School kits - a profitable business idea

In the centers of youth innovative creativity (YICC), children are already creating projects that can become the basis of the enterprise, the AIF told about this. u Deputy Director General of the Moscow State University Science Park Vitaly Morozov.

Creativity of "quickies"

- How close, in your opinion, is the topic of entrepreneurship to today's schoolchildren? First of all - to those schoolchildren with whom your park and YICT work.

- Entrepreneurship interests today's high school children. There is a pattern: those children whose parents are in business are more inclined to think about the development of new technologies, products or services and associate their future with this process.

The task of the MSU Science Park and our CMIT as its component is to create conditions for the development of small and medium-sized high-tech companies. Among other things, we strive to involve schoolchildren in scientific and technical creativity and entrepreneurship. This is facilitated by the system of competitions.

For example, the SHUSTRIK competition held by the Innovation Promotion Foundation together with our technopark: here schoolchildren solve practical problems posed by innovative companies that are already on the market. There are tasks from the roadmaps of the National Technology Initiative, focused on the markets of the future. That is, a child or teenager makes a project for a developing industry.

- One of the most promising finalist projects of the SHUSTRIK competition is a myostimulator for overcoming stuttering during public speaking, created by 12-year-old Arina Filimonova from Nizhny Novgorod. The device is attached to the skin in the area of ​​the diaphragm. Under the action of the current, an isolated painless contraction of the abdominal muscles occurs. Arina tested the device on herself. He allowed her to temporarily forget about stuttering, breathing control techniques, avoiding certain consonants, and just giving the presentation.

The device interested regional investors, who turned to the fund with a request to give the author's contacts. Thanks to their assistance, it became possible to commercialize the development and its subsequent promotion to the market.

The hard way of the tech business

It is important to distinguish between inventive activity and entrepreneurial activity, they are different in goals and stages of development. An invention is aimed at a technical solution of any problem, improvement of a product or process, creation of a new development. And business is about finding a customer, solving his problems, building a team, establishing a production and sales system, making a profit. They don't teach that at school.

The creation of a technology business is a difficult path, and the invention itself or know-how plays a significant, but not defining role in it. It is project activity that allows the student to acquire some of the skills necessary to create a business. After that, you can already try to do something commercial. Of course, you will be able to do this only upon reaching the age of majority.

The question immediately arises: what to do for a teenager?

There are a number of business ideas for teenagers and students, old and new, but tested by hundreds of people. So, in order:

Order Service

If a teenager lives in a densely populated area, then you can help your neighbors. It could be walking the dog, washing cars, even taking out the trash. To start such an activity, you should follow a few simple rules:

  • You need to start with well-known people who will help spread information about the services provided.
  • Post ads in the area of ​​residence.
  • To carry out any, even the smallest, order, carefully, so as not to lose a client.

It should be remembered that reputation is earned for months and years, and destroyed in one day.

Small courier mailing may be suitable for those who own a vehicle. So, even moving around on a bike, you can make good money. In addition, this type of business for a teenager not only allows you to receive money, but also to benefit the body, because cycling is the best sport.


This business idea for teenagers is very popular. Everyone is the best in any area, and you can make good money on this. Of course, it will be easier for girls, handmade things are becoming more and more popular, people can now easily exchange designer clothes for warm and soft balls or a sweater knitted according to their order.

For those who are good at knitting or sewing to order, a website can help expand your business. There are many free hosting sites on the Internet that provide domains for an indefinite period. Thus, you can post complete information about the type of activity, describe the prices and terms of order fulfillment, as well as provide examples of finished works.

If you plan to increase the volume of products and customers, you should create your own website and register on a paid domain. Thanks to this, it is possible to increase the site's database and attract new buyers with a beautiful design.

Physical work

Hello dear readers! We continue to advise you on original and profitable business ideas. This time we return to September 1 again to tell you about how you can make huge money in a couple of days. It may sound strange, but any day of the year can be used for your own purposes.

In fact, ready-made sets for schoolchildren are always sold, but often parents refuse them. They are confronted with an unpleasant uniformity that destroys the individuality of each child. Gone are the monotonous old days, so you can take advantage of the complex wishes of moms and dads to sell an amazing kit that will please every customer. You will have to put in a little bit of effort and prepare some start-up capital for this though.

Phased organization of sale of sets for schoolchildren

Selling school kits is an interesting step that entrepreneurs rarely take. It remains relevant only a few days a year, but with the correct construction of a business idea, even in such a short period of time, it brings large profits, and a couple of additional actions make trading year-round. What stages will you have to go through to be successful?

