Rural business: TOP 40 best home business ideas in 2021

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There are various opinions about whether it is easy or difficult to get rich in the countryside. Probably no more difficult than starting a successful business in Barcelona, ​​Paris or the Leningrad region. So why go somewhere if there are many advantages to starting a business in a village in your home country?

The time it takes for a business in a village to pay off, as well as its profitability, depends on many factors, sometimes the most unexpected for a newcomer who has decided to start a business in the village from scratch.

With you, financial expert Alexandra Kadyntseva - let's go figure it out!

What should be considered when starting a business in a village?

Everything should be taken into account, starting from the direction of the region in which the area chosen for opening a business is located, and ending with where and how your products will be sold.

Let's list all the factors that must be taken into account point by point:

  • orientation of the region chosen to start a business;
  • climatic conditions;
  • population density in the area;
  • proximity to potential sales points;
  • the seasonality of certain activities;
  • payback periods;
  • the customer you are targeting.

The rest of the factors that need to be taken into account when deciding where to start a business in the village depend on which niche you choose for your business. Each of them has its own specifics, but no matter what business you take on, you need a good business plan, market research, start-up capital, or property that you can base your business on.

A land plot or share in the former collective farm lands, or your own summer cottage can be used as an area for greenhouses, building a poultry house, organizing eco-tourism. This will cut your start-up costs.

popular destinations for business in rural areas

Three areas are of greatest interest to aspiring entrepreneurs: growing plants or breeding poultry, animals, fish, as well as manufacturing and such an industry as business on the Internet.

From the material you will learn which business ideas are the most profitable for the village and what exactly is the best to do in the village for a good income.

Actual business idea for the village - selling firewood

Despite the fact that gas is widely used, many cottages and suburban buildings, as well as houses in the countryside, use a main or additional heating system based on fireplaces.

Moreover, firewood is a popular material for various industries that have stoves, as well as for ordinary people who are going to relax in nature. Business formation will require a number of contracts and permits. Depending on the range of types of firewood, the number of customers will also vary.

The cost of one cubic meter of solid firewood can reach $ 30. In the case of fireplace firewood, the price can go up to $ 50. The payback period for the firewood business is no more than a year and a half.

With the active development of a business idea, you can easily overcome the income level of 100 thousand rubles per month.

A very profitable option - drilling wells

If you want to organize a profitable business, use the idea of ​​creating a well drilling company. This business project is relevant for both villages and urban environments. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to develop your business to an impressive scale. Before you start organizing, you should think about a financial plan.

Drilling wells requires the use of special equipment - drilling rigs. The most budget models can cost you 250 thousand rubles. Higher quality variations reach a price tag of 500 thousand rubles.

The cost of high-tech models reaches 2 million rubles. The payback period for the project may be 1-1.5 years at current prices for drilling wells. The standard rate is 2-3 thousand rubles per running meter.

Flour production

More and more people in villages are deciding not to engage in their own farming, but to start their own business, which will bring profit. And in modern realities it will be enough to have a desire to work and develop in order to launch a successful small business. We offer the best business ideas for earning money in the village, among which you will definitely find those that are suitable for you. What business to open in a village this year?

Frozen berries as a business for the countryside

The trend towards fresh vegetables and products will increase every year. Already, many city dwellers are willing to pay more for safe vegetables or fruits. This is especially true of seasonal berries, which are convenient to freeze and sell during off-season.

All that is needed for this type of business is good freezers in large volumes, as well as growing certain berries. The best option would be to conduct a market analysis and find out what products are currently in demand.

Rural and suburban tourism

Another fashion of recent years is to have a rest not abroad, but in the countryside. It evokes pleasant nostalgia, helps to escape from city worries, and the lack of the Internet is perceived as a plus.

Owners of private houses can rent either their rooms, or build additional buildings in which guests will live. It is important to take care of your leisure time - it can be caring for plants, a vegetable garden, a garden or animals. It is also advisable to combine this with traditional rural entertainment - walking, hiking in the forest, on the lake, and more. It will be an advantage if you have varied nature, mountains or wooded areas, and you also need to create color, that is, to minimize city amenities, technology, and more, so that guests really feel like in an old village.

