What business can you open from scratch, where to start and how not to burn out at the start

Every person, at least once in his life, thinks about opening his own business. At the same time, he cannot choose the right direction in which to start a business. At the moment, in order to open your own business, there are huge opportunities for choosing areas of activity. You should proceed from your capabilities and preferences, skills, education and start-up capital. Analyzing your condition and desire to develop and work for yourself, you can decide on the choice in which area you can open your business.

In which field is it better to start your own business?

Each direction has its own advantages and disadvantages, starting from which, you can understand where you will feel more comfortable and what is closer to you.

  • Industry. At first glance, it seems as if this area of ​​entrepreneurial activity is very complex and requires special specialized skills. In fact, these are not only huge workshops, where the work of thousands of specialists is in full swing, production includes various kinds of home bakeries, sewing clothes or making toys and other simple processes. At the moment, you can start your own production without having a lot of money. The main problem is finding ways to market the product. It is difficult to have sufficient competitiveness in this case, therefore it is necessary to choose niches of activity that are new and relevant;
  • Service industry. This type of activity does not require almost any financial investment. But in order to provide certain services, it is necessary to have skills, and in some cases have a higher education. The main thing is to do what you are good at, then the demand for your services will increase, and even ordinary word of mouth will become advertising;
  • Trade. This field of activity does not require any skills or knowledge and is the most accessible niche in which to open your business. The business pays off much faster than in other areas of activity, therefore it is considered the simplest. In order to start a business in trade, you need to find suppliers with high-quality goods that can regularly update the assortment and have quite attractive wholesale prices. You can open a small point of sale in the market, and you can also trade on the Internet - on social networks, or create your own website for clothes, dishes, furniture, etc.

If, after all, you have decided what kind of business you want to open, then you should start immediately!

Food delivery

Interesting to know! In European countries, food delivery from restaurants is very popular and is one of the most demanded areas of business.

This direction is not yet fully developed, but it is already in demand, so if you develop your business in the field of food delivery services, then right now.

Educational courses

Getting a good education is always prestigious and in demand. Various courses and trainings become a real boon for those who want to work with their heads, not their hands. Thus, you can open your own small school to study any of the languages, or courses for expectant mothers, design trainings and much more. The main thing is to have a certain level of education and qualifications, as well as to have a good stock of knowledge that can be shared with others. Success depends on how effective and interesting your classes are.

Important! It is not necessary to train people directly and rent a room; you can conduct courses using the Internet space, that is, online. In this case, the audience should be searched for in social networks.

Opening your own hostel

What business is better for a beginner entrepreneur? This question is asked by everyone who wants to start a business from scratch and succeed in it, learn how to run it correctly and manage financial flows. And a lot depends on the correctly chosen business idea, and, first of all, your business will be successful or not.

And if you want to know what should be guided when choosing an idea for a business, and what business ideas are the most popular and successful, you can read this article to the very end. From it you will learn:

What to look for when choosing a business idea

Before starting your own business, you must first understand yourself. Understand if you fit the chosen niche and the set parameters.

  • Psychology

Opening any business requires colossal efforts, a lot of time and effort and nerves. Stable resistance to stress is needed here. You must understand if you are able to understand a stable and well-established lifestyle. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and start life anew, in a completely different way.

  • Selecting a field of activity

It will be necessary to conduct a preliminary analysis of the area or settlement in which you plan to open your business. It will be necessary to find out which direction is less developed, and where there is high competition. You will need to determine if you have a desire to work in the chosen field, or if you would be better off elsewhere.

  • Starting capital

Starting capital is important. No business can be created without money. Among businessmen, a business without investment is a business that does not require investments of more than a thousand dollars. Therefore, in any case, you will have to look for, though not more, but still money capital.

If you don't have enough capital, you can just start small. In this case, it will take much more time, but you will do without huge loans with high interest rates.

There can be any number of criteria for choosing an idea for a business, but among them there are the minimum necessary ones to maximize the chances of success. You should start by clarifying your personal goals so that the business at least theoretically corresponds to what you want to achieve in life. The goals can be very different, and it depends on which type of business is right for you. For example, you might set yourself the goal of making more money than you would as an employee. Or achieve financial independence so that the need to just make a living disappears after a while. Also, motivation can be unwillingness to obey someone and the need to be your own boss.

Sometimes the constant refusals of employment are pushing to create your own business. Business can be driven by the need to satisfy your own ego and become a serious businessman, or the understanding that you can do something better than anyone in a certain area. The goal can also appear as a result of the realization that it is impossible to live differently. There are no right or wrong goals for starting your business. And therefore, it is important to choose a business that will coincide with your goal, otherwise, over time, a feeling of dissatisfaction will begin to appear and, as a result, the motivation to develop your company will disappear.

Choose the amount of risk you like and what you can afford

You need to understand that any business can be described in terms of risk and expectations - upside. The risk is that the business may not be successful, and upside is the amount of profit that can be obtained if successful. Of course, there are areas of business with limited risk, but profit is also limited there. For example, a consulting business should be profitable from day one and doesn't require investment. If there is a desire to create a competitor to Google or Yandex, then the development of a breakthrough algorithm alone is not enough - resources are needed to fight brands. Therefore, it is always necessary to keep in mind two types of risk: the risk of choosing an unsuccessful business model and the risk of unsuccessful implementation of this business model. The first risk is associated with the fact that your service or product will not want to buy or will not want to pay enough so that you can cover your costs. If your basic financial needs are not covered, then it is wiser to choose a business idea that has been tested many times by others. At the same time, only implementation risks remain, but the upside of such an idea is also limited. It should be borne in mind that businesses with low risk and unlimited high returns simply do not exist. There is only one way to reduce the implementation risks - to choose ideas in those areas in which you are well versed, and even better - you are a recognized expert, at least among your friends. This creates an advantage and saves money and time. Another important factor is self-interest, but business should not be confused with a hobby. In the motivational literature, I have often met calls from all sorts of coaches and even successful businessmen to do what they like, and the money will definitely come. In my opinion, this is not so: the cause-and-effect relationships are mixed up here. Of course, you have to like a business, otherwise it will be hard to do it for 5-10 years for 15-18 hours a day, but not vice versa: not every favorite activity can become a successful business. Therefore, you can collect stamps, wrestle, aikido or drawing as much as you like, but to determine what kind of business to do, dig deeper: decide what kind of activities are close to you in spirit, what brings you pleasure - you love to create something, you like numbers , do you like to sell or do you like to organize.

