Try your hand: 5 ready-made businesses for students

The philosophy of money draws schoolchildren and adolescents into the business cycle, not to mention students. I want to make money as early as possible, be independent, self-sufficient, travel, buy branded clothes and have funds for entertainment. Studentship is the time when thoughts about your personal future are most fruitful. Try yourself in business or choose the path of a hired employee with a fixed salary? This issue should be resolved now. The free regime of the day and the absence of serious obligations make this time favorable for translating your own business ideas into practice.

Benefits of student status for a businessman:

  • a wide circle of contacts (fellow practitioners become not only clients, but also "prompt" a valuable idea for making money);
  • part-time employment (as opposed to a secondary educational institution , the schedule of a student of a higher school is not strictly regulated - there are "windows" of free time);
  • access to information (one of the main activities of the university is to teach young people to find useful information; this quality is useful when creating your own business) ;
  • minimum obligations (to family, children, creditors).

As a part-time job for students, they usually offer writing essays, reselling used things, baby sitting and even making cribs. This really makes money. But some go further and already in their student years begin to form their own business empire. Let's take a closer look at business ideas that can become a start for entrepreneurship.

Portal for schoolchildren and students

A future journalist (or just a communicative student) can organize an information resource for student youth. At the same time, you do not have to create a website, spend money on it - there is already an Internet site. Surely the educational institution has its own website, but there is no time to fill it with news and advertisements. For a student, this is an opportunity to start his own business, because commercial information is sometimes more expensive than the material result of labor.

What is posted on such a portal:

  • news ;
  • useful information:
  • interesting articles,
  • reference books useful for students, teenagers, schoolchildren,
  • data on festivals, holidays, concerts, youth events,
  • train, bus timetables;
  • photo reports of student promotions;
  • advertising (what will bring the main income to a novice businessman).

Business advantages are obvious. But you will have to agree with the administration of the educational institution and get permission to be the curator of the site.

Configuring Gadgets

A student or schoolchild enjoys tinkering with new technology - testing, researching, adjusting. At the same time, a huge number of older people do not understand new functions, devices, options. Even adjusting the volume, receiving calls in conference mode, installing an easy-to-use video player - turns into a difficult task for the owner of a smartphone or "smart" watch, who has not seen such "toys" as a schoolboy.

Becoming a consultant on mobile gadgets, helping in their selection and configuration is another idea of ​​owning a business for a student. Start-up capital is not needed here - only personal knowledge and interest in technology. What can you suggest:

  • consultations on technical issues;
  • customization for the parameters specified by the client;
  • installation of software, applications, games;
  • sticker of a screen protector.

As a student, it is easy to dream of becoming the new Zuckerberg and conquer the world, but it is not so easy to realize such ambitions.

Blogger Arthur Chen, in his Medium column, shared popular misconceptions among aspiring entrepreneurs and gave advice to those looking to combine business and study.

Don't expect to drop out

Every student entrepreneur has said something like this at least once. You can hardly just drop out and build a legendary startup. Until your company is so successful that you don't have a single free minute, don't expect to be able to say goodbye to the educational system.

Quitting university is not enough to start a successful startup.

Startup culture is embellished in many ways

Startup success is now being judged under the wrong, overly glamorous and embellished scope.

  • Is this the next Google?
  • Will it be a unicorn?
  • Did they get 100K new users in six months?
  • < / ul>

    Student entrepreneurs easily fall for all these ambitious ideas about how to become fabulously rich and famous by starting a startup. But this attitude will not bring any value to people - especially your customers. What is the mission of your startup: to bring you fame or change the world?

    Focus on realizing the startup vision and success will come on its own.

    How to get to know your user and make money from it

    Good day, dear students! Tired of living on one scholarship? Constantly having to choose between paying for accommodation and entertainment? How to make money for a student is a thorny question that arises during studies.

    I will tell you where to get the money, I will charge you with motivation, you just have to gain resolve and act.

    Why% of students earn less rubles?

    Poverty among students is high. Many manage to find a part-time job that can only survive. Do you have the same situation? Most likely, the wrong attitudes have settled in your head.

    Stereotypes that prevent getting rich:

    • Study. To stay with the scholarship, not to fly out of the university, you have to attend all lectures, close the session. You can take the risk and neglect education, but this puts the future in question. Freelancing with a flexible schedule solves the problem.
    • Lack of skills. After leaving school, you did nothing, you have nothing to offer the employer. The internet is full of sources of income, you just have to dig.
    • Fear. Opening a business in your student years? No, I'd rather go to work as a waiter - that's what the majority thinks. The Internet frees you from having to be in one place. It is possible to get good passive income while studying or being at home.
    • Environment. Once you get a diploma, you go to work, but for now concentrate on your studies, relatives and acquaintances repeat. Due to constant repetition, this pattern sits in the head, lowers self-esteem.
    • Laziness. Remember the fable about the dragonfly and the ant? Students who want all their youth only to have fun sit for a month on pasta and walk.
    • Guardianship of parents. Financial help from loved ones is great. But it interferes with becoming independent.

