What products to sell in 2021? 20 business ideas that will make you money

Looking to carve your niche in retail, but don't know what to sell? Or maybe you already have a retail outlet and you just want to increase sales growth? In any case, you need popular, demanded and relevant products that will "shoot" - increase the average check and, accordingly, your monthly income. Gala Center has studied consumer needs and is ready to tell you what products to sell in 2021 in order to make good money. We offer a list of 20 cool products that are already in demand and will be even more relevant in the new business season.

What products to sell per year? Niche product selection rules

Success in retail requires 3 things: a drive for success, good promotion, and highly desirable products to sell. If you are already determined to win, constantly learn and improve your knowledge in the business field, it remains only to understand what products to sell in 2021 in order to make good money. Finding such products is not easy, but the Gala Center did research and found twenty popular products of 2021 that would be good business ideas for a startup or an existing store.

Ideal product - has unique properties, like a fresh breath of air among bored products. Has no limited shelf life, does not require special storage and transportation conditions. Affordable for the average buyer.

Before choosing a retail destination, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does this product solve a specific problem for people?
  • How much competition is there?
  • How much does it cost to start a business and how quickly can I make a profit ?
  • What is the maximum possible boost on this product and how quickly can I get to the top of this business?

properties that make a product go viral

# 1. Emotion. The product being sold should evoke emotions in the consumer, because they influence the decision to purchase. The consumer should fall in love with the product at first sight and want to buy it here and now. Such products are called viral.

# 2. Benefit. The product should solve a specific problem of the person. Nobody likes useless things, even if they are beautiful. For your retail business, choose useful products that effectively solve specific problems. If the product is really useful and makes life easier, word of mouth will go off and it will quickly go viral.

# 3. Promotion. It's good if the product has already been promoted on social networks and the person is just looking for where to buy it. He no longer needs to explain the advantages of the product. Trending products always sell out the fastest.

business ideas for retail of the year

Business idea # 1. Face masks are at the top of Google Trends. The search phrase "charcoal face mask" has more than 40,000 searches per month, and "face mask" - 80,000. Today, fabric, charcoal, black, anti-aging, nourishing and purifying masks are mega-popular. Korean face masks are also hitting sales records.

Business idea # 2. Bluetooth speakers were a real breakthrough in 2021. The popularity of wireless speakers hasn't gone away over the years. According to the study, sales of portable speakers are increasing by 11% every year, and therefore it is a very competitive product.

What types of business should be emphasized in the current situation of pandemic and crisis? What business ideas are predicted to grow in 2021, and where should they not go due to the loss of relevance or high competition? What budget do you need to start? All discussions are in the article.

The rapid development of the Internet, which was also quarantined, prompted almost all businesses to go online. Competition is growing, but so is demand. They are buying and ordering more and more via the Internet, even those ordinary things / products that can be bought in a nearby store.

Recently I heard the phrase - "If your business is not on the Internet, it has no future." This is more relevant now than ever before.

An expert from the trends site. bc. u

From this article you will learn:

Strategy for choosing a business idea for implementation in - important principles

The basic principles of a successful start and subsequent business development are looming more and more clearly. Those who are skeptical about them, or who do not keep pace with the trends, are left behind. Today, to be successful, you need to be fast and flexible. Learn to quickly generate ideas in changing circumstances and bring them to life, adjusting to these circumstances.

So, 3 principles of successful business in 2021:

❶. Positioning

Everything is no longer an option for everyone. You must clearly understand WHO you are, WHAT you are doing and FOR WHOM you are doing. This is the foundation. All of the following actions should build on this.

EXAMPLES. ❌We are a manufacture of clothes, we sew clothes for children.

What business is relevant now: factors of influence + varieties of directions. TOP-5 topical idea of ​​small business in Russia + alternatives + TOP-3 ideas from the West.

Taking into circulation a specific business idea, it is required to assess its relevance. Within the framework of Russian business 2021-2021, demand has increased for activities that are resistant to crisis phenomena.

In today's article we will analyze in detail the question of what kind of business is relevant now + we will answer how rational large investments within our country are in general.

What is small business: concept + advantages / disadvantages of direction

In simple terms, a small business is a small business / firm owned by an individual. The main characteristics of the term are small production volumes, which simultaneously affect the size of revenue and staff. It is the staff and income in the legislative framework of the Russian Federation that are key in determining the size of production. You can see a more detailed breakdown by criteria in the table below.

Indicator Medium Small Micro Profit 2 000 000 000 rubles 800 000 000 rubles 120 000 000 rubles Staff from 101 to 250 no more than 100 no more than 15

In addition to the specified two criteria, there are requirements for the share participation of 3 persons in the capital. So the funds of state structures and public / religious organizations should not account for more than 25% of the total size of the business capital. For legal entities - up to 49% inclusive. There are no restrictions on the ownership of a legal entity by a third-party enterprise, in addition to the current investment object.

Small business advantages Disadvantages of direction Low level of inquiries and full control over the business. You can accumulate capital on your own, or borrow from understanding relatives. Decisions are made individually, which means, in a short time. capital limitation. The lack of funds in circulation gives a shadow to the introduction of innovative methods of work, and slows down production in general. the growth of management due to the small number of employees. Some of the work can be outsourced or done in-house. Strong competition with large / medium-sized businesses in the same field of activity. Big-name companies have more leverage and demand generated by a high-profile brand. flexibility and mobility of business. A quick market change is not scary for a niche, because business plan adjustments are implemented in a couple of weeks. risis risks. Large-scale industries always have a safety net + it is easier to knock out concessions from the tax authorities - state support with subsidies and subventions.

