Top Ideas for Business Development at Sixteen

The first idea of ​​earning money - tailoring an individual school uniform to order

You probably know that in recent years our state has taken control of the appearance of students. Gone are the days when you could go to school in any clothes that you have in your closet at home. Now everyone is obliged to wear a special school uniform. And here a completely logical need was born.

Many students are simply obsessed with individuality. There is nothing wrong with that. You must always stand out (in the good sense of the word). Here are just a standard school uniform puts an end to any individuality. After all, it is the same for everyone. And you can't put on new jeans and a nice sweater. In this case, you need to work with what is available. With a school uniform.

Here's an idea for making money - tailoring an individual school uniform to order. Of course, you will have to adhere to the general rules for the appearance of the uniform for students in secondary and elementary schools. But, be that as it may, a lot of individual moments can be added to a custom-made form. Change the shape a little, use a more expensive fabric, accessories, and more.

If you have experience in sewing clothes, you can safely try your hand at this business. Of course, you have competitors. But there are not as many of them as it might seem. And in small towns there may not be a single atelier offering sewing of school uniforms.

Second idea of ​​earning money - additional school

This business idea was implemented in the USA. And she received a lot of positive feedback from parents and students themselves. Such an educational institution is somewhat reminiscent of the good old extended program that you all know.

The purpose of the additional school is to help students improve their knowledge of specific subjects. That is, if a student lags behind in mathematics, then in an additional school he will study mathematics.

In an unusual school, the teacher works with small groups of 4-5 people. This is where the success of this idea lies. It turns out an almost individual approach to each student. Many parents in our country will be willing to pay good money for such training. At the same time, it will be significantly cheaper than full tuition at a paid school. So, we advise you to take note of this business idea.

The third idea for making money is school catering

Catering is the delivery of hot meals from cafes and restaurants to offices or home to customers. But you don't have to limit yourself to private clients or office workers. There are many other audiences. For example, schoolchildren.

We all know that children, like no one else, need proper, balanced and healthy nutrition. They cannot eat at home during the breaks between lessons (they simply will not have time). Not everyone wants to take food with them. And a cold breakfast or lunch is not the most pleasant food. School canteens and canteens usually offer far from the healthiest food. Pizza, rolls, sandwiches, pancakes are not exactly what a growing body needs.

Teaching and raising their children, while earning money on teaching strangers, is the dream of many mothers. This is partly why women are predominantly employed in schools and kindergartens. Nature itself laid in women a talent for communicating with children. With the right approach, a natural gift can be turned into a profitable business if some of the nuances are taken into account from the very beginning.

Take a niche

Get ready that in order to open a private kindergarten or educational center, you need licenses, which can take more than a year to obtain (and other paperwork). The simplest format in this regard is a children's club, a sports section or developmental courses.

Given the growing number of all kinds of children's developmental programs on the market, it is necessary to offer an interesting and, if possible, global idea of ​​an educational product. According to Discovery Research Group, in 2021, the main directions of the educational services market in Russia were: early development (32%), creative development (22%), intellectual development (16%) and the study of foreign languages ​​(12%).

There are now about 80 networks of children's development clubs operating as franchising structures in the country, for example, Baby Club, Sema, Yunium, Point of Growth, but there are still no large independent associations in certain areas - even in such traditional types of children's leisure as painting or dancing. There are practically no networked sports clubs. So any undertaking in a particular sport or creativity can be the first on the market.

Study the market

Regardless of the theme, the success of a children's leisure club in a metropolis depends on its location. Parents will not take their children several times a week to the other end of the city, even to a very "promoted" and good club. Therefore, you need to focus on your area and the local parenting contingent.

To explore the local educational market, all you have to do is browse parent Internet forums, message boards in schools and kindergartens, and listen to the conversations of mothers in playgrounds. By the way, in the case of children's development centers, word of mouth works best. You can visit with your children familiarization classes in nearby clubs and sections.

Calculate profitability

The kids' club is profitable when at least 200 people attend. At the same time, there may be 300 children registered, but someone is sick, someone does not attend classes regularly.

The biggest expense items of the club are rent of premises and salaries of employees. If we take the average calculations of Russian franchising educational companies, with an investment of 1.5-2 million rubles. the kids' club pays off in two to three years. The return on investment is about 40%, and the monthly revenue is about 400 thousand rubles.

Many teachers have ideas on how to improve students and improve the educational system as a whole. But they often just don't know where to start or who to turn to for support of their ideas. We talked with the winners of the Rybakov Fund competition, who have already changed the lives of children in their schools, about how to come up with and implement a bold project.

