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"I wouldn't say I got rich": how much does a developer earn in a fintech startup IN Rotterdam

The story of a former trader from Yekaterinburg, who decided to become a programmer at the age of 32. For several years he managed to work for a local IT company, move to Moscow and then to the Netherlands. Now he is engaged in a fintech startup in Rotterdam and is mentally preparing to get a job at Tesla or Google. render completely.

My education has absolutely nothing to do with programming. I graduated with a degree in finance and credit and studied stock exchange at a second-rate stock market institute in Yekaterinburg. Despite the fact that it was education for the sake of a crust, in my student years I really fell in love with trading. After graduation, he went to work by profession: in the mid-2021s, he got a job as an arbitrage trader in a local investment company. Traded in securities and other instruments.

Everyone who wants to be a trader believes that it is very easy to make money in this area, that this is just a Klondike. In fact, in order to really make money in trading, you need a lot of experience and a good understanding of the market. I know people who only after ten years of work begin to understand something in the profession and get decent money for it.

I had a piece-rate salary: the minimum salary was 10,000 rubles to meet the minimum wage, plus a percentage of the exchange earnings - as much as I earned, I got that much. Sometimes it was good interest, sometimes it was not at all. When I was lucky, I could earn 250,000 R per day. But then I could lose the same money in one moment. On average, there were 20-30 thousand over the salary. In total, about 40 thousand - the average income for that time.

In four years, I have grown from a simple "cannon fodder" to a branch manager. I was responsible for all business processes, carried out risk management for traders under my supervision, made sure that they did not lose a lot of money. But I was too arrogant a leader. I don’t want to take leadership positions anymore - this is not for me, I need something more creative.

I liked the work of a trader in general. But she is quite nervous: you never know how the month will end, whether you will receive your interest or not. You are thrown from one extreme to another.

When you earn something, you feel the buzz, when you lose, you feel anger and hit the keyboard with your fist. Seriously, the keyboard was a consumable there. All this stress can result in illness. Over the years as a trader, I developed gastritis, and I even ended up in the hospital.

So one day I decided to change my job to a more relaxed one and went to the treasury department of the bank. I loved this job, it’s an experience that I don’t regret in the least. Unlike trading, where I sat all the time alone in front of the monitor and traded, here I had to communicate with counterparties or clients who want to buy currency or bonds: you tell them the price, quote, so to speak, and conduct the transaction. I was constantly on the phone and honing my communication skills.

All this time I was dealing with other people's money and was not responsible for the actions of clients, I just fulfilled their orders. For example, once I needed to buy 2 million euros for one Ural sportswoman. Entering the market with such a volume is stressful: they will immediately see your application and start running from you. So I had to buy a little bit during the day, but I did it and it was nice.

I worked at the bank for three years. There I had a stable salary - 50,000-75,000 R. This is not a bad amount for the Urals - I think that even now in Yekaterinburg one can live normally on that kind of money.

All these years of work in the financial field, I have been interested in programming and have been actively studying it in my free time. Fortunately, I had a lot of it in the bank between all these calls.

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Most people leave the small business dream unfulfilled. There are various reasons for this: someone does not have the financial means, someone is worried about a possible failure, someone does not know what idea to implement in business. Where can I find a free source?

Small Business Business Ideas

How to search? At the moment, you don't need to come up with something completely new for your own business. BBport offers a directory of examples of business ideas with calculations absolutely free.

What should you pay special attention to when browsing catalogs and choosing business ideas?

First, you need to determine the area in which you would like to start your business. Here is a list of examples of some of them:

  • Fast food restaurant chain;
  • Car repair and washing;
  • Medical services;
  • Beauty salons and fitness centers;
  • Construction and renovation;
  • Entertainment and tourism.

Speaking about business, ideas, you can often find such a definition as "small business" (micro and other units). But it is correct to call such an activity entrepreneurship, while business implies a large-scale business activity in which more than a hundred people and millions of capital and profits are involved.

Considering innovative ideas for business, it is worth noting that the choice is extremely large. Therefore, if you want to start your own business, but do not know what to devote to it and how to make money, here you will find a number of interesting profitable ideas.

Interesting! Innovation does not at all mean something large and expensive. This is all that was not previously known and is closely related to science. For example, at one time, ip-telephony was an innovation.

How to choose a profitable idea for your business?

Agree that "doing" business in the capital and in a small regional center is not the same thing. Therefore, the first thing to start from is the region of residence. It is not necessary to focus only on your city. Analyze the business environment of the entire area. It is possible that your potential clients live in a small village and are ready to come to the city for your product / service. For you, this will mean the need to study available and possible routes, the prospect of using distance for marketing activities (for example, free travel for all women on March 8, and so on).

Second step: determine the size of the target audience. If something similar already exists in the region under study, evaluate how satisfied the demand for goods or services is. If the idea is innovative, you should carefully research the potential demand or ways to create it.

Be sure to consider trends. For example, a healthy lifestyle is popular today. Accordingly, a natural food store would be a great idea.

Step three: budget. Some entrepreneurs start with this: “I have a thousand. ., what can it be invested in? ”- something like this. But this is very abstract, especially since the ultimate goal of any business is to make a profit. Starting with a study of the business environment in your region, you will get a clear idea of ​​what is best to offer, "treating" which "pain" clients will bring you the most profit.

Even if it turns out that there is not enough money for the best idea, you can always find it, especially since you already have a certain part of the funds.

Where can I get money for business?

There are innovative business ideas for every budget. But not every idea will bring the desired profit. Therefore, it makes sense to keep a list of investment sources at hand:

  • deposit, own savings;
  • bank loan. Almost every bank offers various business financing programs, including start-up entrepreneurs;
  • individual. Draw up a business plan and send copies of the executive summary of this document to several well-known businessmen. A successful businessman always increases the scale of his activities, and not only by expanding his own company, but also by investing in other firms, resources;
  • property leasing. For example, you have a free room in your apartment or some popular device. Rent it out and save money to start your own business.

You can find money for the development of your own startup using crowdfunding. The most popular platform is Kickstarter. The point is that you propose your idea, describe its merits, highlight the budget required to implement the project. Registered users who are interested in the idea contribute a certain amount, and thus fundraising for the implementation of a business project takes place.

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