30 business ideas for 2021 business ideas that are not in Russia

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Realized business ideas with% profit

Before implementing a business idea, you need to think carefully about which business is more profitable now. You can also make a profit on the well-forgotten old. Try to remember everything that once made a profit and implement the idea in a new version. Trust me - it will work.

All the business ideas that were implemented earlier were mainly related to the sections, do it yourself. Such a business is interesting in that you yourself determine what is in high demand at a given time and do just that. There are services and goods that consumers are in demand all year round: housing, security, food and medicine.

Business ideas already implemented, such as growing strawberries all year round, are very successful. If strawberries are on the shelves all year round, why not try to do such a business yourself.

First you can try on your own plot in season, and then in the greenhouse. Such a business is very profitable, because prices for berries are high all year round. You can hand over the berries for sale or make a small enterprise for the processing of berries into jam and jam.

Mushroom cultivation can be referred to the implemented business ideas. You can start with oyster mushrooms, they are easy to grow and unpretentious.

Such original business ideas do not require large initial capital, and one hundred percent profit is almost guaranteed.

Want to know what can be sold per meter? The article contains a list of products that are well suited for this.

Starting a business, especially for a novice entrepreneur in a period of economic instability, is quite difficult. It is especially difficult to resolve issues of legal registration.

Looking for a highly profitable small business? Here you will find the most highly profitable businesses and their industries. Which one to choose is up to you!

Growing mushrooms and strawberries is not a bad thing, but how can you learn more about how to do it, and are these activities really profitable?

We are all planning the future, and in it we present primarily financial prospects. In this article, we will consider actual business ideas for 2021!

If a person works in an office, is dissatisfied with his salary, is barely making ends meet, then, of course, he thinks about changing activities.

The same applies to small entrepreneurs who do not earn income from their previous business. Something needs to be changed.

Therefore, we will consider business ideas for 2021 that will help you not only improve your financial situation, but also bring moral satisfaction from your work.

After all, only with such a combination can a business be called successful and effective.

How to choose a business idea - advice

It all starts with the right choice of activity. A person analyzes various projects, imagines himself in them, estimates the potential profit, and only then he opens his own business.

Here are three useful tips for people who have not yet decided on a business idea and do not know what to choose for themselves.

Tip: Assess your financial capabilities

Starting your own business always requires capital. Moreover, in the process, problems will arise, the solution of which will require additional investment. You have to consider everything.

Let's say you're about to open a small diner. You need to rent a room, get the necessary documents, buy food, furniture, inventory, hire workers, order a room design and logo.

Based on statistics, we can conclude that only 2% of Russian citizens dream of starting their own small business. If you study thematic polls, it becomes obvious that insufficient start-up capital is the key stopping factor.

But you don't have to have millions of rubles on your account to start thinking about what kind of business you can open. Let's share a secret: for 100 thousand rubles, you can also build your own, albeit a small, but profitable business, giving yourself the opportunity to become free from the labor market and employers, as well as to learn financial independence and even stability that open up to an entrepreneur in the near future after a successful investment ... A business for 100,000 is more than real, because the most important thing is not the number of zeros in the amount of start-up capital, but the idea.

Interesting business ideas for rubles

You need to decide on two points before starting your own business (it doesn't matter for 100,000 rubles or more):

  • Idea.
  • The number of participants.

If everything is clear with the idea (it should be relevant, interesting and like you, because it is impossible to burn continuously and work a lot if the niche is not close), then there may be several development options with the second point: <

  • You start a business on your own and get 100% profit as a result.
  • Find a partner and implement a joint project with income that will be equal to part of the investment in the authorized capital.

When these points are resolved, several lines of work are launched in parallel: creating a business plan, collecting papers and processing documents in the tax office, as well as preparing a platform for activities - purchasing inventory, tools, materials, and other things from what will be used.

You should also take care of advertising that will attract the first customers. The most effective ways in modern realities are advertising on social networks, reviews of services or products on YouTube, ads on advertising sites and forums. By combining these methods, we can conclude that an advertising campaign that is adapted to current trends will have an advantage. Now it is the Internet. If you want your business to bring money and your investment will pay off as quickly as possible, then you cannot do without online activity.

