5 profitable small business ideas from scratch

Choosing a field of activity is a difficult job. One must keep in mind market trends and major areas before starting a business. The good news is that 2021 is the best time to jump into entrepreneurship. All you need to get started is a profitable business idea.

We've put together five lucrative business ideas for you that you can start implementing by the end of 2021.

Mobile Business

Mobile phones are trending now. Almost everyone has this gadget, from children to seniors. The mobile business has a better chance of making a profit and more job opportunities. These ventures include ideas such as mobile repairs and stores selling smartphones.

It's quite easy to get started in this area - set up exhibition stands or service centers in large retail outlets or other public places with sufficient traffic, and you are ready to make a profit.

Child-related business

At present, the birth rate in the country has increased. At the same time, the demand for goods and services related to children is growing.

So what kind of business can you choose? These businesses include maternity centers, specialty shops and entertainment services. Organizing music, dance, or art activities for children can help increase their cultural activity. Other ideas might include grocery outlets, yoga, gyms, and tech stores targeting the kids' market.

Product or Service Sharing Business

Everyone wants to own things or use services and pay less money for it. Service sharing and exchange help achieve this. More than one person can own a thing and share it with others.

There are many common services. These companies embody ideas such as car rental, exchange of clothes, accessories, vacation exchange and home improvement.

Today we're going to share a few small business ideas that you can start from scratch. If you are going to start your own business, you should carefully analyze the market and try to figure out which business is the most profitable, while requiring a minimum of initial investment.


This type of business is pleasing to the soul and commands respect from colleagues, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, because most entrepreneurs try to make money on trade, currency changes, etc., making money out of thin air. There are few manufacturers, so take advantage of this!

Profitable production options are large format printing, workwear tailoring, seed / nut packing, jewelry workshop and water spill. There are other options, but let's focus on these five.

Let's start with printing. Various banners, posters, signs are in demand and, therefore, "beat off" customers' money. Equipment for large-format printing is inexpensive, banks are willing to provide loans to start-up entrepreneurs, the profit in this area reaches 200-400%.

Overalls are also in demand, as construction firms and management companies are mushrooming.

You can start by sewing clothes at home, using semi-professional sewing machines. And take the order in your HOA.

Packing seeds, nuts, roach, etc.

You can pack food in regular "pharmacy" bags. Manually. And conclude an agreement with small shops and market traders.

Profit depends on the speed of work, and if you buy nuts in bulk and sell in packaged form, the profitability can reach 200-400%.

What is needed for packing

Jewelry Workshop

How to understand which business is better to start

Beginning businessmen think that first you need to find out what types of business are the most profitable, and get down to business in these areas of activity. But this is a very individual question: what will be most beneficial for you. To understand which business is closer to you, you should answer some questions.

It is worth starting with the choice of the main field of activity. Maybe you are interested in agriculture, or high technology? Information business, manufacturing, enterprise security or store opening: which is closer to you? The more interesting you are in this particular type of activity, the better you will be as a leader. It is important to already have an idea of ​​how the industry works. You will gain a competitive advantage only by knowing about everything you will face.

Think back to everything you did before. Surely you have become a professional in some areas of activity. These are potentially successful destinations for you.

Think about what exactly your company should do, what it will do. It is not necessary to provide unique products or services, but it is extremely important to understand why people need them and why they should buy them from you. Then you will understand what your competitive advantage should be. It is important to determine this moment even before starting a business.

Chances are, there are already several types of businesses on your list that interest you. Rate each one. How much effort and money does it take to bring these types of businesses to a profitable level? Please note that unforeseen circumstances will slow down this process.

Some tasks require constant and smooth work, while others involve very intense activity, but not constantly, and in the seasons, for example. Choose what is closer to you psychologically. It is also important how much money you have initially. Some types of business cannot be “pulled out” if funds are insufficient.

Money and energy are two factors, the absence or lack of which leads to the fact that even profitable and potentially successful businesses fail, because their leaders were not able to cope with their conduct at the right time.

Assess how relevant your business is right now. It's easier to get started if you don't have to make a revolution. Despite the fact that completely new types of goods or services can explosively turn the world of business and make a person rich overnight, in reality this happens extremely rarely. Manufacturers spend huge amounts of money on the promotion of a fundamentally new product, for which there is still no demand. This is necessary to create a need among consumers through advertising and image solutions. Weigh everything to see if you can do this.

