TOP 12 useful business books worth reading for an entrepreneur

How to start your own business? Where to get ideas for inspiration, if not in business books? Based on the experience of people who have created their own successful business, you can develop your own business strategy, or at least understand where to start, and what pitfalls can be encountered on the way to achieving goals?


You don't have to buy to find good business books. After reading our article, you will familiarize yourself with the most popular publications that help you start your own business, find links that will help you download and read books.

Which business books should you read first?

Modern publishers almost every day publish all kinds of books on business, finance, business guides, books with training, but the authors of such publications themselves have a dubious reputation, and can not always be an example to follow. It is better to read the essays of people who have really reached high business heights, and share practical recommendations on choosing a business and the specifics of doing it. To make it easier for you, dear readers, to decide, we have collected the top 10 most famous books on business. This list has been compiled based on the views of various segments of the population:

      • successful owners of their own projects, businessmen who managed to achieve success (for their business they used advice from the publications described below);
      • startups who begin their ascent to the pinnacle of fame.

Books in this article are not sorted from most popular to least popular. The order is randomly chosen, so decide for yourself which business book you should read first.

“I am like everyone else” by Oleg Tinkov (Download)

This book is simply a bestseller among businessmen, it describes in an accessible and interesting way how to start a successful business. Oleg Tinkov himself is the founder of more than ten successful projects, which he managed to promote and then successfully sell. He is a multimillionaire who owns a successful bank, often appears on television, maintains his blog, and willingly collaborates with journalists. The book "I Am Like Everybody else" is autobiographical.

In it, he tells how he managed to create his own successful business, from the 90s to the present day. The path was not easy, but now it is not easy for everyone. This work is not a ready-made guide to doing business, it makes you believe in yourself, motivates you to think about fate and business in a different way.

Are you interested in the book "I am like everyone else"? It can be downloaded from the following link for free - download

Atlas Shrugged (Download)

Business books are great motivation. At first glance, opening your own business is not so difficult. Initial capital, a little knowledge, an idea for a startup - and now, I'm a businessman with my mother. But in practice, you are faced with the fact that ideas are bursting at the seams, there are no clients, competitors are surrounded from all sides and you want money. Pick up business books. They are written by people who have risen to the pinnacle of success, overcame difficulties, and found their way. Such books are inspiring, encouraging to gather strength and try again. They will not teach you how to make billions, but they will tell you how to believe in yourself, look for and find your own.


What are they?

We were taught from childhood to be good people, loyal friends, hardworking workers. But they didn’t explain to us how to make money in a way that others don’t even know about.

They didn't explain that any undertaking, even the most promising one, needs to be carried through to the end, without listening to anyone. Didn't explain how not to break, but try again.

Business books are a pocket book that has absorbed the life experience of worthy people, their knowledge and way of thinking. These are books that turn consciousness, giving a powerful impetus and answers to questions.


# 1. Think and Grow Rich!

Posted by Napoleon Hill

Year of publication: 1937

Napoleon Hill is a man who was born in a forest shack in the mountains and who later became an adviser to President Roosevelt.

He is a brilliant journalist and subtle psychologist. Countless celebrities he interviewed, such as Henry Ford, William Wrigley, Luther Burbank.

Russian business is a young phenomenon on a global scale - only a couple of decades. Most of our businessmen have learned from their own mistakes and the books of Western authors, where the culture of doing business goes back about two centuries.

Where to get inspiration, advice, examples for entrepreneurs to do business in Russia? Are there authors in our country who are successful entrepreneurs who openly share their experience? Not as much as we would like, but definitely there is.

Read about what Russian business is saying and sharing in the compilation of Anton Vert, an entrepreneur, owner of the advertising and souvenir company vertcomm. u

"Revolution How to build the largest online bank in the world", Oleg Tinkov

Why read: Oleg Tinkov is perhaps one of the most famous public entrepreneurs of our time. A successful businessman has grown and sold more than one large business. What you can read about in his previous books “I am like everyone else” and “How to become a businessman.” The “Revolution” book of 2021 covers the period of activity since 2021 and tells about the formation of Tinkov Bank from buying a little-known bank to a world leader.

The trick of the book: The design is pleasant, there are a lot of illustrations, graphs, the main text is slightly larger than average. Written simply, no frills, clear and to the point. An ideal balance between the author's personal opinion about the fate of Russian banking and how the world's largest online bank is built from the inside. Reflections on team building, crisis, banking system, current and future state of business in the country.

"VkusVill How to revolutionize retail by doing everything wrong", Evgeny Shchepin

Why read: Eugene, although not the owner of the company, knows about Vkusville business, if not everything, then a lot. Learn about the stages of the business that has massively introduced the concept of "products for healthy eating" into the minds of consumers. Constant search, experimentation, testing of ideas and lack of fear in action. And, most importantly, the transformation of this into principles, but not in granite, but in the form of constant mutability. A useful skill for entrepreneurs.