Another plus is that this type of activity can be done at any time of the year. Such a business in the countryside in winter will be more difficult, but still quite profitable.

Bee farming

One of the common ideas for business in the village is beekeeping. It is beneficial in that it does not require large financial investments, and there is also a very high demand for honey. Honey is a natural antioxidant, it perfectly strengthens the immune system and is used in a huge number of confectionery products. And due to its rarity, the cost of the substance is quite high.

To start a home-based bee or beekeeping business, you need:

  • learns, reads and studies this area of ​​work, the behavior of bees and the specifics of collecting honey;
  • buy or rent a land plot;
  • buy or make your own beehives;
  • buy a bee family with a queen;
  • get special clothing and equipment for processing hives;
  • think about where the bees will try - plant special plants or periodically take out the hives to flowers.

Many people think that it is more difficult to start a business in a village than in a large metropolis. This is a misconception, because some projects are much easier to implement in rural areas.

Low competition and cheap workforce contribute to the company's success. Do not forget that the “rural” entrepreneur risks the same as the “urban” one, therefore it is necessary to choose the demanded type of activity. We will talk about what kind of business you can open in the village in this article.

How to make money in the countryside

The remoteness of the settlement from the city complicates the existence of the villagers. The main problem is rural unemployment and low income. In search of a way out of the situation, people begin to think about what to do in the village in order to earn money.

There are many business ideas in the field of rural entrepreneurship. Almost every villager owns a personal plot, which allows him to engage in agricultural production: grow vegetables and fruits or raise domestic animals.

The infrastructure is rather poorly developed in the village, therefore, when thinking about what kind of business you can open, you should not overlook the service sector. Grocery stores, pharmacies, entertainment establishments, hairdressing salons will always be in demand in small settlements.

Business in a village has its own advantages and disadvantages that a novice entrepreneur needs to know about. The pluses include:

  • Low competition;
  • No tax burden on farmers selling goods from their own plots;
  • Low rent for land use ;
  • Support for small businesses at the state level;
  • Opportunity to start your own business without investment.

  • Low purchasing power of the local population;
  • Lack of improved roads, communications;
  • Difficulties associated with attracting highly qualified specialists;
  • The level of income from activities is lower than in the city.

In order not to lose financial investments and open a profitable business, it is important to analyze the market and identify the needs of the population. After the conducted research, you can start choosing a direction of activity.

What kind of business to open in the village

Author: Radislav Bartysh · Published on 29.6.017 · Updated 15.1.019

Today we will consider the TOP-5 promising ideas with which you can organize a profitable business in the countryside, even with minimal investment.

Looking ahead, we note that we will NOT talk about traditional ways of earning money for residents of rural areas - growing grain crops, keeping cattle, production of raw milk, pig breeding, poultry farming (chickens, ducks, geese, turkey), etc. - to focus on some of the most promising areas in small and medium-sized businesses at the time of publication of this material.

Walnut as a business in the countryside

Recently, walnut production has acquired the status of one of the most scandalous branches of modern agrarian business in the post-Soviet space due to the widespread “nut mafia”. However, every year the areas under walnut plantations are increasing by tens of thousands of hectares. And all because the nut business in the countryside, with limited investments and minimal risks, can bring about $ 4- $ 5 thousand in profit per hectare per season.

In an interview with the Internet resource propozitsiya. om Vice-President of the Ukrainian Walnut Association Gennady Yudin said that in 2021 Ukrainian agrarians exported about 40 thousand tons of walnuts worth $ 80 million. This is $ 2 thousand per 1 ton.

Such export volumes allow Ukraine to maintain a leading position in both European and world markets. But at the same time, the cost of domestic walnut is one of the lowest. The fact is that almost all of the Ukrainian walnut is not varietal, but grown on the household plots of rural residents, who subsequently sold the raw material to dealers in a “common pot”.

Varietal walnuts - the key to high profits

The average cost of a two-year grafted high-yielding varietal walnut seedling with a thin shell, frost, disease and drought resistance ranges from $ 10 to $ 20 apiece. After 3 years, it will begin to bear fruit.

A mature tree will yield about 35 kg of raw material per season, where the share of the kernel will take 45-60%, depending on the variety.

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