A profitable business in a crisis 10 fresh ideas

In the modern world it is almost impossible to live on one salary. Therefore, people are looking for affordable business ideas in order to regularly generate additional income. But not all startups work - most of them burn out before they even start.

Three steps everyone should take

Before you decide to become a budding businessman, you need an idea that is both popular and profitable. Use these professional tips to help you find and get started.

Not sure which type of small business is right for you? First steps everyone should take:

  • Brainstorm with aptitude and skill.
  • Consider your resources.
  • Determine if your idea will fit your aspirations and goals.

Depending on your interests, experience and the type of business you want to start, there are many side business concepts that are important to consider.

Aptitude and Skill Brainstorming

Before looking at the list of potential business opportunities, ask yourself, "What do I do best?" List the talents and skills that you excel at.

Think also about business skills. How well do you know about marketing, sales, accounting, and so on? If you do not have the required business skills, what resources can you use and what expert help can you get?

Consider your resources

For example, if you want to open a restaurant, you need capital, permits, licenses, equipment, and a food supplier. While none of these obstacles can prevent you from starting a business, remember that the organizational moments take a long time. Without a well-thought-out business plan and marketing, you won't be able to realize your idea.

Instead, you can try a business that's easy to start from home to keep costs down.

Determine if your idea is in line with your aspirations and goals

A real entrepreneur can make money on everything. Even at the time of year. A seasonal business is ideal for students and those looking for a temporary job. Minimum preparation, maximum impact.

Why is it worth doing a seasonal business? High profit, fast payback, high demand, low initial investment and high profitability, which can reach 100-200%. Many products are sold at a large mark-up in the summer, so the revenue from seasonal sales will be higher. Understanding what is worth starting a summer business.

The easiest way to organize a seasonal business is to trade in goods that are in high demand in summer: soft drinks, ice cream, sunglasses, air conditioners ... But there are more than a thousand types of summer business activities in the world. And among them there are many original ideas.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel - and choose the unpretentious option with the sale of seasonal goods. And you can find an interesting idea and benefit from the unique provision of your services. The main thing is that the product should be located at the intersection of industries or market niches. Usually, each niche already has a leader, but at the “junctions” the competition is lower, which means that you will have a chance to take a place in the sun. By the way, one of the most successful summer business products is a liquid filled electrofumigator that repels mosquitoes and flies. Let's see what else the market offers interestingly.

Bicycle rental

Investments: up to 200 thousand rubles

Promotion of a healthy lifestyle is the engine of trade in sports goods and services related to it. The project can be implemented both in resort areas and in ordinary cities. It is advisable to place the rental point near recreation areas (parks, embankments - where people can ride). Therefore, an entrepreneur should choose a location in advance - it plays an important role in this business. To launch the project in a city with a population of 1 million people, 15 bicycles with an average cost of 10 thousand rubles will be enough. It is also necessary to take into account the cost of renting a rental area (this is approximately 3-5 sq.)

How much can you earn from renting bicycles? The average cost of renting a bike is from 150 rubles / hour to 600 rubles / day. The monthly profit with a 12-hour working day can reach 100 thousand rubles. To attract customers, you can offer additional services - little things that will be appreciated. For example, along with a bike rental, give out a cap or a bottle of cool water. The cost of purchasing these items is minimal and can be included in the rental price. But the return will be many times greater.

Rickshaw excursion

Investments: from 80 thousand rubles

Without going far from the cycling topic, we suggest considering the idea of ​​organizing city excursions in an interesting vehicle. You can buy a rickshaw online or make it yourself from a regular bicycle. However, let's be honest: homemade rickshaws do not inspire confidence and often look rather strange, so we advise you not to skimp on this. An ordinary, decent-looking cycle rickshaw will cost about 80 thousand rubles. You can also buy a pedicab with an electric motor, which costs 100-120 thousand rubles.

It would seem that starting a business during a crisis is more than reckless, since consumer demand is falling everywhere, enterprises are being liquidated. On the other hand, a favorite business, which brings even a small income, provides a person with financial independence and peace of mind, allows him to realize his creative potential and gain confidence in the future.

Stories from the lives of famous businessmen who own large companies today can become a striking example for aspiring entrepreneurs. Many of them earned their first capital during the economic downturn.

What to do and where to start? Mini-business ideas are literally in the air, you just need to choose the right direction. On the website crediti-bez-problem. u you will find new profitable projects to open your business.

interesting ideas for a successful mini-business for beginners in the year

Manicure room

Services of masters of manicure are in demand at any time of the year, therefore, opening a manicure office, you can be sure of the success of the enterprise. True, in order to achieve the goal, you will have to try: customer service should be of high quality, and prices are reasonable. Much depends on the professionalism of the master, because in order to please modern women, you need to possess various techniques of manicure and pedicure.

Requirements for the manicure room:

  • The area of ​​the premises must be at least 6 sq. ... (it can be rented).
  • You should choose a non-residential premises.
  • It is obligatory to have a hand-washing sink in it.
  • The furniture in the office should be easy to clean and handle.

What is the financial part of the question?

