What business is relevant for aspiring entrepreneurs now - more than 50 options for what you can do in 2021

A profitable business with minimal investment and quick payback: the nuances of the direction + 23 unique and profitable ideas. Every year, hundreds of unique business ideas emerge all over the world that bring their investors millions of dollars in profit every month.

Unfortunately, for one reason or another, most of them are completely unsuitable for our market, and attempts to promote them lead to a loss of investment.

If you have just decided to invest in an attractive business idea, but do not know where to start, we recommend reading our new selection of 23 unusual and promising business ideas with minimal investment and quick return on investment.

Key nuances of business ideas with minimal investment and quick payback

Unfortunately, in addition to the obvious advantages, such business ideas have a number of their own shortcomings, which, with all their inherent characteristics, are especially revealed in the post-Soviet market.

Next, we will consider the 5 main advantages and disadvantages of such projects, as well as weigh the pros and cons.

Advantages Disadvantages Project development costs are much less, moreover, when opening a business with co-owners, this amount changes in direct proportion. Business with a quick payback is very vulnerable to market fluctuations Most projects are suitable for investors without experience Projects that do not require knowledge rarely bring a lot profit The entire business segment is relevant in 2021 Some projects are "in trend", and after a decline in popularity they may lose their relevance Payback rarely exceeds a 30-month period Even the simplest business still starts to make a profit after 4-6 months after launch Possible development in several promising areas Total profit from several projects will not exceed the profit from medium and large business

Automotive Shop

  • Investments: $ 10,000
  • Payback: 13-16 months.
  • Difficulty: 7 out of 10
  • Demand: 9.2 out of 10

Despite the fact that online parts trading is becoming more popular, most buyers still prefer to use regular retail stores.

In such a store, ordinary consumables - fuels and lubricants, elements of mechanisms, working tools will be most popular.

Self-service car wash

  • Investments: $ 60,000
  • Payback: from 32 months.
  • Difficulty: 6.2 out of 10
  • Demand: 9.0 out of 10

Certain areas of business were not affected during the coronavirus period and even turned out to be profitable. We have prepared an overview of more than 17 types of businesses that are in demand and profitable during a pandemic. Almost a year has passed since the beginning of the crisis - this is enough to take stock and draw conclusions about which business was successful, withstood the recession and what entrepreneurs should be doing in 2021.

Although the pandemic has dealt a serious blow to the Russian economy, not all industries have been at a loss: on the contrary, some types of business are showing impressive growth.

Types of business in demand during the crisis of 2021 - 2021

Food Delivery, Dark Kitchen & Frozen Food

Courier delivery of groceries, ready-made meals and convenience foods has helped many restaurants and cafes survive the lockdown. Modern technologies of deep freezing - at a temperature of -47 degrees and below - help to preserve the taste in its original form.

The first stores have already opened in Moscow, where they sell only products of careful, high-tech freezing - "Fresh Frost". The niche in Russia is still free, the market for frozen food and convenience foods does not exceed 14%, while in the United States the figure reaches 75%. The main advantage of “frozen” supermarkets is the long shelf life of products with full preservation of consumer qualities.

Dark Kitchen is another innovation on the Russian market. This is a professional restaurant kitchen that only works for delivery. The format has gained popularity in the West due to quarantine measures.

Laboratory Diagnostic Services

Another promising area during the virus crisis. Private diagnostic clinics provide prompt service and can be located in residential areas. To open a laboratory under a franchise, it is not necessary to have a medical education from the owner.

The volume of initial investments ranges from 600 thousand to 2.5 million rubles. Laboratory specializations also differ. For example, the DNKOM model of work involves taking biomaterials at the medical office (franchisee), courier delivery to the main laboratory and analysis by specialists (franchisor). The AlfaMed medical center uses the “mini-clinic at home” format, includes the selection and training of medical personnel.

Pharmacy business

Looking for big business ideas on the internet? Then this article is for you! We have prepared 15 modern ideas that have a huge potential and scale, as well as about the specifics of promoting a large business on the Internet.

Ideas for Big Business

To start a big business, first of all, you must understand that not everything is so simple. And compared to a small business, a large one requires considerable financial investments. Here you won't be able to just make a one-page website and set up contextual advertising in a few days. As a rule, ideas for large business take longer to implement.

If we are talking about production, then first you need to buy special equipment, set it up and establish all work processes. In addition, you need a room, and if we are talking about a factory, then you need to build it. Therefore, big business ideas are being implemented for a long time.

Also, do not forget that the payback period for a large business can be more than 5 years. It all depends on the scale and cost of the project. But despite this, big business can make a lot of money. However, one should not forget about the need for connections, without which it is almost impossible to launch large projects. These ties are especially important in the CIS countries.

