Business ideas 2021 that are not yet in Russia

Having decided to start his own business, every entrepreneur is faced with the need to choose a type of activity. In most cases, business ideas are based on the experience of developing successful Russian businessmen, which is far from always justified. For this reason, you should not dwell on common options, but you should pay attention to those foreign business ideas that are not in Russia.

Why do business ideas from abroad have the right to develop in Russia?

Entrepreneurship always remains relevant - the majority of people working "for an uncle" dream of their own business, in addition, the state provides various subsidies and support that contribute to the development of the business. Nevertheless, aspiring businessmen often face a number of problems, including an insufficient legal framework and difficulties in doing business.

In America and Europe, business is a significant market segment that provides economic growth. Doing business in these countries is somewhat easier than in Russia, since the entrepreneur receives advisory and information support completely free of charge. In addition, the rights of the owner of their business are reliably protected at the legislative level.

What attracts Russian entrepreneurs to small business ideas abroad?

There are several reasons for attention to business innovations abroad:

  • demand - quite a large number of people dream of becoming entrepreneurs and working for themselves;
  • originality - this factor is one of the main, since a new business that does not have there can be no competitors in the country, at least at first, until the idea is picked up by other entrepreneurs;
  • high payback and profitability - due to the absence of competitors, the services provided or distributed goods will be in high demand , and, accordingly, the enterprise will pay off quickly.

What you need to know before implementing Western business ideas that are not in Russia?

When deciding to start a business based on a Western business idea, be sure to consider the following factors.

Popular Business in America

Every business starts with an idea. Success depends largely on the ability to overcome competition in the market, which requires a non-standard and innovative approach to solving issues. An original idea creates an opportunity to realize your dream business. Russia provides fertile soil for the formation of small businesses, but it is not always possible to come up with a competitive working scheme for building your own business. Fortunately, many interesting business strategies have already been invented and tested in Europe and America, we just have to adopt and improve the useful experience of the West. Business ideas that are not yet available in Russia are presented below.

There are many small business ideas out there, and what determines the “best” idea depends a lot on the starting entrepreneur's skill set (potential). When considering ideas for your future small business, you need to ask yourself a few clarifying questions:

  • What are your interests?
  • What services are not available in Russia?
  • Where is the market demand?
  • How can your skills meet this need?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What is your ideal work environment?

Answers to these questions should indicate the direction of a particular industry. But if you are not quite ready to dive into introspection, or if you are interested in expanding your understanding of foreign business, which is not yet in Russia, we present you with the top 10 working ideas for entrepreneurship. These small business ideas are suitable for future entrepreneurs in a wide variety of industries and there is a need for all these services in today's market.

Business idea: Cleaning up a crime scene in Russia

Crime scene cleaning companies are widespread in the United States, but are on the list of business ideas not yet found in Russia. They help families cleanse themselves after a traumatic event, such as a suicide or murder, that occurs in their home. It's important to remember that it takes more tools than a bucket and a mop to properly clean a crime scene. Professional crime scene cleaners have the training and experience to safely dispose of potential bloodborne pathogens in a client's home or premises after the body has been removed from the crime scene.

A cleaner's job is to clean and disinfect surfaces that have been contaminated with potentially hazardous materials, often as a result of violent crime or accident. Crime cleaners are also trained to sanitize areas that have been affected by tear gas, infectious diseases, poisons, and feces.

Business does not require special legal support, but it is associated with biological risks for employees: infectious hazards for people who usually handle cadavers include tuberculosis, group A streptococcal infection, gastroenteritis, transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV infection, and possibly meningitis and septicemia. Therefore, it is necessary to take precautions and use special protective equipment.

Crime scene cleaning is not currently regulated by federal laws. However, there are several protocols that crime scene cleaners must follow to reduce the transmission of potential infections and increase public safety.

The following checklist will help you maintain the highest cleaning, sanitation and safety standards:

Most citizens who work for someone dream of starting their own business in 2021. But then the question arises, what kind of activity is better to do in order for it to bring good profit and be useful to others. In this article, we will try to get acquainted with the newest and most popular business ideas that are gaining popularity abroad.

Self Service Laundromats

Despite the fact that such an idea is in great demand in European countries, in Russia it is completely undeveloped. We have such options for laundries, where you can turn in your things and get them after a certain time, when the work is done. But if you organize the work correctly, then the self-service laundry will successfully gain popularity in our country.

For starters, you can purchase only 5 machines, which will hold up to 8 kilograms of laundry. In addition, you also need to take care of several dryers and buy 2-3 irons, ironing boards. Each month you will need to pay about 30-40 thousand rubles for rent. In the event that you open such a laundry in the most vibrant area, so to speak, then about 50 bangs a day will visit it. And in the event that the cost of such a service is about 100 rubles, then in one month you will be able to earn about 100,000 rubles.

Who will use these services in?

First of all, these are students, as living conditions in hostels leave much to be desired. Therefore, everyone who wants to put their things in order will be very happy with this alternative, provided, of course, if the price for the service is adequate.

Flower Machine

One machine can hold about 32 bouquets. The high price of equipment is due to the fact that it is necessary to maintain optimal temperature and humidity values ​​for flowers. Thus, such capricious plants can survive for a relatively long time, thanks to such modern technologies. If we talk about ordinary flower tents, then the owners need to put them in the refrigerator at night. Thus, the plants are under great stress and deteriorate quickly, respectively, the owners are at a loss.

This idea will be interesting to those who do not want to risk their money too much.


These walls are created from a wide variety of plants. The basis in this case is a metal or plastic frame. In order for the nutrient solution to enter the plants, it is first necessary to install a tubular irrigation system on the frame. Auto-irrigation is placed above the wall, which in turn greatly simplifies the process of caring for plants.

