The best business ideas for beginners: with minimal investment and quick payback

Do you have an apartment, but no money for living? This means that you do not know how (or do not want) to use all (!) Available resources for earning. An apartment is not only a sufficient area for small commercial projects, but also access to communications, the ability to use communications and the presence of assistants. Add a little start-up capital to this, find a lucrative idea, figure out how to effectively bring it to life, and you have a successful start. Let's figure out what kind of business can be organized in an apartment and how to do it legally!

Business that can be run in an apartment without the consent of the tenants

Is it possible to do business in an apartment? Definitely you can!

In accordance with Art. 6 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, an apartment is a room in an apartment building that can be used by citizens only for living and satisfying their household needs. In addition, in the legislation of the Russian Federation there is a direct prohibition on doing business in the housing stock.

At first glance, these two rules prohibit tenants from earning money locally, but there are exceptions to them.

The following activities at home are not subject to legal prohibition:

  • sale of surpluses produced to meet household needs (you cooked 3 jars of jam, but you used only one - you can freely sell two);
  • production and sale of products hand made;
  • works of authorship and services.

You can also freely rent your apartment - in whole or in parts.

As long as the production volume allows you to work on a private basis, without registering an LLC or individual entrepreneur, a home business can exist within the housing stock.

If the business goes well and you need to go into the official form, then there is a procedure according to which housing is transferred to non-residential stock. In non-residential premises, you can do official commerce, but this is a separate topic.

When organizing a small production in a residential building, problems with neighbors may arise. It is highly likely that the residents of the house will notice business activity and try to limit it.

Any business can have its own romance, but in some areas it is most pronounced. This, of course, is about creativity, the organization of unique holidays and travel.

Stained glass production

Making stained-glass windows is a creative business idea and a beautiful income in the field of decorative decoration of premises. Investment and return on investment will depend on the technology chosen: classic, sandblasted, film, fusing, tiffany or painted with paints. Considering the growth of cottage construction in the country, this business can become successful and, depending on the technology, bring from 2-3 to 35-40 thousand rubles. per square.

Making kites

The idea of ​​a kite making business can be learned from tutorials on the Internet, and it doesn't take a lot of money to buy materials. For work, you will need wooden slats or metal tubes for making the frame, cloth or paper for the "body" of the snake, a winder, fishing line, and fastening. As you improve your art, you can create a whole line of kites from inexpensive to premium kites.

Fire show is not a business idea for everyone. The main thing in this business is mastering the skill of fire and developing a unique stage program. Large investments are not required: to buy basic equipment (poi, staffs, fans and other devices for "spinning" the fire), 5-10 thousand rubles will be enough. You will also need to purchase or have custom-made performance costumes. In just 5 minutes of a fire show, you can earn 10-15 thousand rubles speaking at corporate parties, weddings and all kinds of celebrations.

Organization of hot air balloon flights

Flying in a hot air balloon is an unusual and expensive experience, for which the owner of a balloon can receive up to 30 thousand rubles per flight. You can earn money by organizing group and individual flights, selling gift certificates, as well as selling the advertising surface of the balloon to advertisers. For entrepreneurs, this is one of the most profitable and quickly recouped types of business. Starting costs for this business idea without purchasing a car will be from 2 million rubles, which can be recouped in one year.

Off-road tours (jeep tours) are a business idea for mountains, deserts, forests and fields. There is practically no competition in this area in our country, so your main concern will be questions with the selection of a vehicle, the organization of an interesting route and advertising. There are many options for earning money: you can organize tours with your own cars, rent them out or lease an equipped track for competitions among owners of jeeps, ATVs, etc. The highest demand for jeep tours exists in resort towns. You can read more about organizing this case in this article.

Organization of field registrations

The walls of the registry office not all inspire modern couples, so many prefer to conduct ceremonies according to an individual scenario. The main thing that is required by the leader of such a registration is good public speaking and the ability to offer any additional services. These can be decoration services (usually such ceremonies require a special flower arch, a table or a chair for the host), services of a DJ and toastmaster, animators, and competitions. The cost of such services can start from 2 thousand rubles for a simple ceremony and increase to indecent amounts depending on the whim of the customer.

