How to start a business with China with almost no investment

Many business ideas from China, despite their unique Asian flavor, are quite suitable for Russia. Our housewives will also love the gloves that peel the potatoes themselves. And Russian travelers, for sure, will be delighted with wireless sockets, which allow charging gadgets directly from the sun. However, business with China is not only exotic, but also the purchase of franchises, the resale of goods from the PRC, as well as the launch of technologies created in the Celestial Empire.

Profitable business ideas from China for Russia: top-

China is a country of workaholics. And here lies one of the success secrets of most business ideas from the People's Republic of China. It is worth remembering this when starting projects in Russia that are somehow related to the PRC.

Selling Chinese goods

Trade in goods from the Middle Kingdom can bring fast and high income. You can start such a business with minimal investment. The main thing is to guess with the assortment that will sell the best. Today it is household appliances, various kitchen appliances, clothes, bags and jewelry. Also, buyers are interested in Chinese gadgets, which are of good quality at a low price: smartphones, tablets, watches and fitness bracelets.

The main disadvantage of such a business is that often goods come from China in defective form. To prevent this from happening, it is important to choose the right supplier.


This is another form of trade in Russia for Chinese products. At the same time, the seller acts as an intermediary and in some cases does not even see the goods that he is reselling. To start a business, you will need your own website, where everyone can place orders. The intermediary seller will be responsible for:

  • purchase of large quantities of goods from China;
  • posting information about them on an Internet resource;
  • delivery of purchases to Russian customers.

The percentage that you can get from dropshipping is quite high (up to 100). But there is also the danger of being at a loss - if, again, make a mistake with a supplier from China. Also, the disadvantages of earnings include long delivery times. They can take up to three weeks.

Selling unique Chinese goods in Russia

Business in China, which is not in Russia in 2021-2021, should be adopted. As you know, the Chinese market has proven itself well. For example, entrepreneurs around the world apply the experience of Chinese business in their own countries. The economy in China is growing steadily.

Chinese business is engaged in mediation, wholesale, online trade, dropshipping. In addition, businessmen have taken a course towards automation. Accordingly, the PRC has leaped forward with leaps and bounds, the Chinese are ahead of the rest of the world in almost all areas of business.

It's not for nothing that the Chinese economy ranks second in the world (in terms of nominal GDP). On the other hand, in terms of PPP, China has long overtaken America - since 2021! As you know, there are more unusual startups in China than there are residents in some successful developing countries!

Starting a business requires not only funds, but also ideas. Why reinvent the wheel? For example, it is enough to borrow an original and profitable idea from our eastern neighbor. What has already been generated and worked out by the Chinese can be used in Russia.

Business in China, which is not in Russia in

We have collected 10 of the most original business ideas from China. All of these ideas have worked well.

Business from China to Russia: An idea for Paid D-Printing

Our eastern neighbor, this idea is working successfully. A 3D printer allows you to print not only knick-knacks, but also quite necessary and useful things - doorknobs, dishes, shoes, household appliances, tools, machine parts and even furniture.

3D printing is made of polymer resins, plastic, metal clay, ceramic powder. The enterprising Chinese came up with the idea of ​​not only selling 3D printed products, but also printing to order. The idea of ​​making a business on this in the PRC took root and became popular. For example, the advantages of 3D copying centers are fast, cheap and the way the customer needs it. Accordingly, the individuality of the product made the business popular and in demand.

If an expensive car has a damaged bumper, the client will simply order an analog print, and he will not have to wait long. The order will be ready within an hour. It is very comfortable. An excellent alternative to small batch production. On such a printer, you can print a lot of small things that are needed in the household.

In Russia, this business is still quite expensive. Firstly, a 3D printer costs about 500 thousand rubles. Secondly, plus the rental of premises and the purchase of consumables. Accordingly, a business project will cost a considerable amount - about 10 thousand dollars. Depending on the number of orders, the project can pay off in 1-2 years.

But so far, three-dimensional printing in Russia is difficult to take root. And the possibilities of a modern copy center are practically endless - the Chinese even print walls. This unique design solution for the interior decoration is in great demand.

The idea of ​​3D printing has found its embodiment in the food industry. Printed cakes, cookies, sweets are in great demand. The Chinese easily embody one idea in different spheres of life.

Earn on goods from China

Can you imagine that today goods made in China make up a significant share of the world market? That is, most of everything that we wear and use - clothes, household appliances, smartphones, cars - is produced in the Middle Kingdom!

This is due to the fact that today Chinese products are no longer of such poor quality as they were 10-15 years ago. Some products are of excellent quality at all - it's not in vain that even iPhones are assembled in Chinese factories.

But you don't have to be Apple to make money on products from China. Therefore, today we are giving instructions on how you can start a business with China without having a large amount for start-up capital.

We at DOKA have decided to release a series of materials on how to do business by partnering with suppliers from different countries. DOKA helps entrepreneurs to successfully deliver goods from anywhere in the world to Russia. Therefore, we know everything not only about customs activities, but also about how to conduct a business based on cooperation with foreign suppliers. For example, you can read about "customs clearance" of clothes when importing from China in this article.


