TOP 20 startup ideas in 2021-2021

Where can I get ideas for a startup? If this question is relevant to you, then try to start looking for an idea not on how much you can earn on this or that type of business. Get away from the financial issue, look around, think about what you and other people need. What difficulties did you personally or your relatives and acquaintances face when solving any issue? Maybe, based on these difficulties, you can create something that can greatly facilitate the life of others.

Everything for twins and triplets

Have you noticed that families with twins, or even triplets, are increasingly appearing on the street, in a store and other public places? Have you ever thought about how hard it is for them? You need clothes, strollers, cribs, sledges and other things, and in double or even triple size. Have you seen a lot of strollers or triplets? It's rare for twins. Why not go this way and make life easier for families who have become large at once? Consider a startup business idea through the lens of large families.

These are just examples of ideas for startups, and if you find that other entrepreneurs have already implemented this idea, adding some flavor (which only you and no one else can implement) you will make a startup out of the organization of a regular business ...

Furniture, sleds and strollers

This is probably the main problem faced by families raising triplets or twins.

You can't go for a walk with three single wheelchairs. As an option - one double stroller and a single one, but again you need at least two adults to walk. Here's your first business idea - a store selling strollers for twins and triplets. Of course, in order to ensure the maximum flow of visitors, you can also sell standard single strollers, but the main emphasis is still on your target audience.

In winter, sleds take the place of wheelchairs. And again the question arises of how to transfer from point A to point B all three children at the same time. Why not replenish the stroller store with sleds with the appropriate number of seats? You can sell as simple sleds with runners, or you can implement such an option as sleds.

A good question, where to get these very sledges and carriages. We'll have to look for the appropriate supplier. Although, the best solution, of course, would be to make the inventory yourself. Therefore, the idea of ​​a startup can be implemented in this vein, i.e. to open not a shop selling sledges and strollers, but an enterprise for their manufacture. Or you can combine production and sales.

If you are a great designer, then maybe you can find a solution to help families with triplets in this situation too. Three cribs, three high chairs, three playpens - isn't that a lot? And how much space does it all take! Why not come up with a rational solution to this problem. A bed in three tiers is, of course, too much, but a retractable option, and even originally designed and saving space in the room, is already worthy of attention.

What will you do: make furniture or open a specialized store - it's up to you, but this idea can be attributed to one of the most interesting ideas for a startup (see The most interesting startups in Russia and around the world). How much space for creativity it opens up!

An example of an implemented idea for a startup focused on solving the problems of parents of triplets

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Game development of different genres

Development of a turnkey hyper casual game

In 2021, the Crunchbase study revealed 142 “unicorn” start-up projects - a business with an estimate of $ 1 billion. 2021 to 2021, there are already 439 such companies in the world. Each of them started with an ordinary idea.

Leading startups in attracted investments:

  • Uber Advanced Technologies Group - more than $ 7 billion
  • JD Health - about $ 7 billion
  • Databricks - more than $ 6 billion
  • CloudKitchens - up to $ 5 billion
  • Rivian - up to $ 5 billion

Let's not forget about the projects with a population of over one million, which may not be "unicorns", but stand firmly on their feet and develop at their own pace, increasing capacities and profits even during a crisis.

We have prepared for you TOP-20 fresh solutions for launching a profitable startup in 2021-2021. Let's go!

Best Startup Ideas in -

Most aspiring businessmen do not know what ideas to use for a startup without investing significant funds. At the same time, obstacles immediately appear at the psychological level. This doubt will work out or not, maybe it was not worth starting and the like.

They are the main obstacles to the development of their business. In this article we will try to explain in an accessible way how to choose the right idea for a startup and what you should pay attention to.

What is a startup in simple words ?????

The very concept of the word "Startup" is translated as "the beginning of something". In our case, this is a business project. But do not confuse any business with this designation. In the classic version, a startup implies originality, that is, something new and not yet mastered.

Based on the above, it is safe to say that a startup is the beginning of its own business, before it is transformed into a full-fledged business with investments and high income. At the same time, the definition itself does not imply a huge investment in the initial stage. Depending on the capabilities of a person, they try to create startups using IT.

Such business ideas are created by creative and energetic people. Moreover, they are most often creative individuals. These people are called startups. They often share their ideas at various business conferences and forums. They present their projects with a focus on profitability, thereby finding their potential investors. Plus, they can make money selling their ideas.

