The strangest ideas that millions have brought

Being original is not scary. The main thing is to choose the right business idea that will really be in demand. We offer you TOP of unusual ideas for business from around the world!

“Being original means somehow standing out from others. ". The quote from Yevgeny Zamyatin's dystopian novel, called "We", perfectly conveys the essence of what "originality" is.

In business, there is no originality anywhere. Many successful projects that are popular with the population become a "copy" of an idea that was already invented, and the competition between companies of the same direction is at a high level. Therefore, aspiring entrepreneurs are increasingly thinking about starting an original business, the analogue of which is not so easy to find on the market.

But, undoubtedly, the presentation of an original business idea is always the risk of being misunderstood and unacceptable among the audience. But as the saying goes: "risk is a noble cause," which means that it is better to make a mistake and take some action than sit back. If you want a "breath of fresh air", and from that dream of starting an original business, then we offer you TOP-10 unusual business ideas that are not so widespread in our country!


Often people come to the store not to purchase a certain product, but for other reasons. For example, look at the assortment and "estimate" the cost of a particular product, warm up in the cold season, just take a walk, looking into an unfamiliar store to see what is being sold there.

The essence of the idea: a store with a paid entrance is an unusual business idea that can be realized even in a small town, since the format of an institution where you can buy goods is everywhere. The meaning of the idea is that only customers come to the store whose goal is to purchase products. To stimulate a purchase, everyone who comes in must pay a certain amount (for example, 50 rubles) to enter, which is returned to him as a discount when paying for goods.

Business advantages: most of the customers come to buy, the entrepreneur "stays in the black" even if the visitor has not purchased the product.


One of the most unusual business ideas is opening an apology service. Quarrels at the household level or conflicts of a more serious scale happen to everyone. Only someone manages to easily settle all the troubles, and continue to live in harmony and love, but for someone it becomes a real torture to pronounce the banal, but at the same time difficult word "forgive". However, it also happens that, for example, running around at work, you completely forget to congratulate a loved one on his birthday, and in such a situation it is difficult to find words for an apology so that you are really forgiven.

The essence of the idea: one of the options - the company's employees write an apology text based on the situation, which is later sent by e-mail, pronounced by phone, or in person.

Business advantages: a wide client audience (for example, reconciliation of lovers or business partners), the ability to expand the range of services (for example, writing scenarios for a date, marriage proposals, etc.).

Looking for unusual business ideas? We have prepared a selection for those who want to be inspired by something creative.

Here you will find both just emerging businesses and already quite successful ones.

Perfume with funeral home or baby powder scent

Ilya Volkov and Alexander Lushin once worked at Gazprom, but the young guys wanted more. They began to sort out options for their own business and settled on amusing fragrances, a couple of bottles of which they accidentally found at a friend's. This is how the idea was born to bring to Russia the perfume of the American manufacturer Demeter with original scents, for example, fairy pollen, a garden after the rain or a funeral home.

Now they have their own brand “Library of aromas” with branded stores and production. The turnover is about $ 207 thousand

Read more about the success of Ilya and Alexander in our article.

Food pillows

Entrepreneur Lydia Avramenko is definitely not a boring person: as a business idea, she chose ... to sew food. And now a small team from Voronezh - Lydia and her husband - are creating unusual pillows in the form of burgers, donuts and other products.

As Lydia said, at first she had an idea to make unique curtain accessories and pillows, but then only unusual pillows remained:

“And since both my husband and I love to cook in our family - from pasta to homemade black burgers - it was decided to sew ... food. Food is a cult. Everyone loves to eat deliciously. And a “tasty” accessory - a pillow in the form of food - is also beautiful! ”.

Now a couple has 10-20 orders a month, they are going to sell unusual products abroad.

The full story can be read here.

Snail Farm

The search for the perfect idea for starting their own business leads newcomers to the question of what a non-standard business is and how it differs from proven solutions. With the right approach to the problem, you can quickly declare yourself in the market and receive a stable income.

How to start an unusual business and choosing a field of activity correctly

Unusual ways of making money imply a non-standard approach to entrepreneurship without using already established schemes. The category includes a variety of options, some may seem strange, but they bring enough profit to their owners.

Different areas of activity can be used for such solutions:

  • services to the population and their pets;
  • earnings on the Internet;
  • trade in products of our own production, etc.
  • Important! Unusual business ideas are an unlimited flight of imagination and the ability to sensibly assess the needs of a potential audience.