You will say that today all and sundry are doing business with China. Yes, this is so, because you can really make money on buying in China and selling in Russia. In addition, not everyone wants to independently understand the sites with Chinese goods, look for what they need and wait for delivery. For them, you can become the assistant who will save them from these searches and immediately offer the desired product.

Basically, the workflow consists of 3 main steps:

- buy the desired product in China at a low price (but good quality!)

- sell a product with a markup (and make money on it)


It's time to tell you how to open your own business with China without investment. But first, let's figure out what the very essence of business with China is. Almost all people in Russia understand that Chinese goods are much cheaper than ours and, moreover, cheaper than goods from Western countries. This has always been the case, but business with China has only become popular in recent years. Why hasn't anyone really dealt with the sale of goods from China before?

Quality of goods and convenience of buying goods from China

The thing is that earlier products from China were very unreliable, and you could buy them only by visiting China directly. Of course, there were sellers of low-quality goods, but there were not many of them, and this was not a business at all. Now, in China, many industries have been established that produce high-quality goods that compete with similar goods from other countries.

With the development of the Internet, resources have been created that provide an opportunity to purchase goods from China via the Internet. These resources allow you to find the product you need, choose the product with the best price and place an order at the address you specified. You can find a lot of offers with free shipping if your product is not very heavy. At the same time, you do not pay any customs duties if you spend less than 1000 Euros monthly on the purchase of goods from other countries. Next, I will prove that there are no restrictions related to customs for Dropshipping business at all. After all, the most important thing is that business with China without investments should be exactly without investments. The main resources for ordering goods from China are the following sites: Alibaba, Aliexpress and Ebay. I will tell you more about them below.

The main sites for buying goods from China

Of course, you can go to China, buy goods in bulk there, fill a container and send it home, but this will require quite a serious investment. And in order to establish a business with China without investment, you are given the opportunity to use online services, online stores or auctions on the Internet. The main sites for buying goods from China have already been listed above and now we will take a closer look at them.

For those who don't know! To search for goods on foreign sites, you must use an online translator. Enter in the translator the name of the product like "toy" and you get the translation "toy", which must be entered in the search bar. Some sites have multilingual search capabilities, but it doesn't always work well.

Alibaba - we can say that this is the official website of China, which is a kind of wholesaler of Chinese goods. Here, goods are sold in large quantities and their cost is less than on other Chinese sites. Alibaba is the most suitable service for businessmen who want to buy goods from China in bulk and at a reduced price. Attention! You can find out the exact cost of the goods only by making a free request from the seller, i.e. the cost depends on the party and how you are able to negotiate. Try it yourself.

Aliexpress is probably the most convenient and honest site for selling goods from China. We can say that this is the official website of China in Russian. This site is very easy to navigate and has excellent support. This means that no one can cheat you with a purchase, and if something happens, you can always get your money back. In my opinion, Aliexpress is the best site with which you can establish a business with China without investment.

Ebay is a site that features products from different countries, i.e. not only from China. Many people may have heard about him in films and in other people's conversations. Ebay is the most popular and largest online auction site. But to open a business with China without investments, it is not suitable, because. when looking for Chinese goods, you come across a lot of goods from other countries and at overpriced prices.

Now you know what to sell (in another article we will look at the most popular Chinese products to sell) and where to buy, but there are still questions about where to sell and how to deliver. After all, the main thing for us is business with China without investments. Let's move on to the most important part of the article, which contains the main meaning of selling without investment.

Drop Shipping or Dropshipping

Starting a business is not at all difficult today. One of the topical topics for the Russian market is the sale of goods from China. In modern conditions, it is more than realistic to do this, even without having the start-up capital for this.

Goods from China: is it possible to start a business with them from scratch?

Chinese products make up a huge share of the goods and clothing market around the world. Today, a Chinese product does not mean poor quality. In this country, over the past two decades, production processes have been significantly improved, which made it possible to maintain the same production volumes, but at the same time improve the quality.

Starting your own business selling goods from China is more than realistic in the modern world. There are three main tasks for opening such a case:

  • search for the most budgetary options for products in China;
  • solution of the logistics issue (how exactly to deliver it to Russia);
  • market research of similar goods to set prices.

In this case, there is no doubt that such a business will be able to open. Any questions that arise at customs can be resolved (this will be discussed further in the article).

Before starting your own merchandise trading business, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with all legal regulations that govern trading. Ignorance of all the nuances in the laws when trading in Chinese goods can lead to serious losses.

Benefits from trading in Chinese goods

The manufacturing market in China covers all categories of goods: clothing, jewelry, household goods, etc. Now it is difficult to meet a person in Russia who did not have at least one Chinese thing with him.

The stereotype that all Chinese is necessarily bad has long been dispelled. Many world famous brands of technology produce spare parts for their goods in China. The main reason for this is the huge savings in professional labor.

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