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If you want to start a profitable business in 2021, then a natural question for you is "what product to sell and what will be in demand." Therefore, we have selected for you 12 best new products that should be in great demand among people. You can be one of the first to take these niches and bring these products to the market.

Square pillow

According to the developers, this is the ideal shape for a pillow. It will become one of the hits in the healthy sleep market.

After all, you can convince anyone that you are right if you organize your marketing correctly! And advertising will definitely attract a lot of attention!

The developers have created an ideal pillow for proper support of the head and neck, the sleep on such a product is deep and long. The neck and head are in a comfortable position all night. The square pillow is suitable for all people, including pregnant women, and you can take it with you when traveling.

You have a chance to be one of the first to occupy this niche. You can start your own production, or find manufacturers abroad and open your own store! The cost of a square pillow from US manufacturers is $ 40. The profitability of this business idea is 80-100%.

Eco Toys

This type of toy will appeal to everyone who cares about the health of their baby.

These toys are made from coconut shells, flax fiber, rice husks, sawdust and walnut shells. Business idea will be in great demand!

According to the developers from the USA, these toys are interesting for a 3-year-old child and are good for the development of motor skills. These toys contain the best properties of products for children: safety, skill development and fun to play with.

You can be one of the first to bring this business idea to Russia. You can run a promotional campaign, collect pre-orders among children's stores and parents, and then arrange delivery.

Meditation Cushion

Trade is one of the most ancient types of activity, as well as the most widespread and popular business today. In the 90s, there was a surge in market trade, when goods were imported in huge quantities by shuttle traders from neighboring China. Now, when the demands of buyers have increased, market activity is losing its popularity, giving way to shops and boutiques. Choosing a business idea of ​​trade in goods as a field of activity, in search of a direction, it is necessary to build on market demand, it will directly affect the profitability and success of the business for the sale of goods and wholesale. As the saying goes: "Demand creates supply."

Business ideas in trade in goods, sales, sales of goods per year.

How can you make money during a crisis?

Trading in a crisis can bring good income if you choose a popular product that will suit the taste of the consumer.

What people are trying to save money on

First of all, it concerns foodstuffs and essential goods. Psychologists note that one cannot deny oneself the purchase of high-quality medicines, and one should allow small joys from time to time, even if the purchase of such a product is not planned by the family budget.

Try to answer your customers the question "What to buy in a crisis?"

Trends that never go out of style and will be in demand even in conditions of economic instability.

  • Healthy lifestyle

Despite the drop in income levels, the population continues to care about the quality of food, maintaining physical and mental health and appearance in due order. Products in this segment remain invariably popular. Of course, the economy mode forced some people to change their tastes and preferences - most choose brands that offer a more affordable product, but customers are not going to completely abandon this group.

  • Increased attention to environmental standards for different product groups

The increase in prices has led to the fact that attention to eco-standards has become a kind of habit - it became interesting for customers to study the composition of the product, the availability of certificates and properties (features) of a particular trade proposal - people want to know for what exactly give their money. At the same time, the trend applies not only to food products. Cosmetics, goods for children and animals, furniture, decor items - everything is thoroughly studied before buying. This is worth paying attention to when choosing a breakthrough idea for your startup in a retail crisis.

The globalization of economic processes in the world forces people to find new methods of earning money. The worldwide rise in fuel prices, the ups and downs of the exchange rate are pushing us to take action. Many women, even little versed in commerce, choose resale as a business where they can put together start-up capital for new startups in the future.

Resale specifics

Only large-scale production can produce various goods in mass quantities, so people often look for easier ways to make money. Their resale is becoming a popular solution, when you do not need to worry about the premises, but also about raw materials, or about costs. Contrary to common stereotypes, such a business can be started even without a large start-up capital.

Resale may vary in quantity and turnover. Large wholesale will be able to be mastered only by those who have been rotating in the commercial sphere for several days, and also have a fairly large fortune, because the risks are too great. Small lots and piece goods are available for resale even for an ordinary housewife.

