Business ideas for students: TOP-12 great ideas for making money, tips

Business for a student is not only an opportunity to earn money, but also further implementation in life. Student years are a unique time of opportunity, when you want to do everything at once, so more and more young people are not afraid to show their talent in business. What kind of entrepreneurial activity a student can do in order to skillfully combine study and business, we will talk today.


The joy of student years

According to experts, more than 60% of Russians do not work in their specialty, finding their vocation in other industries.

It is unambiguously impossible to explain such a trend, because different circumstances were the reason, but such are the realities of our time. To have a "safety cushion", many students think about their own business long before getting the coveted crust.

On the Internet, you can find a huge number of interesting projects that do not require significant costs and enterprising students can make money out of thin air.

In the end, even getting a red diploma does not guarantee that a student will be employed in his specialty, and that his work will be in demand and highly paid.

The 21st century can rightfully be called a time of endless possibilities, when yesterday's student of C grade, who barely had enough money for lunch, today can wake up as a successful millionaire. The main thing is not to go astray and accumulate your own skills as much as possible in the struggle for a better life. Do not believe that such an alignment is possible? Then let's look at some illustrative examples.

The legendary Bill Gates was not very successful during his studies at the university. He often skipped pairs and grabbed triplets, and after the second year he was completely expelled! Gates' main passion was programming, which he has been doing since his youth. Already at 21, he founded Microsoft, becoming one of the richest people on the planet.

Of course, we encourage our readers not only to do what they love, but also to successfully comprehend the basics of the university program. Probably, only the lazy has not heard about the story of Mark Zuckerberg. While still a student, he managed to create the most popular social network in the world - Facebook.

Business for a student: 4 criteria for choosing an activity + features of earning money on coursework + 5 online sites + ideas for girls + specifics of developing mobile applications + 5 designers + the essence of video blogging + 10 tips + 5 examples successful student entrepreneurs.

Like any social class of people, college students need finance. Money is like water, they are constantly in short supply. And for people attending educational institutions, additional expenses are added to the usual expenses (food, travel, buying clothes, household appliances, medicines, etc.).

These include the purchase of teaching aids, payment for a dormitory, printing of abstracts, settlement and graphic works, payment for the services of the provider and the mobile operator. In addition, we do not discount the fact that young people have cultural needs and entertainment.

Therefore, the question: "What is business for students?" was and remains very relevant.

What business ideas are suitable for students?

It's no news to anyone that most students have to find time both to study and to earn money.

Scholarships to meet all needs are naturally in short supply, as the government does not fund enough students. It is possible to provide a more or less decent life due to material assistance from parents and part-time jobs.

Based on the results of a study by the student portal Career. u, it turned out that in 2021 71% of Russian students were looking for work, including various types of business. It was possible to combine thanks to the shift and evening schedule. At the same time, labor activity, in most cases, was not in the specialty.

And if university teachers are less loyal to the need for students to look for a source of income, employers, as a rule, are in the position of young people.

The picture is approximately the same in the regions. Let's take Novosibirsk, for example. More than half of the students (55%) of one of the largest Russian cities in terms of population are trying, in addition to getting an education, to find themselves in some kind of business and earnings niche.

  • 1 Business idea for students - writing cheat sheets
  • 2 Business idea for students - group shopping for clothes
  • 3 Business idea for a student - renting a room by the hour
  • 4 Business idea for a student in the tourism business
  • 5 Newbie student in business

Students are fairly limited in terms of money. Each of them can start their own business in order to improve their financial situation.

But a student may not be engaged in all types of activities, since he is very limited in time.

The main part of the day is occupied by the students, and in order to prepare for the exam, a huge amount of time is spent in general.

If a student has a desire, even with such a rhythm of life, he will find an opportunity to earn money.

Knowing the needs of your fellow students, you can already start your own small business on this. Let's look at some business ideas for students.

Let's consider what business ideas are suitable for students:

Business idea for students - writing cheat sheets

The most demanded service among students is writing cheat sheets. Not everyone can pass the test or exam on their own, and there is no time to write cheat sheets or the student is simply too lazy to do it.

In order to write tips, you do not need to possess all the knowledge necessary in this subject, information can be obtained from the Internet, there is also the opportunity to study options for writing cheat sheets.

