TOP 5 Business ideas that you can implement in 2021

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Place - "Jacuzzi-Cinema"

Investments: 410,000 rubles

Profit: 100,000 rubles / month

How can a cinema surprise you? This format of entertainment has become traditional, and cinemas even compete for the viewer with the help of all kinds of promotions, "movie nights" and events with animators. I'll tell you about an idea that can turn the usual ideas about the cinema and hit the market with novelty.

Relevance of business idea:

Cinema is one of the most relevant and constantly in demand forms of art and entertainment. It is difficult to surprise anyone here, but the British managed to do it: the Hot Tub Cinema project is known in Great Britain - this is just a cinema combined with a jacuzzi. The idea at the junction of two types of popular entertainment - cinema and saunas - in Russia can go with a bang. However, it is better to open such an institution in the capitals - Moscow or St. Petersburg.

How did Mark Zuckerberg come up with the idea for Facebook? How did Garrett Camp come up with Uber, and Elon Musk - Tesla? American entrepreneur Sterling Seitzert decided to figure out how company founders come up with successful business ideas. We publish the translation of his column.

Business needs to solve a problem

A useful tool is one that solves a problem. One day, someone got angry that they could not connect two boards, and so a nail appeared, and then a tool for using it - a hammer. The hardest part about creating a good idea is that it should be close to you. It is important not just to find a problem, but to identify the one that you would like to fix.

Create a "problem list"

Carry a small notebook in your pocket and write down any problems you encounter. For example, “it pisses me off to sweep the floors,” “I don’t like waiting for a taxi long,” “I can’t pay the rent,” or “I am annoyed by hotels. There are many problems in the world, big and small. Some saw them as opportunities, and the result was such successful companies and products as Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Uber and Airbnb. All of them were born thanks to the idea.

Solve everyday problems

Ten years ago, when I still lacked the courage to start entrepreneurship, I had a great idea. I was living in Wisconsin then, which is a very cold state. It was winter and the snow was knee-deep. I tried to warm up the car so that I could scrape the ice off the windshield. Then I thought: what if it was possible to cover the windshield with something for the night, so that later not to clean the ice with freezing hands? But I never did anything to realize my idea. I ran into a real problem and came up with a solution, but did not try to make a prototype to test it, although it would cost me less than $ 50 to create one. I recently noticed on the market similar products to what I came up with. I decided to save $ 50 and ended up missing out on the opportunity to turn a great idea into a successful business.

Go through your list. Which problem annoys you most? How can you fix it? If nothing good occurs to you, move on to the next one. Make blueprints, prototypes and test them for yourself. Refine your solution. First of all, you must solve your own problem, and then - the rest. If the problem is general and affects a large audience, then people will easily understand that they need your product. This is how unicorns like Uber and Airbnb came into being.

Find the problem you really care about

Business is not easy. You should enjoy your work, and the problem being solved should worry you: this is the only way you can sell your idea to others - literally and figuratively. You need to spark interest in your idea from others.

by Natali Killer Published August 23, 2021 Updated June 26, 2021

Almost anyone can start their own small business today. Small business, which does not involve significant investments, is becoming more and more popular in Russia, because it makes it possible to earn decent money in conditions of constant economic uncertainty. If you've decided to open up small business ideas for beginners, the below will help you choose a promising niche.

Brief content of the article

How to choose a business idea for a beginner: useful tips

A person who has never encountered a business is likely to be confused by the abundance of ideas offered by different sources. How to choose exactly what will bring financial and moral satisfaction? How do you know that this particular idea is the same? There are three criteria by which you can assess its viability.

Niche demand and popularity

To what extent the selected niche is in demand, you can find out using the free Wordstat service, which shows the number of key queries for products and services in the desired region. You can visit thematic groups or forums; place a test offer of a service or product on Yulia, Avito to determine demand and potential customers.

Financial Capability

When calculating the minimum start-up capital, it is necessary to evaluate all available financial sources. If, according to calculations, it turns out that it will not be possible to support financial needs (including personal ones) for at least six months or a year with the available start-up capital, then it is worth considering another option or using a loan. However, the idea of ​​a business with only borrowed funds is a utopia. The best ratio of equity and loan capital is 2: 1.

Competitive Advantages

Today we have to take apart business ideas from scratch that can inspire everyone who is currently interested in a new source of income, or plans to stop working for someone. As one successful entrepreneur put it, "Getting yourself a job is better than looking for it again." Every now successful business and brand was once founded by an amateur without a million dollar investment. For example, Steve Jobs (a famous engineer) collected computers in your garage, and the creator of the whole KFC empire bought a chicken with his last money. The success of these people has one thing in common - everyone did what he likes.

How to start a business: what experts say

The most difficult stage in the life of every citizen is overcoming laziness and everyday life. Every time you want to start preparing a project, urgent matters arise. The start is the main starting point that will always be shifted. People will always look for reasons not to change the usual pace of life. The previously created "comfort zone" is quite difficult to destroy. Psychologists recommend:

  • Organizing your thoughts is difficult to start if a person has not completely decided what he wants to do. At the stage of "dreaming", sometimes new horizons open up, but among them it is difficult to choose one - the most important idea. In order not to get confused, it is advisable to keep your diary and write down the thoughts that come to mind in everyday life: for example, you can go to work and think about what could make life easier for everyone - what the city or town lacks.
  • Define a goal - without a final desire for what you want to get from your business, there will be no right motivation. You need to set global goals that are difficult to achieve (buying a new house or apartment, moving to another country, etc.).
  • Start-up capital - even considering ideas for a business from scratch, you should understand that you need resources. However, in the role of capital investment, there may be something that is already at hand. For example: a person has a personal car that can open the way for him to a small business from the very first steps. Or, for example, you have your own shed or garage room that can be used as a workshop, etc. Many find at home in the back room the necessary material for applied art (they begin to make portraits using the quilling technique).

After the person has sorted out all these nuances and decided on their own dreams, it is necessary to move on to developing a business plan. It's easy to get started if you have a small business project in front of your eyes. Thoughts become orderly, in addition, you can paint the stages of development and step-by-step instructions for yourself. Before starting to deal with registration issues (which will be discussed below), it is worth considering that the first clients are always close and familiar. By their reaction, you can determine whether a service or product will be successful.

If you don't have a basic knowledge of design, you can always find free courses and forums. All the necessary information is in the public domain, and many large companies often hold seminars and free trainings. It is enough to open the city's poster to find useful leisure time for the weekend. The suggested options will help you find inspiration.

Zero nesting startups

Despite the fact that today a person lives in an era of fierce competition and capitalism, it is quite possible to find something to do with zero investment. Speaking of "zero contribution" this phrase should be taken literally, since the only resource that a businessman will use is his own ingenuity. Separately, you can consider the following types of business from scratch.

City Tours

Every city or town has its own history. Despite the fact that many are skeptical about this idea, with the right approach, it can bring stable additional income to its implementer. You can search for clients:

  • On regional and federal Internet sites - Avito or Yula.
  • In social networks, it is important to choose sites associated with the city or even create them yourself.
  • Through dating - they are not afraid to register on foreign forms and meet avid travelers.

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