Startups - what is it in simple words: TOP-11 business ideas of 2021 with minimal investment examples of successful projects in Russia and the USA

According to the materials of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, about 305 million startups are registered in the world, about 100 million are opened annually. Edible tableware, selling illiquid goods - these startup ideas from 2021 have already become successful and profitable.

What is a startup and what is the secret of its success?

Principles of a Successful Startup

How to choose an idea for a startup?

The most interesting ideas for startups from around the world

Pressed napkins for restaurants

Mobile Apps Release

Production of light bulbs that simulate daylight

Special packaging shampoo release

Actual start-up ideas for business with minimal investment

Hello dear readers and subscribers of the BabloLab business magazine. u. Today we have prepared for your attention a useful article analyzing the best ideas for a business, namely, we will consider startups with a minimum investment of money at the start.

From the article you can find out:

  • How and where to start your business with a minimum investment?
  • Which niches are the most profitable and accessible to beginners?
  • Which projects have been successful in Russia and abroad?

If you are planning to find a suitable idea, then we have already prepared everything for you. The rest is in the text.

Startup - what is it in simple words: definition of the term and its essence

Startups, what are they? For the first time in general use, the term "Startup" was introduced by the American entrepreneur Stephen Blank. Literally translated from English, in simple words "startup" means "start of the process, launch, start", but in relation to a business idea, a startup is a temporary project that is created in order to implement a larger-scale business model in the future.

All classic startups (regardless of country of origin) have common features: they are all projects with minimal investment and they are all built on the basis of an original (exclusive) idea and never repeat an idea that was already someone suggested earlier.

The topics of a startup can be very diverse: From food to space exploration, the main thing is that it is a fresh and bright idea. At the beginning of development, the project may not even be legally formalized. This can be done later, in the event that the project becomes successful and begins to bring the first profit.

Unfortunately, startups, like any business idea, have their positive and negative sides, and the negative ones include an acute lack of funding, weak market positions and lack of serious support. Although, if the idea works, then it can bring its creators really huge fees.

As an example of a successful startup, we can cite the launch of Facebook, since at that time Mark Zuckerberg's idea was new, it had no analogues in the world, and perhaps this fact helped Zuckerberg become such a successful and outstanding entrepreneur in future. You can also mention Wikipedia, YouTube, Skype and other software solutions - after all, they were all once someone's ideas that worked.

It's hard to find a person who never dreamed of starting his own business in his life. But on the way to a successful business, for many, the stumbling block is the lack of the necessary amount of money or the right idea. But you can find a way out of this situation. Namely - to work out original ideas for a startup that do not require large investments.

How to find startup ideas?

The ancient Romans used to say “Qui quaerit, reperit” (who seeks finds). The main thing is to make the right effort. Know where to look and how.

Let your imagination go

If you want to start a successful business, in addition to income, it must bring joy. Therefore, first of all, you need to ask yourself a question: what brings me pleasure? The question is quite banal, but the problem is that very few people can answer it as honestly as possible. The mind immediately turns on and begins to automatically filter out half of the ideas that it considers “not real”. And it is in this area that successful projects are located.

If you want to be the first, let go of your imagination and do not stop it from generating unique ideas. At the initial stage, the main thing is to get a raw material from which it will be possible to make an expensive product.

Comfortable environment

Think about what you are missing for a comfortable life. There will always be gaps that can and should be filled. These can be basic things of everyday use, programs for a PC or phone, social services. Surely hundreds of thousands of people feel the lack of these things. And they are all waiting for someone to invent and patent the little things they need. So why not make a fortune just for you?

Change this immediately!

Our society is imperfect, but in order to bring something new, you don't have to look for gaps. Think of the industries that generate the most discontent among millions of people. Traffic jams, queues at clinics, lack of change in public transport ... Perhaps you can find a solution to one of these problems. Or find a remedy that can reduce the negative effect.

Innovative technologies help to cope with pressing problems in the modern world. Therefore, ideas for a startup are gaining more and more popularity in the business sphere, which bring huge profits to the owners. In this article, you will learn what a startup is in simple terms and what is its essence. You will also get acquainted with the best Start Up projects for 2021.

What is Startup in simple words: definition of the concept and features

A startup is an idea for a business based on the use of new technologies or on the introduction of unique products. The name comes from the English word startup company, which means "start-up".

This definition was first used in Forbes magazine in 1973.

Many projects of this type are being developed even before official registration. The format of the company and the composition of the team do not matter. An idea becomes popular only if the development helps to solve a certain problem of humanity in some special way that has not been used before.

Start Up means a temporary structure aimed at obtaining financial profit. A startup is a project to develop an idea with all calculations and characteristics, and also involves finding sources of funding and subsequent implementation.

Distinctive features of Start Up:

  • project development "from scratch";
  • limited financial opportunities;
  • the presence of relationships between partners (study, friendship, work, etc. .).

The name "start-up" is given only to those companies that have already manufactured a product, but do not yet have a strong position in the market. A "raw" project or development is not a Start Up, but a basis for creation. These concepts should not be confused with each other.

The success of innovative solutions depends on several factors. It's about the absolute confidence of the developers that their idea is really useful. Team cohesion is essential. A team of like-minded people is capable of obtaining a faster and more guaranteed result than one person.

Youth is also an advantage, even if the statement sounds like discrediting. Investors are more willing to invest their finances in the ambitious and young. But you should not take this statement literally, since the success of business ideas has no age restrictions.

Types of startup projects

There are several classifications of startups: by scale of implementation, by payback period and by type of sales. All options are clearly presented in the diagrams.

Some ideas of your own business can be opened without extra effort, and almost immediately start earning. In this collection about what business you can start with minimal investment and do it quickly.

Starting a business from scratch quickly and cheaply is the dream of any aspiring entrepreneur. And it is possible. Such a business is usually built on one type of equipment, online services, freelancing, or creative activity. Some ideas will bring additional income, while others will help to open a full-fledged business with serious profits. To start your own business, you need to analyze and calculate everything.

Beginner Entrepreneur Rule Memo:

Assess your resources: start-up capital, competencies, experience;

Start a business in the field that you know;

Carefully study the business scheme before implementing it;

Assess the prospects of a business idea: relevance, level of demand, opportunities for development and profitability growth;

Make a business plan, define an action plan;

Assess the risks: what difficulties you can face and how you can avoid them;

Consider a retreat plan in case the business does not deliver the expected results.

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