Business benefits are clear

The first advantage of such an enterprise is that no special knowledge is required to organize such a business. This will significantly save on training. After all, everyone can do this, and experience will come with time.

Resale does not require huge investments in organizing a business. No need to rent or purchase premises (production workshops), expensive equipment for them, or hire employees.

An important factor many experienced people call a simplified tax system for this kind of businessmen. This will allow a beginner not to get lost in accounting and tax reporting.

A small threshold of entry is also a clear advantage - with small investments, the risks are minimal.

No responsibility or obligation towards the buyer. Usually, a guarantee for goods and services is established by the manufacturer, to whom claims will be made if necessary. He undertakes to repair or change damaged goods by default.

How to start selling on the Instagram social network and succeed in trading? What to sell on Instagram in 2021 - 2021? The main reason for the growth in sales on Instagram is the popularity of the social network itself among the younger generation and women. Every day, new online stores open on the social network, offering subscribers a variety of goods and services. We've collected 20 popular product categories that sell best on social media.

People go to Instagram to chat, watch news from their favorite bloggers, laugh at funny photos and pictures and buy something at the same time. It's fast, convenient, and reviews about a product or service can be viewed directly in the comments under the post with a description of the product.

How to start selling on Instagram

To open a trade on Instagram, you need to decide on the product, price and audience. First of all, study the target audience (TA) - potential customers who will be interested in this product on Instagram.

The characteristic features of the Instagram audience are: • striving for a lifestyle style; • passion for fashion trends; • craving for beauty and aesthetics.

Of all the people on Instagram, each specific product will be of interest to a limited group with its own needs and desires, which is the target audience. Consider the main parameters of the audience - age, gender, region of residence, education, income.

Blogging an online store on Instagram involves not only introducing a product or service, but also attracting new potential buyers, as well as retaining existing subscribers. To expand your audience, you need to publish a variety of blog content - posts with photos and product descriptions should be interspersed with informational and entertainment texts, polls, contests, etc.

  • Read on the topic: If the creative crisis on Instagram - new 100 ideas for an Instagram blog. A comprehensive selection of 100 Instagram blog ideas to inspire new post ideas, stir up your audience and help you with your content plan for the future

What to sell on a popular social network

On Instagram, you can sell almost any consumer goods and provide different types of services. To make it easier to choose a product, you can study the pages of popular stores in the social network with a large number of subscribers. Stores are searched for by hashtag and keywords from the product name.

Opening or adding a new product to the assortment is easier when the selected product does not require large investments (for example, T-shirts). It's even better if the item is at its peak of popularity or will soon be there.

Every year we select the most popular products that require a minimum investment. Here's a new selection for 2021.

Some have not lost their popularity since 2021, others have started to grow in interest recently. To Russian trends, we have added several products that are already popular in the West, which means they will soon reach us. Choose what you want to start selling and launch your store on Ecwid.

At the end of the article there is a bonus: instructions on how to search for trending products yourself.

Update. And, of course, the most popular product of this year is face masks. If you sell clothes or accessories, add masks with your design, for example, as they do in the PiterProf store (store owner Alexander gave us this idea in the comments, you also share yours).

A protective mask can become a stylish accessory (PiterProf store)

A hoodie is a comfortable sweatshirt that you can wear to work or to a party. Now this thing is at the peak of its popularity.

Hoodies are usually sewn from plain fabrics. Here are the trendiest colors of 2021.

A hoody for Aliexpress costs an average of 500 to 1000 rubles

Yoga mat

Healthy lifestyle, productivity, self-development - the trends of recent years in 2021 have become even more popular. And their constant sponsors are meditation, yoga, environmentally friendly materials and other joys of life. If the yoga and meditation mat is made from, you will kill two birds with one stone.

Natural materials like rubber, organic cotton and jute tend to be more expensive, but wear out faster. A rug made of any material should be sold complete with a special cover.

On Aliexpress you can find rugs worth from 500 rubles

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