New Manufacturing Business Ideas for Small Businesses

A startup is, first of all, an entrepreneurial project. But only from a banal business, it differs in originality, novelty of the idea. And this is what allows a startup to "shoot", and a small business based on it, either turn into a successful giant transnational corporation, or become an equally well-known, promising franchise. Typical examples are American McDonalds, no less American TESLA Inc., Apple with the idea of ​​a personal computer and the latest gadgets.

Russia, unfortunately, is still poor in "ideas that have fired off": only Yandex comes to mind - an analogue of Google and VKontakte - an analogue of Facebook.

The start-up parade is, in fact, a flight of fantasy, a competition of audacity of business ideas ... But it is worth getting on the tracks of pragmatism - we will try to list the TOP of the best, new startups in 2021 in Russia and around the world as a whole.

Popular Foreign Startups of the Year

And it is proposed to start with foreign projects. That is to say, so that later there was something to compare domestic "swings" with. So, the top foreign startups in 2021.

Bulbs not requiring power supply

The idea is based on the use of gravity for lighting. Modern luminaires based on semiconductor LED crystals have a radiation efficiency exceeding 83%. Thus, to create enough light, for example, for reading, very little energy is needed. So the Indian experts came up with the use of gravity for this (apparently, looking at a kettlebell clock with a pendulum). The device includes:

  • a piezoelectric element that converts squeezing energy into electricity;
  • a small "button cell" battery;
  • a semiconductor light emitter;
  • and, of course, a cable with a squeezing device.

Being suspended from the ceiling (to a height of 3 meters), such a "light bulb" will go down a meter during the night, giving out light, which will be enough to read a book while sitting directly under it. Turning off the light is simple - the lamp just needs to be removed from the bracket under the ceiling. And in order to "recharge" the device, you just need to wind up the cable and hang the lamp from the ceiling again.

The device does not contain rotating or rubbing parts, it is even difficult to break something on purpose. It was originally intended for markets in relatively poor countries, where electricity is a luxury and an exception to the rule. It is no coincidence that the rights to this invention called "Gravity Light" belong to the Indian company "IndieGoGo".

However, the idea turned out to be so successful that even developed countries (for example, the USA and Canada) became interested in the project. After all, it is economically extremely costly to pull electrical networks to sparsely populated areas.

The business climate in Russia leaves much to be desired. Opening a small business, and even with minimal investment in the jurisdiction of our country, is extremely difficult and often simply dangerous to health and even one's own freedom.

This is due to the opacity of many defining laws and procedures, the actual absence of the principle of sacredness, inviolability of private property, the presence of nepotism and corruption in society as a whole. In this regard, it is not surprising that Russia does not have its own Zuckerbergs and Masks, but there are oligarchs who control raw materials flows.

However, in such an unfriendly environment as ours, it is not even a matter of personalities, but of the general atmosphere of fear that is invisibly in the air. Indeed, will you be up to innovations if some children of prosecutors are engaged in raiding and, using the connections of their "patrons", squeeze out everything that can only bring money. You create a business here, how can you ... (and most importantly, you will keep what you have created ...).

The topic of this article is sad, but it is necessary to talk about it, since this is the only way to overcome this crisis. So, business ideas that are not in Russia in 2021 (and we can say definitely - will not be). Let's compose our TOP-4.

Multi-service couriers

Many citizens who have lived or even just visited the countries of Southeast Asia have noticed thousands of Go Jack couriers scurrying along the roads on bikes. This brand is gradually becoming no less recognizable than, for example, the same Uber. But what is its uniqueness? It's all about multitasking couriers. For example, domestic food delivery services (yellow or green) are primarily specialized. The client cannot order a courier so that, for example, one:

  • put money on his cell phone;
  • bought a certain required item at a hardware store;
  • brought him cash from an ATM; <
  • and on the way back I drove some other things to the other end of the city.

And so that all this can be paid by bank transfer (through an account), so that everything is done without loss of responsibility, and there is also an effective dispatch support service. Couriers of domestic services perform individual operations (such as buying food in a store at the request of a client), but these functions are paid for non-systematically and, rather, are a way of private earnings for the couriers themselves.

But what is the reason for such an absent market? After all, the idea is good, relevant, and given the fact that courier services already exist, in order to start such a new business (that is, to simply diversify the tasks of couriers), minimal investment will be required.

It's all about mentality. According to Western experts, there are catastrophically few honest people in Russia. In general, throughout the post-Soviet space. Most behave like predators with varying degrees of cynicism: someone is trying to steal like a wolf - they grabbed it and ran away, and then we'll figure out what kind of prey. Others set up a systemic robbery, "plucking" a little from each topic and trying to hide the ends in endless proceedings. And some, in general, on the same courier theme for the delivery of food, create a drug distribution system.

Of course, there are dishonest people in every nation, in all countries. However, it is in Russia that there are a lot of them. Sociologists reasonably believe that this is the legacy of the monstrous human losses of the USSR for the entire 20th century - after all, the best, who formed the ethical and moral backbone of the nation, died in wars and during unprecedented repressions. As a result, "outrageous" behavior in society begins to prevail.

This was already a couple of thousand years ago - in the four hundredth years of our era in ancient Rome, where it was the moral degradation of society that caused the collapse of the great empire. And strange as it may seem, it is precisely the absence of moral and ethical taboos on theft and deception among too many Russian citizens that does not allow the development of a broadly specialized courier service in our country. And there is no doubt that in 2021 an analogue of "Go Jack" (at least with an approximate turnover and a similar range of services) will not appear in Russia.