As a rule, a small business is a team of 5-12 people and constant communication with colleagues. If you are a tyrant by nature, not listening to the opinions of others, prepare for serious organizational difficulties.

Important! When choosing a small business, people often start from personal preferences, which does not always guarantee the success of the business in the future. Payback depends on the right niche, product promotion strategy, innovations in approaches and building a business model. Only a combination of the specified factors will make your idea truly profitable.

And now let's look at what criteria the relevance of small business within our state is assessed. For clarity of data, the information is structured in a table.

Reading time: 19 minutes No time to read? No time?

Ideas are much more difficult to implement than to generate. Instead of spending years pondering what business to do, it's better to spend time on a business plan and building a workflow. This article will help you understand what business to take on. Choose a category according to your interests and competencies, find ideas and implement them!

Just keep in mind: even the best product will not promote itself. To get the maximum result in terms of traffic to the site, conversions, leads and sales, you need a comprehensive business promotion.


Over the past year, more than 35% of Russians have made purchases online, and these numbers are only growing. Open an online store and sell products that you are good at. You can do this on your website, sell through a landing page, even just through social networks. Or use third-party services - Avito, Ebay, Amazon and others.

  • Electronics breaks all internet sales records. If you can find a way to compete with the big chains and minimize the risk of damaging your gadgets on delivery, this is a good option.
  • Clothes. Many things can be picked up without trying on, and people actively buy them on the Internet - you can minimize costs by selling through social networks and offer favorable prices. Read on our blog about how to create an online store "VKontakte".
  • Books. Yes, paper. It sounds old-fashioned, but it is on the sites that they are now preferred to order, because prices in offline stores have skyrocketed.


If you can not only sell other people's products, but also make your own, you have a competitive advantage. You can sell on your own resources and on third-party sites. There is a “Crafts Fair” for finding buyers in Russia, there is Etsy, where you can sell your handmade products all over the world.

  • Individual tailoring. With a decrease in quality in the mass market, the demand for clothes made of high-quality fabrics, tailored to individual measurements, is growing. All you need is a sewing machine and the ability to use it, and buyers can take all measurements themselves and send them to you on the website.
  • Accessories and bijouterie. From polymer clay, wood, metal or fabric - perhaps you know how to make jewelry, but you just don't know about it.
  • Household goods. It can be textiles, frames, coasters, candlesticks or dishes. But making quality things is not a guarantee of success, because it is very important to find your buyer.
  • Interior paintings. Usually they are large and abstract, they can be made to order according to the needs of a particular customer. The main thing is to find this buyer.

Online education and information products

Modern man learns all his life. And more and more often he chooses online education so as not to waste time on the road, not to adjust his schedule to the courses and to be able to learn from professionals from anywhere in the world.

2021 has been a strange and challenging year. A pandemic, whatever it may be - a world tragedy, the intrigues of the government, an attempt by nature to restrain the completely unruffled inhabitants of the planet, or another round of evolution - forced humanity to adapt to new living conditions. And judging by the fact that the mask regime has been extended in Russia for another year, this "whistle" will continue in 2021 (according to rumors, the pandemic plan is designed for 5 years). More and more people want to start their own business. Someone was left without work, but want to eat, and the family needs to be fed, someone rethought life and, finally, decided to fulfill their dreams, and someone is simply tired of "plowing on their uncle" for a penny.

There is an opinion that a business that was launched and survived during the crisis will take root firmly in the future and bear juicy fruits. One can argue with this, but still, what kind of business is in demand now, and what is not even worth starting to do? Blogfreo website. u will help you figure it out.

What not to invest in - a year

The principle that always works: everything you hear about every day is a failure. For example:

If a few years ago blogging, for example, on YouTube, was considered a promising and profitable business, today this niche is full. All and sundry, shoot videos and write on different topics. To take a leading position among such a crowd, you need to be truly unique, vibrant, interesting and persistent.

There is so much information on the Internet in the public domain that it has become almost impossible to sell your knowledge. Why pay for a master class or pay a teacher if you can watch a video for free on the same YouTube and learn everything yourself? It is easy to change the timing belt, knead the dough on dumplings, pour concrete, sew a mink coat. There is an answer to any question and advice, perhaps not always correct, but who stops it.

  • Creation and maintenance of an information site.

The reason is the same as with the two previous examples. Now even schoolchildren make their websites, the competition is simply unrealistic.

Again, because anyone can easily learn such tricks (in the same place on the Internet), without making any special efforts, without spending a lot of time and effort. Everywhere you look, there are phony specialists working for a penny, and it is very difficult for real masters to sell their services.

All kinds of masters of manicure, pedicure, shugaring, eyelash extension and eyebrow correction. First, they study all this for a month, then they practice for a month, and then they recruit groups and teach beginners themselves. As a result, specialists are a dime a dozen, but are they specialists?

The second principle is “seasonal”: we listen to the news, assess the situation and think. This is just about the current situation in the world - a pandemic. Here are the areas of business that were considered the most in demand a year ago but are now failing:

  • Travel agencies.

Only extreme people travel today. And although the government is trying to support the tourism business by coming up with interest refunds on travel expenses, the agencies still have a hard time living.

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