How to open a business with minimal investment: TOP-22 business ideas what kind of business a beginner should do

Greetings, dear readers of the firelinks blog. u. Today there will be a very large and useful article on the topic of business. Anyone who works in a traditional job would like to have their own business and be the boss there. In the article, I will collect useful information and am ready to tell you which business you can open with minimal investment, how to choose a niche and where to start your business.

Personally, as well as a lot of people, I worked for my uncle and had part-time jobs, but today I became independent and have a passive income from a blog and some other online projects. Also, since 2021, I have a company with 5 employees. We are engaged in various installation work, draw up documentation. But it was very difficult to start. I also didn't know where to start, and the cans of coffee I drank helped to tune my brain and concentrate on my thoughts.

Many may say that I am just writing about something that I do not know myself, but unlike simple "hacks", I am ready to subscribe to every word and prove the opposite. Everyone who knows me and worked with me in the course of how much and how I make money and helped them make money.

How to start your business from scratch with a minimum investment: advice on how to start your small business

Many young entrepreneurs are interested in where to start and how not to burn out at the start of a business. The main thing that interests them is how to use a minimum of funds to open a business and at the same time get the maximum net profit. In this article, we will describe the nuances of starting your own business and consider what promising ideas exist to start your business from scratch.

A difficult problem is to get the initial capital. In the material, we will consider startups in which a small amount of money from absolute zero to 100 thousand rubles is required to open. Do not despair if the money is not found right away. Work on small projects first, then move on to larger perspectives.

To make it easier for an entrepreneur to start their own business, let's take a look at the simple steps to follow before starting.

Step Writing a Small Business Business Plan

Any profitable business starts with the most approximate calculation of all costs, risks and potential profits. A good action plan will allow:

  • determine the ultimate goal of the idea;
  • coordinate initial actions;
  • attract investors;
  • calculate risks;
  • think over marketing;
  • choose the right time and place to start work;
  • calculate the possible revenue and expenses.

The advertising business today is a highly profitable segment in the service market. With the advent of new ad formats, the chance to hit the trend and succeed in business grows. Which direction to choose for the start?

Advertising business is a very broad niche for making money. Any business activity needs promotion services. So the target audience is large and interested. All you need is to offer quality service and make a name for yourself. A competent approach and a well-thought-out business strategy will allow you to quickly open your investments. And the start-up capital can be different. It all depends on the idea that you will implement. For example, you can run an advertising agency in the format of remote work - you do not need to rent an office, buy equipment, or hire a staff. You can limit yourself to the minimum investment by entrusting orders to freelancers. It's another matter if you decide to start manufacturing and installing outdoor advertising. In this case, you need to have your own equipment and tools, as well as select the minimum staff.

The advertising market is huge, so everyone can find their niche. All the variety of directions can be classified as follows:

Outdoor advertising. Such a business requires the purchase of expensive equipment (printers, plotters, etc.). Outdoor advertising includes banners, billboards, streamers, pavement signs, signs. This segment is relevant for big cities.

Street advertising is the distribution of leaflets, inscriptions on the asphalt, the use of life size puppets, advertising through a loudspeaker, etc.

Online advertising: first of all, this is contextual advertising, search engine optimization of the site, advertising manager services, etc.

Advertising in social networks. Online advertising in social media is highlighted in a special category. networks. It involves placing ads on VKontakte, Instagram, Youtube, etc. ..

Radio and TV advertising.

These are the main directions of advertising services that are offered for business. We have collected 15 ideas for your advertising business.

Advertising in elevators

Investments: from 10 thousand rubles

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