New Year's business, how to make money before the new year

The New Year is already very close, soon all city streets will be filled with happy people and funny songs. But there are those who are looking for ways to make money during this period of time. If you are one of them, then the following ideas for making a profit on NG will be useful to you.

DIY products

You can make good money on hand-made, especially when everyone is actively preparing for the New Year.

The following are in great demand during this exciting period:

  • Christmas tree decorations, which can be knitted, made of foam, made of beads, etc .;

And much more. The flight of imagination is unlimited - feel free to experiment!

Themed gift sets for every taste and letters to Santa Claus

Creative, unusual gift sets are a major revolution in the field of New Year gifts.

The same candy combinations have long gone out of fashion, they were replaced by thematic gifts.

Ideas can be very different. For example, you can create tea combinations with unusual signatures. A good option would be to form gift sets for children or perform creative work: writing letters to babies from Santa Claus.

Leasing of residential and non-residential premises for celebrations

  • 1 Sale of Christmas trees and firs for the New Year
  • 2 New Year's service of coming to the house of Santa Claus
  • 3 Creating handmade New Year gifts <
  • 4 Taxi services on New Year's Eve
  • 5 Rental of equipment for winter sports
  • 6 Formation of scenarios for the holidays
  • 7 Newbies in business for New Years holidays

Many people prefer to engage in different types of entrepreneurship at certain times of the year, allowing them to get high earnings in a short period of time.

Most often they are guided by business ideas for the New Year holidays, when people want to create a unique and unique atmosphere of celebration and magic.

With the help of various services and offers, these days are made unforgettable, and this is especially true for families with small children who believe in miracles and want to enjoy the holiday.

Before starting any work, you should carefully study all its nuances and features, so that the activity in any case is legal and free.

It is not desirable that there are many competitors. Also, entrepreneurs themselves must be specialists and craftsmen in a specific type of activity.

The most relevant areas for New Year's work are:

Sale of trees and firs for the New Year

These elements are an indispensable attribute of this holiday.

Some people prefer to install artificial trees every year, but most people still prefer to have a real tree at home or in their apartment.

For those who cannot indulge in idleness for several days, the New Year holidays are a fertile time for the implementation of business ideas. Why are they attractive and why are they beneficial? New Year's projects are uncomplicated, do not require large financial investments and give a good profit. The most popular business ideas for the New Year 2021 and 2021 are in this article.

Advantages and disadvantages of New Year's business

The advantages of New Year's entrepreneurship are obvious:

  • quick payback, with minimal costs;
  • seasonal work that does not interfere with the main activity;
  • 100 % profit can be obtained in just a month of New Year's business, since large markups can be made on New Year's goods.

The downside of business during the New Year holidays is its transience. The relevance of New Year's goods and services is quickly ending and we must wait for the next New Year. But, having earned experience within one month, you can continue the business by changing the types of services or goods, or continue to expand the business, if it is not specifically tied to the New Year theme. back to contents ↑

How you can make money on New Year's business ideas in a year

On the eve of the New Year, New Year's business ideas can be implemented in 2021. You should not choose complex projects that are difficult to implement in a short time. To start a new business, you do not need to have a large start-up capital, go into debt or loans. In order not to burn out, it is necessary to think over not one, but several ideas and calculate the profitability of each of them in relation to specific conditions. So, consider the options for a business dedicated to the New Year holidays:

  • with a small start-up capital;
  • with minimal investment.

Business with start-up capital

Many business ideas for the New Year require investment. You won't be able to do without any expenses at all. This section presents projects that require an initial capital of up to 150 thousand rubles, which will pay off many times during the New Year holidays.

Packaging for sweet and corporate gifts

You can deploy this mini-business two to three weeks before the start of the New Year holidays. To implement it, an amount of 100-150 thousand rubles will be required. This is quite enough to buy confectionery and packaging with New Year's symbols. Today, on the packaging market, you can find original types of these products. You can also pack it yourself. The more unusual the packaging itself, the less important its contents are. Therefore, more attention should be paid to this particular component of gifts.

We need to think over who will be the buyers of the products. These can be:

  • office workers buying corporate gifts;
  • kindergartens;
  • schools;
  • hobby clubs, etc. <

In order not to lose the client base, it is necessary to carry out monitoring in advance by organizations, make a list of clients, their wishes. Only with a thorough study of the target audience can you start searching for and purchasing products and preparing packaging. For corporate gifts, a company logo, its slogan written on the packaging can become a very valuable element.

New Year's confectionery

Today on our channel is the final article from the trilogy about various types of New Year's business. Before we get started, I would like to say a few words about the benefits of these business ideas.