Another possible way to make money is writing abstracts.

In this case, knowledge is necessary, but everyone can superficially study any topic and put this knowledge on paper.

Business ideas for students without start-up capital in a rapidly developing information space are as common as mushrooms after a good rain. The main thing is to be able to see them, formulate them, have a desire to do business and follow a simple rule: work well and constantly improve your qualifications.

Reading books and feature articles, listening to teachers, parents, friends is not the best solution. Will be offered as the best business ideas for students eternal, but not promising: courier, housekeeper, waiter, term paper author, rewriter-copywriter, typesetter and the like.

Even if pride allows, and there is time, you can do anything, but in the modern world there has long been something more essential.

It is important where to start and how to do it.

Basis for a better business idea

The period when a person learns is different from others. It is better to think about business and your own destiny even at school and not waste time.

Business ideas for schoolchildren and students in most cases do not require reaching a certain age and do not need start-up capital. And if they need it, you can always emulate it. While the parents are helping, there is much to be done. As a rule, the modern student has everything necessary for a quick start: the head and hands are always, the computer and the smartphone are in most cases.

The above professions cannot be ranked among the best. They may be stable in terms of earnings, but it is doubtful that representatives of the younger generation will have a conscious desire to devote their lives to them.

The best idea is one that works simultaneously and effectively in three ways:

  • Knowledge. Rapid growth of qualifications.
  • Economy. Costs will fall, revenues will rise.
  • Rating. The interest of those around you will continuously increase.

A candidate for an idea must formulate it himself and have a confident desire to implement it. That is enough to start with.

Economy of the best idea, profit calculation

What small business ideas can you suggest to a student? Profit and its steady growth are important for him. Before starting any business, you need to weigh and calculate everything well.

Why would a girl "throw an insult" to her boyfriend, how to plan a travel route and where to order a good dress on the Internet? Students of the Higher School of Economics and listeners, developed by the IIDF experts, talk about their Internet projects.

Maria Razumovskaya, iObidka service

A year ago, our friend complained about her boyfriend - he did not answer her messages. And somehow by chance she said: "I wish I could throw an insult at him." We immediately caught on to this idea, began to come up with what the offense was, how it could be thrown, and what purposes the “throwing the offense” serves. So, in a couple of hours, we came up with the concept of the iObidka service.

Our project helps to get rid of unpleasant feelings, which usually accumulate and gradually poison the relationship, in a playful way. In our opinion, this would be very valuable. And we sincerely believe that iObid will help our users build relationships.

I am inspired by people who have overcome their fears, challenge themselves and society. As Funkadelic sang on a similar occasion: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.

The course from IIDF gave us, first of all, the necessary impetus to action, and the teacher generously shared his enthusiasm and optimism. So now we are dealing with the basics of creating a project: we watch and review training videos, read additional literature. And we understand that after the launch of iOblack implementation, dozens of new ideas will await.

Helen Tevanyan, UDress Service

My mother is a fashion designer by her second education: as far as I can remember, there have always been sewing machines, fabrics, threads, mother's sketches and small collections at home. Feeling a little adult and independent, I decided to figure out how to monetize the talents we have at home. At that moment, I came across an article about the "Custom Shirt" project, and I thought that we could do something similar. It remained to decide which item of clothing can be sewn remotely without losing quality - and after long consultations with the fashion designer, we settled on dresses.

We began to fully develop the project already within the course. It turned out that I was not the only one thinking about the fashion theme: so we united like-minded people, went over ideas and stopped at creating an Internet studio with a designer of dresses. Now we are testing hypotheses, calculating the market, finding out exactly who our customers are. With a little analytical work, we will start developing an MVP - there is a developer in our team who is waiting for a signal from us.

In the long term, we would like to turn our project into a full-fledged large product that covers all the needs of a girl when creating an image. Such a pocket atelier-stylist - what style of dress for what type of figure is better to choose, what color to recommend, what is the best way to wear the created dress, etc.

I cannot sincerely admire unfamiliar people. Therefore, I admire my head at the last job - Nikita Abramenko, product owner of Simple Investments and Stream of Alfa-Bank. One day I dream to learn to look at problems in such a complex, deeply and energetically manner and solve them, as he does.

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