9 most promising business ideas in Russia today

In times of crisis, some owners of large and small firms go bankrupt, while others, on the contrary, manage to successfully open a new business or increase their market share. If you know how to be successful in these difficult times, the crisis can bring new opportunities instead of problems.

Let's figure out what types of business are relevant in Russia now. What products and services are in demand?

Factors to consider when planning your business

Consider the current economic situation: the peak of the crisis has passed, but the crisis phenomena will persist for another two or three years. Look for lines of business that help you save money: low-cost products, consulting services that help you cut costs, and so on.

Also, please note:

  • Demand for the direction of business that you have chosen. The demand for some goods and services fell, while for others it remained unchanged. For example, grocery stores, pharmacies and hairdressers always attract buyers and clients.
  • Industry Competitiveness: If you are starting a business, it is preferable to find a niche with minimal competition. If you can manage to find a promising niche that is not occupied by a large number of potential competitors, the chances of success are great.
  • Profitability: varies over time depending on the economic situation and other factors.

Before starting a business, make a detailed business plan to see if the game is worth the candle.

What to do in a crisis: a business with minimal investment, what to open so as not to miscalculate? The answers to these questions are in the article at the link.

The most profitable business today in a small town


Open a kiosk to sell vegetables or fast food, newspapers, stationery, and so on. You only need to find a suitable premises, purchase goods and hire a seller.

With an initial investment of 150-350 thousand rubles, the project will pay off in 6 months.

How to open a grocery store from scratch and draw up a competent business plan - read here.

Kozubenko Lyubov Konstantinovna

Real entrepreneurs can make a good income regardless of the season. Some, on the contrary, build their business at a specific time of the year. A seasonal business is considered an ideal option for those who need temporary earnings, for example, it is perfect for students. Projects require minimal preparation but can generate good returns.

This article will analyze the best ideas for starting a business in the summer, their significant nuances and key features, provide valuable advice on implementation, consider possible difficulties on the way and ways to overcome them.

General information

List of the most profitable and unusual business ideas for the summer

If you want to start your own seasonal business, the following options are worth considering.

Bicycle rental

This business idea is characterized by a relatively low investment, which will not exceed 200 thousand rubles. A healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular, which is why the sale of sports goods and services is so relevant lately. The implementation of such a project can take place both in the resort area and in an ordinary city.

The location of the rental point should be made close to any recreation area. A park, an embankment, where people will have the opportunity to enjoy skiing, is perfect.

Therefore, entrepreneurs should start selecting a location in advance, this is very important for this project. To launch a project in a densely populated area, you should purchase about 14-17 bicycles. One bicycle costs about 10,000 rubles. Consider also the amount of rent for the rental area.

TOP-most profitable types of business in Russia

Over time, the main types of profitable business in Russia were identified. These areas of activity should be considered first and foremost by aspiring entrepreneurs, especially if there is a high level of knowledge in a particular plane.

The following areas of small business allow you to get maximum income with a limited staff. For most entrepreneurs, this is the preferred approach.

Individual auditors

The services of such specialists will be in demand at any time, so even the financial crisis does not greatly affect their income. In addition, many clients try to do business with the same person or company.

Successful business requires:

  • good economic knowledge;
  • the ability to competently prepare financial documents;
  • skills in working with popular computer programs;
  • proficiency in English.

Attention: assistance to small businesses from Sberbank is offered. The institution has developed quite profitable programs and services for doing business.

Accounting Services

Accountants are no less in demand. Almost all the services of these specialists are highly valued. However, it should be noted that the competition in this area is very high. Clients are needed for successful business prosperity, therefore advertising plays an important role.

The following services can be provided:

  • payroll for workers;
  • advising on various issues;
  • maintaining accounting policies;
  • drafting primary documents and reporting.

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