New Year's business benefits:

- fast payback period;

- work only 3-4 months a year;

- the most impulsive and rash purchases are made on the eve of the new year;

- state enterprises and private companies are allocated decent budgets for organizing and holding New Year's holidays;

- participation in tender purchases (state and semi-state organizations).

And here are the remaining business ideas.

Business idea Sale and rental of Christmas costumes

The minimum investment is up to 100,000 rubles.

The essence of the business idea is the purchase of a variety of costumes, accessories and adornments for them with the subsequent offer of rent and sale for entertainment events. New Year's holidays are distinguished by a great desire of adults and children to plunge into a fairy tale, trying on the role of their favorite character. The increasing popularity of thematic corporate events, New Year's parties and holiday photo shoots makes such a project relevant.

To organize and implement the project, you should take care of purchasing a variety of costumes in advance, which can be conditionally divided into categories:

  • children under 3 years old;
  • children under 10 years old;
  • youth and adults.

The New Year is a great reason not only to relax and have fun, but also make good money. Sometimes the latter can be done without prejudice to the first two. Because, as they say, as you celebrate the New Year holidays, you will spend the same year. This means that the celebration of the New Year is good for starting a small, home or hobby business, of course, for creative and smart people. Which they all are.

During the New Year holidays, the population spends a lot of money, regardless of the economic factors affecting purchasing power. With the words "we live once" during this period, a large number of spontaneous purchases are made. From small to large - household appliances, furniture, real estate cars, delicacies and just anything that falls on the eye. And these are not only things, but also all kinds of services timed to coincide with the New Year holidays. Think for yourself, will you need a Santa Claus costume on June 23? If this, of course, is not products from the nearest sex shop? But in December, such a suit is in high demand!

Therefore, the New Year holidays is a favorable period for business with minimal investment and quick payback. We present a list of business ideas that can bring maximum income before the New Year!

For example, the Year of the Dog on the Eastern calendar simply "obliges" owners to involve their pet in making money. Although in other years you can make good money on photo shoots with dogs.

New Year's photo sessions are generally in demand, and a photo with a husky, a Samoyed, a beautiful Sharpei or a cute pug on New Year's holidays will 100% break records in demand. The service is available, and the organization is simple - negotiate with a photographer or photo studio, deliver the animal to the filming location, buy simple props - a New Year's costume for a dog, a beautiful collar, a cap or just a beautiful background.

In general, only cats or raccoons can compete with dog charm. However, in liveliness and joy, they are still inferior to the dog. That is why our four-legged barking friends are out of competition in charm. And, for example, we know that every year, on New Year's Eve, some enterprising young people invite everyone to take a photo session with a beautiful dog of the husky breed. They dress him in a costume symbolizing the symbol of the upcoming New Year, and offer to make an unusual staged photo session. There is no end to those who wish! That is, services are always in demand among young people. And all you need is love for animals and ingenuity!

Handmade on the New Year theme compares favorably with the background of massive Chinese goods. And let's be frank, the latter, most often, do not shine with high quality.

Therefore, the New Year holidays are an excellent reason to sell your capabilities at an inflated price. Or rather, to find an increased demand for your hobby. And in this niche, there are practically no restrictions! Traditional proposals: soft New Year and Christmas tree toys; festive furniture covers; printed pillows; handmade cards; knitted socks and sweaters; all kinds of gift wrapping; Christmas tree skirts, candles, wreaths and garlands. Non-traditional and original: wooden Christmas trees; all kinds of home decor; New Year's costumes for pets; Christmas tree toys with unusual features. And much more, made in the New Year's motive. All this can be safely prepared for sale, since the demand is already warmed up, all that remains is to prepare an offer!

The main platform for promotion and sales is Instagram. Investments for the implementation of a business idea - from $ 100.

The essence of the business idea is to collect several traditional New Year's gifts into one beautifully designed gift-box (gift box, gift box).

For example, a set of teas can be supplemented with a souvenir mug, sweets and a greeting card. The latter can even be made handmade and complement this idea with the previous one. Or even come up with something corporate. For example, to make handmade gift soap with the customer's company logo. He will give these sets to his clients and partners. And since a good business has many friends, the order will be quite large. To the delight of the handmade master.

You can promote a product using a pre-created one-page business card site on the Internet, having thought over the topics and compositions of sets in different price categories, by concluding agreements with suppliers of the necessary goods. It will take about $ 200 to compile and photo test boxes, development of a landing-page - from $ 150. Also, don't forget about social networks.

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