Small business business ideas

Buying and selling business equipment

Purchase and sale of business equipment

Trucking is a real man's business, which will bring in a lot of money if an entrepreneur manages to survive in a tough struggle with larger competitors.

Sawmill business is not a cheap pleasure. You will have to compete with the real "Goliaths" of the industry and invest significant funds in the launch of the business.

The hostel is becoming a fashionable type of business, as fewer and fewer people prefer to stay in expensive hotels while traveling.

Foam concrete is a modern material that is in constant and unremitting demand. Making this building material can be very lucrative.

The flour milling business has great prospects. Because of tense international relations with the United States, China will definitely need a reliable flour importer, and Russia is best suited for this role

All cuisines of the world have their own versions of pancakes. But Russian pancakes are something special. No wonder the word "bliny" is used in many languages ​​for our version of this dish. It turns out that the pancake business is Russian national fast food

An employment agency is a business that can be created with minimal financial investment. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that there will be no significant results for a long time.

Issuing paper bags can be very lucrative considering the government has declared war on polyethylene. How to start your own bag production?

Fight Club is a profitable business despite the fact that the overall popularity of fighting among young people is falling. But you should open such a case only if you are a real sports fan

Launching your own wind tunnel is a risky undertaking, because considerable investments are needed. But if you manage to "survive" and achieve popularity, you can count on a good profit.

An innovative entrepreneur who starts an extraordinary business is certainly more likely to succeed than someone who walks the beaten path. In this overview, we will advise you on which franchises you can use to start a unique business.

In a crisis, it is quite difficult to find a profitable niche and open a thriving business. However, there are several profitable areas that, even in a difficult economic situation, are not unprofitable. If you take a monetary niche, then in the future it will be easier to bypass competitors and start receiving a stable income. For you, we have considered the types of business from scratch in a crisis with which you can make money in a short time.

Advice - Retail

Especially profitable if there are no competitors nearby. For example, you can open a sales outlet in a small village. So a person is arranged that he cannot help but want to eat. Now you know what people need in times of crisis, regardless of the country's economy. It is unlikely that you will be able to take away bread from large hypermarkets, but with a wide assortment, residents of nearby houses can become your loyal and regular customers.

You can open a small grocery store where you can put up a counter for selling hot products. Tea, coffee, cakes can be sold there. Customers will be able to reheat food they just bought in the store. You will be surprised at the number of visitors who want to drink 3 in 1 coffee and eat a couple of whites. Indeed, even in the most inexpensive fast food restaurants, you can pay at least one and a half rubles for a large glass of coffee.

Only a businessman with an initial capital of at least 300 thousand rubles can open a store:

  • You will need to purchase equipment - refrigerators, racks, cash register. The cost of a used refrigerator will be about 50,000 rubles, several devices will be needed - for ice cream and dumplings, lemonades, meat.
  • At first, it is possible to do without the seller, the owner of the store will take over his duties.
  • The rent will take at least 20,000 rubles.
  • Costs are required by paperwork.
  • Payment for utilities - about 10,000 rubles.
  • Purchase of products - 30,000 - 50,000 rubles.

Fast food stall

Not everyone can run a fast food restaurant in the city center, and there are many competitors. In times of crisis, more and more people are choosing to order inexpensive meals that can be eaten on the go. In this case, you can put the van on wheels and sell hot snacks and sandwiches from the dispensing window. If the food is of high quality, hearty and cheaper than in a nearby cafe with tables, there will be no end to customers. The main difficulty is to choose a suitable place to make the stall profitable.

You will need to obtain permissive documentation to set up a stall. Taking a place with good traffic will not be easy. But on the other hand, you do not have to pay for the rent of the premises. Also, you will need to conduct communications. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on the purchase of sinks, grills and other equipment, you should try cooking from semi-finished products. You can even sell ready-made cakes, tea and coffee. Then you don't have to pay the cook and think over the recipe for the dishes.