Everlasting Needs

One of the key questions that needs to be answered is "What basic consumer needs does my business idea address?" The fact is that trends in the modern world are short-term and you need to constantly adjust to them, but basic needs do not change. We see that now everyone uses mobile applications, and after some time, for example, holograms will appear that will transmit images directly to the brain, and the trend will change. However, the need for communication between people and the need to be accepted in the society of other people is eternal. To identify basic needs, it is worth considering one more question: "Why will my business be in demand in 10-20 years?" For example, the desire of consumers to save money and receive quality service will remain unchanged. As Jeff Bezos said: “I can't imagine my clients in 20 years will say that you have great service, but could you raise your prices a little, otherwise it’s somehow too cheap”. Therefore, from the very beginning, Amazon staked on the lowest prices.

Having answered all the above questions, you can proceed to choosing a niche. Let's take a look at a few of the most common types of businesses.

"I do what I can"

“Doing what you can” is the surest way not to burn out. Do business on what you know best. Usually, such a business is opened by professionals who have gained experience as hired employees and are ready to go free floating. The main test: they turn to you for advice and help and offer money for it. As a rule, such a business does not require investment and is not high-risk. However, you have to depend on customers. Most often, a company associated with the provision of services falls under this category: consulting, development, marketing, PR, HR. Low risks also imply low income. It is quite possible to make more money than your uncle's salary, but it will be difficult to grow to a place in the “golden hundred” of Forbes.

Franchise and its quality

Franchising: this option is suitable for those who do not want to become a specialist or expert in a particular field, while having some free amount of investment, but are not inclined to take much risk. Everything is simple here: you take a business with a ready-made model, where everything is provided for to the smallest detail, and you do what you are told. True, there is a risk of choosing a bad franchise. Therefore, before making a decision, it is worth diving into the topic, carefully calculating and checking everything. Let's say you can buy a franchise from a successful cosmetics store, but not guess where it opened and go bust. All the implementation risks will still have to be taken on, although the risks of the business model have already been minimized.

Hello. Even in childhood, every person thinks about who he will become when he grows up - an astronaut, a ballerina, a magician, a veterinarian, a dentist, a businessman ... In adulthood, desires most often change. It is very difficult to find your calling, but it is even more difficult to make it so that it brings a good income. Therefore, most people are not doing what they really want to do. Parents have chosen a profession, someone works in an unloved job for the sake of money, and someone lacks the smallest thing - ambitiousness, courage, idea, enterprise or something else. It also happens that all this is available - both the idea and the desire to embody it, but there is no money or, on the contrary, there is some capital, and a brilliant thought still will not visit a bright little head. I wrote this article on the blogfreo blog. u for those who are thinking about changing their lives for the better and realizing their hidden potential, but cannot decide in which direction to move. In it, I will talk about what kind of business you can open from scratch in this difficult time, where to start making your dreams come true, and what points to pay special attention to so as not to burn out at the start.


What is motivation is probably clear to everyone. These are some psychoemotional processes in the body that prompt us to take action. A truly motivated person can do anything.

The motivating factors can be the desire to get out of poverty, prove something to someone (or to yourself), fulfill a dream, as well as real examples of those who have succeeded and much more. For example, I decided to start my own business, because I really wanted to buy myself a laptop and take my family to the sea. Weak! - you say. When you are in such a hole that a gadget and a trip to warm regions seem like something outrageous, then even they are a great motivation for self-development. By the way, I achieved my goal in less than a year.

Every person has something to motivate themselves with, it's harder to believe in their own strengths. Some will be helped by close people who have said very important words at the right moment, others will be examples of the real success of those who were able to break out of the bottom and reach unprecedented heights. For example, the success stories of the following famous personalities are great motivators:

  • The legendary trendsetter Coco Chanel (lovely ladies, an example for you).

She was born in a poor family, at the age of 12 she was left without a mother and, by the decision of her father, together with her brothers and sisters, ended up in an orphanage. In the orphanage Gabrielle (real name Coco) had to walk in a strict black uniform, which later became the prototype of the famous "little black dress". At the age of 20, the girl got a job as a seller of underwear, and at the same time took up sewing women's and children's clothing. After some time, she began to sew hats, then opened the first atelier. Coco Chanel endured many difficulties, but continued to sincerely love her job and confidently go towards the goal.

  • Ian Kum is the founder of WhatsApp.

This successful 44-year-old man once had to make ends meet, mop the floors in the grocery store and go through other life difficulties. In 2021, he created the world's most popular instant messaging service.

  • Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba.

A Chinese billionaire with a fortune of $ 20.2 billion was born into a very poor family, went to college on the third try, studied, worked as an English teacher. In 1995 he moved to the United States and first learned what the Internet is. 4 years later, he founded Alibaba, the world's largest online trading platform.

  • Sergey Brin and Larry Page are the founders and co-owners of the Google search engine. They came up with their project while still students, tested it at the university, and then found investors.

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