Several new business ideas from Europe

When borrowing ideas for business from global practice, an important selection criterion is the adaptability of the model to the realities of the domestic market and the cultural characteristics of the population. If the differences are too great, you will not be able to achieve the desired result and will face a number of insurmountable obstacles. The closest in this parameter for Russia are new business areas in Europe, which you can safely use in your practice with minimal adjustments for a specific region.

In recent years, the main trends for European business are eco-technologies and energy conservation, creative ideas in the sale of food, goods and services for health and an active lifestyle, entertainment and tourism, logistics and transportation. Innovative solutions in the beauty and fashion industry also occupy a significant market share.

Ecotechnology and energy saving

Unlike the domestic market, where eco-technologies often mean the use of natural products and materials, in Europe directly concern for nature is taken to the first place. The most popular ideas in this direction, which will be in demand in Russia, are:

  • Inspection of houses with a thermal imager. This service is in demand among those who wish to reduce their utility bills. It allows you to quickly identify in which area of ​​the house there is a heat leak and eliminate this problem. Such a business requires practically no investment and long training in the procedure.
  • Production of dowels and other building materials from renewable resources. The German company Fischer is engaged in the manufacture of such products. For production, it uses organic substances that are not inferior in strength to synthetic ones, but at the same time the production process of such materials does not harm the environment.
  • Production of self-contained luminaires powered by sunlight. The idea itself is not new, but the Italian company Solenica managed to implement it in a completely new way. Its lamp redirects the light coming from the window into the dark areas of the room, making it evenly lit. This luminaire also has the ability to turn itself to follow the movement of the sun.
  • Processing of fruits and vegetables that have lost their presentation. Small private European companies are actively buying unattractive fruits and vegetables at a reduced price from supermarkets or from farmers, using them in the future for the production of canned food, convenience foods, soups, purees and dried fruits.

Active tourism and sports

Medicine, which is becoming more expensive every day, provokes many Europeans to think about health even before problems arise, which makes the development of sports and outdoor activities very popular. In this direction, new business trends in Europe offer the following ideas:

  • Rest for introverts. An unusual hotel has opened in England for people who prefer peace and loneliness. It has only single rooms and over 14 hectares of beautiful desert park. All excursions are held only in the afternoon, very leisurely and measuredly, which gives vacationers the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility. This idea appealed to visitors tired of the intensity of modern life.
  • The fitness bus is a very interesting novelty on the European market. Buses for parties can already be found in Russia, but the bus - the gym is still known only in Europe. Its potential clients are people who do not have the opportunity to spend time going to the fitness center or who are shy about public places. Also, this service can be interesting when holding holidays and children's events.
  • Hotel for children. Such hotels are increasingly being opened in Europe. They allow you to leave the child under supervision for several days without worrying about his safety and diet. This service is especially in demand among parents who are often on business trips. The hotel provides entertainment for children with animators, and sometimes school lessons.
  • Free gyms. Income in such an establishment can be obtained from displaying advertising and selling goods or services inside the hall (individual trainer, equipment, sports nutrition).
  • A mobile coworking center on a sailing catamaran. New business trends in Europe have not ignored the idea of ​​working outside the office. This project is a prime example of the success of such a solution. It allows you to combine work and a pleasant sea trip. The ship has everything you need to do business remotely - unlimited internet, separate rooms for sleeping and resting, meals are provided. Catamaran work is usually carried out on weekly tours, during which the boat is sent to the hot coasts of Italy or the UAE.

Fitness bus that allows you to play sports on the way home

Catering and food production

To stand out from the competition, food manufacturers and catering establishments need to constantly generate new ideas. European countries are no exception, where the following trends are observed:

  • Edible tableware. The most popular are edible coffee cups, which are made from various types of dough. Many restaurants go further and create edible plates. However, the latter, alas, can only be used for second courses so far.
  • French fries vending machines. This is a relatively new business in Europe that is rapidly gaining popularity. These machines do not use oil, but fry potatoes with hot air, which attracts lovers of healthy food. The process itself takes less than a minute, making the product a favorite for students and office workers.
  • Dinner alone. A restaurant that provides the opportunity to dine alone and even excludes joint meetings is very popular in the Netherlands. It has very small and secluded tables set far from each other. These services appeal to business and creative people who need privacy to plan or think about ideas.
  • Printing photos from Instagram on pastries. Such a project was created in England by the brother of Kate Middleton herself, who proposed to decorate marshmallows in this way. The idea came to the taste of Europeans and was quickly transferred to other types of products.
  • Sausage with pictures. On the domestic market, sausages with patterns on the outer surface are already known, but this time the manufacturers went further and made an image inside. It can be seen when slicing sausage, which makes it very decorative. Similar ideas have already had great success in the preparation of rolls.
  • An online muesli store with a choice of ingredients. The client is invited to determine himself what additives will be in his purchase, after which the employees collect the necessary proportions and pack beautifully. Such a store is successfully operating in Germany and will undoubtedly find its consumer in the domestic market.
  • Dinner from the book. The organization of such events is very popular in the Netherlands. The author of the business idea herself chooses the theme (book) of the dinner and announces in advance about the upcoming event on social networks, inviting everyone to take part for a fee. Not only dishes are taken from the books, but also the corresponding interior design is performed.

Edible glass of coffee in the UK

If you are looking for effective ideas for starting your own business, you should pay attention to new business ideas from Europe. Not yet widely used in the domestic market, they can become a real "gold mine".

Green Tourism

Europe is generally famous for its attitude to nature, and motives of environmental friendliness, environmental responsibility are rapidly gaining popularity in our country. The scope of "green" tourism may include excursion visits to the countryside, various farms.

All this can be supplemented with interesting details. For example, a visit to a vineyard without tasting is hard to imagine. Many people will like this kind of tourism, especially those who are tired of living in large stuffy metropolises.

Growing frogs and snails

At first glance, it seems that such a business will not be in demand. But ... It's a delicacy that the restaurant business can pay well for. In addition, large investments are not required for this.

Of course, in the case of growing frogs, the question remains with a pond or a lake, which is simply necessary for such a business. And having your own small lake, you can grow in it not only frogs, but also fish or crayfish. So, you can create a real complex business, which, with this combination, will become very profitable.

As for snails, the opinion that they are not in demand is fundamentally wrong. French cuisine is very popular. For example, in the European Union, the consumption of snails is growing by 20 or even 25% per year.

Another reason for its popularity lies in the fact that snail meat is the most dietary, and the same chicken can not compete with it.

It is not yet possible to force snails to grow with the help of special substances (like the same chickens), which means that their meat remains biologically pure. And the consumption of "clean" food is also becoming more popular.


In Europe, 60% of the marzipan business is owned by small businesses. These are pastry shops and shops. The production of marzipan figurines has become a real art, and a well-paid one.

One of the ways to legally gain a foothold in Europe is to organize business there. On the one hand, owning a business in Europe will ensure a decent lifestyle, and on the other hand, it guarantees obtaining first a permanent residence permit, and then citizenship. In many states, the procedure for starting a business is now being simplified and accelerated, which is even more tempting for foreign investors.

Advantages of starting a business in Europe

Opening a business in Europe is beneficial for several reasons:

  • for foreign businessmen, in most cases, the procedure for obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence and acquiring the status of a citizen is simplified;
  • access to the largest market in the world, opportunities for concluding large transactions and working with economically developed partners;
  • small and medium-sized business owners in Europe are provided with tax bonuses;
  • using one currency - euro - more economically profitable and less risky for a businessman than multicurrency transactions;
  • a single set of rules for the EU countries reduces bureaucracy, paperwork, and, as a result, reduces overall costs;
  • mobility is free movement of goods, people, capital between 28 EU member states.

Thus, Europe has created very comfortable conditions for businessmen.

Types of ownership

There are 3 main forms of ownership:

  • Private.
  • Collective or group.
  • Public.

In different European countries, the organizational and legal forms of enterprises may differ. With regard to trading companies carrying out commercial activities, here for non-residents are usually available:

  • JSC - joint stock companies,
  • LLC - limited liability companies,
  • EAO - European JSC, allows you to operate on the territory of several EU countries.