  • Stage one - preparation of documents. In any case, any trade is allowed after receiving the official papers. For this reason, you will first have to follow the letter of the law, so that later you do not worry about possible troubles. Of course, you can try to perform the necessary actions yourself, but it is much more practical to seek help from a specialist. In this case, a small amount of money will be required, but permission will be granted in just a couple of days. At this stage, it will take about 2,000 rubles.
  • Stage two - search for suppliers. In principle, this stage in any trade business can be confidently called the most important. After all, intermediaries earn only a percentage of sales, so you need to work hard to find manufacturers with the best price-quality ratio. However, before that, you should decide on the product itself, because it can be of two types, but we will talk about this a little later. In any case, at the same time, you will have to prepare for the first wholesale order, which means that an amount of 30-50 thousand rubles will be needed. Of course, it can be increased, being sure of success, but it is better not to risk it, in a critical situation, delivery is carried out within 1 day.
  • Stage three - recruiting. If you think that the kits for schoolchildren can be distributed alone, then you are greatly mistaken. You cannot rely only on your own strength, as this will turn into an unjustified offense. In reality, it is more practical to choose an experienced sales manager, as well as an efficient courier when you do not want to open a full-fledged store. In this case, it will be possible to organize a completely self-sufficient activity in order to gradually increase volumes along with personal income without much difficulty. At this stage, it is necessary to lay in the initial capital in advance 40-50 thousand rubles.
  • Stage four - attracting customers. When starting a trading business, you should pay special attention to finding buyers. Selling sets for schoolchildren is a complex process that should be as effective as possible. Most often, it remains relevant for a half month, so that the entrepreneur has a minimum of time to provide better conditions. The best way is to create a website and launch an advertising campaign on social networks. Yes, this process will have to spend about 20-30 thousand rubles, but the result will be a "powerful start", and at the same time a short payback period.

How to sell school kits?

School kits are a unique product. On the one hand, it is a wonderful help for parents, and on the other hand, it gives the seller a tangible income. In reality, these factors turn out to be weighty arguments, but they require a mandatory choice of a suitable sales method. What are we talking about?

  • Sale at a point of sale;
  • Online store.

Some entrepreneurs believe that selling through a point of sale is the only reliable option. In this case, you should additionally take care of a suitable room or place in any fuel dispenser in advance. Accordingly, incomes grow significantly by about 5-10 thousand rubles. In addition, a seller will most likely be required, but it will be possible to opt out of courier services, although this restriction negatively affects sales due to competitors.

An online store is a completely different matter. Through it, sets for schoolchildren can be offered to a wide audience, which means that the number of potential buyers will increase dramatically. It also simplifies the advertising campaign, which entails an additional tangible reduction in final costs. Perhaps we would say that the second option is much more profitable, but we must not forget that it will take at least 15-20 thousand rubles to create a good portal.

What sets to sell for students?

  • 1 Sewing uniforms for schoolchildren
  • 2 After-school school
  • 3 Catering for schoolchildren
  • 4 School bus
  • 5 For a newcomer to earn money on services for schoolchildren in 2021

School and schoolchildren are the most profitable items of income for an entrepreneur who knows how to work with a similar category of product and audience.

Since the need for uniforms, accessories, backpacks, expansion of infrastructure for children is constantly growing.

Given these factors, a business can be quite creative if an entrepreneur has his own business ideas on how to get himself into business.

Among the possible directions it is worth highlighting sewing clothes for schoolchildren of different ages, organizing a “bus from home to school” system, delivering hot meals or an extended day school.

Sewing uniforms for schoolchildren

The appearance of the student must meet certain standards adopted in a particular school. Many children tend to emphasize their individuality, which is difficult to show when wearing standard clothes.

It is on this that you can earn money by creating a company for the manufacture and sewing of school uniforms to order.

Each small client will have to develop an individual approach, take into account his wishes in choosing this type of clothing.

You can change the style of the form, using expensive and original types of fabrics, decoration, accessories.

School time is a great time when for the first time comes the realization that it's time to grow up. Every teenager sooner or later comes to a reluctance to take money from their parents for pocket money. They want to make money themselves, but they don't know where to start. It depends on the individual qualities of the person.

Someone will take risks for the sake of big profits, while others will gradually, slowly, go their own way. In any case, you can find a large number of business ideas for schoolchildren that will help to fulfill the dream and earn the first money. There are many examples of how a now successful and wealthy person took his first steps in adolescence.

In this article we will try to answer the question of how to make money for a student.

Distribution of flyers

As you know, advertising is the engine of progress. A large number of companies take this issue very seriously and distribute their products in every possible way. The distribution of leaflets has always been a leader in the rankings of business ideas for schoolchildren.

This is understandable, since this market is in demand at the present time, and its popularity will not fall in the next twenty years for sure. Adults reluctantly agree to stand in the city center in special clothes and hand out flyers to people.

Therefore, this job is perfect for teenagers.

Oddly enough, you can make good money on this. Working several hours a day, promoters receive up to 1,000 rubles. Such work does not take much time, does not oblige to anything and brings a good income for the student. Having felt this area, you can go further and start your own advertising business. It's not easy to do, but with the right diligence, anything is possible.

Execution of orders

At first glance, this type of business may seem irrelevant for schoolchildren, but this is a common misconception. Modern life is becoming faster and more active, and against this background, saving time plays an important role. Recently, many business projects have been created to help people solve everyday problems.

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