    Key Features of Original Business Ideas

    Starting a new company requires choosing a core business. By accurately calculating risks and opportunities, it will become a source of stable profit.

    Unique product or service

    Uniqueness is the main rule that most entrepreneurs forget about. Many projects were not judged on merit due to lack of demand for supply. Before starting to implement an idea, you need to look at the needs of the population - it must solve pressing problems.

    Out of bounds

    Any person wants to start his own business, which will begin to bring him a steady income. Naturally, most of the ideas have already been implemented, and the most demanded niches are occupied. Therefore, you need to look for unusual options for entrepreneurship, which are not yet available in Russia, but which may become relevant in 2021. Why should we learn from the experience of advanced European and Asian states.

    Electric vehicle sales

    Initial investment: $ 13,000-20,000.

    One of the most promising areas in 2021 is the development of electric vehicles, including electric scooters and electric scooters. Therefore, you can consider opening an online or stationary store for the sale of vehicles. Your target audience is young people in the 16-45 age range. To start a business in this niche, you need to rent a room in the city center or in another area with high traffic. Make the interior in hi-tech style using modern materials and decentralized lighting.

    Development and implementation of small furniture

    Initial investment: $ 4700-6000.

    The second area, which is rapidly gaining demand in the world, is the development of compact and folding furniture for small housing. On the Web, you will find many sketches of wardrobes, beds, tables, sofas and other non-standard interior items - transformers. You can start with a small workshop for the production of multifunctional furniture: renting a room will cost from 20 to 70 thousand rubles per month. The initial investment will depend on the quality of the materials from which it is planned to produce furniture for individual orders or standard projects. You can purchase consumables on a prepaid basis, which will seriously reduce the financial burden on your business.

    Flower Hotel

    Initial investment: $ 1500-3000.

    A fairly original business idea from Europe, which is capable of "breaking" the Russian market in 2021. Millions of our fellow citizens go on long business trips and vacations every year. Many people have a question - what to do with houseplants. A flower hotel is the best option for clients who need to quickly transfer plants into good hands for the period of their departure. The price of such a business will depend on the region, the availability of premises and many other nuances. For starters, you can place plants in the country or at home. Equipment will require LED lamps for the care of plants that love light, as well as automatic air humidifiers. You will need to hire an agronomist or delve into the topic of caring for domestic plants yourself.

    Shop without packaging

    When thinking about starting their own business, people try to think thoughtfully when choosing a new business idea. They study the market, make up a portrait of a buyer, calculate sales markets ... But sometimes it happens that random ideas bring huge profits, which even the owners of these ideas did not count on.

    "Golden" jam

    Fraser Doherty is an English teenager who, at the age of 14, decided to make a few dollars selling homemade jams. It's an unusual hobby as a teenager, but Fraser was very attached to his grandmother and often helped her cook this delicious treat.

    Despite his young age, the teenager made a good marketing ploy, and for some time presented small jars of jam as a gift to neighbors going to morning mass. The jam was so tasty that the neighbors started buying it from the young businessman on a regular basis.

    At the age of 16, Doherty was selling his jams to dozens of clients all over Edinburgh and so decided to start a company to make natural jams according to his grandmother's traditional recipes. He rented a workshop at a confectionery factory, and a few days later received his first large order from the luxurious British supermarket Waitrose. To fulfill this order, he had to take out a loan of 9,000 pounds. But after two months, his products were already on the shelves of 185 stores across the country.

    Today his firm sells over 500,000 jars a year, which is 10 percent of all UK-grown jams sold. At 23, Fraser Doherty's fortune is estimated at 1.2 million pounds. SuperJam is not just about jam, but a brand known throughout Europe. In many ways, the brand was promoted by the unusual story of the founder of the company.

    Millions of profits can be made from the production of homemade jam

    How much is one pixel worth?

    In 2021, Alex Tew, a 21-year-old student from the UK, came up with a brilliant idea. He decided to create a unique advertising space on the Internet - the Million Dollar Homepage. He made a page and put it up for sale ... a single pixel, each for one dollar. Those interested can buy any number of pixels and place their ad there. Since one pixel is too small, he combined a group of 10x10 cm pixels and sold and offered them for $ 100.

    The idea was very simple and due to its novelty it attracted huge media interest. Within a few months, Tew made $ 1,037,100 - because the last block of pixels was put up for auction, and its price reached $ 38,100. Many people tried to follow in the footsteps of Alex and create similar sites, but they did not gain as much popularity as the British project.

    The guy who found out the price of one pixel

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