Top ideas for an online store: what to sell, what product to choose

What product to sell in The one that is bought. According to our statistics, the majority of Ecwid stores are created for sale:

  • clothing and footwear;
  • health and beauty products;
  • children's products;
  • food and drinks ;
  • household goods.

These are niches in which there will always be buyers. Therefore, it is not necessary to invent a new product, you can start a business with one for which there is already a demand. The main task is to stand out from the competition.

We have selected the successful ones from each category, which have their own unique feature that distinguishes them from the rest.

Clothing: T-shirts with artist prints

There are many shops on the Internet with a wide variety of clothes, but it can be difficult to find beautiful and high-quality things at the same time. This becomes a problem when you buy your fourth T-shirt, and it stretches and loses color after washing.

So keep a course on quality and try to make things for a specific audience: travelers, sophisticated ladies, anime lovers ...

For example, the creators of Art Flash make and sell T-shirts, sweatshirts, coats and scarves for art lovers. Each item has reproductions of world masterpieces and designs by contemporary Russian artists. They even make reusable masks stylish :)

T-shirts with artists' prints at Art Fresh

The guys believe that art can be enjoyed not only in white museum halls, but also on clothes and accessories. Therefore, they find interesting artists and share their work with the outside world in such an unusual way.

The collection of sweatshirts at Art Fresh was developed in collaboration with the artist from Anastasia Mamoshina.

The idea of ​​starting your own business lives in the minds of many, and the question of which store to open for many haunts. Most are looking for reliable, profitable business options. The main thing here is to choose what is really profitable and the risks are minimal.

The importance of choosing the right place

Own, new store as a business start is a very good option for a budding entrepreneur.

It is possible to open a store from scratch even with minimal investment, especially in a small town. The premises can be rented, the area is small. For example, it might be a small clothing store.

With the right approach, all costs will pay off as soon as possible. True, there is one important condition for this: a suitable place (area).

It is on this that, first of all, depends on how successful the business will be. There are quite a few retail outlets open today, it is imperative to look back at competing neighbors.

Research your competitors

Where there are ten cheap grocery stores, the eleventh will not be needed. And, naturally, vice versa.

Therefore, having correctly calculated the requests of the local contingent, carefully studying competitors, you can create something new.

And yet, many are concerned about the question of profit as a consequence of the sale of a certain product. Which store is the best to open and from which store can you get the most benefit? A question that worries aspiring entrepreneurs. So, below we have selected the best, most profitable options where the risks are minimal.

Grocery store

The online clothing store, as an alternative to conventional stores, is gaining more and more popularity. The idea of ​​considering and choosing wardrobe items of interest, as well as going through all the payment stages without leaving home, seems very attractive. In addition, it is believed that the markup of online stores is much lower than that of conventional, offline retail outlets, since in the case of online trading, you do not have to bear the costs of renting a retail space, buying retail equipment and salaries for sellers. Indeed, the initial cost of an online store is much lower than the cost of opening an offline store.

If you are interested in everything related to the world of fashion, and you decide to open your own online clothing store, then first of all you need a well-thought-out business plan. Such a business plan can be applied to an online store of other goods, adjusted for the amount of financial costs. It should be noted that it is the purchase of clothing that takes 26% and is in first place among the purchased goods.

Market Analysis

Target audience

As a rule, the target audience of clothing stores are women, so you should pay attention to the sale of women's and children's clothes. Do not forget about men's clothing, because women often choose wardrobe items for their male friends and relatives. The type of store is chosen depending on what your target audience will be. There are the following types:

  • Second hand.
  • Stock - models from Europe that could not be realized abroad.
  • Mass-market - goods at prices related to the middle category for persons with an average income.
  • Brand store - luxury clothing available to people only with high income.

First of all, it is worth scaling up such a business as an online clothing store gradually - first within the limits of your locality, and with further promotion you can count on expansion. As the number of buyers grows, it also makes sense to expand the range.

According to statistics, the sales of online stores have grown by 75% in 2 years. Financial investments in such a business are relatively small - for example, you do not need to invest in commercial equipment and premises with a large area.

At the very beginning, work is carried out in one region, and in the future, the store's activities extend to other parts of the country.

With regard to competition, residents of our country prefer to make purchases in online stores from Russia, therefore domestic online stores are the main competitors.

Such factor as seasonality can be eliminated by choosing clothes for sale that will correspond to different weather conditions.

There are factors that affect the success of an online store, distinguish between both external and internal factors.

In this article, we have collected 20 business ideas, guides and business plans for opening popular retail stores.

Two things to remember when wondering - what to sell to make money? First. There are categories of goods that will always and everywhere be in demand. They will be sold in small stores even as hypermarkets, convenience stores and online stores are on the way. Second. Any store chooses one of two earning strategies. Earn either from a high markup or from sales.

Drogerie Business Idea

Investments: 600 thousand rubles

Drogerie is a relatively new trading format and a great business idea. These are stores that sell consumer goods and are located within walking distance of potential buyers. Drogeries are usually set up close to residential areas. The assortment of such stores includes household chemicals, cosmetics, perfumes, and some medicines that are sold without a doctor's prescription. Products with a high frequency of sale, low price category with the simplest storage conditions are selected.

The main advantage of this format is a significant turnover per 1 sq. ... retail space. Due to the low mark-up and well-chosen assortment, drogerie sells a lot and quickly, i.e. earns on sales. It is cheaper and easier to maintain such a store. In addition, drogerie can easily win over a buyer. Usually these are cheap shops within walking distance, which offer an assortment of necessary (and "urgently needed") goods.

This niche in Russia is still free. Now drogeries are mainly opened in large cities, but in many they still have not heard anything about this. Having occupied a niche in time, you can create a stable business and earn decent money. You can read more about this type of trading here.

Business idea Optics salon

Investments: from 800 thousand rubles

Optical stores are considered one of the "eternal" businesses. Health related products are always in demand. More and more Russians, due to vision problems, are beginning to use glasses or lenses. At the same time, saving on glasses or lenses or completely abandoning them is almost impossible.

We have already written about how to open an online store. Now let's share some business ideas and show you how to choose the right niche.

How to choose a niche for an online store

Aspiring entrepreneurs, driven by personal preference, start selling products they love. This approach is wrong if business is not just a hobby for you. When choosing a niche, you should consider factors such as:

It is easier and more profitable to sell products under RUB 3000 - you will spend less time convincing people to buy.

It's better to sell light goods that don't take up much space. This makes shipping easier.

Please note if your product is seasonal. For example, you don't have to expect a profit from the sale of swimwear every month. Think about whether you need such a product.

In order not to waste money and time, study the demand for a particular product. Next, let's see how to do this.

How to check demand

Before launching an online store, it is important to find out if your product is in sufficient demand. No matter how successful you think your idea is, make sure that your product is needed by people, people are looking for it.

Google Trends

In Google Trends, you can analyze the popularity and seasonality of search queries, compare statistics by region and period. Google Trends will tell you if there is interest in your topic.

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