You can buy a rickshaw online or make it yourself from a regular bicycle. However, let's be honest: homemade rickshaws do not inspire confidence and often look rather strange, so we advise you not to skimp on this. On the Internet, you can find pedicabs from China for 35-60 thousand rubles, often even with an electric motor. The main advantage of such a project is that there is no attachment to any place; you can work yourself; and if the business is not in demand in one part of the city, you can easily move to another - and try your luck there. The cost of a 15-minute trip in the regions will cost visitors about 200-300 rubles for one person. On good days, you can earn up to 3 thousand rubles, and up to 90 thousand rubles a month. You can read more about ways to make money on this business idea here.

Is it possible to open a profitable business in a residential area? Yes! And while you earn from 50 to 250 thousand rubles. The main thing is to choose the right direction. In this article, we have collected profitable business ideas for any budget.

Not so long ago, a business in a residential area was considered unpromising. But in practice, it turned out that many types of entrepreneurship can successfully develop in such conditions. A high concentration of potential customers in one territory opens up good prospects. The main thing is to take into account the specifics of the location and the needs of the target audience.

What is a sleeping area?

A sleeping area is a part of a city with residential buildings and complexes, usually remote from industrial and office centers, shopping and entertainment complexes. For large purchases, work and entertainment, most people go to the center, and in the immediate vicinity of the house they do their daily activities: buy food, medicine, repair clothes, visit hairdressers, take their children to kindergarten or school. Consequently, in residential areas, the business that is focused on goods and services that are in demand on a daily basis or relate to everyday issues will be relevant. Business in residential areas has characteristics that should be considered when planning. First, a preliminary analysis is required.

How to analyze a business area?

Before embarking on an idea, there are several important questions to consider:

  • What essential goods do customers need?
  • Are there competitors nearby? In such an isolated area as a sleeping area, it is important that you have no direct competitors.
  • How good is the infrastructure? In the old districts, everything has long been thought out and configured. You may have trouble entering the market. The only option is often to find an unoccupied niche. Therefore, it is better to consider new areas where infrastructure is just beginning to be built. This makes it more likely to get a profitable place.
  • How saturated is the local market? The overwhelming majority of clients are residents of the residential area. This means that it is important to assess the relationship between consumer demand and supply.
  • Estimate consumer demand. According to the standards of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, for every 1000 residents, 150 sq. m grocery and 300 sq. m of non-food areas.
  • Be sure to take into account the specifics of the business in residential areas in order to choose the right niche and get the job done.

What are the peculiarities of business in residential areas?

  • 85% of the residents of the sleeping area are working class. In this regard, the largest flow of visitors is in the morning and evening. During the day, active trading is possible only on weekends. Often, entrepreneurs increase the opening hours of the outlet in order to get the maximum profit. For example, in dormitory areas, convenience stores are common.
  • The same clients come to you. Of course, there is a share of casual visitors, but the overwhelming majority are residents of the sleeping area. Therefore, it is important to keep the quality of service at a high level. If a store sells a damaged product, provides poor quality service, or gets rude to a customer, then you will lose a customer. A person who does not like the service will start walking to the next point on principle.
  • If you follow the quality of the service, you will be able to build up a customer base, which is an undoubted advantage of the business.

How to calculate whether it is profitable to open a business in a residential area?

For a business in a residential area, you can use one method of calculation. It gives approximate results, but takes into account important parameters. So, let's try to calculate the profit of a retail outlet in a residential area. Let's say you are planning to open a grocery store in a residential complex. 1000 people live here. Of these, 5% of residents 50-60 visit your store at least. The average purchase check is 200 rubles. This means that your outlet will receive 10-12 thousand rubles per day, and the monthly revenue will be 300 thousand rubles or more. In addition, 30-40% of the main stream are residents of other areas who work nearby or pass by. And this is another plus 80-100 thousand rubles. Now it remains to deduct monthly expenses from revenue to find out the amount of profit. Small business in residential areas brings in 40-200 thousand rubles, depending on the specifics of the activity. Thanks to such calculations, you can not only estimate the amount of profit, but also find a more profitable place by comparing different points.

