Services for children: business ideas in the field of entertainment, education, etc.

Children and their parents are fertile ground for earning money. The former want entertainment, the latter are willing to pay for their children to have something to do. Children also need educational services, food, vehicles, etc. This is why services for children and business ideas related to children are highly profitable and often “burn out” if demand and supply are properly analyzed.

Business ideas and children's entertainment

What is good about the entertainment industry for a businessman is a wide selection of different options, both expensive at the launch stage and quite budgetary.

Let's list the classic business ideas for children in the entertainment sector:

  • Paid outdoor playground

Investments: from 100 thousand to 500 thousand rubles per 100 sq. meters. The minimum specified amount of money will be enough to equip the playground with not the most expensive slides, swings, sandboxes, plastic toys. In some places, you will have to make the flooring from soft rugs and artificial grass. Separately, it is worth calculating the lease of the territory (if you do not own a suitable piece of land located in a good place), the cost of fencing it, the cost of the work of the observer. We must not forget about the benches for adults who will look after the children. Payment can be charged for an hour, for half a day, for a whole day of stay on the site (with the right to free entry and exit on a paid day).

Business payback: if the site is located in a park or in a densely populated neighborhood of the city, it will be able to receive an average of 30 children per day, and at least twice as many on weekends. The cost of the ticket will differ depending on the time spent on the site. On average, one child can get 150 rubles. In total, even with the most modest calculations, the costs of 100,000 rubles will pay off in the first month, larger investments - within six months. Business cannot be called 100% seasonal - if you pull tents, you can ride slides and swings, as well as play in the sandbox in the cold season. Although the influx of children will be several times smaller than in summer.

  • Fishing in the pool

If you don't have a large amount of money yet, you can start with one attraction - install a regular inflatable pool, pour water there, launch plastic fish and give the kids fishing rods with magnets. Fishing rods and fish make up a set - some have metal inserts, others have magnets. Usually babies quickly "light up", but get tired of catching fish in 5-10 minutes. You can charge 50 rubles for the service.

Investments: 5 thousand - 10 thousand rubles. This amount will cost you inventory. You will have to pay something to the administration of the park, where you will install such a simple attraction.

Business payback: 1 month. It is most profitable to install such attractions not in one, but in several places, and to put students on the distribution of bracelets-tickets, paying for their work piece-rate.

  • Inflatable trampolines

Today there are many options for how to make money in your free time, and in this material we have prepared 10 popular business ideas for schoolchildren. Most of them do not require investment, and often all you need is good internet and a computer!

Earnings on comment exchanges

You will be surprised! But this is one of the most affordable ways to make money. You do not need to have a higher education or special skills here. Write what you think, not forgetting about the script, and get paid. An average of 3 to 50 rubles is paid for a comment, which is a fairly good price.

The most popular exchanges where you can make money:

  • eTXT
  • Qcomment
  • Wpcomment

Dog walking

This service is a lifesaver for many dog ​​owners!

A dog walking service called "Reveler's Dog" was recently opened in Moscow, where the walker receives a salary of up to 60,000 rubles. You can make good money on this too!

Everything is quite simple here: just place ads on the boards of public transport stops and at the shops of your area, or in VKontakte groups of your city, you can also tell your friends with dogs that you can walk the dogs at a convenient time for them.

When there are several orders and it becomes difficult for one to cope, you can think about hiring the first workers and expanding activities.

Parents always want to give their child only the best, so the business related to children is a relevant and promising niche. This is a wide segment, covering the production and sale of children's goods, as well as the provision of various services - educational, health or entertainment.

Ideas for such a business can be formed by conducting your own mini-research - in the region where you plan to do business. When choosing a field of activity and developing a business plan, you should take into account your own knowledge and experience - if you have the appropriate qualifications, you can provide services for preparing for exams, teaching foreign languages, handicrafts or sports activities.

The most popular types of business on children

All types of commercial activities in this segment can be roughly divided into three main groups:

  • Production of goods for a child. Food, drinks, children's clothing and footwear, toys, stationery, products for pregnant women and newborns.
  • Sale of goods for children - Russian and foreign production.
  • Provision of services. Opening of educational centers, health camps, playrooms, development schools, training courses, children's car rental offices, and more. R.

The choice of the direction of activity and its unique niche depends on the size of the starting capital (as well as the ability to issue a targeted loan from a bank or other financial institution), personal knowledge and experience, and the level of competition in the selected region.

You can buy a ready-made business or implement a plan from scratch.

The most popular types of such activities are the sale of children's goods (retail stores and online stores), so it is very difficult to differentiate in this area of ​​activity. As a rule, customers choose two or three stores, which they visit all the time, and it is usually quite difficult to “lure” them into a new store.

Features of commerce related to children

Commerce related to children has its own characteristics. The production of goods for children, most often, requires the use of certified raw materials and high quality materials. To provide services - for example, training kids, it is necessary to have skills in working with small children, to have a basic knowledge of psychology.

When starting a business with baby products or services, you need to consider the following factors:

  • You cannot select suppliers based only on price. It should be borne in mind that children's products must be of high quality, otherwise you should not count on success, in addition, conflicts with parents may arise.
  • The level of sales in the field of activities related to children is determined not only by the satisfaction of the needs of the child, but also of his parents. Of course, they listen to his wishes and whims, but often have their own opinion about the purchase of certain goods or services.
  • When forming the concept of promotion for children's products, it is necessary to differentiate offers for different ages of children, i.e. this target group can literally change their needs every year.
  • To increase sales, the range of children's products or services can be supplemented with offers for parents.