The trick of the book: A book about the principles that emerged on the basis of various company history. Thus, we have before us a fusion of practicality and historicity. Basically, you can start with any principle. But better from the beginning. This way one can trace the birth of Izbenka, the forerunner of Vkusvilla, unsuccessful experiments with farm products, mistakes and victories on the fronts of choosing areas for stores, recruiting personnel and the principles of selecting goods under their own brand. Quite a few curious, amusing, interesting and instructive stories. All principles are well illustrated.

"And nerds are doing business + The amazing story of the founder of" Dodo Pizza "Fedor Ovchinnikov From failure to a million", Maxim Kotin

Why read: This story of failure. We are all used to epic ups. And this book is about something else. About the dream and the search. About how you can fail, make a bunch of mistakes when starting a business, get involved in dubious partnerships, choose an unsuccessful location, hire not "your" people and another 100,500 just little things in a glorious northern city with three letters Y. In the end, get out of all this, go to work in the capital in fast food outlets, realize and, as a result, open Dodo, at that time just one pizzeria where the car was everything - from a cleaner, a pizza maker to a delivery man and a financier. What is Dodo now? World brand. How? About this in the book.

Do you know the only way to beat the competition? And what are all great companies like? Or how do business principles differ from ready-made recipes?

We present to you the 20 best books about business according to the version of the publishing house MIF ("Mann, Ivanov and Ferber"), which contain answers to these questions. These books fell in love with the publishers themselves and gained popularity among the readers of MYTH. Teamwork and leadership, the experiences of people who have founded successful brands are stories that can inspire. According to the authors of the list, the benefit of this knowledge for entrepreneurs and managers is that a business with meaning and a human face becomes the norm, not the exception.

Carl Sewell & Paul Brown “Clients for Life”

A classic for everyone who serves customers and wants to be friends with them for life. The author convincingly proves that in order to retain a client, you need to reconsider your views not only on service, but also on the organization of the company, wages, cleanliness of premises, landscape design and many other little things.

Igor Mann "Marketing by%"

The book of one of the founders of the MYTH is a life-affirming and informative guide for those who are going to become a marketing manager. Together with the author, you will successfully pass the interview, survive the first working day, be able to find a common language with colleagues and your boss, and start marketing practice. The book contains many examples from the author's experience. It is accompanied by the "Commandments of a Marketer", a list of recommended reading and a selection of marketing ideas.

Good to Great Jim Collins

With millions of copies sold worldwide, the book has been named the # 1 Business Bestseller. It is based on a six-year study by Jim Collins' team of 20 people. Researchers have found out why some companies achieve phenomenal results, while others remain mediocre. All great companies have found the same elements of success: disciplined people, disciplined thinking, disciplined action, and the flywheel effect.

Chan Kim, Rene Mauborgne Blue Ocean Strategy

Another book that has firmly taken its place in the ranks of the world business classics. The authors suggest that "The only way to beat the competition is to stop trying to win." The book proposes to go beyond the well-known areas of the market and the paradigm of fierce competition of the scarlet ocean and focus on pristine areas, the so-called "blue oceans", where there are no competitors, but there is great potential for the development of the company.

Jeff SutherlandScrum

The Scrum methodology - the solution found by the author of the book - helps to overcome the classic disadvantages of project management: lack of teamwork, failure to fulfill plans, duplication of tasks within departments, and so on. Unlike traditional approaches that are not always effective, which waste a lot of money, Scrum allows you to complete projects with less effort, in a short time and with low costs, and the final product is of excellent quality.

Frederic Laloux “Discovering the Organizations of the Future”

So, you have a lot of ideas or even a ready-made business plan that will help you become a successful entrepreneur and realize all your professional dreams. However, before jumping headlong into a new field, we recommend listening to the experience of other entrepreneurs. We have selected five books to help you start and expand your own business.

"Jedi Techniques" - Maxim Dorofeev

The first thing a future entrepreneur needs to take care of is personal efficiency. Now you have to combine several roles at once and do as much as possible. The Jedi Techniques book and the approach described in it will help you identify the most important tasks and deal with them successfully.

Thoughtlessly postponing tasks that you hate to do now will turn the farthest corner of your to-do list into a procrastinogenic burial ground.

On the Hook - Nir Eyal

The product or service you produce should delight your customers. Customers should want to purchase your product and tell their friends and acquaintances about it. The book "On the Hook" will show you how to do this.

It is known that when the brain expects a reward, the level of the neurotransmitter dopamine increases dramatically. In a person, the activity of the areas responsible for judgment and thinking is suppressed, and the areas responsible for desire are activated.

"Business as a game" - Sergey Abdulmanov, Dmitry Kibkalo and Dmitry Borisov

You've probably seen or read books by Western authors on how to build your own business. How does this happen in Russia? The authors of the book "Business as a Game" - the leaders of the "Mosigra" company - share their experience of creating a successful company in detail and without embellishment.

Business books are bad because they try to impose rules on you. There are no rules. There are only bikes in which there is a grain of reason. But you need to superimpose this information yourself on the scheme of your business or your life.

Customers for Life - Carl Sewell & Paul Brown

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