It is difficult to estimate the expected additional investments to expand the functionality of couriers in the current services. However, if we proceed from the standard for the creation of one courier workplace, then this amount is $ 1.35 thousand per person (if from scratch). It is obvious that the additional functionality will be much cheaper.

According to Rosstat, in 2021 the share of small and medium-sized enterprises in the market was 21.9%, which is 2.9% more than in 2021. By 2024, the Ministry of Economic Development predicts the growth of the SME sector to the level of 32.5%.

Starting your own business, you need to know what kind of business is in demand on the market now. After all, according to the same statistics, 90% of startups are liquidated in the first year of operation just because entrepreneurs have not studied the demand.

The share of small businesses in Russia and the world.

Business Demand Criteria

Business demand is determined by the following criteria:

  • Minimum investment.
  • Good markup. This indicator starts from 20-30% and above. Low margins will make the business vulnerable to market fluctuations and prevent reinvestment.
  • Competition level. Starting a business in a new direction is both dangerous and profitable. The new product / service has not yet been tested by the consumer, so the demand can be studied only in theory.
  • Growth potential.
  • Demand for a product / service.
  • Trade period. The construction of private houses and the sale of consumer goods generate different income. But the duration of the transaction is also different. Starting a new business, when the risk of failure is great, it is worth choosing a business that will start generating income from the first days.
  • Fast return on investment.

Startups prefer a business that has no additional commitment. Providing a guarantee, for example, is a cost with no recoupment, which can be a path to bankruptcy for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Dependence of the demand for activities on the entrepreneur

A preliminary analysis of the market, which is carried out by a businessman, is important. The entrepreneur must tell customers about the importance and value of the goods / services sold. This is necessary if the product is new, unfamiliar to the consumer. An active advertising campaign would be appropriate.

The level of training of specialists who contact customers is important. Employees need to be knowledgeable about the product / service they offer in order to convey information to buyers.

Most wanted areas

From 2021, Russia is expected to demand for children's entertainment and educational mobile applications. Textbooks are being replaced in educational activities by websites and programs, which are few on the market.

Own production

You don't have to have a lot of start-up capital to start your own business. Today there are many options for the production of products that are in demand in Russia

Doing business in the field of production is a very difficult and responsible task. In addition to the start-up capital, the entrepreneur must have organizational skills that will make it possible to properly set up all the processes. You will also need highly specialized knowledge in your field in order to optimize costs and bring the final product in accordance with all norms and standards.

But if successful, the founder can get a source of stable income. This article will tell you about current business ideas for production for beginners, as well as the difficulties and some of the nuances that you may encounter along the way.

Mini-factories for small businesses - idea overview

Today, the idea of ​​using mini-factories can be implemented in a variety of industries. People choose this type of activity largely due to the lack of large start-up investments. In addition, such industries have high margins and quickly become self-sufficient.

In the current realities, mini-production for small businesses in Russia is most often implemented in the directions listed below.

Construction. A very popular and, accordingly, a demanded niche in the domestic market. To meet the demand in certain segments, capacities for the production of concrete, paving slabs, bricks and other types of consumables are relevant.

Devices of a wide range of activities are also quite common:

  • meat processing;
  • dairy products production;
  • confectionery and bakery products, juices.

Garbage recycling. This niche has emerged against the backdrop of growing concern of the world community about the state of the environment. Working in this sector, one can count on the loyalty of officials and, as a result, state benefits and subsidies.

Oleg Braginsky, the founder of the School of Troubleshooters, analyzed requests in the 2GIS service and found 15 growing and most promising business niches in different cities. The demand for them is actively growing, which means you can safely start your own business.

Sooner or later, a successful entrepreneur faces the question of expanding his business. Hometown covered, where to go next? The eye looks towards the capitals, but rent is more expensive there, wages are higher. Will the business model withstand fresh ambitions? Will the flair, which has saved more than once before, fail?

Before claiming expansion, it is useful to study what people need when making requests to geographic information systems from mobile phones. Consider the change in interest trends for 2021 and the first quarter of 2021. Look for the category you need, explore tasty cities. But first about the dimension:

  • Processed 2.3 billion requests for 118 settlements of the planet in 1'570 headings.
  • Discarded categories that had fewer than 50,000 searches in 15 months.

I selected cities of similar user interest by clustering. Formed 10 similarity groups. We often think in terms of geographic proximity. We believe that Kaliningrad is almost St. Petersburg, Barnaul - Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk - Vladivostok. Are they nearby? Dangerous delusion!

Localities may be thousands of kilometers apart, but the mentality of the inhabitants will be similar. This is taken into account by large players, dividing territories between regional managers. The focus is not on saving on tickets for short journeys, but on the integrity of the manager's mental model.

Let me explain. When managing advanced, mid-range and stagnant cities, the manager has to maintain three lines of behavior:

  • leaders - to praise and set as an example,
  • middle peasants - to adjust and equate to the best,
  • laggards - avoid, offer to close ...

Changing the approach. We concentrate localities with a similar attitude to business at each colleague or partner. Now the same findings, insights, reasoning and models will come in handy in every city.

Cluster of settlements (names are conditional, grouping is mathematical):

Far East

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