Trade in building materials

Minor or major repairs are sometimes required in any apartment or company. Whatever the hard times, starting a home improvement store is a profitable business in times of crisis. A customer will always come to you for a package of nails or a can of paint. The main thing here is a wide assortment for all categories of the population. A grandmother will need a rug for the hallway, a married couple - linoleum in place of a leaky one, a builder or repairman - screws for drywall. The quality of the tap water is such that it is often necessary to change faucets and other parts. With a good selection of sanitary ware, the demand will be constant.

Purchase and sale of business equipment

Purchase and sale of business equipment

Riding to the sea for a natural tan is an expensive pleasure. A visit to the solarium is much cheaper, therefore the demand for the services of such establishments is stable. A tanning business is profitable - it does not require an impressive initial investment and quickly pays off.

When opening a private kindergarten, entrepreneurs expect to start a business that will bring joy - but in the end they only get a headache. We will tell you how to open a kindergarten without unnecessary stress.

Making shoe covers may seem like a frivolous and low-income business. Although it is precisely what entrepreneurs underestimate this business that is the reason for the low competition within the industry.

Despite the fact that the cost of finished products is not high, significant investments are required to start a business. You should not expect a quick payback, but if you manage to gain a foothold in the industry, you will not have to fear bankruptcy.

The technology for making ice cream rolls is quite complicated, but the business itself is extremely simple. The case is suitable for young people who do not have the opportunity to invest large sums.

The rainbow ice cream trade is a business idea for enterprising young people. The benefits are obvious: with a modest initial investment, profit is almost guaranteed.

Along with the growth of the construction industry, the market for fasteners is also expected to grow. If you start producing self-tapping screws and screws right now, you can be the lucky one who "skims all the cream".

There is high competition in the zoo market, however, in this industry, a beginner can succeed if he carefully analyzes the market, chooses the right location and approaches the design of the outlet in an original way. It is important to remember that people are ready to spend money on furry pets, even in times of crisis.

Despite the fact that the pool business requires an impressive start-up investment, the business pays off quickly - especially considering that sports in Russia are becoming more and more popular.

It is easy for people who are well versed in the economic indicators of a successful enterprise to identify the most profitable types of small business in Russia. For beginners in the entrepreneurial field, it will be somewhat more difficult to choose a promising business that would bring both pleasure and high income. However, finding out in advance whether the prospects for the project you have conceived are an important step towards the success of your future enterprise.

Unprofitable or profitable? Small business in Russia - concept

It's no secret that the most profitable business niche in Russia and in the world is the gas and oil refining industries. Representatives of this industrial segment make large-scale deals every day, every minute and earn money unthinkable by the standards of the average Russian.

Of course, such a business is not available to a common man in the street, but this does not mean at all that it is impossible to find a suitable type of profitable activity for oneself. Moreover, you can earn quite a tidy sum of money with a small-sized enterprise.

According to Art. 4 of Federal Law No. 203-F3, the maximum annual income level for a small enterprise can be up to 800 million rubles, that is, up to 66.6 million rubles. monthly.

Yes, this is not Gazprom's billions, but also not the salary that, for example, in the construction industry, a middle-level manager receives.

Please note that the number of personnel hired by the organization is also determined by law: up to 100 people can be under your command. Even if you open a chain of cafes or children's entertainment centers in your city, and meet both conditions (in terms of net profit and state), you will be a small businessman.

For those who are planning a family business, the solution is to open a micro-enterprise:

  • the number of employees is limited to 15;
  • the maximum annual income (excluding taxes) must be between 0-120 million rubles.

When looking for a quickly payback and profitable business niche, start from the main economic indicators of activity: the volume of investments, associated costs (for renting premises, transport, purchase of raw materials), the cost of services or products, net profit. You might like one of the options below. Also, this article will help you understand what business and entrepreneurship are.

Seven profitable private businesses in Russia

So, we have found out that a highly profitable small business in Russia is the one that brings the maximum revenue at a minimum cost and complies with the norms of Russian legislation.

Purchase and sale of business equipment

Purchase and sale of business equipment

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