The theoretical part can be considered completed, now we will consider the most attractive business ideas for 100,000 rubles. These are time-tested niches, where it is almost impossible to burn out (subject to the normal return to the project).

It's no secret that many people dream of starting their own business, which will provide them with the opportunity to work for themselves and provide financial independence.

However, this requires not only start-up capital, but also a fresh idea that will not get lost among the mass of more successful competitors. This article outlines the newest and most promising business ideas that allow you to try your hand at entrepreneurship with minimal risks.

Business ideas relevant to Russia

Plastic window repair

Starting investments: from 100,000 rubles.

Monthly profit: depends on the region, but not less than 35 - 45,000 rubles.

Despite the fact that the quality of such products is usually higher than windows made of wood, many specialized companies are trying to save on consumables and installation materials. Therefore, people are willing to pay for the shortcomings of pseudo-masters that create certain inconveniences, such as constant drafts, condensation or heat leakage.

The company engaged in the installation of warm water floors

Initial investments: from 120,000 rubles.

Monthly profit: 60 - 100,000 rubles.

Payback period: from 3 to 6 months.

Singapore is one of the ten least corrupt countries in the world, ranks first in terms of competitiveness and is recognized as one of the richest in terms of income by the state. Singapore, like Russia, is famous for its stability, only this country has no natural resources and stability is achieved by other methods.

The rules of doing business are simple and straightforward. Largely due to this, Singapore is one of the world's main business centers. The country ranks among the top ten for doing business according to various ratings. The World Bank has ranked Singapore # 1 in Doing Business for several years in a row. And all this thanks to one of the most perfect and fair taxation systems, the introduction of a large number of innovations and a low level of government intervention in the economy. The income tax rate in this island nation is 17%. At the same time, a one-tier system of taxation of profits has been applied here for several years, which means that, having paid tax on the company's profits, the shareholder does not have to pay taxes on the dividends received.

One of the most technologically advanced, cleanest and safest countries also offers quite loyal programs for business immigrants. You can get permanent resident status here by living in the country on a work visa for more than six months or by investing in the economy.

New Zealand

We know that New Zealand is a distant and exotic country, home of hobbits and khakis (it's impossible to forget this dance performed by the national rugby team). There is another fact that Russian entrepreneurs who are actively moving to this country have learned: New Zealand occupies a leading position in many world ratings of favorable conditions for business. In 2021 and 2021, Doing Business ranked her in third place, and in 2021, Forbes ranked her in first.

Geographically isolated from the rest of the world, the country is considered one of the most stable. In addition, she is friendly to entrepreneurs who come here to do business. New Zealand scores high on the criteria for “personal freedom” and “investor protection”, and the level of corruption, bureaucracy and government interference in the economy is almost the lowest in the world. The country has a fairly high GDP growth rate: in 2021 it grew by 2.5%, to $ 170 billion. / P>

Investing here is better in tourism and publishing, or producing organic and dietary products. Citizenship can be obtained for the contribution to the development of the state economy. It is also worth recalling that New Zealand is regularly recognized as one of the happiest countries with a high level of education and health care.


In December 2021, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund transferred the final tranche to Ireland. In total, for a painless way out of the crisis that erupted in 2021, the country received about $ 117 billion. Three years after the crisis, Forbes and Bloomberg recognized Ireland as the best country for doing business. In the Doing Business ratings for the last two years, the country has been in the top twenty.

The Irish government attaches great importance to foreign investors: it is possible to attract them thanks to a flexible taxation system and other financial instruments. During the crisis, the labor force has fallen in price, and the decline in unemployment is not happening very quickly. Salaries are not growing strongly, and foreign companies are actively hiring new employees. The state supports non-residents establishing new companies in the country - they can be provided with grants in the amount of up to 25% of the company's expenses. The tax on income arising from trading activities is paid here at a rate of 12.5%.

Ireland is considered one of the main crossroads of trade routes between America and Europe - it is good for those who produce high-tech goods or provide international services. Dublin is home to the European offices of many major technology corporations such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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