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Business ideas for making money on YouTube (YouTube) per yearHow to make money on videos on Youtube?

In order to start a profitable online business in this niche, you have to work hard first.

Factors affecting future earnings:

This factor should be carefully studied even before the first videos are created and the channel is launched. The video blog should be about a topic that will be popular with the masses. This means that you have to choose a “money” topic that you will dedicate your channel to.

Monetary niches:

  • Business.
  • Medical topics.
  • Ways of making money, financial management.
  • Construction.

Symbolic income will be brought by channels dedicated to: needlework, cooking, floristry. The bulk of the income comes from advertising on the channel. The more expensive its placement, the higher your personal income. In modern conditions, the market itself dictates the rules of the game.

Conclusion: The content should have a popular topic.

The user is spoiled, he wants to get the best, so a video made too unprofessional is swept aside by him immediately. Better to make 5 high-quality videos than a dozen hack. Structure your videos, add effects and captions. A video is essentially the same text article, but it takes some camera skill. According to statistics, quality content allows the channel owner to earn more.

  • Compiling the semantic core

Relevance (compliance of the description with the content) must be maintained. If the caption of the video is provocative, but in fact the video demonstrates a master class on drawing up a wedding bouquet, users cancel their subscriptions, and your income is reduced to zero.

  • Get integrated into social networks.
  • Release new videos consistently. It is not worth leaving a project for a long time - attract new users 2-3 times a week with high-quality video.

China is developing at a crazy pace, and there are more ideas for unusual businesses and startups in the Middle Kingdom than there are residents in some countries. We have selected 20 business ideas that have emerged in China recently or gained popularity in this country.

In this collection we have collected ideas from China of various sizes: from government initiatives and high-tech services of large companies to small business ideas "for one", but with a national flavor. As in other rapidly developing countries, big business in China, despite cheap labor, seeks to get rid of people as soon as possible and is heading towards full automation. Small business is moving towards filling empty niches and developing new formats of trade and services.

Digital cosmetics store

MAC Cosmetics Shanghai blurs the boundaries of offline and online shopping by allowing shoppers to shop in an interactive mall. After entering the premises, visitors must scan their phone to register for the MAC WeChat program. The program will give a personalized greeting and become a point of contact with the customer. With the help of a virtual makeup mirror in a matter of seconds, they can select dozens of types of lipsticks, eyeshadows and more, and the infrared touch screen can be used to determine the perfect shade to match the complexion.

Each person has the opportunity to choose their own palettes, which were created by famous personalities, as well as create their own options. The store was created by Wunderman Shanghai and is the result of six months of research on consumer behavior in the cosmetics shopping process.

Hotel of the Future

In the Chinese city of Hangzhou, a "hotel of the future" from Alibaba has opened - Flyzoo Future Hotel. The entire hotel service is automated in it, and you cannot find the usual staff. The main responsibilities for settling, delivering food and other things are performed by robots.

Guests can get access to rooms not with cards and keys, but only with biometric data. The system compares the image of the person with the image obtained during registration. In their apartments, visitors can use the Tmall Genie smart speaker to help regulate temperature and lighting, change TV channels or open / close curtains.

Subscribe to cat food

Although not new, subscription services for feed and surprises for pets are moving from the category of unusual to the usual and in demand. In China, where young people increasingly flock to cities and detach themselves from their families, the need for pets is growing. The Mollybox service allows them to pamper their pets, by subscribing to which, cat owners can receive monthly food and filler, as well as various cat treats.

If in 2021 the company had less than 2,000 subscribers, then in 2021 the figure will reach 200 thousand people, and sales revenue - 330 million yuan (at the time of writing this is about 3.14 billion rubles).

Instagram Cafe

ORIGINALFRESH Café in Beijing boasts a bold fruit design that supports the theme of the fruit-based establishment's menu. The cafe is focused on youth, healthy lifestyle and Instagram culture.

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