In this article, we have collected large business examples of niches that will be relevant over the next 5-10 years.

Here are 15 big business ideas that have good potential:

Ideas for Big Business: Vertical Gardens

This idea is to place the garden on the walls of the houses. This helps to solve the problem of landscaping and purchase of agricultural land. To realize this idea, we need a company that will build such gardens.

Instead of the usual gray buildings, there will be unusual houses on which plants will be grown. For example, it can be fruits and vegetables. For them, you need to create a special irrigation system and control air humidity on each floor.

The only drawback of this idea is the large financial investment.

Are you dreaming of starting your own business, but are you afraid that you will have to wait for the first profit for years? Seize business ideas that quickly start generating income.

To start your own business, you have to spend money. Some businesses require large investments, others minimal. But the problem is not even in the amount of costs: you can both quickly increase a small capital, and enchantingly let a fortune go nowhere. The main question that you need to understand before starting a business is how quickly this money will return to you.

It's impossible to predict with absolute certainty when things will turn out to be a plus. This will depend on the dynamics of the market, the demand for your product and other factors that need to be analyzed and taken into account. The basic formula for calculating ROI looks like this:


where INV is business investment, R is monthly revenue, and TOK is payback period.

When calculating for your business, operate with real market figures, see the performance of competitors, take into account possible price increases and sales decline out of season.

For example, let's calculate the payback of the production of wooden garden swing using this formula. Let's say you intend to make them in your own garage with a carpenter's assistant and purchase them at a discount from your local sawmill.

  • Open an individual entrepreneur - 1,500 rubles.
  • Purchase material - 50,000 rubles.
  • Purchase tools - 20,000 rubles.
  • To pay for the help of a carpenter - 25,000 rubles.
  • Order advertising - 10,000 rubles.
  • Equip the premises - 7,000 rubles.

Total: 113,500 rubles.

You figured out your strength, estimated the demand in the market and realized that you can make and sell 10 swings a month. The price for one copy is 5,000 rubles.

Substitute the resulting numbers into the formula:

TOK = 113,500 ÷ (5,000 × 10)

According to a Sberbank study last year, only 3% of the population in Russia is engaged in entrepreneurship. Most people don't know which business to start in 2021 in order not to lose their last savings. In an attempt to reinsure themselves, they continue to work for their uncle. However, such a path is unlikely to allow them to gain financial independence. Success comes to those who are willing to take risks, make mistakes, and constantly learn. In this article, you will find out which business is better to do in Russia and other CIS countries.

From this article you will learn:

How to choose the right direction for business

The main mistake aspiring entrepreneurs make is following fashion. They think that since someone's business has burned out, then the business idea is good. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing a destination.

Prepare a piece of paper and a pen. And then follow the instructions below to find out which business is right for you:

❶. Please provide information about your education and professional experience. It is much easier to open a business in an area with which you have long been familiar. For example, a lawyer can advise clients remotely, a sales manager can create an online store.

❷. List your interests, hobbies, abilities. A profitable business is easier to open for those who are inspired by thoughts of their own business. Ideally, you should try to monetize your hobby. Then high efficiency and the ability to overcome difficulties are provided to you.

It's okay if you have little experience yet. Many types of businesses can be started from scratch and with a minimal budget. Let's say you really love to cook. It is not necessary to immediately open a catering point. Snap photos of your best meals, post on Instagram, set up ads, and start filling your first home orders.

IMPORTANT. The creators of the "Business Youth" project give beginners useful advice: in order to find an occupation to their liking, which will work well, you need to test 10 different niches.

❸. Remember the reasons why people often turn to you for help. Answering this question will allow you to figure out what kind of business you can do in the service sector. After all, if acquaintances ask you for help, then they consider you competent. When you finally decide to start a business, there will be people who will benefit from your knowledge and experience.

❹. Analyze how much the direction is in demand. Any business has, in fact, two goals: to bring income to the entrepreneur, and to people - real benefit. Think about whether potential customers are ready to buy the goods (services) that you are going to offer them? The following methods will help you find the answer to this question:

  • Using the online service Wordstat Yandex. It will show how often users enter a particular query into a search engine (that is, what they want to buy or order).
  • Competitor analysis. If they are absent, then the business idea is either completely new or unprofitable.
  • Test sales. Try to sell a small batch of goods on the Internet or offer your services to friends.

It is impossible to do business with things that customers are not willing to pay for. For example, in a small town, people will not go to an expensive boutique. But to a store of stock clothes with low prices - with pleasure.

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