3 types of profitable business for a small town

Starting a business from scratch is recommended even in cases where the entrepreneur has the start-up capital. In reality, there is no simpler way to test the viability of an idea in practice, its scalability and the size of the target audience. In the end, applying for a bank loan looks much less risky if the entrepreneur is convinced from his own experience that the chosen direction is promising.

It is unlikely that any of the most profitable business with minimal investment will quickly make a fortune, however, with the proper perseverance and hard work, it is more than possible to achieve a stable income. In this case, it is advisable to take into account several recommendations:

  • You should not quit your main job immediately after starting a business - it is highly likely that in the first months all the profit of the enterprise will go to its expansion;
  • lack of experience, it is impossible to predict which type of activity will be promising, so it is better to test several options;
  • Do not listen to skeptics and pessimists predicting business failure based on "rich personal experience."

Glass matting

Entrepreneurs considering what is the most profitable business with minimal investment to start using this idea should take into account that the scope of matting is quite extensive:

  • Processing of glass inserts in furniture facades;
  • Processing of glass and mirror doors of sliding wardrobes;
  • Decoration of mirrors;
  • Decor for any glassware;
  • Processing of office partitions and glass doors.

Before starting work, you should evaluate the available financial and production resources, since you can open a profitable business on the basis of one of two matting technologies: etching glass with chemical compositions or sandblasting.

In the first case, a special paste is purchased at a price of 1900–6500 rubles per kilogram - this amount is enough for etching 35–40 m² of the surface. In addition, you will need squeegees, spatulas, shovels, scrapers, as well as stencils made of self-adhesive film: to open a profitable business with minimal investment, you can order their production from the nearest advertising agency.

In the second case, they purchase a compressor (up to 12 thousand rubles) and a sandblaster with a pistol (up to 65 thousand rubles). When choosing which profitable business to open, it should be borne in mind that this technology does not give streaks and allows you to get an even matte finish, but at the same time is not suitable for processing small parts.

The profitability of an enterprise depends on the number of customers - cooperating with furniture workshops and designers, you can secure yourself an impressive monthly income: the cost of continuous matting is 1950–2100 rubles per square meter, and drawing will cost the client 3400–3800 rubles excluding the price of glass.

Honey packaging

However, even a simple operation of filling honey supplied by beekeeping farms in glass, plastic and wooden jars with a volume of 100-400 ml, as well as packing it in sticks, allows you to get a considerable income: the difference in price for bulk and packaged product reaches 60-85%. This circumstance is a powerful argument in the question of what type of business is the most profitable now.

Subsidies, benefits, loans: how the state helps budding Kaliningrad businessmen

Small population = small number of potential clients - all this makes you wonder whether it is worth starting a business in a small town. After all, it is quite equivalent: the smaller the number, the lower the chances of selling a product / providing a service. But in fact, not everything is as sad as it might seem at first glance.

Quite recently, a message flashed on one resource: “a business can be arranged in a village with a population of 100 people, if you know how to implement it”. Of course, this is exaggerated, but the message is clear. If you make an effort, research a niche, and do it right, your business will be a success. Even if it is not a metropolis.

For and against

Here are the arguments. What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting a business in a small town? We study:

Positive aspects

Free niches. Most likely, the location you choose will have enough options for starting a business.

Simplicity. If in megacities to please the client a whole headache, then we can assume that in a town or village people are not so "spoiled". This means that ideas that are easy to implement can work.

Labor remuneration. Earnings in some villages / townships may be significantly lower than in large cities. Accordingly, it will save you money.

Advertising. To learn about you, you will have to spend money initially. Later, vol. the population is small, you will be found anyway. It is possible that you will need to mention yourself at times, but this is not critical.


Limited. One way or another, you will ever hit the ceiling. This means that you will have a certain number of clients, which will not increase. Therefore, you need to thoroughly research the niche before starting a business.

Competition. On the one hand, it may seem that this is good - there is little competition, there is more chance that the business will "shoot". But, nevertheless, it is necessary to calculate everything, because the lack of competition can be a signal that this business is not profitable here. And the presence of a little competition can become fatal, and they simply won't come to you.

Attention! Whatever business idea seems to you to be profitable, that “just about, and big profits will go, you definitely need to do it”, carefully analyze the whole situation: competition, population, locality. In fact, there are many criteria, and all this needs to be studied. Not everything that can "shoot" at first glance will actually bring you profit. A business plan is required. The business ideas below are given for information and selection of possible options.

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Organizing a profitable business in a small town is not an easy task. Opening the seventh diner or the fifteenth supermarket, which in a metropolis would have been received with a bang and would have acquired dozens or even hundreds of regular customers, will not work here. And nothing can be done about it due to specificity.

Business Features in a Small Town

  • There will be much less potential clients in small towns than in megacities, but starting your own business will not cost you so much.
  • Problems may arise when hiring personnel, as in small towns, as a rule, there is an acute shortage of qualified specialists. And if they do exist, then competitors eagerly grab onto them. You need to either be ready to fight, or look for an undiscovered, low-competitive niche.
  • One of the main advantages of doing business in a small town is the low rent. This makes life much easier for aspiring entrepreneurs who often lack funding.
  • In small towns, any establishments that provide high-quality professional services are instantly popular. Conversely, if you do your job very badly, you will not have to count on high earnings. This is due to the fact that local residents know each other well and constantly share news with each other.

So, if you do not want to face tough competition, lack of customers and meager profits, you will have to remember the rule of three NOT - your business should NOT be highly specialized, should NOT require a large number of qualified personnel and should NOT be incomprehensible to you or uninteresting.

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Best Small Town Businesses

Doubt how to choose the type of activity? Check out the list of ideas below to help you start a fast paying business in a small town.

Sushi Bar

Let me note right away - the exoticism of this product does not at all make it narrowly focused. In recent years, Asian cuisine has been rapidly gaining popularity, especially among young people. If not a single restaurant of large chains has appeared in your town yet, you should hurry up and launch your own “economy” option. You are guaranteed profit. Think for yourself - the real cost of one roll is 5-10 rubles, and they are already sold for 40 rubles. That is, each unit is sold with a 4-8-fold markup. Now about the costs.

To organize a sushi bar, you will need not only a suitable room, but also a whole list of specialized equipment: sushi cases (fish products are perishable, but ordinary freezers will not do them good), storage for ready-made rice, knives, dishes, rice cookers. It is not realistic to pull the whole process of cooking and customer service alone, so you have to take care of hiring qualified specialists - cooks, managers and service personnel - cleaners, waiters and others.

If you do not have the opportunity to invest large sums in your own business, try making rolls at home, and transferring products to customers from "hand to hand" (for example, by organizing something like an online store where anyone can order Japanese takeaway). Or put up for sale in shops or specialized sections of supermarkets.

Massage at home

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