Stages of startup development - from garage to corporation ????

Most of the giant corporations are so famous that it would never occur to anyone how they started their journey. More often than not, it all started with minimal investment. Funds were saved even on renting an office, and the initial ideas were born literally in the garage. These startups include:

  • Two comrades with the same name Steve assembled their first PC in a regular garage that belonged to the Jobs family. The corporation is currently completing the headquarters for 13,000 employees. Agree, a good way from a garage to such a dealership;
  • Disney filmed their first cartoon in a garage. Today it is one of the largest companies that is leading in the entertainment industry;
  • Harley-Davidson named its first brainchild an ordinary bicycle with a motor attached to it. Yes, they did not succeed at once, but the effort was worth it. Now the motorcycles of this corporation have become a cult of bikers all over the world;
  • Patagonina is a leader in the production and sale of mountaineering equipment. Initially, a regular garage was used as a workshop;
  • Yanke Candle has its origins in the youth of a 14-year-old boy. On one of the solemn days of the family, this boy gave his parents a candle. He made this gift himself from his wax crayons. This is how the idea of ​​creating scented candles appeared.

There are a lot of examples of the development of a startup from nothing into a large company. The main thing is to get down to business correctly and climb the crest of your wave. This should be done like most famous billionaires. It is worth moving towards the goal and believing in the success of your endeavors.

How to create and launch your startup from scratch ?????

It's no secret that ideas for startups are in great demand and can generate colossal income. All modern projects correspond to the spirit of the times and fully reflect the main trends taking place in society. Today we will try to figure out what the very concept of "startup" is, what projects will help to start your own business from scratch.


What is a startup

Only the lazy hasn't heard about the buzzword "startup". It often sounds in advertisements, flaunts on banners in the city center, films and TV series are even shot about startups.

First of all, you should understand the concept itself in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the subject of the conversation.

A startup is a kind of business projects, the implementation of which is impossible without the use of modern technologies and fundamentally new products.

Many netizens are of the opinion that startups are nothing more than publicized projects that have no deep meaning, and a startup is a youngster with no work experience, but this is fundamentally wrong.

The face of a startup is really young, as young people are closer to a non-standard solution, risks and creation of exclusively new products.

According to the calculations of experts, a little over a hundred million new startups appear every year. This figure is shocking and suggests that millions of people were not afraid to fulfill their own dreams and achieved their intended goal.

Literally translated, the concept is interpreted as "start" and really means that the development of an effective business model begins. For the first time, the term sounded from the mouth of a major businessman Steve Blank and began to spread rapidly in business circles. Each startup is unique in its own way and at the same time they are similar to each other, as they are built on the same principles:

  • A startup is a process of development, creation of a new product or service;
  • No restrictions or specific ties to something;
  • Uniqueness. Each startup represents a new material, something that the consumer has not previously had the opportunity to see;
  • The project can be implemented without the initial capital. The fact is that promising startups are always interested in investors who are ready to pay fabulous money;
  • There is no consistent estimate, the future fate of the project is difficult to predict.

The last point is quite controversial, since it is both a plus and a minus of startups, making them ambiguous and vulnerable.

IT technologies

Ideas for startups: the most recent ideas from all over the world - 3 keys to success + TOP-5 ideas from around the world + 3 startup ideas from Russian developers.

Why are startup ideas gaining more and more popularity in the business field and bringing owners a wealth of capital?

First of all, because they offer completely new, innovative solutions for pressing people's problems.

Therefore, it is quite logical that in search of inspiration to create your own startup, you should not rush "deep into history."

Follow trends, fashion trends, what is actually in demand now.

This article, which has brought together the main business trends and forecasts regarding future discoveries in the entrepreneurial "art" market, can also help you with this.

What is a startup?

Before talking about startup ideas, it’s worth mentioning what they mean.

Most people have only a basic understanding of startups. Therefore, someone thinks that this is the name for new resources on the Internet, others - that this is a business created by young people without experience.

There is some truth in this. However, the concept itself is broader.

A startup is a business idea that is based solely on the use of innovative technologies or the introduction of completely new products.

That is, the composition of the team and the format of the company does not matter (often startups begin to develop without being officially registered).

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