In which field is it better to start a business?

For someone, entrepreneurship is a great way to stop working for an uncle and become financially independent, but for someone it is a difficult path that involves many risks, primarily material ones. In fact, the truth is somewhere nearby and the success of any undertaking largely depends on the idea. In which area is it better to start a business from scratch? We will consider this issue in our new article.

The development of technologies and the introduction of new, advanced management systems lead to two opposite results. On the one hand, labor productivity is growing, the efficiency of labor resources is increasing, on the other, a huge number of people are left without work. Such trends are gaining special strength precisely in times of instability, when every businessman is trying to save money by optimizing costs. As a rule, the first on the list of reductions are workers. What to do in this case?

There are not many options, however, within the framework of this article, we will analyze one of the most effective (from my subjective point of view) answers for people who do not have any special education, search for ideas for business in the countryside.

In fairness, I can say that I myself am now organizing a business in the village, I think in the near future I will describe those areas of rural business that I have mastered, do not forget to subscribe to the blog. I personally believe that this is the best way to create your own business with a future perspective.

There is a big myth on the Internet that in a village you can do business in the cultivation of any crop. This is far from the case, by cultivation it is necessary to understand, first of all, plant growing in all its forms, and there is one small nuance here. Plants are extremely whimsical, they need certain climatic conditions, soils, water (irrigation), etc.

Rural business, growing from scratch

The top most profitable and successful business ideas in the countryside will include those ideas that have a certain versatility (they can be suitable for use in a larger territory of the country).

First place - growing flowers in greenhouses or greenhouses. Earlier on the blog pages I have already talked about the greenhouse business here. Now let's state a few main points:

Second place - growing greens (parsley, dill, lettuce, green onions). For the village business, this direction is one of the most profitable in crop production in terms of profit and area ratio.

The third place is the cultivation of cucumbers. One of the most profitable directions of vegetable growing for small businesses in the village due to its relative unpretentiousness, high yield. It is interesting exclusively as a type of greenhouse economy; when growing in open ground, it is necessary to use large areas, and this is a completely different level of mechanization and investment.

The fourth place is mushroom growing. The attractiveness, profitability of growing mushrooms is very high, but there is also a downside to being very whimsical to conditions and strict adherence to temperature conditions. For cultivation, you will need a special room where you can control the temperature, the ideal option is basements, cellars, you can use cowsheds, hangars, provided that they are lined with foam. In large, small cities, such premises are already occupied, but in rural areas the necessary areas can still be found.

Fifth place - agribusiness based on ecological products. I decided to single out the cultivation of healthy and free from pesticides and herbicides as a separate item. In fact, in this regard, it is not important what to grow, the main thing is to whom to sell. It is optimal and profitable to start such a business in the countryside near large cities, where, in fact, the bulk of those who want to eat correctly and only pure products are concentrated. The main difficulty is to organize a connection between the buyer and the business. For example, in France, special cooperatives are being created for such purposes, where urban residents are the initiators of the cultivation of such products. Roughly speaking, they order farmers to grow a particular product. The current reality of running an agricultural business shows that the creation of a website and an appropriate social group can replace the creation of such a cooperative.


in which area to open a profitable business?

Even in a crisis situation, it is quite possible to open a profitable business. One has only to take into account their capabilities, the real needs of citizens and the specifics of the existing market. In this article, we will provide answers to many popular questions. You will learn what profitable business you can open and how to do it competently.

Prerequisites for starting a profitable business

The following provisions apply to entrepreneurship in any region. If a company meets these parameters, it will become successful and generate good profits. It will be possible to open a profitable business if:

When thinking about which business is profitable to open, correlate your options with the three points described above. This will help determine the most highly profitable area and act productively from the first days of work.

Negative aspects of entrepreneurship in Russia

When opening an individual entrepreneur in your state, you should understand the main difficulties that you will have to face. Below we describe the main negative points and methods to overcome them:

If an entrepreneur has not yet decided in which country to open a business, experts recommend that he pay attention to the level of corruption, salaries and taxes. Determine the most profitable states from these positions and try to develop on their territory.

To decide which business is worth starting, you should think carefully about all possible difficulties and choose the most optimal industry. Even in Russia, despite all the difficulties, it is quite possible to organize a decent work of the company.

I want to start a business! What business is profitable?

Below we will answer some of the most common questions from newbie businessmen. Here are some good ideas to help you determine the direction of your future corporation:

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