According to educators and economists, entrepreneurship skills need to be developed from childhood. If 20-30 years ago the maximum that children could afford was to cook and sell lemonade in their own backyard, resell books and toys, today the labor market has been replenished with new activities. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of current business ideas for children and adolescents that can be used as permanent or seasonal earnings.

Business ideas for kids

Thanks to the Internet and modern gadgets, children and teenagers can start their own business. First of all, the Internet and related tools allow children to create high-quality business projects. Let's consider them in order.

  • Social media business. You are familiar with thematic communities on Facebook, VK, Ok. u, My World, Google+? If you publish interesting content on the group wall, you can attract advertisers and earn your first capital. Some entrepreneurs, already at a young age, managed to make money on their own pages on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more, sharing useful, sometimes “viral” information with readers;
  • Selling handmade products. If a child knows how to draw, knit, embroider, sew, make crafts from paper or other materials, the fruits of his creativity can be easily turned into retail. The sale of works can be organized on online trading platforms - in Russia these are Avito, Rusale, Rusboard, Adiso, OLX. Overseas, popular message boards are Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy.

To register an account on the above trading platforms, you will need to specify your e-mail, mobile phone number. Age restrictions are not excluded - from 18 years old, therefore, parents' help is needed to register.

Besides the web space, there are other ideas for kids' business available. To implement them, you do not need to be a frequenter of the Internet, it is enough to apply and promote your skills. It's a good idea to make money using the following options:

  • give music lessons (playing musical instruments) - the idea is suitable for teenagers and graduates of a music school;
  • tutoring - "pull up" the knowledge of peers or younger students subject;
  • walking dogs is a demanded service that may be needed by neighbors, acquaintances, friends;
  • looking after pets during the absence of their owners - it is desirable that these same owners were family friends;
  • do graphic design, photo editing, video editing;
  • become a freelance writer for a children's newspaper or magazine;
  • grow and sell herbs, vegetables and fruits;
  • grow and sell indoor plants;
  • sell used textbooks;
  • prepare sauces, jams, jellies in the kitchen and sell them to everyone;
  • maintain garden lawns;
  • earn money from surveys and reviews.

Business ideas for schoolchildren, video:

Gaming business for children

How to make money on computer and online games? Demonstration of gameplay can be organized as streaming. He assumes that the participant in the game talks about how he plays his favorite game. On the air, he communicates with the audience. To stream, you need to register on a special service where your personal channel will be located.

Money from the stream is earned by placing an advertising space in the broadcast window, connecting an affiliate program, and donations (donations) from viewers.

For a successful stream, you need a stable Internet, a powerful computer, excellent oratory skills - so that people are interested in watching and listening to the reciter.

For many years we have hesitated to create our own business for fear that it will not work out. Children are probably unfamiliar with this fear, as some of them become entrepreneurs before they receive a passport. If they succeeded, what are we afraid of?

Socks are the head

5-year-old Sebastian Martinez had an unusual passion: he collected bright and funny socks. The boy's mother once asked him to come up with his own design of socks, and the occupation so captivated Sebastian that a couple of months later he created a company for the production and sale of unusual socks called "Are You Kidding" (literally - "Are you kidding?"). The boy's mother became the president of the company, and his older brother Brandon helped with sales. A year later, the young entrepreneur could boast of the earned 15 thousand dollars. Soon Sebastian became cramped within the business, and he took up charity: in the third year of its existence, Are You Kidding raised $ 3,000 for the American Cancer Society, and also donated 25% of the proceeds from sales of specially designed socks to the Discovery Arts charity , which teaches various types of visual arts to children with serious illnesses.

Life hack: Even the craziest hobby, such as funny socks, can become a successful business if you approach the business with the same enthusiasm as collecting such socks.

“Every child is to some extent a genius, and every genius is to some extent a child” (A Schopenhauer, philosopher)

Smart News

What Nick D'Aloisio was not fond of in early childhood - astronomy, and tracked all-terrain vehicles, and train models, and 3D animation ... But at the age of 12, everything changed: Nick plunged into programming. As the son of his dad, the vice president of a large financial company, and his mom, a successful lawyer, Nick, it would seem, did not need to earn his living from an early age. However, it was not a matter of making money, but of an inventive itch. The teenager earned his first 30 thousand dollars by creating applications for smartphones. Having entered the elite King's College, Nick did not stop there: he developed the Summly application, which helps to extract the main idea from any text, for example, creating a personal "squeeze" from news or Internet search results. Nick D'Aloisio became the youngest startup in history, having managed at the age of 15 to attract investments in the amount of 300 thousand dollars from a venture capital fund for the development of his project. Two years later, the prodigy sold his idea to Yahoo for $ 30 million, becoming the youngest first-generation millionaire in history.

Life hack: When opening your own business, do not chase after profit - chase after a dream, then the profit will catch up with you.

Butterflies on the neck

Not every 9-year-old boy likes to wear bow ties, so Moziah Bridges probably swallowed his fair share of ridicule. But now the ill-wishers are no laughing matter: with the help of his mother, who helped solve organizational issues and worked at first as a salesman, the boy opened an online store of bow ties of his own design. Over the next three years, the Mo's Bows company earned 350 thousand dollars, Mozaya became a fashion guru, and his designer bow-ties are sold not only via the Internet, but also from store shelves and boutiques in 6 states of America.

Lifehack: Business, like fashion, loves the bold. Unsurprisingly, the brave are creating successful startups in the fashion industry. If this is your strong point - go for it!

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