Business ideas in Ukraine: when simple is the most profitable

The most profitable in the world are enterprises associated with the production and / or sale of essential goods. However, in order to organize a profitable business, it is necessary to draw up a list of options by industry, evaluate the selected ideas and your readiness for implementation from a psychological point of view. You also need to consider options for obtaining start-up capital.

Key Criteria Analysis

Business profitability by industry

Production of frame houses

Pet hotel

Organization of turnkey events

Key Criteria Analysis

When choosing what business to do, you need to analyze a business idea according to the following criteria:

  • the uniqueness of the product or service;
  • relevance for the chosen place;
  • target audience;
  • the need for funds ;
  • need for licensing.

The video describes the process of finding a promising business idea and its analysis. Taken from the official channel of Gennady Klyushkin.

Business profitability by industry

Business profitability statistics now in 2021 in Russia and Ukraine:

Business sector Profitable enterprises in percent Logistics and transport 83% Trade, catering 78% Advertising, mass media, PR-sphere 71% Finance, banking, insurance 71% Mechanical engineering industry 69% IT-sphere 67% Provision of business services 63% Sales and service automobiles60% Food industry60% Education and research 58% Construction and reconstruction / modernization of buildings48% Mining, ore processing40% Medicine, pharmaceuticals29%

Your compass in the world of finance

If we conduct a survey of business entities about which business ideas from scratch are “viable” in Ukraine, most of them will answer that such projects simply do not exist at the moment. They will begin to refer to the difficult economic situation, the political situation, lack of government support for small and medium-sized businesses, etc. But all this must be taken as common excuses. Many respected economists argue that there is no such thing as a "bad time" for business, if a person wants to make money, he will certainly achieve his goal. The main thing is to have a business idea that corresponds to the current market situation, that is, your project must meet the real demand (supported by financial resources) of potential customers.

The presented article will help you not only to choose a promising direction of commercial activity, which will become a stable source of income for you, but also tell you how to organize your business with minimal costs. This information will be useful for aspiring entrepreneurs, experienced businessmen, investors, as well as ordinary citizens who do not know where to invest their own savings in order to receive stable profits with minimal risk of losing their capital. But the circle of readers cannot be limited only to business representatives; ordinary citizens will also find interesting facts in the article that will help to understand how entrepreneurs make money.

Business ideas from scratch in Ukraine - preliminary preparation

Many readers remember the 90s, when the business was built according to the scheme: "bought at a cheaper price, sold at a higher price." Often this activity was not even registered with the tax office, but those who started earning decent money, as a rule, came to the attention of representatives of criminal structures, who forced the entrepreneur to pay their own "taxes". Today, situations like this can only be seen in TV series. If you decide to organize your business from scratch, you must have a promising idea that corresponds to the real state of affairs in the Ukrainian economy. But before you start to engage in the practical implementation of a commercial project, you need to do a lot of preparatory work.

It is necessary to start with marketing research. Collect as much information as possible about your competitors and products / services that interest you. Divide potential competitors into groups: the former pose a real threat to the implementation of the project, the latter are not serious opponents. Think about legal methods of dealing with the first category of entrepreneurs, but be sure to comply with the condition: your actions must not violate business ethics. For example, never engage in open anti-advertising and do not throw mud at your competitors. After carrying out this analysis, you can: either continue to engage in the implementation of a commercial project, or leave this idea if you see that there is no chance of winning the competition. Naturally, readers are interested in the first scenario.

If you are convinced that you have real chances to occupy a certain part of the market for your goods / services, then proceed to study the representatives of the target audience. Collect any available (and inaccessible, if possible) information about them. Age, income level, interests, cost structure, etc. This will allow you to develop the right strategy to attract clients. In addition, you will learn to anticipate customer behavior and their reaction to a new product or service.

The next stage of preparatory work includes the choice of technology (for manufacturing firms), the search for suppliers, equipment, analysis of the labor market. All the collected information is necessary for drawing up a business plan for your project. The main financial document will show how profitable your idea is, how much money is needed to implement it and what to do in case of force majeure. An important point! A real business plan is necessary for internal use, it is developed by qualified specialists, and to attract partners, investors or obtain a loan, you can independently perform this work, but show the most optimistic option for developing your business.

In the main financial document, it is imperative to display the costs that are associated with registration with the tax office and state funds. If you decide to work as an individual (sole proprietor), then you will need much less money than in the case of paperwork for an LLC. But the choice of organizational and legal form depends on the individual characteristics of your future activities, a similar situation is with the tax regime. For example, for small-scale wholesale trade in tools and equipment, it is enough to obtain a certificate of sole proprietorship and pay deductions to the state treasury, working on a single tax.

To implement a promising business idea in Ukraine, just like in any other country, start-up capital is needed, but the situation on the country's financial markets in 2021 cannot please entrepreneurs. And most likely, there won't be any positive changes in the near future. It is difficult to get a loan for a novice businessman, and the interest that bankers ask for loans provided is very high - not every business will "pull" such loans.

Therefore, if you do not have enough of your own savings to start your own business, consider alternative sources of funds. This can be money from friends, acquaintances (use it as a last resort), financial resources of investors, partners or a commodity loan from suppliers, the use of leasing schemes, small blank loans (without collateral) of financial institutions. Be sure to include all loan servicing costs in your business plan.

