What business can you open for 100 thousand rubles?

If you're thinking of what kind of business to do in 2021 without a lot of start-up capital, take a look at these ideas. Almost all of them have a quick payback, potential demand, and even novice entrepreneurs can implement them with minimal investment. Some of the business ideas require certain skills, but you can master them in a few months.

Beard Care

The demand for men's cosmetics is growing every year. Beard care products are especially popular: gels, shampoos, beard and mustache growth products, oils, serums and balms.

Average bill for professional recruitment from 1500 to 3000 rubles.

You can launch this business idea with almost minimal investment. All you need is to create a platform for selling cosmetics: a website, social groups. etyah and instagram. You can sell according to the dropshipping scheme at 30-40% more expensive than the cost price. The product is popular, it will go well. You can also go to beauty salons and hairdressers and offer professional cosmetics to them.

Travel consultations

If you travel a lot or have experience as a guide, you can share your knowledge with others for money. You can offer your services online, selecting interesting tours for different groups of people. After all, people in our country do not travel so often, and some even go somewhere for the first time! They will gladly use your services and advice on where to go, what to see, which hotel to choose, what to eat, how much money to take with them, where to go with children, etc. These questions are the most common and, in fact, very simple.

Moreover, by consulting people, you will encourage them to travel more and better, and this is the best part of this job!

For services, you can take from 1000-1500 rubles, depending on the time of the consultation. Look for clients in groups, as well as on forums where people share their experience and where they go for advice.

Video Editing

Professional video editing services are in high demand among bloggers and youtubers in 2021. After all, you can really make good money on YouTube now, but this requires professional video editing.

The review contains 100 non-standard, new business ideas for our market. You will find here original ideas for products and services on which you can build a small business. Some of the ideas have already been successfully implemented by foreign entrepreneurs and are still little known in our country. Despite the non-standard nature of some ideas, foreign entrepreneurs, idea generators, created a profitable business on them and made a fortune.

Which business to start always worries many people. One of the correct answers is to build a business on a new idea that is already successfully working in another country in the world. From our review, you will learn what relevant, interesting and most importantly profitable ideas for creating a small business are floating around us.

new business ideas for small businesses

Cinema Cafe

What if you combine your favorite entertainment in one place? What people love is to eat delicious food and see something interesting. For example - cinema. The concept of a cinema cafe is so that your customers can do these things without leaving the checkout.

Edible coffee cups

Did you know that such a business has long been popular in Europe? We don't either. Think about how many potential customers this idea has? How many coffee shops and food service outlets where coffee is sold are there in each city? Darkness. And they all use paper or plastic cups.

You won't have to look for the first clients to deliver such a miracle. After all, this is a great way to stand out from your competitors. Moreover, the decision itself corresponds to the vector of ecological business promoted in our time.


So many things people do not get up with balls, what kind of games have not been invented. And here it is again. But bossball is not just a game, it is a mixture of football, volleyball, trampolines and all this with great music! This incendiary idea comes from Spain. And by now it has spread very widely. The essence of the business is to organize places for people who want to try themselves in this sports entertainment. And, believe me, there are many who wish. Because it looks amazing even from the outside.

We continue to publish the Top 100 Small Investment Business Ideas.

Idea Growing mushrooms as a business on substrates all year round

Starting capital: - RUB

This difference in initial cost is due to the different possible production volumes. If you decide to start with one 15-20 sq. meters, then for its initial preparation and equipment will need no more than 15,000 rubles. If it is a greenhouse or hangar with an area of ​​100 or even more sq. meters, then the costs will increase proportionally.

Description of the idea: if you have a free non-residential premises (large hangar, shed or even a garage) or the ability to inexpensively build it from scrap materials (used brick, OSB with foam, etc.), then Mushroom farming can be a profitable business with a small initial investment.

Oyster mushrooms or champignons are usually bred. The price per kilogram for the former is about 120-150 rubles. per kg in the retail sector, the latter - about 200 rubles. per kg.

From one square. meter of substrate can be removed once a week up to 25 kg of mushrooms.

Idea implementation

Where will the start-up capital go:

  • Purchase of substrate (husk from seeds, stumps, sawdust, etc.),
  • Assembling racks for myceliums,
  • Mycelium,
  • Containers for collecting, storing and transporting mushrooms,
  • Overalls,
  • Tools for collecting mushrooms.

In this article we will tell you what kind of business you can open for 100 thousand rubles. We will offer the best ideas in the field of production, services to the population, construction and agriculture.


Furniture manufacturing

Entering the furniture business does not always require large investments. Sometimes it is enough to organize a small production at home, for example, in a garage.

To avoid unnecessary expenses, the most expensive materials should be purchased after receiving the order. And the necessary tools, if possible, can be purchased immediately or rented.

You can produce anything: chairs, tables, wardrobes, beds, etc. The wider the assortment, the faster the initial investment will pay off.

All that is required for a business: organize a place for production, buy tools and furniture accessories. Then do marketing: website, social media page, targeting and contextual advertising.

Children's furniture production

Children's furniture is bought more often than adult models. This product is always in demand. Therefore, organizing a small production of such furniture will become a profitable business.

100 thousand rubles will be enough to start. They can buy the necessary tools and equipment. It is better to purchase the material upon receipt of the order.

A spacious garage is suitable for organizing production - either your own or a rented one.

We can produce baby cots, tables, high chairs, desks for schoolchildren, etc.

Any business requires investment! But who said that this rule cannot be broken? In this material, we have collected ideas for you that do not require investment at all, and this is in 2021! Let's take a look at them.

Zen channel

Zen is a fairly young project, and for authors it is a simple and quick way to make money. The bottom line is simple: you run your blog, and Zen gives you traffic and money for advertising within your content.

You can start with one channel, write materials yourself. This can turn into a real business when you start running 3-5-10 channels by hiring employees. Or you can also combine this with redirecting traffic to your site, making money on two resources at once.

Youtube Channel

YouTube is not only entertainment, but also serious business. Making money on a video channel is one of the most promising online businesses. Novice video bloggers earn from $ 300 a month, and YouTube stars earn millions of dollars.

Anyone can become such a blogger. Lead your channel on YouTube, today maybe even a child! Our daughter, at the age of 10, already earns 20,000 rubles. monthly on the children's channel. Our channel now brings over $ 1000 a month and this is not the limit!

We really think this is one of the best ways to start a business. You can start a channel as a hobby, and then it will turn into a real advertising business. A large channel always has a lot of advertising offers. And you just need a regular smartphone to start.

It is important to keep in mind that many videos gain millions of views because they are entertaining. You can start receiving the first money when you reach 1000 subscribers on the channel.

Business on sites

Website business is very profitable and promising. For example, we have several dozen sites that generate money for traffic every month. Among them there are sites that earn more than 20,000-30,000 rubles per month. The money comes from monetizing search engine traffic! In other words, for the ads that visitors are watching.

We write something about this in the Vkontakte blog called “Free Business”.

Today, many online businessmen own dozens of websites and earn hundreds of thousands from advertising. Almost any of you can do the same, it is not difficult to learn this, today there are a lot of ready-made options for business models on the Internet.

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