same time dreaming of creating their own business. At the same time, they do not take specific actions or already lose their desire at the stage of choosing a field of activity. Business ideas 2021-2021 will help you choose the right direction of movement, but before that it is worth analyzing your own capabilities, preferences, true goal and much more.

Ideas for small towns and rural areas

Localities with a small number of residents only at first glance are not suitable for doing business. Even in small villages there is an opportunity to show your entrepreneurial inclinations. The final receipt of income may not be in the village itself - it is enough to organize a business with deliveries through intermediaries to city shops or work remotely.

Such forms of entrepreneurship in villages will be relevant for many years to come:

  • Visiting veterinarian.
  • Outbound hairdresser.
  • Delivery of goods to order from the city.
  • Making products from vines, wood.
  • Cultivation of mushrooms, their preparation, packaging.
  • Growing vegetables, herbs and dairy products.

Most of these ideas are on the surface and are fairly easy to implement. The main difficulty lies in organizing customer acquisition and finding a sales market. Mistakes in these moments can lead not only to a decrease in income, but also to the overall loss of one's own business. With the right approach, such primitive but relevant activities can bring good profits. In addition, you can organize a business for personal employment in rural areas or use any universal idea suitable for implementation both in the village and in a large city.

Business for medium and large cities

Few people in a big city will come up with an idea to organize an exit hairdresser or create greenhouses for growing greenery in its central area. The first option is simply irrelevant, and for the second, at least the outskirts of the city are more suitable. Among the various activities, there are those that can only be carried out in large settlements. It is these business ideas 2021-2021 that should be developed in large cities.

They can be quite common or unusual:

  • Personnel bureaus.
  • Real estate services.
  • Cleaning agencies.
  • Quick dating club.
  • Travel agencies.
  • Unusual dating services.
  • Elderly care service.
  • Organization of housekeeping services.
  • Organization of hot meals for different companies.
  • Home delivery of food and other goods.
  • Center for storage and delivery of goods from online stores.

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