    You are missing out on opportunities because of these blocks.

    Poor student = lazy. Dreaming of easy money? In vain. Read the success story of any businessman. You will see that big money hides months, years of hard work.

    What do you need to prepare for?

    Easy money is a scammers' trap. Sometimes you have to sacrifice free time. Do not worry, everything will be rewarded: experience, money, strong endurance.

    Difficulties that await you:

    Many people wonder how a student can start a business. In this article, we have collected 15 ideas for future entrepreneurs who are still getting education and are looking for options for profitable directions with minimal investment.

    Statistics show that more than 50% of students work part-time. And the motivation is not always the lack of money for study or housing. Very often, students combine work with study, because they strive to gain practical experience in their future profession or additional skills. But there are also a lot of those who are already thinking about opening their own business in the format of self-employment and not only.

    Student work is usually associated with posting ads, promoting activities, or writing term papers. But entrepreneurial individuals may well open their own business while still students. There are many ideas for small businesses, and everyone can find the one that suits him and brings profit.

    Start-up capital plays an important role in starting a business. For many students, this very point becomes a stumbling block: there is enthusiasm, there is an idea, but there is no money. What to do in this case? Look for an idea that will allow you to make money from scratch.

    There are many ways to start a business today. The main desire and aspiration. Statistics show that only 5% of young enthusiasts actually start a profitable business. Why such disappointing indicators? It's just that out of all dreamers, only 5% make efforts to make their plans come true.

    Website development and promotion

    Investments: from 0 thousand rubles

    If you know programming languages ​​and principles of work in visual editors, then you can start making money on creating sites and blogs, as well as promoting them. Starting such a business is easy - but it is much more difficult to succeed in it. The market is replete with such offers, so you have to fight for your client. Place ads, reduce prices, offer favorable terms and additional services. You can start with the simplest acquaintance orders. Often, people who need simple business card sites tend to save money. Start small, build practice, build up a client base, build a portfolio, and gradually grow your business. After a few months of practice, you can do more time-consuming work - creating and maintaining a website, etc.

    Printing on balloons and bags

    Investments: 30 thousand rubles

    This is ideal for a student as the business is simple to organize and requires minimal investment. The essence of the idea: buy a special machine that transfers the image to balloons or a similar surface (for example, plastic bags and packaging). The idea can be realized in two ways: using a half-station or an automated line. It is clear that the second option simplifies the work process, but significantly increases costs. The easiest way is to buy a station, which will cost 30 thousand rubles.

    Avito B2B Marketing Manager

    Those who want to learn from their own experience, and not from textbooks and case studies, do not have to spend a lot of time and effort to start a business from scratch. One of the ways to quickly start your own business is to buy a ready-made business. How not to miscalculate, what to look for and where to start for students and young entrepreneurs, if you have a little money left, says Andrey Fedosov, Avito's b2b marketing manager.

    Where to start?

    A ready-made business is a convenient option for a "startup" in the business world: an enterprise already has well-established processes. The new owner can try himself in an unfamiliar role, optimize the old one, or change nothing at all. Such businesses are most often sold for personal reasons - the owner is tired of a specific area, has moved to another city, or is looking for investment for a new business.

    Before buying a turnkey business, it is important to evaluate your resources and understand how much time you can spend on the business and what goal you want to achieve.

    Entertainment Business

    A creative idea does not require the purchase of expensive equipment, and it can turn out to be very profitable in a walk-through place. A photo booth is being sold in Lobnya for 120,000 rubles. In the cockpit, you can take a photo for entertainment or take a photo for documents. It is given away with the printer, ink for it and photo paper. Additional expenses include paying for moving and renting a place for a cabin in a shopping center. The cost of this will take 15,000 rubles.

    Earnings depend on the place where the cabin will be located, the surrounding atmosphere and cross-country ability. For example, photo booths are especially popular in entertainment venues.

    How to get to know your user and make money from it

    Another option for a ready-made business is to purchase a franchise and become the owner of a washable paint store. People can order them for birthdays, photo shoots, or hospital discharge. To become a partner, you need to invest at least 30,000 rubles in your business. Franchise owners are ready to educate entrepreneurs, help with advertising setup and provide project support.

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