How to choose a profitable business in a residential area?

How to choose an area that is guaranteed to be profitable? Practice shows that in residential areas it is possible to conduct business in various directions. It is impossible to name specific amounts of profit for each type of business. It is important to take into account the conditions in a particular area: competition, target audience, infrastructure, etc.

Inexperienced entrepreneurs inevitably make mistakes even if they act according to a business plan written by specialists. Business ideas for beginners with minimal investment will help reduce risks at the start. Such niches are quickly and easily tested, do not require serious education and professional skills, and allow you to quickly and painlessly change the direction of activity in case of failure.

Features of starting a business without large investments

A beginner entrepreneur should understand that choosing easily implementable business ideas, he will face the following problems:

  • a high level of competition, due to which most market participants are trying to dump;
  • spoiled and selective customers;
  • lack of orders due to for lack of marketing budget;
  • unpredictability of demand and income;
  • lack of competitive advantage in the absence of personal experience in the chosen niche;
  • direct deception on the part of the customer due to work without a contract.

The statistical probability that a business started from 0 will become profitable - 10%. It is best to consider this as a set of experience in communicating with people, finding solutions in crisis situations, developing a business sense, which will further become the reason for success.

Step-by-step algorithm for choosing a promising idea

Beginners make a problem out of choosing a niche and trample on this stage for six months. The following algorithm will help you make an informed decision and start working for yourself:

  • Make a list of your talents, hobbies, interests and preferences that you can do / implement now.
  • Think about how they can be monetized. Example: I love to sing - I will give vocal lessons. Not all classes will be able to see money right away. Perhaps thoughts will come later. Let this task weigh in the chambers of your mind in the background.
  • Figure out what resources are needed to run and how to get them.
  • Run test version of the project. The quality should be 3+ or 4-. Idealists can never start, i.e. all the time they are finishing something.
  • Evaluate the first results: like it or not, how much resources were spent, did you manage to earn, did you want to continue.

If making lists and carrying out brainstorming drives you into a stupor, then a business without investments from scratch can be started according to ready-made schemes.

Small Home Business Ideas

The section contains relevant areas for home earnings that do not require long training. The average investment is 10,000 rubles.


What is the business of the future? What business will be in demand after the coronavirus? We present an overview of 22 business areas that will be successful after the coronavirus and in the next few years. Let's walk from the business ideas of the present to the business of the future. Consider promising business areas, from those really operating today, such as robotics, chatbots, fitness applications, and to ambitious business niches - space tourism and asteroid mining.

Despite the coronavirus crisis in the world, high-tech business and techno-startups have been developing steadily, they are doing quite well today and will be in demand in the future.

22 promising business niches after coronavirus and in the coming years

) Space tourism

Space tourism and space travel is the business of the future, but soon it will become a reality. New technologies have opened a window to the world of new opportunities for space exploration, space travel will be available to people in the near future.

According to a UBS report, the space travel market will be valued at over $ 20 billion by 2029 and space tourism at $ 3 billion.

Space travel is at an early stage, but the space industry is actively expanding and getting closer to reality.

) Boat and helicopter tourism

The business niche of helicopter and boat tourism is actively in demand and is developing. Who would not like to explore their place of residence or vacation from a bird's eye view on a helicopter or taking a walk with a picturesque view on a ship, boat, boat?

This business will not only expand the list of tourist attractions in your area, but also create unforgettable memories and provide vacationers with a unique experience. This business will require serious capital investments.

To start this business, adhere to the following rules that will ensure success: • Setting up a business • Location, location, and again location • Choosing a model of helicopter or boat, boat • Regulatory compliance in the field of operations • Licensing & Insurance • Startup Marketing & Branding

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