The best and unusual business ideas from around the world

In this issue, we will tell you about five creative business ideas from all over the world that have made their creators famous and brought them a lot of profit. Each of these ideas is unique and admirable. You can see with your own eyes how a non-standard approach to standard things brings fortune.

What does creative business ideas mean

By the word creative we mean those ideas that stand out from the crowd, that is, something that goes beyond the standard framework of understanding of doing business. After you read at least a couple of them, you will understand what is at stake. Let's take a closer look at each of these 5 miracle ideas. For residents of small towns, we have also prepared a good one.

Dish-breaking business

This creative business idea is in high demand in the USA. As it turns out, smashing dishes is a good way to relieve stress. The value of a round depends on the type of tableware chosen, for example, the client can choose any item that he would like to break - 4 vases will cost the client $ 15, and 20 plates will cost $ 50. The owner also took care of the safety of the clients, and before starting the process of destroying the dishes, the client must wear special clothes so as not to injure himself with shrapnel.

This business generates a good income, and over time it only becomes more visited. Its owner is a man named Sarah’s Smash Shack and its establishment is located in San Diego, so if you are in this city, you should definitely visit this wonderful establishment and see for yourself.

Do you think it's crazy who would buy a book without a word? You are wrong. A living example of this is a Briton named Sheridan Simov, who brought this insanely creative idea to life. He published a 200-page book entitled "What Men Think Other Than Sex" in which there was not one printed book, moreover, it does not even have pictures, it has only 200 blank pages.

The book quickly became a bestseller in the UK and brought its owner fame and money. It is bought mainly by students to record lectures and use it as a notebook for study. By the way, anyone can buy this book on Amazon for only $ 8.

Anyone is periodically stressed, and office workers are exposed to it even more often. But the Japanese company Solid alliance offers a solution - they came up with an anti-stress button that needs to be connected to the computer as USB. This button has 3 modes of operation.

  • working mode
  • combat mode
  • explosion mode

After pressing the button, different actions take place in each mode. For example, if you click the first option (work mode), an Excel document appears in which you can safely work, but if you feel stress, you can switch to (fighting mode), in which case a doll will appear on the screen, which you can muddle properly.

This is how employees get rid of stress. These are practical and creative ideas for business that come to us from distant Japan.

This strange toy called Study Ball appeared not so long ago in America, it represents, as strange as it may sound, foot chains for schoolchildren who do not want to do their homework. On the bracelet itself, a special timer is installed with a record of how much time is left until the end of the training. The system works in a very simple chain of 50 cm, and the ball itself weighs 10 kg, and an electronic timer is located on the bracelet, which shows how much the naughty student still needs to learn.

It's hard to imagine a more effective way to promote your business than video advertising. It's informative, interesting, and you can distribute it however you like - shoot quality promo videos for social media, broadcast live or post short video stories.

A couple of years ago, video advertising was part of content marketing. But technology has made such a leap forward that even smartphone cameras offer decent quality and frame rates. Technological progress has given rise to a separate area called video marketing. In the era of YouTube and Twitch, movies and clips are more responsive than text, conveying as much information as possible in the shortest possible time. The main thing is to find the right idea that fully reflects your goals. We have selected 9 types of video content, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Why is video marketing important for today's business?

Internet marketing is growing at an incredible pace. New ideas for video are born, and many of those that were previously effective lose their advantages and become a thing of the past. One of the most promising tools today is video marketing - a way to transmit information using video that can bring any product to the top of sales.

The human brain can process visual information with ease, so video content is mostly entertainment in nature. We don't always have time for long articles, but we'll gladly take a minute or two to watch a new video from our favorite blogger. User activity on YouTube is growing day by day, and Facebook is keeping pace with the recent introduction of its own streaming app. Live broadcasts are a new, but quite promising source of attracting potential customers, which will finally secure the primacy of video content in the field of advertising.

But the potential of video marketing goes far beyond promoting products and services, opening up incredible opportunities:

  • Video copywriting is gradually replacing traditional copywriting. Concise ad copy, attractive graphics and professional voice acting are very effective sales tools;
  • You can promote your video content on all the major social networks in the world, from Facebook to Instagram. Engage as many people as possible with your campaign;
  • You can now communicate directly with your audience through social media videos and live streams;
  • The right type of video content can quickly double your subscribers and create audience around your brand.

Main social networks and sites

A key element of any video marketing campaign is an active online presence. The number of reposts and comments under the video depends on what platforms and social networks you plan to promote it on. Each variation works best with certain types of videos, and combining several of them into one strategy will have a positive impact on your brand awareness.

There are a wide variety of websites to choose from, but few have an adequate viewer base. Below are three main platforms where you can get the most out of your video idea.

Do I need to explain something? YouTube is what gave birth to video marketing. It easily outperforms any other video sharing platform. It is a vast and powerful tool with tremendous potential. The main advantage of this site is that it offers a set of useful features for free, and unlimited video length is just a nice bonus. There is everything here to realize any ideas for making a video. In addition, YouTube is the second largest search engine, reaching all age groups. People use it to find all kinds of information, from news to educational videos. Built-in analytics system lets you track the performance of your videos. Another plus is that YouTube is suitable for almost all types of videos, except for stories format videos and live broadcasts, which are not popular on the platform.

Unlike YouTube, which is primarily a video sharing platform, Facebook's primary purpose is social interaction. Nevertheless, the number of daily video views on the site reaches an impressive 4 billion. Due to its specific nature, Facebook is more effective as a communication tool, which makes it a great platform for sharing short videos, but some popular video ideas turn out to be ineffective. In addition, the recently launched Facebook Live feature has yet to gain enough popularity to become a reliable marketing tool. The majority of Facebook users are over 18s, so content disseminated through the site should be targeted at specific age groups.

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