Business for a beginner is a kind of "pool" with risks. If there is no specific understanding of what to do, what is the peculiarity of running a successful business, and what the risks may be, it is best to contact those who are well versed in all this. An affiliate program and an already developed business that does not need to be run from scratch is beneficial for those who want to see the result of their work tomorrow.

Franchising: why is it profitable?

Business ideas Ukraine is a space of new interesting opportunities that may seem unprofitable and even outlandish to many. In fact, everything is much simpler: you can run a successful business even without much knowledge in it. How is this possible? To facilitate this, there are many successful business programs, ideas, technologies that have not yet been mastered. Ukraine today is a space for the embodiment of bold and non-standard solutions, which will certainly bring not only good money, but also pleasure to the owner.

A franchisor is someone who owns the technology, trading schemes or marks. These are the main points that are needed to run your own business profitably. Only if you start a business yourself, you need to understand in detail how to do business. Buying a franchise allows you to have absolutely no understanding, for example, in the restaurant business, but buying a franchise allows you to successfully run your business. It is worth noting such a feature as in this case, the buyer undertakes to undertake all further financial costs.

Franchise in Ukraine: your chance for a profitable business

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What is the most profitable business in Ukraine

Vending entrepreneurship is considered the most profitable business in Ukraine - namely, vending machines selling piece goods. This type of business does not require special skills, special education, a large amount of time and costs for hiring service personnel. To open it, it is enough to invest the initial amount required to purchase the machines and rent a part of the premises in which they will stand. The payback period for vending business is three to six months. It also includes bars and beer stalls that open at every corner.

The most popular machines are machines with tea, coffee, mineral water, toys, as well as massage chairs with a receiver for notes.

Another demanded category of profitable business on the territory of Ukraine is represented by a service for the sale of a certain business. It is an agency that officially implements ready-made enterprises that are already registered, and their production process is fully established. Sometimes the business being sold is in slight decline, so the goal of the sale is to change the ineffective owner to someone with an entrepreneurial approach.

Of a specific business that requires a certain education, the most profitable in Ukraine is business in the medical and cosmetology field. Today, a huge number of dental, gynecological, massage rooms, as well as comprehensive medical and cosmetic centers operate in the country.

Despite the high competition, this type of business is the most profitable and capable of "surviving", as it always has enough clients.

In parallel with the medical and cosmetic field, the most profitable business is the provision of legal services. Notaries and legal advisers with a good reputation are always in demand among the population, so the profit from such activities is very high, and besides, this business pays off very quickly. The Ukrainian sphere of construction services, which includes the installation of doors and windows, the design of design studios, as well as the repair of residential and office premises, does not lag behind the above business. Despite the instability of the modern Ukrainian economy, these businessmen do not have less clients.

What business to do in Ukraine?

The main wealth of Ukraine is arable land, black soil, which is considered the best in the world. In Paris, Ukrainian black soil is stored as a sample of the most fertile soil in the world, and in total, the country has reserves of forty percent of the world's black soil! It was not for nothing that the fascist invaders exported the topsoil in trains to Germany during the Second World War.

Agriculture is also beneficial because it is in decline, and the state offers novice agricultural businessmen favorable credit conditions, assistance in purchasing agricultural machinery, seeds, etc. Farmers grow food - this is the key phrase for choosing this business, because a person always wants to eat, regardless of age, income and nationality. But for a farmer, it is important to calculate and find reliable sales markets before starting a business, since in Ukraine it is not uncommon for people to buy products in villages, for example, milk, five times cheaper than it is sold in a store. And if you implement the full chain: a field, a barn, a buyer, and, if possible, an independent sale, then this scheme will allow you to get a decent profit.

Every year more and more business ideas appear in the world that allow you to earn huge money. In order to bring them to life, large investments and connections are not at all necessary.

Today people pay attention to something interesting and unique, so the field of activity for aspiring entrepreneurs is quite wide. After Ukraine established a visa-free regime with Europe, about 3 million of our citizens went abroad in search of earnings and opportunities for self-realization.

Many saw new services and products, as well as gleaned promising ideas for business. Now every fifth labor migrant returns home with the aim of starting his own business and developing in his country.

In recent years, the sphere of catering and innovative technologies has been in special demand in Ukraine. However, if you wish, you can start a startup and bring business ideas to life for small businesses in any industry. In this article, we will consider the most relevant options that will be in demand next year and guarantee income with minimal risks.

The best business ideas from scratch

Unfortunately, many aspiring entrepreneurs, with ambitious plans and creative ideas, give up at the start. Fear of uncertainty and lack of money are the main factors that block the desire to move towards your goals.

But there are many options for business ideas without investing at home, for which you only need perseverance and your own skills. We will analyze several of the most popular of them today and promising for the coming years.


Ukraine first started using this business idea with minimal investment five years ago. Its essence lies in the provision of intermediary services between the supplier (manufacturer) of goods and buyers. For each sale, the intermediary receives income in the form of interest.

To do dropshipping, you just need to have access to the Web and be able to organize your work, namely:

  • create a website or page on a social network;
  • register on the supplier's online platform;
  • upload a photo and description of goods to your online resource;
  • monitor the execution of orders.

This area is beneficial in that it does not require special skills, capital investments and time costs. However, the intermediary should not immediately count on success and colossal profits.

Here, profit depends on the number of orders, customers and their degree of satisfaction with purchases. Additionally, dropshippers often face issues like this:

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