How to create an effective business system using digital technologies

There are many Internet of Things (IoT) business ideas that you can use for your existing business, or for starting a startup. Consider the 5 most promising and innovative business ideas for 2021.

Health & Fitness

Fitness trackers and wearables are not brand new devices. We may even think that they are connected to the Internet as they can communicate with our smartphones.

But the right IoT bracelet can do a lot more. The most obvious advantage of these devices is the ability to transmit your heart rate data to doctors in case of emergency. How about smart devices that transmit your workout information to your smartphone (you may need a fitness app for that)? Or calculate what kind of food you need to eat?

These devices are then synced to your smart refrigerator, and the refrigerator sends out-of-stock information.

When it comes to healthcare, the application possibilities are even wider. If more modern devices arrive at the hospital, they can shorten the average time a patient spends in a visit. Straight from making an appointment (which can be done using a smartphone) to receiving treatment and discharge from the hospital.

The Industrial Internet of Things: Smart Cities

Every device and aspect of city life can be upgraded and enhanced by the IoT. Smart shops and traffic lights, level crossings and sensors that listen to city sounds and classify them by volume. They can even detect shots and transmit this data to the nearest police station.

Public transport does not work if roads are closed due to bad weather or breakdowns. What the IoT has to offer here is to provide public transport authorities with real-time information. This information will help them to implement their contingency plans in a timely manner.

IoT will provide every citizen of the city with access to reliable, efficient and safe transportation. This can be done simply by using information from cameras at bus stops or other public places.

IoT has enough potential to change the way cities use water. The technology can help detect water leaks with smart meters. In turn, this will prevent loss of income and increase productivity. In addition, these devices can assist consumers in providing real-time access to information on water supply and consumption.

Cars have evolved over the years: today, most car manufacturers offer advanced connectivity features such as remote control, satellite maps, car media, internet access, and so on. The future of cars looks even better thanks to advanced IoT technologies.

Own mini-production at home is a great opportunity to try your hand at entrepreneurship. You can open a home workshop alone, with minimal risks and zero rental costs.

Opening home mini-productions is gaining in popularity. A small workshop at home is a good start for aspiring entrepreneurs, because usually expensive equipment and large areas for machine tools are required to open their own production. Mini-home production usually implies a minimum set of low-capacity equipment and, of course, free area for a workshop.

Why is it profitable to start a home production

You save on rent. You can work in a home workshop or in a garage, and the savings can be invested in other needs, such as purchasing materials or advertising.

Possibility to postpone registration. At first, such production may not be formalized officially. This is only a temporary measure that will allow you to try your hand at business and get on your feet. An entrepreneur can first establish the production process, improve his skills, find the first customers, and only then register his activity.

Mini-production does not require serious investments. This is a significant advantage for a budding entrepreneur.

The investment pays off quickly. You can make a profit after the first batch of goods sold.

Small production opens up great prospects. On the basis of a home workshop, you can open a full-fledged production, if you constantly develop and improve your business.

But the disadvantages of the home workshop are also worth considering. Not every product can be made at home. For example, there may be problems with the production of products. Another challenge is the limited number of clients. Large organizations are unlikely to cooperate with entrepreneurs who run their business without an office and serious stable production. To sell their products, an entrepreneur needs to look for buyers. And it is advisable to evaluate the distribution channels before starting production.

Thus, the organization of production at home reduces the risks and makes it easier for beginners to start in entrepreneurship. The main thing here is to immediately determine for yourself a suitable and effective production option.

How to choose an idea for home production

New technologies in business are the introduction of new ideas into the process of organizing and conducting business.

New ideas can be directed to:

  • creation of a new or more efficient production;
  • improvement of individual technological processes;
  • improvement of the quality of human life;
  • increasing the usefulness of products;
  • improving the management system;
  • various changes in marketing;

New technologies cannot bring about radical changes in business processes, that is, in all its stages, they can change only some specific part. In any case, through the use of innovation, improvements are achieved that can bring additional benefits.

Growing your own business

At first glance, it might seem that all innovations concerned only construction and production. In fact, this is not the case.

Below are the main directions for business development with new technologies:

  • production ;
  • construction and renovation;
  • trade;
  • agriculture;
  • catering;
  • organization of events;
  • Internet technologies;

[box type = ”download”] You can start your own business in any of them, and for this it is not at all necessary to have a large start-up capital and huge production or retail space. [/ box]

New technologies in construction

In the construction industry, new technologies are being introduced very dynamically.

Among all the innovations, four main technologies can be distinguished:

Frame house construction

The modern realities of doing business are such that it is imperative to build your own business system. Universal solutions are no longer suitable, so you have to create unique cases.

How to do this? The best option is to take advantage of the possibilities of digital technologies, which will take the enterprise to a qualitatively new level.

What is a company's business system?

This is an interconnected set of business processes that are implemented within one business unit to achieve a designated goal. Its task is to get the maximum benefit as a result of working in market conditions of organizational, administrative, economic and other systems.

Distinctive features of the business system:

  • uniqueness. The development of each business system occurs according to its own scenario, so even the activities of similar companies will differ significantly;
  • large size;
  • composite. It consists of subsystems, that is, business processes that influence each other;
  • the randomness and uncertainty of development factors. We are talking about equipment malfunctions,
  • unfavorable weather conditions and other force majeure circumstances; many criteria for evaluating processes.

All this indicates that it is necessary to use special technologies of business systems.

Free Business Show

For those who want to get the most useful information about new digital technologies, Otkritie Bank holds a business show “Digital Business Evolution”. The event will be held online.

Speakers will tell you in 1.5 hours:

In order to become a participant of the event, you just need to go through the registration procedure with the indication of contact information.

What will the business be like in the future and what does the near future hold for us? Organ printing, nanotechnology, gene therapy, 3-D bioprinting and computer vision - present the top 10 technologies of the future.

) Computer vision

This is an area of ​​artificial intelligence related to image and video analysis. The systems consist of a photo or video camera and specialized software that identifies and classifies objects.

They are able to analyze images (photos, pictures, videos, barcodes), as well as faces and emotions. According to the research of TAdviser, from 2021 to 2023 the volume of the domestic market of solutions in this area will increase fivefold to 38 billion rubles.

The technology can be used in security, industry, medicine, trade, education, leisure, finance, transportation and many other areas.

) Gene therapy and CRISPR to increase longevity

Today there are about 7.8 billion people on the planet, about 9% of whom are over 65 years old. However, there are already technologies that can, if not stop the aging process, then at least slow it down.

Gene therapy is a technology by which a genetic construct is introduced into certain cells of the body in which genes are missing or do not work properly.

The second method, CRISPR-Cas9, allows you to edit (eg cut and paste) DNA sequences in cells. He is our main weapon in the fight against genetic diseases. Importantly, this technology is becoming cheaper, faster and easier to use.

) Cloud Gaming

This is a way to launch computer games, in which they are opened on a remote server and not on the user's device. It works according to the streaming model: the server transmits audio and video streams to the gamer.

In this case, the user controls the character from his device. Cloud gamers do not have to constantly spend money on expensive computer upgrades to meet the latest requirements of the gaming industry. The most demanding games can be launched with minimal latency from any device - even a TV.

The technology is called one of the main modern developments: by 2024 the cloud gaming market is expected to grow tenfold to $ 450 million

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