Winter business ideas

In winter, even adults begin to believe in miracles, and children even more begin to believe in magic. This is the time when everything seems possible. The time when you want to try a lot. The time when there is a serious desire to make more money. The advantage of a seasonal business is that it is less involved in the process. You need to give all of yourself to the business for a small period of time, get a good profit and go do other interesting things. Moreover, at the beginning of winter, active preparation for the New Year holidays begins, which allows you to open a business with small investments, which will quickly pay off and bring good revenue.

Sale of live Christmas trees

In the first half of winter, the most demanded goods will be those that are directly related to the celebration of the New Year. Christmas trees are one of these products.

In recent years, people have become accustomed to installing artificial trees. We see them in office buildings, shopping centers, corporate parties. But at home it is much more pleasant for us to look at a living Christmas tree, which, with its appearance and aroma, creates a magical atmosphere of the New Year.

It will take about 100,000 to organize a Christmas tree sale business, which will be returned to the entrepreneur in double the amount.

The first thing to do when starting a commercial activity is to draw up a business plan and register a business with the Federal Tax Service. Registration of an individual entrepreneur will cost 800 rubles.

Next, you need to choose a place for sale. Most often, all the choice stops at street sites near residential areas. The reason for this is simple - buyers are looking for Christmas trees closer to home. Renting a place will cost an entrepreneur 10,000. / P>

You also need to purchase equipment: a signboard, a fence, equipment for removing snow and fallen needles, a folding rule, a cable and a lamp for lighting, a fire extinguisher, twine / net, secateurs. All this will come out at 10-12 thousand

Christmas trees should be purchased from farms. To choose the right one, you can call several farmers and find out the terms of delivery. When purchasing a batch of trees, ask the suppliers for documents to ensure the quality of the goods and the legality of the business. It is not necessary to hire staff if you are confident in your abilities and are ready to work on your own.

Packaging for sweet and corporate gifts

Sweets and gifts are other delights of winter and New Year. Sweet gifts in December and New Year's holidays are in great demand. People buy gifts for their children, delight their loved ones and give them as a present, coming to visit someone. Therefore, the pouches and boxes with sweets are goods not only for children, but also for adults.

Many of those who like to earn extra money believe that winter is the most favorable time for this. Indeed, while businessmen are sitting at home, believing that it is better not to think about big incomes this season, cunning entrepreneurs are making profits with might and main.

Russian winter is a real time of adventure! That is why not using all of its features is simply ridiculous.

In this article we will tell you how you can make money in winter, how to do it in a city where competition is constantly growing, we will offer several interesting business ideas that you can customize and use to get rich. So let's get started!

How to make money in winter: preparing the soil

It should be understood that Russian winter differs from other seasons in its unpredictability, which is why it has a number of peculiarities. When choosing a type of commercial activity for this period, it is important to consider the following requirements:

  • The simpler the better

Any activity that you do not undertake should be simple, such that even a beginner can handle it. Due to the seasonality of the business, you simply will not have time for mistakes.

  • Remember the frost

Cold, strong wind, freezing temperatures outside the window - all this can scare you. However, do not worry in vain, just try to turn the leprosy of nature to your advantage.

  • Become needed by the client

Whatever your idea, it should be useful. Your earnings depend on how well you can provide services, so try.

How to make money in winter: find out everything about competitors

Many aspiring entrepreneurs think the best time to do business is summer. However, there are a lot of promising business ideas that will bring good income only in the winter season. Some of them are presented in this article.

Winter business ideas: organizational features

A business idea for winter will not start to bring the desired income if all the subtleties and peculiarities of the chosen sphere are not taken into account during its implementation. To avoid such situations, it is necessary to correctly draw up a business plan. Describe the costs of organizing the winter business, the stages of paperwork and promotional activities.

When implementing any business idea in winter, registration of documents is required. You can register your business as an individual business. The cost of this procedure does not exceed 7,000 rubles.

Most ideas for winter do not require large financial investments and usually pay off in the first two to three months. However, there is also a drawback. Winter business is seasonal. You should carefully consider what activities you will be doing in the summer.

Ice rink

A promising idea for winter is to open your own ice rink. What is needed for implementation:

  • rent a land plot;
  • install a box;
  • build a small house for storing and issuing skates;
  • fill and level the ice rink;
  • buy skates.

Next, you need to install the box. It can be made of wood or plastic. In addition, you will need to build a skate storage house. The building area varies from 20 to 25 meters. The room should be divided into a skate distribution area, a changing room and bathrooms. Having a vending machine for coffee and tea will become a distinctive feature of your skating rink, and can also bring you additional income at this time of year.

The next stage in the implementation of the winter idea is the purchase of skates. To get started, you need at least 45 pairs. There must be different sizes of skates for men, women and children.

In addition, it is necessary to hire staff - 2 people who will issue skates, working in shifts.

To fill the ice rink, you can negotiate with city services such as Vodokanal. The cost of the procedure varies from 2 to 5 thousand rubles. After the water freezes, your ice rink is ready!

This type of winter business does not require special advertising activities. The presence of lighting in the evening, cheerful music and the sale of hot tea will in themselves be your advertisement.

Winter brings new opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Seasonal business has special advantages, because it is in winter that the demand for certain services increases dramatically. Some ideas are inexpensive and very easy to implement.

Congratulations from Santa Claus

A banal but very profitable business idea for the winter. Organization costs are small:

- Costumes - about 15,000 rubles. You can rent, but it's better to have your own.

- Advertising - about 10,000 rubles. With a creative approach, you can get by with minimal costs.

The cost of New Year's greetings largely depends on the city in which you live. Average indicators for the country:

- Home call - from 1,000 rubles.

- Corporate - from 5000 rubles.

- Children's holiday - from 5000 rubles.

It is important to come up with several scenarios for different categories of clients, find innovative ideas, use funny jokes. Be smart in advertising your services. All types are effective - ads in crowded places, the Internet, word of mouth and many others.

Use new technologies. Appeals to children, recorded on video, letters or congratulations on Skype, work great.

Want to make money in the winter, but don't know what to do? We present to your attention great ideas for winter business.


In preparation for winter, people pack and clean their summer clothes that they won't need until six months later. But the apartment usually has nowhere to put extra boxes. This is where you come to the rescue by offering a place in your storage.

Organic Lip Balm

Such a balm is simply necessary in winter frosts, when the lips of both adults and children are chapped under the influence of severe weather conditions.

Winter makeup

A good business for a professional makeup artist is to catch a hint of winter mood and make an interesting make-up for the holiday.

Stove and fireplace repair

It is imperative to prepare the oven for the cold season. Explain this to people and hand out your business cards.

Decorative fireplaces

Installation of a decorative fireplace is safe and does not require a ventilation outlet or chimney. Invite people to create such a cozy hearth at home.

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