New business in Europe is most often opened in the form of an LLC. The advantage is that the owner does not have to fear for personal funds, risking only those resources that have been invested in the business.

Where is the easiest way to start a business in Europe

When choosing a country in which to start a business, it is important to pay attention to its geographic location, laws regarding entrepreneurs, economic and political factors, peculiarities of the tax system.

Business in Europe implies differences in comparison with the options for doing business in Russia. The lack of similarity of ideas, as well as the implementation of those, which is reflected through the analysis of the European and Russian markets, is explained by the mismatch of needs, mentality and capabilities of businessmen. At the same time, entrepreneurs often choose ideas from Europe.

Why are some overseas business ideas different from domestic ones

New business ideas in Europe are being researched, and some entrepreneurs are being implemented even in the conditions of the Russian economy, which creates problems of running their own business.

Evaluating the popular areas of business in Germany, Great Britain, Italy and other economically stable countries, significant differences in entrepreneurship are derived, which affects not only the process of doing it, but also the result.

An entrepreneur should remember that those business ideas that are in demand in Europe can lead to losses in Russia.

When deciding on the direction of his own business, an entrepreneur focuses on a number of factors that characterize not only the economic component of the market, but also consumer preferences:

  • the pace of life of people in a particular region, even within the same country in cities, may differ in the nature of needs;
  • needs that are to be assessed separately and determine which products are purchased more often, and which only at a specific time;
  • people's opportunities, since the pricing policy and the volume of work are also determined by the purchasing power and potential flow of customers.

Small business ideas from Europe are subject to implementation in every country in the world, however, the Russian economy is considered the most "capricious" due to the different needs, orders and financial capabilities of Russian citizens.

Latest business ideas from Europe

European business ideas are diverse and affect the possibilities of a large number of business entities. The market is subject to constant assessment and analysis, which allows the derivation of the preferred options for the direction of business.

The desire to make money is based not only on the needs of people, but also on personal preferences based on both material and professional capabilities.

Make money on foreign business ideas

You have to work not 12 hours, but your head

Indecision is the thief of opportunity.

The United States is considered the generator and center of worldwide ideas and successful startups. However, business ideas from Europe are also very relevant for a modern startup. In addition, the models and methods of doing business in Europe are more adapted to the realities we are familiar with. First of all, European business is very diverse and has many options for effective models of managing its own business.

European business ideas are easier to adapt to our realities and the experience of these countries will be much more useful.

We rely on European experience in the search for "our" idea

The market is changing, growing and developing. In order to become successful, you can engage in the promotion and implementation of European business ideas. Thus, the domestic economy is gradually becoming more flexible and stable. Innovative ideas, which are now the most popular in Europe, can be roughly divided into several common top-priority and profitable areas of small business

Small Business Ideas from Europe

The shops we are used to are gradually giving way to their virtual counterparts under the sun. People have become a little lazier: now they do not need to leave the house and spend a lot of time choosing the right thing - you can just go to the site and order everything you need with home delivery, even ready-made food or groceries, not to mention clothes or household appliances. Amazon and Ebay are recognized as the best in this area, but you can find your niche in this area if you really want it.

  • High technologies in the field of communications and information

Now it is difficult to imagine a person who would not have a mobile phone or a much more sophisticated and functional "device". Even children 4 years old have mobile devices. Now even people with disabilities can easily communicate with those who do not know sign language using special devices. You can also go online for free from anywhere in the world thanks to the development of unique technological innovations. Gadgets can now be charged with everyday clothing and accessories without having to use an electrical outlet. Many large European companies serve this segment of the world market. Perhaps you are interested in working with them?

The fashion for a healthy lifestyle is gradually replacing advertising for cigarettes or alcohol. Now more and more we are told about self-improvement training, yoga, healthy eating and travel. The hotels are characterized by environmental friendliness and unusual appearance. The equipment offered by foreign developers allows treatment and primary diagnostics without leaving home, and smart mini-first-aid kits will remind you of taking a contraceptive or other medicine.

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