What you need to open a nail salon Expenses Rent a room On average - 600 rubles. per month for 1 m 2. The monthly use of the premises with an area of ​​30 m 2 will cost 18 thousand rubles. Repair and decoration of the premises The cost of repairing 1 m 2 is approximately 1000-2021 rubles. The preparation of the premises for work will have to spend from 30 to 60 thousand rubles. Furniture and equipment 2 tables, 2 pedicure chairs and lighting for nail extension will cost from 38-55 thousand rubles. Consumables Varnishes, creams, towels, soaps, etc. - 28-30 thousand kill

The total cost of starting a business will amount to 114-163 thousand rubles. The manicure room will pay off in 10-12 months.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "10 business ideas for small businesses." We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Business ideas in a year with minimal investment - top ideas

In this issue, we will tell you about 10 promising business ideas in 2021. We will look at 5 business ideas for offline business and 5 ideas for online business. These areas (we believe) will be the most relevant this year.

Top business ideas per year with minimal investment

All these business ideas are promising, because they have already been implemented by thousands of other entrepreneurs and have shown their efficiency. If you are only interested in business ideas without investments, then you should go directly to the second part of the article.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with our heading - "business plans", in it you can find many interesting options for offline business with investments.

There are many areas in which you can make money offline, but, as a rule, large financial investments are needed to start in these areas. But not every novice businessman has the opportunity to invest at the initial stage 500,000 - 1,000,000 rubles in his own business. Therefore, below we present you ideas that can be implemented with investments from 50-100 thousand rubles. And get a ready-made working business.

Many are probably already aware that many new business ideas in Russia originate abroad. In large metropolitan areas like Moscow, ideas from abroad are implemented about 1-2 years after their start abroad, that is, this business has been operating abroad for several years, and in Moscow, such a business begins to work, at best, in a few years, and as for small towns, then most of the business ideas may not reach them at all.

You can go to one of the major online stores and make a bulk order and pick up the parcel by mail. After that, it remains only to resell the goods with a surcharge. There are a lot of places where you can do this, for example, open your own online store, create your own group, sell on thematic forums, and so on.

The pros and cons of doing business with China in 2021 can be found in the article “4 ideas for doing business with China”.

For some reason, many people are used to thinking that business in a garage is only about renting out a garage, but this is far from the case.

In this article we will try to find out which business to open during a crisis and how to ensure its development, taking into account the situation in the economy.

You will know:

Is it worth starting a business during a crisis

There is a stereotype that a business in a crisis economy has no chances for successful development, but there are many examples that demonstrate the exact opposite. In an unstable economy, there are excellent prospects for entrepreneurship, if the right approach to the choice of the sphere of application of efforts appears.

One of the options could be a commercial activity related to the production or provision of services. During a crisis, there is a chance to receive a stable profit by reselling goods in high demand. These can be food products, especially natural ones. Given this circumstance, it is possible to establish a business in the countryside. Another reverse option is to open a rural store, which will present an assortment aimed at meeting the basic needs of the population. Further in the article you will find a detailed analysis of ideas in a crisis and you can download ready-made business plans.

Choosing a direction of business largely depends on where you are. Consider several areas of entrepreneurship.

  • Starting a business, you can open an enterprise that provides services for the repair of household appliances, vehicles, etc.
  • In the financial sector, you should choose areas with high profitability: the issuance of microcredits (money before wages) and pawnshop services.
  • Times of crisis provide good opportunities for students and youth. Any non-standard idea can become an excellent foundation for a profitable startup.

You can always use the economic crisis to form a team of real specialists, with whom you implement any idea aimed at creating a profitable project.

Advantages of the solution to start a business during a crisis:

  • At this time, you can gain invaluable experience in running your business in difficult conditions. Often, businessmen who have managed to open enterprises in a stable situation are unable to withstand economic shocks. The crisis allows one to acquire the skills of making quick decisions, which increases the level of readiness for any changes. After that, any business reformatting will not be seen as an impossible task.
  • During the crisis, many enterprises go bankrupt. By being active, you can get a chance to occupy the vacant niches.
  • When deciding to start entrepreneurship in a crisis, one should first of all focus on the basic needs of fellow citizens. The psychologist Maslow can find useful theses. In order to understand which business will grow during the crisis, it is necessary to carefully study what the consumer needs: food, clothing, and medicine. And, therefore, it is worth focusing primarily on these areas.

Firms and enterprises are the backbone of the business sphere. The level of employment of the population, the intensity of scientific developments and research activities depends on the development of business. Some companies decide to open a new direction of activity in unpromising, at first glance, areas of the economy.

The main difficulties of business development during the crisis:

  • economic risks lead to market instability;
  • management problems;
  • low level of competence of business owners;
  • dependence small companies from large industry enterprises;
  • business sensitivity to changes in business conditions;
  • lack of confidence in the conclusion of contracts;
  • lack of financial resources and available loans;
  • high level of responsibility of business owners. At the same time, all private property of entrepreneurs (houses, dachas, cars, etc.) is its pledge. This factor has a negative impact on the business activities of companies. The risk of failure in the implementation of projects is due to the low level of competence of managers. Enterprises that have been operating in the market for a long time in niches with a stable income have a higher potential.
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