New business ideas from abroad

Starting your own business is always fraught with risks. Aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to start small business and gradually expand their business. It is important to "plunge" into the basics of entrepreneurship and gain experience.

For organizing your own business, business direction, fashion, location are taken into account.

The ideas presented in the article do not require large financial investments and do not carry a large risk.

Some of them are suitable even for teenagers and retirees.

The role of small business in the world and in Russia

Small businesses are assigned important tasks in shaping the country's economy:

  • elimination of unemployment;
  • saturation of the market with goods;
  • expansion of competition, demonopolization;
  • replenishment of the state's monetary resources ;
  • achievement of scientific and technological progress.

Small business is an important indicator of socio-economic development in the country. In some developed countries, the contribution from this direction is more than 50% of GDP.

Due to the growing role of small business in the world, states are taking legislative acts to stimulate this area of ​​activity. In Russia, the support program is carried out in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 30. 2. 014 No. 1605 "On the provision and distribution of subsidies from the federal budget to the budgets of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation for state support of small and medium-sized businesses, including peasant (farming) enterprises."

Things to consider when choosing a business direction

There are three conditions that are important to rely on when doing business /

Product market prospects

If we take as a basis the fact that the Internet in Russia as a whole follows the Western path (although recently they have been proving the opposite to us), and the country itself as a whole lags behind developed countries by n-th number of years, then , one way or another, we can come to the conclusion that all the significant trends in the world will eventually roll up to us. For example, while in Russia they realize the danger of selfies and stamp brochures, in the Rotting West they are already indulging in belfies and shoe selfies, to which we still have to grow and grow. But we got distracted.

We have caught for you some interesting and promising trends that are emerging in the US right now, but we are looking forward to when they come to us to start pouring traffic with renewed vigor.

Online grocery stores

According to a study by Business Insider Intelligence, online grocery stores should do the most in the United States in the coming years. After all, Americans spent $ 600 billion on food in 2021, but online accounted for less than 1% of that.

Nevertheless, polls show that people would like to buy products on the Internet: users in the age categories 21-34 (57%) and 35-49 (also 57%) showed a special desire. Mobile is especially promising - almost 37% of Americans said they would like to order cakes directly from their phone. However, so far only 5% of US supermarkets allow ordering through their mobile apps.

Razor Blades Online

The Wall Street Journal in the middle of this summer talked about a new trend: in America, there is a boom in online sales of razor blades. It is curious that for several more years such a market practically did not exist, however, over the year, the volume of online sales of blades almost doubled and amounted to 263 million dollars, or 8% of the total market volume.

It should be noted that such a rapid growth came as a complete surprise to experts. He also caught the undisputed market leader, Gillette, by surprise. Of course, it is also growing, but small firms are growing much faster. Now the leader in the US is Dollar Shave Club, which 3 years ago was just a funny startup, indulging in provocative videos. Now their main feature is still the monthly sending of cardboard envelopes with blades to their subscribers.

Home call services

Another interesting thing that is gaining momentum is mobile services that allow you to call a doctor at home. These startups provide home health care, ranging from vaccinations to wound healing. Some also give professional advice to nurses via video link and, if something is really wrong, come to the patient.

According to the same The Wall Street Journal, among the notable players are Pager, Heal or RetraceHealth. The cost of a doctor's visit is on average $ 100-200 and is not covered by insurance, but, as practice has shown, people are willing to pay to get help quickly and not waste time visiting a polyclinic. Pager alone has used about 5k patients during the year of its existence. The main target audience is young mothers with children. Routine procedures are also very popular, for example, checking cholesterol levels, blood sugar, etc.

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