What business to open for 1,000,000 rubles - profitable ideas

Starting a million dollar business is a great and feasible idea. Why not invest the accumulated funds in a project that will regularly bring profit. The most important thing is to initially find out which project to implement with such an amount. Conduct a thorough analysis and choose the most profitable idea for a specific area.

Is a million enough for business

A 1,000,000 business is a decent amount to start a profitable business.

For example, for a large number of small projects, an investment of only 200 to 400 thousand rubles will be required. With a million the possibilities become much wider. With such opportunities, they start production or open a store that will give constant profit.

What kind of business you can start

Thinking about what kind of business you can open with 1 million rubles in your hands, they study a lot of suitable options:

  • Furniture factory. The production of furniture will require investments ranging from 500 thousand rubles to a million. It's cheaper to open a regional business. The production workshop will require the involvement of 10 to 50 craftsmen.
  • Manufacture of cardboard packaging. Interested in business ideas up to one and a half million rubles, some opt for the manufacture of corrugated cardboard and containers from this material. This business brings in up to 1 million in net profit every month.
  • Making medical shoe covers. You will need to invest 1-2 million rubles. More than half will be spent on purchasing professional equipment. According to a comparative analysis, the profit will be 700 thousand rubles per month. The business will fully recoup the investment in 6 months.
  • Production of composite reinforcement. It will take 1-2 million to launch a business project that will pay off in 1-1.5 years.

The main thing is to understand that almost every niche is already occupied, so you need to introduce your own idea of ​​doing business in order to successfully attract the target audience.

  • Chemicals production workshop. By researching options, you can run a chemical plant for one million. Polymeric and mineral substances are mainly chosen. It is believed that these particular chemical products are in greatest demand.
  • Selling drinking water. Pure water is an indispensable product, so an investment in such a business will pay off. It is very important to adhere to accepted standards. It is important to open a business both for the regions and for large cities.
  • Selling ice cream in a cafe. It is believed that this type of entrepreneurship requires a clear understanding of who will be the main clientele. The assumption that the cafeteria is a place exclusively for children is a mistake. According to statistics, it is believed that the cafeteria with ice cream is more often visited by adults, and more specifically by men. They account for 40% of the total number of clients. To start a business, you will need not only to purchase equipment, but also to hire a seller, pastry chef, and technologist.
  • Opening of a beauty salon. This is another business idea. Sometimes they buy an existing salon or launch it on their own. It is believed that the second option is more preferable. When buying a ready-made business, there is a risk that the place has earned a bad name. With 1 million they will organize a salon with reasonable prices.

Business ideas for rubles in sales

Not paying attention to serious competition, most entrepreneurs start a business in the trade sector for a starting million rubles.

When thinking about starting your own business, you should rely on an idea, a well-thought-out business plan, as well as initial capital. The phrase start-up capital means the amount of money that will be required to implement the idea. However, it is impossible to determine the exact amount, because the investment depends on the specifics of the work. Two hundred thousand will be enough for every fifth aspiring entrepreneur, and some do not invest even ten million.

If a future individual entrepreneur is limited in financial capabilities to the sum of a million, it is worthwhile to carefully study the segment of entrepreneurship, in which work will start with a small business, gradually turning into a large enterprise or a company with a high level of income.

Business Options

When a million rubles are available for starting a business, this money is worth investing in a truly profitable type of entrepreneurship.

Accordingly, it is best to consider a million-dollar business in which an individual entrepreneur has certain skills and knowledge:

  • Trade in goods. You can become the owner of a store with a much lower budget than the negotiated one.
  • Services to citizens. This segment is also one of the prime examples of a profitable investment in a million dollar business idea. The service sector is of particular relevance for an entrepreneur who himself possesses the necessary skills and can not only run a business, but perform work independently. With the passage of time, it is also possible to switch to working with hired employees.
  • Production of products. This area allows you not to even think about what kind of business you can open for a million rubles. All investment companies are engaged in investing finance in production. This area allows you to return investments in the shortest possible time and get income.

The areas where he has knowledge deserve the attention of a novice businessman. Either for a million-dollar business it is worth enlisting the support of experienced entrepreneurs or becoming a franchise owner.


Investments of a million rubles will be enough to become the owner of your own retail facility with an area of ​​up to 100 m2. You can sell food, household chemicals, and clothing with shoes. Trade gives the entrepreneur a wide range of business choices. In addition, it is worth considering the option when the third part of the product will be presented in the store, and the rest is sold via the Internet. And it will be easier to leave the store in the IP rental business.

Travel Shop

It turns out that a person planning a tourist trip is forced to visit more than one store to purchase what is needed. This circumstance pushes a novice entrepreneur to the idea of ​​opening a specialized shopping facility for hiking enthusiasts. The target audience will be outdoor enthusiasts, not the average citizen.