The cost of such structures primarily depends on their size, as well as the class of plants and other factors. For example, if we consider standard structures measuring 1x2 meters, then their approximate cost will be 5 thousand dollars with installation.

The smallest cost is $ 500 per sq. meter.

Many people who work for hire have the impression that their bosses are trying to save on salaries, although they have the means. Many scold their management and the entire company as a whole, while at the same time dreaming of creating their own business. At the same time, they do not take specific actions or already lose their desire at the stage of choosing a field of activity. Business ideas 2021-2021 will help you choose the right direction of movement, but before that it is worth analyzing your own capabilities, preferences, true goals and much more.

Features of choosing a suitable business idea

The most important criterion for choosing the type of future business is the willingness of a novice entrepreneur to acquire new knowledge. If the topic of the idea is not interesting, then there will be no desire to learn something about it. It doesn't matter if these are business ideas for 2021-2021 or ideas of past years, when choosing, you need to focus not on the maximum profitability and quick payback, you should rely on your own preferences, supported by correct calculations.

If the chosen idea promises to be profitable, but "the soul does not lie" to it, then the likelihood of incorrectly made decisions or their untimeliness greatly increases. This can lead to a complete destruction of the business or a sharp decline in profits. Therefore, the very first and most important criterion will be the desire to engage in this type of activity.

In addition, it is worth considering the following:

  • timeliness ;
  • consumer demand;
  • demand-to-supply ratio;
  • seasonality or year-round;
  • potential business scaling;
  • psychology of future buyers or clients;
  • own opportunities to create favorable conditions.

It should be understood that the fifth grocery store in Q1 is unlikely to attract many buyers, and the only barber shop for several houses can bring a good income. It is also necessary to remember that in rural areas people are accustomed to seeing the goods, and not choosing them from catalogs. It is also important to take into account the relevance when choosing a 2021-2021 business idea - a seasonal point for selling seeds will bring income only in the spring, and elite goods at high prices cannot be sold everywhere, even if they are unique.

Ideas for small towns and rural areas

Localities with a small number of residents only at first glance are not suitable for doing business. Even in small villages there is an opportunity to show your entrepreneurial inclinations. The final receipt of income may not be in the village itself - it is enough to organize a business with deliveries through intermediaries to city shops or work remotely.

Such forms of entrepreneurship in villages will be relevant for many years to come:

  • Visiting veterinarian.
  • Outbound hairdresser.
  • Delivery of goods to order from the city.
  • Making products from vines, wood.
  • Cultivation of mushrooms, their preparation, packaging.
  • Growing vegetables, herbs and dairy products.

Most of these ideas are on the surface and are fairly easy to implement. The main difficulty lies in organizing customer acquisition and finding a sales market. Mistakes in these moments can lead not only to a decrease in income, but also to the overall loss of one's own business. With the right approach, such primitive but relevant activities can bring good profits. In addition, you can organize a business for personal employment in rural areas or use any universal idea suitable for implementation both in the village and in a large city.

Business for medium and large cities

Most of the innovative business ideas that are already widespread in Russia come from Europe or the United States. These include hostels, "coffee to go", food delivery from restaurants, fast food, finally. All new business incarnations in the West have a modern look, they are clearly thought out, improved and optimized for the consumer. It remains only to take and do the same. To make the task easier, we have collected promising business ideas for you that are not yet available in Russia.

If you spot a new idea for a startup from Western entrepreneurs in time, you can be one of the first to occupy a free niche, develop in it earlier than others and have a significant advantage among competitors.

Features of introducing foreign ideas

The main generator of fresh business ideas is the USA. Entrepreneurship is very developed here, even in any small town, and we can say that this is a national trait of Americans. High competition plays a huge role here - every businessman tries to be faster and better than others - only in this way can he count on success in his business, otherwise competitors will take his place.

If a company is engaged in a new business, but has already had good demand and is actively developing, then it is really worthwhile and it is worth taking an example from it. Learning from experienced and progressive Western entrepreneurs is the right decision that will allow you to quickly develop on the Russian market and overtake competitors.

The only reason a successful Western startup can turn out to be a losing option in Russia is the difference in mentality. Ideas in the United States absorb all the needs of their multinational population. Therefore, you should not grab onto any idea - you need to think over everything and compare the next innovation with the Russian market. Also, Western innovations can serve as a starting point for creating something new, targeted specifically for the Russian consumer.

Below is a list of business ideas on which Western entrepreneurs are already making big money. These are startups that appeared only in 2021 and have very low competition. Some of them have not yet been embodied in our country, or they are at the very beginning of the path. It remains only to choose a business to your liking and with the prospect of successful development. If someone has already started doing this, you can see what he does out of it and take advantage of his experience.

Here are 25 fresh business ideas that are relevant in 2021 that are not yet in Russia:

Key duplicator machine

Any manual work is gradually automated. New developments coming from the West are replacing specialists with automatic machines and terminals. Now, key-making machines are not yet common in the Russian Federation, especially slowly such innovations come to regions with low income. But soon the time will come when every shopping center will have a duplicate machine on its territory. In the United States, citizens are already actively using such services, making copies of their keys on their own using MinuteKey and KeyMe devices.

In the Russian market, the cost of automated production does not differ from manual labor - from 100 to 250 rubles, depending on the key model. To open a business, you will need to invest in the purchase of a device, its price is from 200 to 300 thousand rubles. It will take enough time for payback due to the production of inexpensive products. But progress is inevitable - soon such machines will become widespread in Russia, and in order to successfully penetrate this business, you need to be among the first in your region. Suitable for a small town.

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