TOP 10 business ideas 2021 with minimal investment

Sometimes there are proposals to start a new small business (that is, from scratch is important) by investing "only" $ 100-120 thousand in it. The point is not even that such a business, by Russian standards, no longer falls under the definition of "small" - strikingly illogical proposal. After all, if someone has free money in such amounts, then it is unlikely that he will have a lack of ideas where to invest it. This time, and secondly, if the business is so large-scale, then it would be much more logical to open it as a parallel to another, the main source of income, so that the formation of a new project could be financed from its reserves.

Small business ideas should be distinguished, first of all, by their feasibility for modest money. That is, for those that, as a rule, are present in the pockets of citizens, and for which it is not required to sell, for example, an apartment. But in any case, the main thing here is a quality idea. Therefore, it seems reasonable and interesting to form a rating of business ideas 2021 with minimal investment.

Professional photography

It is quite logical that most of the small business ideas for 2021 with minimal investment will be related to the service sector. This segment of the economy is distinguished by just modest investment requirements for enterprises operating in it, a high return on investment and, as a result, a quick payback of projects. But the most interesting thing is that some types of services in this area are experiencing a real renaissance. For example, professional photography.

It would seem that with the massive proliferation of smartphones equipped with microcameras with stunning resolution, this industry should smoothly and quietly rest in Bose. However, a second front suddenly formed for her, and this is not at all about photographing ceremonial events. Online commerce has burst into the top of the popular lines of business. With the help of international platforms (such as AliExpress or eBay), absolutely everything is bought and sold, but the most common positions are consumer goods.

And it is precisely these positions that need the most favorable presentation, one might even say - advertising. And when placing new positions (as well as updating old ones), good, high-quality photos are required. And photos are needed every time new (even if the product is the same), because the consumer does not want to look at the same picture: it is boring - variety is required!

All this opens up an almost limitless market for manufacturers of professional photography services. Only instead of participants in ceremonial events on the stage there are models (yes) with promoted tradable consumer goods (there are hundreds of items of one type).

Starting capital is minimal. We need expenses for an office studio (without it it will be impossible to attract bulk orders), as well as a “fancy” camera. But the most valuable thing here is the idea.

Website Promotion

In modern conditions, this is the most relevant business idea in 2021 with minimal investment. Promotion of customer sites can be carried out by any of the preferred methods for you, as a performer. Here you are absolutely unrelated. The result is important - and not even entering the top of the search engine results. It is necessary that as many users as possible visit the site.

In this article we will tell you about five ideas that can be promoted with investments of up to 10 thousand rubles.

Opens our rating - the idea of ​​an on-site window cleaning

In any city, there are a lot of establishments, shops with huge windows, which obviously will not be prevented by cleaning. You can build a profitable business out of this. It is easier for entrepreneurs to find an outside contractor than to convince their employee to pick up a rag. Therefore, they will be happy to work with you on an ongoing basis.

Professional window cleaners will cost a little less than 7 thousand. You can ask for 800 rubles for each cleaning. You just need to offer your services to local establishments and your investment will pay off in a few days. Agree that you will wash their windows twice a month and then your business will always be stable.

ART-design services for establishments are in the TOP position

If you have even a drop of creativity, you can decorate the interiors of any boutiques, cafes in your city. When an establishment stands out from the competition, it attracts more visitors. Therefore, the owners are ready to pay the designers 2 hundred bucks for such work. And before the holidays, you can safely raise your price tag by one and a half times. To start this business, buy LED strips, all kinds of garlands and stained glass paints in China, because there they cost a penny.

After the first orders, you won't even need to spend money on advertising, because your portfolio will speak for itself. All that remains is to walk through local pubs and shops with your business card.

The three leaders of our startup chart are opening a business selling honey

This healthy treat will bring you tons of paper franklin if you get the idea right. You need the right honey agent to work for the food. Have you noticed that honey is bought by many grandmothers who do not trust store quality. They are the ones who should become your sellers. Offer retirees to sell your liquid gold. As payment, you can offer a part of your products or a percentage of sales.

Grannies work harder than bees when it comes to honey. Even if they just walk through their girlfriends, they instantly sell out the whole lot. You will get a decent profit. In apiaries, the wholesale price of good honey starts at 200 rubles per 1 kg, and it is sold at retail 7 times more expensive.

The second place in the TOP is a business for the resale of antiques

First edition of popular books dusty icons, rusted coins can cost a fortune. Few sellers know their real value. You often see an advertisement for the sale of rare goods, which the owners are ready to get rid of for a penny. All pawnshops in America are already tracking such lots, but in our country this topic is only gaining momentum.

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