Trade Directions

Small shop (retail outlet)

All that is required is to register an individual entrepreneur, purchase a cash desk, find a trading place, conclude a lease agreement. The purchase of goods is the most significant part of the budget. The choice of location and product is the foundation of a successful business. Therefore, pay special attention to these aspects.

Due to the abundance and diversity in any trading niche, it is necessary to think in advance how you will set yourself apart from competitors:

Regardless of the direction of trade (household goods, food, clothing and footwear, baby products, household appliances, etc.), you can consider organizing your business on the Internet.

Own business from scratch - ideas with investments up to RUB million

Today there are many business projects in which you can invest money and, with an adequate approach, do not go bankrupt. However, what matters is the amount of investment that an entrepreneur can afford. There are models that require almost no investment, and there are those that require millions of dollars to implement. Consider several ideas for starting your own business from scratch with investments of up to 1 million rubles.

Own chemical production

An interesting business option is offered by SINTEZ PRO NPO - to launch the manufacture of all kinds of chemical products, from shampoos for cars to paints and primers. The franchisor offers potential partners the following conditions:

  • profitability - 130%;
  • payback period - 4 months;
  • exclusive for the region (1 region - 1 representative);
  • a wide range of products for manufacturing;
  • additional areas of work.

Opening an online store

An online store incurs less losses compared to offline shopping centers. Large areas, staff - eats up the lion's share of the profit. In addition, now in all directions of trade there are many networkers who compete with any small store, setting low prices and offering a large assortment of goods here and now. If the outlet is already working, then be sure to add online tools for the sale and promotion of goods and services. Come to our course "Profitable Online Store". We will help you successfully launch your online store and make it profitable. Hundreds of people have already done this.

Is it possible to start a business for 1,000,000 rubles? This amount seems to be a very aggressive start, because there are highly profitable projects designed for smaller initial investments. It is better to choose the business in which the competition is not very high. This approach allows you to spend less money on advertising and promotion.

General information

Experts recommend choosing a business that would appeal to a novice entrepreneur. He must carefully "delve into" his desires and preferences, as a result of which he must develop some directions in which it is preferable for him to develop. Someone loves to fix cars - it is better for him to do technical service of cars.

It is necessary to consider promising business ideas in the following areas:

It should be taken into account that the main thing in every project is sales. As far as skillfully the business owner learns to sell created goods or offered services, the business will be successful. Therefore, out of the available million rubles, 20-30% should be allocated for advertising and promotion.

Trade Projects

The amount under consideration may well be enough to open a store with an area of ​​up to 100 m 2. You can trade both food products and clothes with shoes, household goods, household appliances. Not only supermarkets can sell tablets, multicooker, TVs, washing machines. A small store can also offer such a product, displaying some of the samples on the showcase, and selling the rest to order from the catalog.

The best option that suits a modern businessman is to organize his own online store. The trend is that in the near future, offline trading may become unprofitable. Already today, small stores of clothing, technology, accessories, etc. not keep up with the assortment that is offered on the network at lower prices.

Production Benefits

What business can you open for 1,000,000 rubles? Having such an amount to start a business, you can think of a rabbit or quail farm, the production of aerated concrete, tiles or bricks. But, not knowing the specifics of this area, it is better to start a business with small volumes on which you can master the technology.

Earlier I wrote about the mistakes of investors with such a budget. The two main ones can be formulated as follows:

⚠️Failure to understand that with an increase in the potential profitability of an investment instrument, risks ALWAYS grow. And with the growth of risks, profitability does NOT ALWAYS increase.

⚠️A desire to use one of the ready-made and easy solutions offered by exaggerated specialists. There are far more of them on the topic of investments than among doctors, teachers or other noble professions.

So pass my words through your filter of common sense and do not take them as instructions.

???? The only thing you can take into account when listening to someone's opinion or advice is the experience of the speaker or, in this case, the writer.

Over the past 2.5 years, I have talked to about 1100 people who want to invest a small amount of 300 tr. up to 10 million With a budget of 1 million, there were about 150 of them. And I myself, of course, dabble from time to time.

This is where some observations and some personal experience have accumulated. If you hear the opinion of a more experienced person, feel free to throw out of your head everything that is written here. He can be wrong too, but the probability is lower.

???? Finishing the prelude. Let's get back to the topic - where to invest 1 million rubles?

The word "investing" is too broad. Therefore, we will roughly simplify its meaning: a way to get more money by investing less.

Profitability and risks

Let's conditionally define the dependence of the degree of riskiness of the instrument on the potential profitability:

▫️ Up to 10% per annum - low-risk instruments

▫️10% -30% per annum - average risk

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