Create a free space

Daria Abramova, 29 years old, English teacher - project to create a coworking space, Malaya Dubna:

School classes and even recreation areas are not enough for both children and teachers to be comfortable at school. Therefore, my colleagues and I thought about a free space where everyone could communicate in a relaxed atmosphere. The school lacked informality, a breath of fresh air: the students got used to the fact that they were broadcast, and they listened. A special area with a lecture hall changed this system.

With the advent of common areas, children began to communicate more openly, do not hesitate to ask for help from their elders, make friends with them, ask questions about their studies. There are cool corners, and this is the corner of an entire school.

Athletes, doctors, managers of large companies, volunteers of public organizations come to us several times a month. Specialists talk about themselves, about their work, and children ask them questions. Plus, we invite parents to conduct master classes: the guys have already learned how to make birdhouses, make flowers from foamiran (decorative foamy material for needlework), and sculpt from clay. Graduates also come to share their knowledge - they talk about students, preparation for exams.

As a result, a community is formed. Parents, graduates, just friends and relatives of students come to talk. We live in a rural area, the school is now the center of society.

First, we studied someone else's experience. To distinguish a viable idea from a fantasy, one must be interested in what is happening in education. And when you fill out an application for a competition, you should always look at the projects of the winners of previous years.

As a team, we immediately shared responsibilities, but everyone listened to each other, and certainly to the children. It was very important to find out what they want, so that there is no detachment when the guys do not understand for whom they are doing it. The project will not work for the sake of the project.

Create alumni community

Alexander Kuzmin, 42 years old, director of the school - project "Laboratory of graduates", Pavlovsk

If a teenager has a hobby, then you can start your own business at 16 from scratch - start-up ideas allow you to make money with minimal investment. Doing your own thing develops responsibility, improves knowledge and skills. Entrepreneurship at a young age allows you to quickly decide on a profession in the future.

Simple Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Business for high school students will not bring much profit at the initial stage of development. However, such startups have an advantage - there is no need for legal registration of activities. Adolescents can provide one-time services for a fee, paid in cash. In the absence of large financial turnover, such orders will not be considered a business activity.

At the age of 14, the child already receives a passport, and it is possible to apply for an hourly work contract with a company. In large cities, during the holidays, there are special employment centers for teenagers. Having got a part-time job, a teenager gains experience that will later be useful both for employment and for developing his own business.

Before starting projects, a business plan should be drawn up. It is necessary to analyze the costs of starting your business and the expected benefits.

Minors cannot apply for a loan. If there is no money to implement business ideas for teens, you can ask your parents. A good motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs will be the promise to repay the debt to family members on the first profit.

It is advisable to choose projects with minimal launch costs. There are many ideas for schoolchildren without investment. More often it is a service sector. You can also save on promotion. To do this, you need to determine the target audience for your products and services. Then it will be clear through which channels to sell them. Without extra costs, you can talk about your business on special electronic bulletin boards, in social networks. Some young business people initially offer their services free of charge so that early clients can share their experiences.

ideas for young businessmen

There are many services that teenagers at 15 years old can provide. It is necessary to choose an activity to your liking: if work brings joy, then it is easier to complete.

Anime paraphernalia sale

Modern teenagers are fond of various subcultures, including anime. Thinking over your business, you can open an electronic platform for the sale of paraphernalia in this style. To implement the project, start-up capital is needed to purchase the first batch of goods.

Education is an excellent environment to start your own business. This area boasts an abundance of ways to generate income, minimal competition, and the need for people to provide quality services by a specialist in their field.

This article will analyze the most popular and demanded types of earnings in the field of education, consider the nuances and key points of this topic, tips for implementation, possible difficulties in the process of starting an activity and how to solve them.

What educational ideas should be considered

Among all possible methods of obtaining finance, attention should be paid to:

  • Children's development center

The development club for children is considered one of the most popular areas of business where a person will need additional education. The main source of income is considered to be the payment of parents for such classes.

To open a small studio dealing with children's creativity in shopping centers, you need to spend about 600 thousand rubles. The island format is a great idea for such a studio.

Workshops of this type give parents the opportunity to leave their child with someone adult and responsible while they go shopping.

At this moment, children will be able to sculpt figures from plasticine and clay, paint ready-made plaster crafts, make origami from colored paper, etc. The net profit will be one hundred thousand rubles.

How to open a children's playroom and what you need to take into account - here you can find out everything.

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